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Hi everyone! 

I hit 8k about 2/3 weeks ago and I was too lazy to make a follow forever and since the new year is approaching, I thought I’d do it now!

First of all, thank you to all my followers/mutuals that like and reblog my stuff! My blog has been through some changes this past year, from a Captain Swan mess to a multifandom mess, and back to CS (oops) so I’d also like to thank those who have stick around with me. I have been so fortunate to have even met a couple of you, whether we talk constantly or rarely talk, you all will always be the ones I consider my greatest (tumblr) friends.  Thanks for making my dash awesome. I appreciate each and every one of you more than I can ever really say.

The most special ones (You guys are some of the most lovely people I’ve ever met, I cannot imagine my tumblr experience without you)

Alexa  ♢  Amanda  ♢  Amber  ♢  Angelique  ♢  Anisa  ♢  Anja  ♢ Carol  ♢Cheri  ♢  EvangelineHeather  ♢ Kate  ♢  Katie  ♢  Kim  ♢  Jenn  ♢ Megan  ♢   Michelle  ♢  Morgan  ♢  Nina  ♢  RainStephSabs  ♢ Sarah

I love all of the blogs I follow and I probably left off a ton of people, and I’m sorry if I did!  I would’ve liked to mention all 440 of you, but that would’ve taken too much time. So even if you aren’t on this list, just know that I truly appreciate you  ♥

✿ A-F

ahoymilady  arthurs-pendragons  askarsismybb askarslibrary bellamyblaake  britishguyslover  bunnykillian businesscasualprincess  campingwiththecharmings candycanekillian captnbellamy captain–kitten captainpoe captainswaan captainswanapproved  captainswansource  captainswansword carmibelievesinlove  cinnamonbuck cocohook38  colinarthurgeoffrey colinodonorgasm colinschest  dashingrapskillian  downeysdorito effulgentcolors emmandhook emmasboyfriendhook emmasdreamcatcher emma-swan emmaswana

✿ G-M

gentlesleaze hellowherearemypeople  heyitsthatgirl  hissaviourqueen hook-found-emma  icapturedkindness illneverstopfightingforus imhookedonadarkswan innocenceneverfound its-because-i-dont-have-her kdanna03 killians  killianisacupcake killianscharm  kimidakewooooo ladyswanjones laschatzi  lenfaz liliescollins  lizzyc807shipscaptainswan lillyanjones  lovemelikeapirate  lovestonedscoundrel  lovestruckhook maritzarxmos mintchocotea  missfords missquitepassionate mrsemmajones msgenevieve447 museelo

✿ N-S

odonorude  oncepromised paceingcolin rememberdamon
shiparker  swan-road swansmoaked  swansouat scribblecat27 supagirl

✿ T-Z

tehgreeneyes  thetaleofcaptainswan  then-theres-hope timeless-love-story tinypixy trueloveismeanttobefoughtfor  vandxlsavage vickyvicarious wordsmith-storyweaver

But for anyone I might have forgotten, just check my blogroll, because everyone I follow is amazing and deserve a follow.


Happy Almost New Year, everyone!