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Summary: Y/N feels like the only thing she does in the bunker is clean as the boys sometimes forget that she isn’t their personal maid. Realizing that she has multiple things in common with Cinderella. Cleaning, have a prince charming and being a princess

Pairings: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 1,731

Warnings: Nada one

A/N: This is a little apology for the sadness that A Different Place caused. I’m sorry, I hope this helps :)

Feedback is welcome and much appreciated ♡

Y/N felt like she had been cleaning all day due to how big the bunker was and how clean she liked everything to be. She wasn’t necessarily a neat-freak nor did she have OCD but she liked having the place clean as she felt much comfortable when it was.  However, she wished the place was easy to clean as it was easy to get messy but that is what happens when you live with two grown boys.

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Okay so this is less about painting skin, and more about finding and appreciating those tones that are often discarded when painting digitally. It’s these tones that will set your work apart.  There’s no need to go looking for colour swatches when you could just go build a library for yourself!

 I threw a yellow over the bottom three in various filters to get the shown effect. But again the possibilities are huge so.. go experiment /o/.

You can do this with as many photos as you like! Just don’t stress yourself out if you feel you can’t find 15 colours, but try to make 9 the minimum.

(I said no fashion photography because its commonly heavily edited to the point you can only see two- three shades/ tones :c.)

Sorry for any spelling mistakes orz. I’m too lazy to go through it again.


august 19 / for the anon who asked what stationery i use!! this is everything i carry in my pencil bag for school. i am studyblr aesthetic trash forgive me

the pencil bag is from staples and i keep it in my binder, but i took it out for photo purposes hehe. everything in the front mesh pocket are the things i use the most. you can keep reading if your interested more about the supplies!

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