too lazy to make gifs for this tbh

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glitch gif from here

I was too tired lazy to make any big movement, so there you have, a chill winter day with Marzia and Felix(Pewdiepei)~
 OMG, my first gif I’ve ever made. And my first try to make an illustration without line art too. It was so fun, especially drawing Felix’s hair! *3*)/ 

2C for @yumenoorsee

Just ‘cause it’s the first june, LOL. Tbh I really don’t know why I do things


7 days of TeniPuri

Day 1: Favorite character - Mizuki Hajime


EXO _ Coming Over:
I’m coming over, at any time blow up
Filled with hype, it’s gonna burst
Wherever you go, rocking show
Gimme gimme go sign, I’ll bring you so high