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“That Was All You”: A Black Paladin Lance Meta

Alternatively Titled: Local Girl Digs Heels In So Hard She’s Laying on the Ground. “This Is My Home Now,” She Says.

Listen. Listen. No, I don’t know when to quit. Yes, I have a midterm tomorrow and am procrastinating. Shut up.

Now, since this is going to be long as hell (because I really don’t know when to quit), here’s a quick summary of my argument: 1. we’re building up to a leadership arc with Lance, 2. the pilot of the Black Lion depends not just on Black but on the team, and 3. Keith and Red still have a connection.

Blah blah blah, general disclaimer, I am probably could be wrong, lesgo:

Season 4 episode 6 sees the introduction of a new galra super weapon – a planet rigged to explode and take the whole solar system out with it. Right after destroying the galra stronghold on said planet, the team is suddenly surrounded by giant spire things and have no idea what they are.

And it’s Lance that makes the right call. He’s the one that not only says “hey let’s leave,” but also “and here’s how we’re going to do it.” He looks at this situation, sees a need to distance them from it immediately, and knows exactly who to delegate the task to. 

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If the sky that we look upon
Should tumble and fall
Or the mountain should crumble to the sea
I won’t cry, I won’t cry
No, I won’t shed a tear
Just as long as you stand, stand by me

This wasn’t supposed to be a red and blue thing but like… that’s just how the sky is man.
can’t believe the night and day themselves confirmed klance ://

anonymous asked:

can you give me some tips on your line arts? i'd like to know how you do them. i always suck at those

Oh, I’m not good at it tbh. My “lineart” is more like “cleaned sketch”, it’s pretty rare for me to use a new layer for making clean lines. I don’t know maybe I’m too lazy or it’s just my prefers.
Anyway I usually use soft brushes for sketching. Then I clean it a little and then paint it. No magic. [pic]
You can find a tons of different tips about lineart and inking in internet, I just wanna say that I strongly recomend doing linearts to beginers, even if it doesn’t look like you want. Accurate lines can help you to see anatomy mistakes, for example. Later, when you learn basics enough, you may decide by yourself if you need doing lineart at all.
thank for the question!

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Classic Sonic
- Sonic from Sonic 1 - 3, Sonic Generations and Sonic Forces
- Doesn’t talk at all, but may make sounds to get peoples’ attention
- Lots of silly gestures and charades
- Light blue baby 💙

Adventure Sonic
- Sonic from Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2
- Loud and sassy
- Very animated when he moves and talks
- Quills stick up when startled or frightened
- Probably says “radical” and “tubular”
- 7.8/10 way too dark blue

Modern Sonic
- Sonic from… A lot of games. Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Colors, the Storybook games, Lost World, etc.
- Likes puns
- Sassy, but knows when to tone it down
- Ultramarine
- The default Sonic most people think about

2006 Sonic
- Sonic from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
- Oddly human shaped
- Has the goofiest laugh ever
- Really appreciates nature and small things no one else notices or cares about
- Clumsy and sometimes has a hard time doing simple tasks
- Very pure, trying his best

Smash Bros Sonic
- Sonic from Super Smash Bros Brawl and Smash Bros 4
- Doesn’t talk until he has an opportunity to be sassy
- Likes to fight even when it’s unnecessary

- Sonic from the Sonic Boom series
- Very tall
- Don’t touch his bandana without permission, he will literally kill you
- Doesn’t take anything seriously
- Pretty lazy
- He’s also kinda loud -

Archie Sonic
- Sonic from the Archie Comics
- Can go from serious to silly in no time at all
- Often makes assumptions that could cause trouble
- Remembers almost everything
- Somewhat cautious in unfamiliar situations
- Needs a hug

Fleetway Sonic
- Sonic from the Fleetway Comics
- Probably the grumpiest Sonic
- Sassy, but like in a mean way (oops)
- Looks like a cinnamon roll but would actually kill you
- Do not make him mad
- Do not let him go super

- Sonic from the manga
- Very shy
- Short and cute
- Needs glasses but doesn’t like wearing them
- Always cold
- Gets sudden spikes of determination at random times
- Looks like a cinnamon roll but swears a lot

OVA Sonic
- Sonic from Sonic CD and the OVA
- A lot like Classic Sonic, but with messier quills
- Always sounds like he has a stuffy nose
- Demands to be taken seriously
- Cannot be taken seriously
- Will do anything to help anyone, even if he’s skeptical
- Really scared of bugs for some reason
- “There is only one Sonic”

AoStH Sonic
- Sonic from the tv series The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
- The goofiest Sonic
- Falls in love with every girl he sees
- If weird shit happens he just rolls with it because it’s normal to him
- Casually breaks the laws of physics and warps reality on a daily basis
- Costumes and crossdressing
- Has allergies and spring is hell for him
- A walking PSA
- “That’s no good.”

SatAM Sonic
- Sonic from the tv series Sonic the Hedgehog (which aired on Saturdays in the 90s)
- Loves nature almost as much as 2006 Sonic
- A bit less goofy than AoStH Sonic, but not by much
- Would rather sit on the floor than in a chair
- Likes to sleep in trees
- Probably gets squeamish in those rotating doors or phone booths (reminds him of the roboticizer)
- Has an extreme fear of failure
- “I’m waiting…”

Underground Sonic
- Sonic from Sonic Underground
- Sings out loud when a song is stuck in his head
- Doesn’t feel comfortable in houses for some reason
- Very protective of his friends and family
- Has abandonment issues and hates being alone
- Always has that feeling of “something’s missing but I don’t know what”

Sonic X Sonic
- Sonic from Sonic X
- A little lazy
- Loves little kids
- Loves flowers and probably collects them to dry them
- Always ready to help
- Extremely competitive
- Always seems to be looking for things he just put down 5 seconds ago gOD WHERE IS IT
- Picky about what he eats
- “What day is it?”
- “Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…”

- You know what Scourge is like you fools
- Hail to the king, baby

- You also know what Zonic is like (and if you don’t, look at the wiki)

Hummingbird Heartbeat

Pairing; Finn Balor x Reader

Summary: Finn’s been in a fully committed relationship with wrestling and no one else. He thinks it’s going to be that way forever until Becky throws a birthday party and invites her incredibly cute cousin. 

Warnings: Language and Fluff.  

Word Count: 6,154


The incessant honking from the car parked in his driveway continued to blare throughout the neighborhood even after he was stumbling out the front door, still trying to slip his Vans on. 

It would have been one thing if he wasn’t late already - having lost track of time at the gym - but now Sami and Ben seemed to just be adding emphasis to their feelings about his lack of socializing outside of work; the longer the car horn blared, the more time the two of his friends would probably spend on expressing their opinions about Finn’s need to go out and be more social. 

“Well it’s about damn time” Sami shouts from the driver’s seat, “thought you were just going to hide out in your bedroom and ignore us until we drove away… again.”

“Sorry, sorry. Lost track of time, I was helping Matt train some of the newcomers at the performance center,” Finn huffs, running to the backseat and sliding in. 

Ben turns around in the passenger seat and looks at him, “You ever gonna give yourself a break man? You were never hired to be a trainer.”

“I know that, Matt just really appreciates the help sometimes.”

Sami speaks up next, cranking the ignition and peeling out the driveway, “Yeah, but you need to get a life man, when’s the last time you did something that didn’t involve wrestling”

The question is answered with silence, because Finn really can’t remember the last time he did something unrelated to work, and he hates himself for that. It’s not like he’s intentionally cut himself off from the social world, he’s just always wanted to be the best. 

No one becomes the best if they don’t work at it twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. 

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Cozy Day - Tom Holland Imagine

Originally posted by cuddlesandcashmere

I’ve been feeling kinda sad today so I decided to write something since writing always cheer me up :) even though its springtime where i live it’s raining a lot, is super cloudy and foggy and i’ve been picturing this perfect cozy autumn day with tom in my head so here you go (also october is here so yay 🎃)

warnings: fluff, fluff, lots of flUFF

pairing: tom holland x reader

word count: 1,020

ps: i wrote this listening to ‘I Knew This Would Be Love’ by Imaginary Future, I really recommend listening to it while you read it, it’s such a calming and romantic song <3

I woke up to the gentle sound of rain pattering against my window. Sighing, I slowly opened my eyes and peeked at the sky through the silky white curtains. All was grey, heavy clouds mounting on top of each other and thunders echoing across the air. Almost no sound of cars, horns or people passing by could be heard. On this peaceful sunday morning, most of London was still asleep.

While still contemplating whether or not to stay in bed, I suddenly felt a strong pair of arms engulfing my body in a warm embrace.

“Hey”, Tom said in a groggy voice, his hot breath against my ear, “why are you awake so early in the morning, darling?” he wondered, curious about why I had my eyes open at 8:00 in the morning on a sunday.

“Don’t know. Just woke up on my own, I guess. But this rain, oh my god. I could stay here forever.”

“Then let’s” he replied, a lazy smile appearing upon his rosy lips. He always looked so good in the mornings, his soft brown hair was everywhere and his toned chest looked perfect under the white duvet.

“Let’s stay here forever”, he continued, letting a loud sigh escape through his mouth.

“I’d love that”, I answered smiling, “but… how about we have a cozy day in? We could watch halloween movies, bake cookies, drink coffee and snuggle under the blankets. What do you think?

“Yeah, that sounds pretty good too, actually” he replied, moving my long hair away from my shoulder. “I’m gonna go make us some coffee then. Do you want to start with the cookies?”

“Yes!” I said, getting off of bed and trying to contain my excitement, “I’m gonna bake us my grandma’s recipe, the pumpkin spiced ones that you love.”

“Let’s go then, before Tessa wakes up and demands us to take her on a morning walk.”

Laughing about how spoiled his dog was we both headed downstairs and started the things in the kitchen.

We spent the whole morning baking cookies, listening to Ed Sheeran and dancing along the music in oversized sweaters and sweatpants. Tom’s cheeks were pink because of the warmth inside the house and he never looked more adorable. After we finished eating and cleaned up the kitchen we finally sat down to watch something.

“Okay, what do you wanna watch?” Tom asked, letting me rest my head upon his shoulder and throwing the fuzzy blanket over the both of us.

“Do you even have to ask?”

“The Nightmare Before Christmas again? Are you serious right now?” he asked me laughing, not understanding how could I watch the same movie so many times and not grow tired of it.

“Yes, I’m serious. It is the best festive movie there is and you know it!”

“My god, you watched that thing so many times I already know all the songs by heart”

“And that, my dear, is one of the most important requirements if you want to keep being my boyfriend”

“Okay, I give up” he said, throwing his head back and closing his eyes, a playful smile on his lips.

I jumped up and down on the couch, clapping my hands together like a giddy little kid, I just couldn’t help it.

After singing This Is Halloween together and imitating all the silly voices in the song, we finally settled down and started watching the movie.

His hands were softly massaging my head and his heartbeat was calm and steady against my ear. Just as I was about to fall asleep, Tom suddenly burst out laughing, making me jump a little.

“Oh my god, I almost forgot how funny this movie actually is.” He said, still with a goofy smile on his face, “I love the part where they kidnap Sandy Claws!”

And suddenly this rush of love and admiration for him just hit me. He was wearing a worn out sweater that was impregnated with his smell and his brown eyes were sparkling due to the brightness of the TV against them.

“I love you, do you know that?”

“What?” He asked me with a confused expression on his face, his laughter dying down a bit, “where did that come from, love?”

“I don’t know. You’re just… I love you.” I replied, laughing a little at myself. Not even I knew where that was coming from.

“I guess this whole day with you just feels kinda like a dream? It’s all my favorite things together and I couldn’t be more happy that you love them just as much as I do.” I looked down at my hands, feeling embarrassed all of a sudden.

Without saying anything, Tom just stared at me for a few seconds and gently pressed his lips against mine. He didn’t even need to say anything. Everything was there, in that kiss.

“I love you too, darling. And if watching Jack Skellington sing about pumpkins and christmas trees makes you that happy, I’d do it a thousand more times.” he said, putting a string of my hair behind my ear.

I brushed my thumb against his face and kissed him again, a silent way of thanking him for being so sweet. I layed my head upon his chest and closed my eyes, just wanting to stay in that moment for as long as I could. His breathing was calm, the rain outside was gentle and the warmth of his embrace was enough to lull me into a peaceful and deep sleep.

Today I took a really close look at some SM64 maps in an attempt to get a better understanding of how they were made and how I can avoid further mistakes when making my own maps for the engine. Perhaps it could prove useful for you too?

Let me first say that I’m pretty surprised at how inconsistent and sometimes downright lazy the mapping seems to have been done. Seeing as this was the first true 3D game on consoles, the tools available at the time may have had something to do with it.

Here are the things I discovered (long post!):


All holes for canons and rolling cannon balls, etc. seemed to have been simply cut out with boolean functions (placing a mesh through another and “cutting out” the shape”). This leads to a mess of triangles and very bad topology, so it’s not something anyone uses much anymore (it causes bad lighting when rendering and bad transformations when animating). However, it is very economic in terms of polygon usage, which makes sense when you consider how huge maps SM64 was able to use on the N64.


In fact, topology doesn’t seem to have been a concern at all. Here’s a clear example of how the creator has simply collapsed a bunch of edges to save polygons (all the lines bunched up in a single vertex). I have no idea how this works, as Mario simply clipped through the floor when I did something similar with my map. Perhaps it depends on how sharp the vertical angles are?


Extrusions also seem to have been done pretty haphazardly. This is particularly strange, because it creates more polygons, and doesn’t seem to have any sort of benefit. In the example below, you can see how an object has been placed on top of a flat surface, instead of having it extruded from it. Both seems to work just fine, so why extrude?


Often objects are placed on the ground like this. There doesn’t seem to be any problem with collision detection, even if two separate meshes are joined together this way. There are some peculiarities to consider, though: The edges on these objects are always marked sharp. I have no idea why. The edges also never clip through the surface. They’re placed PERFECTLY aligned with the ground, never going through it. This is strange, considering the example below:

Here, the plank is clearly clipping through the ground, but it doesn’t seem to be an issue. Why go through the trouble of aligning the edges in the previous example, if it doesn’t matter for collision detection? Perhaps it just doesn’t matter for the plank because it is a fully enclosed volume, with no open bottom?

Here’s a smart use of the same technique. The blue line shows that an edge is marked as “sharp” (like the bottom of the previous rocks). Here, it means that instead of having the ground be one continuous surface, a perfectly aligned incision has been made across the section where the bridge begins. This saves polygons, which would have had to be drawn from the corners of the bridge legs if the surfaces were connected.

The same sharp edge disconnection is used on the side of stairs throughout the other maps as well. But why go through the trouble of making such extreme polycount optimizations, and then waste a bunch of polygons on needless extrusions? A lot of things seem very inconsistent…


Another point of inconsistency is the texturing techniques used. Here’s a really clever example, where the artist has taken two surfaces and used flat projection to unwrap them as two UV islands, but still managed to align the texture seams. He has done this by letting both islands have one part each which is of equal size, and letting this part be exactly 1:1 with the texture map. Sadly though, someone has later come and adjusted one side of the bridge mesh and made it a slope, which sort of ruins the seam a little.

This technique isn’t very relevant today, as you can simply use a UV unwrapping function to equalize the sizes of several island groups simultaneously.

Here’s a very dumb example of UV unwrapping. The ground and side slopes here have been projected as one surface seen directly from above, which has lead to very badly stretched textures on the slopes (which have a much larger surface than what they’ve been allotted in the UVs). It’s easy to tell that this is what has happened, because of the 90 degrees angle on the corner in the UV map.

A final little thing I found a bit confusing is that the back faces of fences are rendered in this map. I was expecting to find “double” fences with one mesh for each side, since everything I’ve seen imported to SM64 has only been able to render the front of any object.

Another thing to note: Yes, walls have to be 100% flat for Mario to be able to wall-jump off them. Ledges can be grabbed if the wall below is completely 90 degrees, or if the angle of the wall is inverted (so the wall slopes inwards). All walls which are angled outwards, even by a single degree, will be counted as slopes by the engine. All walls that are angled inwards by a single degree will function more or less like walls, but Mario will play a sort of negative sound and fall off it immediately if you try to wall jump.

Hope this autistic write-up is of use to someone!

Things you didn’t know you could do in Cuphead p.2

Part 1

Using the Smoke Bomb charm in Funfair Fever to dash right through these guys

Parry the Baroness’ peppermint ball

Dash through or Duck the duck in Funhouse Frazzle

Duck or Parry Brineybeard’s ship laser to get extra supers

Duck under the devil’s hooves

Also, just jump over his cronies. It can be easier sometimes.


This is more of a glitch than anything but staying at the far left of the screen and jumping to the platforms above when Officer Bobby gets too near tricks the game into making him put out bombs in the middle of the screen, allowing you to pick him off pretty easily

These are most of the tips I know so far. If you guys know any more tricks, feel free to message me!


Farewell, guys; you will always be remembered (·_·)>

[read from left to right]

Based on that image by Horikoshi where they are in kindergarten with Midoriya as the teacher!

I just really, really want

The theory about Keith unintentionally hiding his true appearance to be true. I mean, it would make a lot of since. Look at all the other half galra.

(I’m sorry this is the only pic of all of them I had on my phone and I’m to lazy to find another so bare with the poor quality pls)

All of them have clear galra features. The most obvious being Zethrid and Narti.

Ezor, although she’s and orange-red color and that kinda throws you off at first, also looks pretty Galra.

(Pic is not mine. I found it on tumblr sonewhere while looking for reference on the extra altean markings. Thank you too the lovely who posted it.)

Look at this purple family. I am, like many others, going to asume they are galra. For one, dreamworks seems to keep purple as the color for just the galra, probably to avoid confusion and to make a clear distinction. Also the yellow eyes.

Anyway, so lets asume they are galra. Ezor looks alot like them in terms of face and body structure. If it weren’t for her long head thing and her skin color she’d look perfectly galra (unless of course they aren’t full galra but I’m not going to get into that here)

(I gave up and started googling pics aren’t you happy?)

Now lets look at Acxa.

She look a lot less Galra, yet she still has the head ridges many Galra have, the purple skin, and the yellow eyes. She is also pretty tall compared to humans or Alteans.

Lastly, Lotor.

Lotor is probably the least galra, actually. He looks nothing like a galra. He’s tall compared to humans and Alteans like Acxa (but they are both still ‘little’ to the galra). His skin is purple, but that’s about it. You could even say his white hair color is galra (as we’ve seen a few galra with white hair) but his long flowing locks are clearly Altean. The only thing that’s undeniably galra is his eyes (which are actually pretty similar to what Zarkon’s use to look like. At least when you look at them close up. There is a post about that somewhere…)

Anyway, what is my point your asking? Well, my point is that, even the half galra who don’t really look galra, still have some traits of a galra. Keith, however, has no traits.

Nada. Nothing. No Galra traits visible at all. This wouldn’t seem weird if you didn’t look at this closely. After all, at first you look at Ezor and think 'she’s half galra?’. Based on the 'rules’ that seem to follow a half galra, he should at least have yellow sclera. Out of all of the halflings (thats what I’m going to call them fir now) only Narti doesn’t have this trait, and that’s because she doesn’t even have eyes, but I’d say if she did have eyes, they’d have yellow sclera like the others. Ezor is not purple, but she has the structure of a galra. Zethrid is large a strong like a galra but has big fluffy ears (that kinda look like the ones on the video Pidge was examining in the first episode of season 3). Narti kinda resembles the type of Galra Zarkon is. If you zoom close on both of their mouths you can see the similarities (okay, yes, that sounds a little weird. But still) and well… you get the idea. From what I can gather, each halfling has at least two traits that are galra and not to mention obvious.

So why does Keith get to be the exception? While it is possible that a) Keith was hella lucky and his human traits beat the odds and won out against the galra ones, or b) Keith’s mother (or father cause really we don’t know at this point if we can trust his little vision) was only half galra themselves, I personally don’t think either of these are very likely.

'What do yoy mean, Star?’

Well, for one, I think its physically impossible for Keith to not have some traits of a galra. Yes, I know some people have talked about how his muscle structure and stuff is probably more galra, and that’s why he’s such a fast fighter and stuff, and I agree. However, like I said, I think he would at least have the yellow sclera. The only exception to that is Narti and she HAS NO EYES. He’s also tiny. All the others are at least bigger as a result, even if they aren’t the size of a galra. Keith, however, is just human size.

I’m not exactly an expert on genetics, but to me it doesn’t make a lot of since for Keith to look like he does.

Unless he’s hiding his appearance.

'I see what you’re saying, Star, but how could he be doing that? And how would he not know? How could he keep it going?’

Okay, yes. I know. I also know people have talked about this before. However, I’ve never seen anyone mention this before.

Yup. Loki. He is actually a frost giant. Upon being picked up he changes his appearance to look like an asgardian (how do you even spell that?) And his whole life everyone but his parents are fooled. Even Loki had absolutely no idea. It’s only after a frost giant tries to freeze his hand and it just turns blue does he suspect anything

You know what that kind of brings to mind?

While it is totally possible that this is a burn and not his skin changing as such, but still. It’s pretty similar, don’t you think?

I’ll admit the hand part is a little flimsy but still. My point of comparing him to Loki being that, Loki hid himself without even knowing he was doing it. I’d say something simiar is happening with Keith. He’s hiding what he really looks like without behind conscious of what he’s doing. I’m not saying he’s full on fluffy with a tail and stuff, I’d say he’s not far off of Acxa or Lotor.

But who knows.

(I know people have talked about this before but I wanted to put my own thoughts into it I guess?)

modern richies style consist of:

-his big ol mop of hair covered in about 15 butterfly clips because sometimes his hair gets in his face and it bothers him so he has small sections pinned up
- has small little star earrings don’t @ me on this
-smudged eyeliner is like his go to because he thinks he looks badass with it but in reality he just looks tired
-still has thick rimmed glasses but everyone thinks it’s bc he wants to be trendy but like …he’s fuckin blind m8
-he stole stans strawberry lip smackers bc it ‘smells like it taste rly good’ but in reality he wanted his lips to look really pink and pretty
-this boy is covered in so many bandages?? help him???
-has old flowers in his hawaiian shirts thanks to mike and he loves digging around in his pocket and seeing what flower it’s going to be
-has ugly cuticles but beautiful nails courtesy of Beverly who puts glitter polish on him which makes him happy bc he stares at his nails in class
-people also think he’s trying to be trendy by wearing ripped jeans but in reality he just fucks his jeans up easily and is too lazy to get new ones
-has a bunch of rings and bracelets (all gifts from the losers)
-has a red kanken backpack that’s absolutely destroyed with food stains and writing and covered in pins but it’s his prize possession
-wears only two shoes, crocs or birkenstocks, paired with either those packaged hanes socks that are a little too big or those huf socks that have the marijuana leaves on them

Bts reaction to your naturally curly hair:

Anon requested: Hello darling! Hope you are doing fine! ;) could I request maybe BTS reaction to seeing you first time in curled hair (your natural hair), because you hate it so much that you straighten it non stop so they even didn’t know that you have curly hair. I don’t know it makes sense, but it’s my personal problem. Having curly hair is hell.

Another request that took too long to get done. Thankfully that was the end of it, I am sorry for taking too long, it’s kinda a bit short as well. Thank you anon for the request, btw I have long, overly wavy hair too, but I haven’t straightened it in like 4 years, too lazy. I feel you tho, enjoy :)

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“Oh my God you look so pretty, come here, let me take pictures” he is going to keep talking about it all day, telling you to keep this look on because he loves it.


Originally posted by jjks

“There is something different about you today…” he is going to say, not exactly being able to tell what. So when you casually say you don’t have your hair straightened, he’ll look dumbfounded while having an internal struggle like why does she straighten it when it looks this gold.


Originally posted by jiminrolls

“Come here and give oppa a hug” but it’s actually just a lame excuse to play with your hair, he will shamelessly ask you to keep it this way as long as he is around, because you look x100 more gorgeous naturally.

Rap monster:

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When you looked not so confident with your look, namjoon noticed and pulled you in for a passionate kiss, not caring who the hell is in the room, “Just look how perfect my jagiya is!”


Originally posted by chimtae

“No you can’t be the pretty one in this relationship” he screams while dramatically dropping to the ground, wailing in demand for you to stop blinding him with your beauty and you be like chill man it’s just hair. He put two and two together pretty quickly and put up this act to give you more confidence in your hair.


Originally posted by mayfifolle

“Wait here” and then disappeared. No goodbye or anything. He just took one look at you and ran the opposite direction. But when he came back he had loads of hair clips and bunny ears like you look so cute I couldn’t waste this opportunity.


Originally posted by jeonify

Probably the only member to find it breathtakingly sexy. Biting his lips as he approached you, he pushed your hip into his and whispered in your ear how beautiful you look and that he can’t keep his hands or eyes off you if you keep doing this to him
Boyfriend Series; Jeonghan

- baby you are jeonghan’s angel
- for your first date, jeonghan takes you to a fancy indoor restaurant and by fancy i mean there’s a chandelier hanging from the ceiling and a grand white piano sitting in the unoccupied space in the middle and everyone’s dressed formally
- it’s like eating in the ballroom of a castle
- the night goes on and you both enjoy each other’s company and enjoy the delicious food
- when suddenly, someone walks up to the piano and starts playing a beautiful melody
- everyone in the restaurant turns to the pianist and sways along to the music, including you
- jeonghan then gets up from his seat and holds his hand out to you saying “let’s go dance”
- and you say “dance?? here??” and jeonghan just laughs and takes your hand
- he leads you to the dance floor and slow dances with you, and others start joining you guys as the dancefloor is suddenly filled with couples slow dancing
- and under that chandelier, while the pianist slowly plays the end of their piece, is where you and jeonghan share your first kiss
- you always ask yourself how could he be so pretty??
- like you’d surprise him then take a picture of his reaction but when you look at the picture his face still looks like it’s been carved by angels and you’re like wtf
- lazy days are spent indoors watching movies or talking while listening to music
- you like making him flower crowns when you’re both sitting around in the park and he makes one for you too
- absolutely LOVES it when you play with his hair or run your fingers through them
- he always calls you “angel” and your heart just bursts
- slow and gentle kisses on the lips
- can you imagine having to take care of him when he’s sick
- “can you pass me the remote?” “jeonghan it’s right next to you” “your boyfriend is on his deathbed and you can’t do such a simple thing for him???”
- turns into a mom sometimes but it’s just his way of showing how much he cares
- surprisingly really clingy like he wants to be with you 24/7 but his busy schedule can’t let that happen
- you guys actually see each other so often that you both pick up one another’s habits and small actions
- the members all notice this and are all like omfg……. you guys are turning into each other……
- falls asleep at the sound of your voice during late night calls because it relaxes him
- you guys have matching umbrellas and you’re always hoping for a rainy day so that you guys can walk around with them
- you also have matching halos, a joke gift from the other members to you two
- steals the other members’ jokes and tells them to you so that you’d think he’s the funniest (and also because he loves your laugh)
- “wait jeonghan i think hoshi told me that one before” “i can’t believe he’s stealing my jokes”
- loves taking naps together
- you guys start off cuddling and it’s cute and everything but when you wake up you’re on the floor because jeonghan took all thE SPACE AND BLANKETS
- he always slowly threads his fingers around yours when holding hands
- and by slowly i mean SLOWLY like he’s teasing you and you get so flustered
- when you say or do something that he doesn’t approve of, he may be smiling but his eyes say “excuse me?”
- like once you were telling him about how much you love this boy group that ISN’T seventeen and the next day he bought you a seventeen album to make a point
- and once he asked you “who do you like better, me or seokmin?” and as a JOKE
- you said “seokmin!!” and he was so offended
- you’d ask him a question and he’d say “why don’t you ask seokmin” and this went on for like three days
- teases you when you cry over something small like a movie or drama but when you cry for real, he holds you in his arms and lets you cry as much as you want because he doesn’t want you to pretend you’re all right when you’re really not
- he constantly reminds you that he loves you
- he’ll tell you when you’re sad, angry, happy, anytime and anywhere HE LOVES YOU WITH ALL HIS HEART DON’T EVEN THINK FOR A SECOND THAT HE DOESN’T
- doesn’t give you his jacket when it’s cold, he SHARES it with you
- you’d both be all wrapped up in each other while walking in the cold and then you’d both head to the dorm and share a blanket on the couch
- complains when you get up because if he could, he’d snuggle with you forever
- pretty lazy so when the members need him to do something, they use you
- “i don’t want to go” “(name) is going to be there” “i was just kidding of course i’m going”
- always asks you what you’re going to wear before meeting up so he can match with you
- tries really hard to sing loudly and dance energetically during concerts because he knows you’re watching but as a result tires himself out a lot
- “i’m sorry…. but i looked cool right??”
- you’re honestly a big motivator in jeonghan’s life and that’s saying a lot because if he could, he’d just lie around all day
- you’re the reason he works so hard and the reason why he never wants to give up because he wants to make you so proud of him
- but he’s also a big motivator in YOUR life because he always makes you want to do your best and get back up on your feet when you fall
- “(name), whose angel are you?”
- “jeonghan’s angel”

Imagine...Meeting Dean As A Demon

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Request: can I request a dean x reader where the reader was possessed by a demon during the time dean was a demon too. And the demon was loyal to crowley so they have seen each other a few times but shortly after sam takes dean to cure him the demon gets exorcised and they meet again a few months later (dean has still the MoC) and she panics bc she doesn’t know he isn’t a demon any more and he gets suspicious bc well he doesn’t know she isn’t possessed anymore?

Pairing: Dean x reader

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mistress92  asked:

Say that ut!sans, sf!pap, and us!pap snapped at their s/o after a bad week. They actually manage to scare her and she looks like she might cry but blanks her face, then apologizes before going to her room. How do the boys react and apologize/make it up to her?


Though he’s pretty docile and pretty much too lazy to fight anyone verbally, something inside of him just .. snaps at you. God- it’s been so terrible, why can’t you leave him alone for one minute?! And when you DO react to his outburst, he immediately regrets it. He’ll leave you alone after a day, and tries to brush it off as a joke- but knowing him, his brother would most likely find out and push him to apologise. When he does find you again, in your room, he feels immediate guilt and regret and just. Sits down next to you, albeit a little tiredly. He then acknowledges your presence, and then quietly whispers, “.. sorry for what happened back there”. He then offers to spend the day with you to make up for it- just name it, and he’ll do anything to make this up to you. Please tell him you love him and forgive him. He’s very upset he hurt you.


Everything just .. happened, and he can’t take it anymore. He lashes out at you in anger, even though he doesn’t mean it- and when you disappear off into your room? He immediately regrets it, and hurries after you, quietly begging for your forgiveness with tears in his eyes. When you do, he offers to cook dinner instead for tonight, and actually puts on a movie for both of you to watch together. Although he’s quiet about it later, he just wants to forget it ever happened. 


It’s more of a cold sort of voice instead of snapping, actually. His glare immediately fades when you tense up and leave to your room, and for a moment he doesn’t know what to do. Then he just kind of approaches you later in the evening about it, gives you a sock, and leaves you in your confusion. When you look inside the sock, inside is a note that reads, “sorry bout what happened back there. got us some pizza. -pap”. He’ll try to talk to you about it later, though- he’s not just going to leave it at that.

How Yuri On Ice has destroyed “National Stereotypes”

Watching the episode 8, with the apparition of all these new characters I HAD to write this post. 

And Finally tell everyone what I really think: Yuri On ice, in only 12 episodes, is literally DESTROYING the biggest barriers of our time. A sistematic and slow consumption that simultaneously is so NATURAL… So RIGHT that is shocking:

 Yuri on Ice is RECREATING the Anime scene, episode by episode.

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But in this post I want to speak particularly about only one of these surpassed obstacle: The social cultural one

Since the first trailer I have noticed how this show was different: a sportive anime in which the personages are from different country??? My first thought was: “Ok this could be revolutionary or could fail and be another national stereotyped anime” 

 For me this was a very IMPORTANT detail, because since I was a child I was affected by national stereotypes, I don’t like them and they don’t like me. 

(I know that is stupid but really piss me off that In EVERY tv shows, films, tv series, anime There are only two kind of italian:

  1.  the half-aged man with black moustaches who is a pizza maker Or a mafious. 
  2. The stupid guy who is filtratious and too lazy to do anything)

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Substantially if this kind of stereotypes have only comical intent, I laugh and enjoy them.(Look about Hetalia, this anime intentionally exaggerate to make satira)

 But with my horrors with the pass of time I realized that these categorizations are assimilated for real to my person…only because of my country. 

So I found myself in strange and uncomfortable conversations like: 

 “Oh you’re italian, so you don’t wake up before 8 a.m.” 

“C'mon you are so lucky! Italian guys are so pretty, and are very flirtatious!” 

“AH italy, mafia, Berlusconi!” 

“What this is your brother? Is he adopted? , italian don’t have red hair and fairy skin!”

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My brother when has realized he was adopted ( this was very rude lol)

When I had this kind of discussion I was ALWAYS literally Shocked… at the point that I was really conditioned about my nationality and I always omitted where I were from. 

 The same happens with other countries as well! 

I’ve always heard this kind of things: 

 “I went to Canada this summer, the boys are really kind but they’re not hot enough” (wtf maybe the boys who YOU have met) 

“Mmh Russian boys are rigid af! They are so cold and all alcoholic!”

“Americans are black or white” (???????) 

“I wouldn’t marry a Swiss. They are precise and rich but too haughty”

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I know Phichit-kun… I had the same reaction. 

In my opinion, this way of thinking creates a big GAP between different cultures so … even if in a first moment stereotypes can be funny, they’re a WRONG SIGNAL for general public. 

 But…Yuri On Ice is totally different from others shows. 

 The character’s characterization doesn’t refer to the normal national stereotypes but RESPECT every national identity and culture. 

We can notice how every personage first of all is a HUMAN BEING but at the same time has precise cultural references.

So we have


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But even if they have their own personality, they didn’t renounce to their national identity. 

 For example let’s analyse this scene:

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Viktor offers some chinese food to celestino who kindly refuses, saying that is not “his kind of food”. 

We all know that Viktor  convince him and in the final scene we have a drunk Nikiforov

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and a poisoned Celestino.

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lol look at the shrimp near his mouth

Viktor in fact usally drink liquor and he seems to be used to it, without be an Alcoholic!. 

While Celestino is not used to eat different food likes chinese food ‘cause maybe he is too much attached to italians’ (n.b.I don’t know if it is a casuality but this manner for real affect a lot of us, we are truly convinced that italian food is irreplaceable ) 


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I just liked this gif…

In conclusion for the first time I feel comfortable watching a show in which there are a lot of different nationality.

 Thorough Yuri On Ice we can KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN US AND EMBRACE THEM. We can appreciate ourselves for what we are and learn about others naturally without prejudices.
And I really like it.

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Thank you for your attention and support

´ ▽ ` )ノ Lia

BTS Reacts - Your Acne Scars

Yoongi: You tap the fixing cushion gently against your moisturized skin, concealing the dark spots left on your cheeks. Your date with Yoongi isn’t for another hour, so you’re shocked when he walks through your bedroom door early with a handful of gladioluses and larkspurs. You squeak weakly, veiling your face with a hand towel nearby, telling him to leave since you haven’t put your face on just yet. He knows your scars bother you, and it’s not like he can pretend they’re not there - but he needs you to know that his love is unconditional; that your worries are irrelevant. Appearances have never mattered to him, but he knows how much effort you put into looking good for him. He taps you on the side of your shoulder, and you open your eyes to be greeted by the sight of him acting cutely, blowing kisses and hearts to you. If there is anything he can do to distract you from your distress, this would be it. He hates doing this, but he hates seeing you worried about your scars even more.

“The great, powerful Min Yoongi is sacrificing his status to act cutely in front of you - if that doesn’t say that I love you enough, even with your scars - I don’t know what will.”

Hoseok: He’s taking a sound nap on your mattress, so you’ve gotten up earlier to take this opportunity to quickly put your make-up on. Bottles of cosmetics clicking against each other awaken him, and he catches a glimpse of your bare face. You lock gazes with him in the reflection of your mirror, and you instantly react by burying your face in the palms of your hands. Hoseok sits up with his sleepy eyes examining your features, unbridled by any form of colored foundation. Hoseok doesn’t have his head up in the clouds, he knows you can’t have make-up on 24/7, all week. You need to give your skin a break, too. More importantly, he already sees you as someone who looks naturally fetching, with or without your acne scars. He wants you to be comfortable around him; being a 100% yourself with him shouldn’t be some sort of crime. He’s always been true to you, and he wants that notion to work reversely. He smacks his lips, wetting them as he reaches over to tuck the lazy strands of hair away from your face:

“Honey, you’re already pretty - the blemishes will go away soon, until then, you don’t have to conceal them around me.”

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Taehyung: You’ve just washed your face of all the make-up residue that’s left from a long day. You hear feet shuffling around outside your bathroom - who could it be? Carefully, you open the bathroom door, peeking around to check if what you heard was just pure imagination. You spot Taehyung rummaging around your closet - he spins around so speedily that you have no slight chance of even hiding your face; you just stand there, completely mortified that he’s seen you with the dark spots on your face. Taehyung can’t hold back an emerging grin. He doesn’t even notice that you don’t have any concealer or foundation on, all he acknowledges is how cute you are, looking so abashed and stammering away to come up with an explanation for your lack of primping. He thinks that you’re silly for even thinking that something so superficial would drive him away from you. Tae has always found you most appealing in essence, and nothing would stop him from loving you, the way you deserved it most.

“I was looking for my sweater, but I think I’ve found something better - come here, let me love you!”

 Jimin: With or without make-up masking your face, Park Jimin knows for sure, that he would cherish every ounce of you dearly. When he walks in on you, beauty blender in hand for the first time, you almost swear at him, panicking anxiously in your seat. You sit there, defeated, staring at Jimin to see if he was going to walk out on you after witnessing the faults in your features. He shakes his head - he knows exactly what’s running through your head right now, and he laughs at how ridiculous you’re being. He sees beyond your physical beauty - the scars don’t matter to him, because you’ll always be the individual with the radiant personality that captured his heart - nothing is going to change what he feels for you, just because of a few blemishes. You obediently scoot away in your seat, as he motions you to do so, before swathing his arm lovingly around your demure figure. The singer’s soft spoken words travel to your ears, undoing the knots in your shoulder-blades as he asks:

“Jagi. Don’t you think an already gorgeous person like you, putting on make-up, is a bit of an overkill?”

Namjoon: Kim Namjoon could give less of a flying f-ck about your scars. You are absolutely beautiful to him, no questions asked. When he sees how self-conscious you become after he walks in on you in the process of applying your make-up, he can’t help but feel a sense of frustration bubbling up within him. He wants you to understand that you are everything to him, no matter what package you come in. Sadly, he knows you can’t resist the anxiety from overcoming you, which results in his disappointment slowly fizzling into empathy. Namjoon is the sort of person that would never devalue anyone’s worth just over physical shortcomings. Even with his own fair share of bad experiences struggling with self-esteem, he sees beauty in everything; in people, in you. He squeezes your cheeks in his palms and unexpectedly sends his lips into yours - this gets his message across without any room for misunderstanding. Taehyung stares at his hyung -  the sudden public display of affection startles him too.  When Namjoon pulls away, he blows you one last kiss.

“Scars mean that you’ve healed from pain. Don’t be ashamed of them - and know that I’ll never be ashamed of you for having them.”

Seokjin: Because of your lack of make-up on, Jin is now starting to notice the little details on your face that he wouldn’t see otherwise. Not the scars etched into your skin in particular, but simply the natural lines and creases on your face, camouflaged by the hue of your foundation. He doesn’t respond to you with shock, instead, he endearingly smiles. He truly admires and adores you the way you are, without a single doubt - and he honestly wants you to be fine with the skin you’re in. If that meant for your scars to disappear, he’d do whatever he can to help you get past it. He’s supportive in nature, so his confidence in you truly makes you feel better about yourself and about wanting to fight your demons. The two of you are supposed to have dinner reservations later, but once he sees how disheartened you are about going out, he changes his mind - he would always put you first and foremost, and he’ll always be there when you’re at your lowest. He takes hold of your fingers, giving them a light press to bring you back from your thoughts.

“Let’s stay in tonight, alright? I’ll drop by the store later to get us some face masks and some tea - is there anything else you want, sweetheart?”

Jungkook: Jungkook’s heart sinks when he sees you cower away from him, as if you’re not worthy of being in his presence. He doesn’t know what to do to make you feel safe with him. He’s not just a friend, and he’s definitely not a stranger to you. Watching you feel insecure about your scars strains his heart, because he just wants to be able to comfort you. He sits next to you at your desk, glowering intensely at your face; or at least, what he can make of what you’re trying to hide. Kook has suffered from scarring before, from both acne and fights with his brother, so he knows what it’s like to constantly feel the need to shy away from the public eye. He tries to ponder about the root of your anxiety - has anyone been harassing or needling you about the spots on your face? Jungkook gets mad at the thought of that happening. He lifts his hand; his thumb sweeps across your cheek tenderly: look at me. You’ve been avoiding eye contact with him this whole time, so when he finally has your attention, he tells you:

“It’s okay to feel self-conscious, but please, don’t ever feel like you need to hide your face from me. I will never leave you for what you look like, and I’ll always love you for what you are.”

I hope your skin gets better, anon! I used to have really bad acne (and in turn, scarring), and a lot of it was because I wasn’t taking better care of myself. Thankfully, my scars are starting to get better, even though I still have a few marks here and there! I do hope you’re looking out for yourself too, both emotionally and physically - you deserve nothing less than that, and you should be happy with who you are, no matter what anyone may say/think/feel about the way you look. I hope you’ve enjoyed this react, and I hope it’s made your day better! <3