too lazy to make it transparent

tutorial (sort of, idk)

This is more of a walk through and I always make these props with as little effort as possible because I’m very impatient.

Materials: worbla or any type of thermoplastic, plastic orb I randomly found in a craft store, pretty ribbon, foam type of stuff, satin little hearts that I happened to have, purple spray paint, printer and laminating machine, led lights and 6v cells.


get yourself some lights from ebay and rearrange the current so you can cram it in the wand, the only thing you’re really changing is that the parallel current becomes a series because you need two 6v for the total 12v so I just stacked them, shlammed that copper around and stuffed it in sum isolation tape. make sure the tiny switch will be at the side.

Then you make a shaft with some thermoplastic, just lay it over something round and heat it up, after that you put the battery packets in there and close the seam of the plastic.

Then you cut some holes in these two part orbs, one for the facing of the wand where the star is shown and one to attach the shaft.

WARNING: this is acrylic and it melts if you saw or drill too hard, kinda difficult.

then you sand the orb, prime and paint everything purple. the lights and wires are in a plastic bag because I didn’t want to paint them (duh).

Here’s a sheet I made, printed and laminated because I’m too lazy to make it or paint it.

Once plasticized, you cut out the facing, wings and horns. (the heart wasn’t used because I found a prettier one in my decoration stash.

you can print this, it should already be the rights size though for some reason I lost a lot of resolution but who cares? (wings are lightly traced, I don’t know if you can see)

if you like origami you can use these to craft a diamond.

like so

here I already glued the facing in and taped the horns to the inside, just put a big piece of transparent tape on each horn, trim around it and leave a tail at the bottom, stick the tape to the inside and no worries because the horns stand up by itself when the front part of the orb is attached.

Also, the white part you see is the backside of the facing but I later put another blue paper sheet behind it so that it will light up in a blue shade.

bottom part is foam, heated up, bended, smoothed with glue and painted gold. Other gold parts were made with this stuff as well.

before attaching the top or bottom parts you should glue on the ribbon, use some tacky old glue that won’t show or seep through. or let it dry a bit first or use a minimal amount.

this is a piece of fake leather that I put in the backside to prevent the lights from distorting or showing through the thin plastic backside.

Checking under the hood where all is good.

(There are the parts that I keep as detachable)

And then you get something like this, Is should’ve kept the shaft shorter because now I see it’s casting a shadow in the facing but oh well. It’s done.

Have fun making wands n stuff.


I’m known to be a terrible explainer so if anything isn’t clear, be creative and figure something out or ask me or smth.

happy wednesday


-💲Payment  by Paypal only. I’ll only start working once I’ve receive the payment, I know it can be frustrating if it takes a little too long, but I don’t want any bad surprises nor work for nothing.

-❌✔️I don’t have a specific list of what I can or can’t draw, just show me what you want and let’s talk about it !

-😺/😾I need a full reference along with a little bit of the personality of your character. If you have a specific idea for the pose or expression, tell me!

-💩Yes I’ll only do Transparent BG because I’m a lazy piece of trash♥But I can still make a VERY SIMPLE colored bg if transparent isn’t your kink.

-📨PM me here on tumblr if you’re interrested, don’t comment !

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If more people are interrested, they’ll be in the “waiting list”, that means they still got a slot reserved but will only pay once I cleared the other commissions~

For reminder, I can lower the prices to fit your budget, don’t be afraid to ask!

Really quick and crappy lines that I tried to compensate with coloring but then I gave up on the yellows :’D 

So yeah still super more times fan of iMac G3 color Frieza but there’s a place in my heart for his Oscar self ^^;, plus I feel that’s the one we’re gonna see more often now?
Anyway, I kinda just wanted to draw his long legs… yeah… 

(Also this is a iMac G3 btw xD)

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Useless animation but I HAD TO DO IT. It’s my secret dream haha (make a move and all the speed gates open!) 

 You can feel the useless power of a weird CEO hahaha!!! Thank you Ahn Min Hyunk (played by Park Hyung Shik)! 

(When I flip, we cannot see the woman…that’s sad!) 

One day, I’ll finish it. (Too lazy for a flipbook without transparency) 

Ps: annoying noise… sorry for that!


 A really funny drama, I can’t wait the next episode. (Watching drama or how to lose time easily, haha)

when u have a tiny thing to fix and think u can get away with being lazy but end up making it a thousand times worse </3333333333

02/05/17, ink, gouache, white gelpen, gold gelpen, goldleaf, gold wrapping from some chocolate, shiny red paper, blue photo of a forest I took a couple of years ago, paper bag from some clothes shop (that’s the base layer), semi-transparent whitish paper with gold pattern. On two pages of my mixed media sketchbook. The sakura pattern underneath the sketchbook is a bunch of pretty wallpaper scraps I got from a friend.

I made this one about two weeks ago but I was too lazy to come up with a sufficient way to present it online. It’s not exactly a favourable format to view on screen. Anyway, one day I thought to myself, “why wouldn’t I make a pinup”, and this is what I came up with…

I don’t have a name for this character yet. But this one is going to end up in some story I’ll plot one way or another some day. Look at this indecency. 

don’t repost and don’t remove the caption :)))

Ed braiding Win’s hair (◉‿◉✿) and blushing bc he’s a dork

I got inspired by jazzleberry’s latest wonderful EdWin artwork so it finally made me paint a little :’)

Psst it’s transparent and if any of you wanna use it, just let me know cause that’d make me so happy ahhh


Thought you guys might be interested in the process I’ve been using for these color palette challenges.  (Well, kinda, anyway.  I’ve also been experimenting on some of them and trying new things.  But this is mostly what I’ve been doing.)

1. Sketch.  Fairly simple, it’s mostly about proportions and layout.

2. Slap some colors onto the background.  This is where I start thinking about light source - in this case, the setting sun on the horizon.

3. And now I make liberal use of the freehand lasso-select tool and the eyedropper.  There’s a few layers set to different transparencies, too, for the landmass.  I try not to overuse transparency with this style, though.  It tends to take away from the cell-shaded, cut-out appearance, in my opinion.

4, Continuing to use the lasso tool, lock out the general shapes of the foreground.  I do this under the sketch layer so I can see what I’m doing.  It’s probably wise to put different colors on different layers, but I’m lazy and half the time I end up combining this with step 5 on one layer and then regretting it later.

5. At this point, I hide the sketch layer and start shading. (Still with the lasso tool.  I find it quite useful for cell-shaded lineless art.)  With these limited palettes, it can be tricky to achieve the appearance of the color you want, but it’s not impossible.  For example, this palette contained neither Blue’s skin tone nor the pale blue of his sleeves - I created the former by shading light yellow with red, and the later by shading the same light yellow with medium blue.

6. Add in details with a hard round brush.  Now is also when I fix things I forgot, like belt buckles and the fact that solid objects tend to cast shadows.

  • INTJ: *edits picture of spock to hold INTP's pet dog spock*
  • INTJ: *sends to INTP*
  • INTJ: sorry I have been unresponsive
  • this took me far more effort than I'd like to admit to
  • INTP: did you just make an image of spock holding spock?
  • INTJ: ummmmmmm yes
  • INTJ: so like
  • INTJ: *sends transparent png of spocks head*
  • INTJ: if you ever need a transparent png of spocks head...
  • INTP: How do you know I don't already have one?
  • INTJ: I assume you're too lazy to do it