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Song is Itsumo Nando Demo music box, original from Spirited Away

Waiting Pt. 9

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You woke up next to Yoongi on the bed and his arm lazily around your body. You tried moving his arm but he snuggled closer to your body. The faint beeping of the monitor was annoying for you to try and fall asleep to.


“Mmm.” He rested his head on your chest and you slapped his ear. Your cheeks were set ablaze at this point, you were in disbelief of his direct attitude.


“Quit pretending to be sleep, you pervert.”

“Your chest got bigger.”

“I might put your as back into this hospital with a coma if you keep talking like that.”

“You’re just really pretty.”

“Are you sick still? I think I need to call a doctor.” You got up, rushing out the door to be face to face with Jinki. He looked at you, his eyes searching yours for something.


“How did you find out I was here?” You were pretty curt with him, maybe it was because of what Yoongi did to just fluster you. He sighed at your question before answering.

“You thought it’s okay to go MIA for three days and not tell me, Y/N?”

“How am I supposed to explain that I’m nursing the father of my kids in the hospital even though we weren’t on good terms.”

“Do you still love him?”


“Why can’t you just give me a straight answer?”

“He’s in the hospital because of me, Jinki. I’m not here because I love him, I’m here because it’s my fault and I’m taking responsibility for it.”

“That didn’t answer my question.”

“You know what? How about while I make a decision about you, take some time to make up your mind about me. Clearly, you don’t know whether you trust my feelings about you.”


“You didn’t answer my question either, Jinki. But that’s the difference between you and me.”

“I need to go call a doctor for Yoongi.” You walked away from him, not turning back while he continuously called out your name. You found a doctor and guided him to Yoongi’s room, checking his vitals before letting him discharged.

“I’m his guardian.”

“He’s a grown man.”

“He acts like a 16 year old boy, I know. I’m signing this idiot out.”

“Oh, well sign here and here and he’s free to go.”

“Come on, Yoongi.” The boys brought some clothes earlier and he changed. You took his wrist, walking him to your car and he followed you to your car.

“You’re well enough to open a door. I’m not babying you anymore, Yoongi.”


“That was cute. Open the door yourself.”


“I’m driving you home. I could’ve told Jin to pick you up.”

“He would talk my ear off.”

“You’re welcome.”

“Yeah, yeah, just drive.”

“Jackass.” You drove out the parking lot, entering ongoing traffic and going to the dorms. You stopped in front of the building and he got out.

“Are we going back to how we were?”

“I said we were going to be okay, Yoongi. I meant it.”

“I love you.”

“See you later, Yoongi.” You drove off going to your apartment and your kids basically jumping on you.

“Mommy!” They both cried and you held them tightly. You kissed both of their cheeks profusely and your mom waited out the kitchen. Her gray hair suited her, your mother’s beauty was absolutely timeless and you remember when you were younger how much you wanted to be like her.

Your kids went back their colouring books and your mom pulled you aside.

“Is he alright?”

“He just got discharged today, I dropped him off.”

“Yoongi, right?”

“I want to thank him for giving me beautiful grandchildren but kill him for cheating on you like that.”

“He didn’t know I was pregnant but he did it anyways.”

“You’re alright, baby?”

“No. I found someone so perfect. He won’t hurt me like Yoongi did and he’s the first guy to make me smile after all I went through but today.. It felt like he didn’t trust me anymore.”

“As much as he must hate it, Yoongi’s still the father of your children. So if he’s hurt, you have to care to some extent for your children. And if this Jinki can’t understand that, give him

the boot.”

“How are you so good at this?”

“Believe it or not, I have some serious experience under my belt, Y/N. I know what I’m doing.”

“Thank you for taking care of them, Mom.”

“Anytime, I love to see my grand babies.” Your mom kissed them goodbye and they waved bye to your mom before she left. They turned to you and you smiled at them. Your daughter ran back to the table and your son was pouting at you.

“Mommy, are you going to go away again?”

“I just got back, baby, why do you think that?”

“I miss you, mommy.”

“Aww, baby.” You hugged your pouty son and he wrapped his little arms around your neck. You rubbed his back, saying soft like coos that he liked to hear and he looked at you.

“Baby, no matter what mommy will come running if you call for me. Pinky promise?” You held out your pinky and your son hooked yours. You kissed his forehead and walked into the kitchen. Your mom made dinner already and their favourite pie, helping you even further.

You were too lazy to make dinner and you waited for your children to start whining about being hungry before feeding them your mom’s Mac and cheese casserole.

You watched their forks and butter knives cling against your plates, not having much of an appetite yours and washing up their dishes.

They played with you, your ears finally hearing their infectious laughter after so long and it immediately brought a smile to your face. You watched them begin to grow sleepy, cutely yawning and pretending it came from the other.

“Now, I think it’s time for bed.”

“I’m not,” your daughter loudly yawned before speaking again, “tired.”

“Come on, kids. Time for bed.” You took your daughter first, know she was less resistant when it came to baths and she would fall asleep by the time you got your son ready first.

She mainly washed herself, still under your supervision and you dried her. She changed into her pyjamas before skipping over to the room she shared with your little boy.

“Come on, baby, bath time.”



“I don’t want to take a bath, mommy. I want to sleep.”

“You can sleep after you bathe, don’t you want to be clean?”


“Do it for Mommy, please?”



“Okay..” He undressed himself, standing in front of the tub filled with warm water and you had to coax him into getting in. You washed him, no that you minded, making sure that he was clean all over his body before pulling him out. He wanted to dry himself before getting dressed in his pyjamas.


“Yes, baby?”

“Can you read us a bedtime story?”

“Of course.” You picked up their favourite story. It was about a little rabbit that travelled around the world, but his destination was always a shelf. He had many owners, each of them selling him away to a toy store eventually but one little girl kept him and the store clerk told her the story behind the rabbit.

“And he lived happily with little Emily.”

“I’m sleepy.”

“Goodnight, baby.” You kissed both of their foreheads before leaving their room. You went to your bedroom, checking your phone and seeing a bunch of missed calls from Jinki and Yoongi.

Your kids made the thoughts of them slip away, not having to pick your brain about the two of them. Why did Jinki ask if you still loved him? You aren’t the type to toy with someone else when your partner can’t give you what you want.

There is one person besides your mother that can straighten out your thoughts, the only question was whether they would talk to you or not. You scrolled through your contacts, doubting they would take your call but you had to talk to someone completely unrelated to either boy.

“Well, well if it’s Y/N. You know it wouldn’t kill you to tell me you’re at least not dead after 4 years.”

~Admin Blake