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Lutteo → Random scenes (part 41)

I watched the opening and why the fuck do they have those purple eyes?
Hey, is this another start of a new theory?
What if the incident in sdr2 is the same with ndrv3?
What if they’re the bad guys who destroyed the world?
Then a hero or whatsoever comes up and took them to another program (shinsekai woot woot) to brainwash them to become good people (or maybe just to put them in eternal dream/slumber)?


nice to meet you, 2017!

It’s funny how I can’t remember much from january to july at the end of each year (my life begins when summer vacation begins)

This year, I started doing lots of new things like learning the guitar or playing volleyball! I fell head first in the Haikyuu!! fandom (and Tsukkiyama hell) and well I’m really glad to have decided to make a tumblr account because it’s been really amazing so far!

Big big thanks to all my followers I hope you’ll all dream of eggplants tonight ❤

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if you click here, you’ll find 41 gifs of the iconic, ross butler best known for portraying reggie mantle in the cw’s riverdale. i made these mainly for my fav @deleteitrp​ but as there’s no gifs in his tag, i figured i’d share ‘em !!  i was gonna make 100 but i lost the psd i used & i’m too lazy to redo them w my new psd sdgksjd, i’ll prolly update these in my new style later tho so. yeah, i made these meself so don’t claim ‘em as ur own or redistribute without credit, you can use these for whatever tho & give this a lil like or reblog bc i crave validation from strangers on the ‘net.

Sooo I drew Stydia… 

Weird thing is that this was originally an Olicity drawing but I screwed up the face and it ended up looking more like Stiles than Oliver. (Honestly how does one even make a mistake like that?? wtf Kristen) 

But yeah. If their faces don’t look right it’s because I was working from memory. (I’m too damn lazy to look up references for their faces okay…)

FLASHBACK: New Year Eve was a blast. Even had a Nick cutout. @perrxdelmal@zryder@emmalinax@zigzcg

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NAME: Sammy

STAR SIGN: Scorpio

HEIGHT: 5’7"


FAV MUSIC ARTIST: Keith Emerson/Emerson, Lake & Palmer ♥️

SONG STUCK IN YOUR HEAD: omg fucking,, summer nights from grease for some reason ?? I haven’t seen grease in years idk why it’s stuck in my head

LAST MOVIE WATCHED: uhh,,fuckin,, i can’t remember I don’t like watching movies uhhhh uh uhh uh damn I really can’t remember bc I haven’t watched a movie in like months

EDIT: “Excuse you the last movie you watched was the shitty Spencer Davis Group movie” -@moogotron


WHEN DID YOU CREATE YOUR BLOG: Uhhhh like sometime in 2013 I think

WHAT KIND OF STUFF DO YOU POST: mostly ELP (particularly Keith) and other prog

OTHER BLOGS: mainly @daltries my personal blog and I have some others but nobody really follows them


POKEMON TEAM: I don’t play Pokemon Go

FAVORITE COLOR: turquoise and pastel pink

AVG HOURS SLEEP: damn shit to heck like 2 hours sometimes and sometimes like 12

LUCKY NUMBER: i always just put 8 but I do not know

HOW MANY BLANKETS DO YOU SLEEP WITH: 2, my comforter and Keith blanket

DREAM JOB: professional lover and admirer of Keith Emerson

FOLLOWING/FOLLOWERS: I’m following a bunch of people (I need to go through it and unfollow inactive blogs) and on doktordyper I have 3817 followers and on daltries I have 919

Heyo! We haven’t done a task in a LONG time, so I think we are due for a task. For all new people or those who were on hiatus, or those who were lazy *cough* myself, you can find our tasks here. You are more than welcome to do them if you’d like. Hopefully, we can release a task every week, don’t worry they will not be too time-consuming! 


The task for this week is going to be creating 4-6 text posts for your character in our current time period (Migration Period). Make sure you tag it as “decays.task” & have fun!

Some tumblrs with text posts

- (seafoam background color (???) - may irritate eyes)
-  http://text–

                     or google : tumblr text post

HMFTOW? (4/?)

Description:ย Dan is an omega; he was born into suffrage with an omega mother and beta sister too young for work. Danโ€™s family often found themselves with pennies and dollars to get by on.That, of course, is until Dan makes the decision to sell himself to an Alpha sex ring.Things wonโ€™t be too bad with his new owner Phil, right?

Tags: Neko!Dan; So much fluff holy shit; Fluffy smut

A/N: Late Explanation here. Hey I wasnโ€™t just being lazy and tired and horrible today hooray!

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@boulevardsaint-laurent tagged me to make a playlist, thank you so much!!💞 I was too lazy to make a new one so here’s one I made on my phone a while ago. I normally listen to it when I’m sad or when it’s raining (hence the title).
I’m gonna tag from my notes (and I’m gonna tag a lot bcs I think this is so cool) but really ANYONE can do it, I’d love to know what you all listen to :)) @thedisastrousforever @sj-ones @yuharnisa @mileskaane @thesmithsisdead @garden-of-hands @love-like–thunder @kneesocksandbalaclavas @ppiquechu @turner-fever @heartbreakhotelsuite505 @hesbrianstorms @alexsleighquiff @the-queen-of-the-half-crown @some-lover @oldyellowbrickslovesarisk @arcticsynergy @childproofedcapsonheranswers


It’s officially 2015 in the UK.

I just want to take the time wish some of my favorite people a happy new year.

First of all of course beyonce keep slaying my life queen I don’t ask for much but can you at least give us a heads up when you’re about to interrupt our sleep cause’ all those hours I lost in 2013-2014 takes its toll and oh just know that I’m prepared for 2015.

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I may not have spoke to all of you before but I know that I’ve been following many of you since I started this blog and I love seeing you all on my dash with your perfect edits and gifs and posts and hilarious text posts so I just want thank you all for making my 2 years on this site so enjoyable and fulfilling. I hope the new year treats you well and I wish you guys all the happiness not only in 2015 but beyoncé beyond that. Sorry if I missed anyone and the same goes to all my beautiful followers.

Heres to another 12 months of beyoncéness.

- Edi.

Say bye to defendy

I’ve discovered I don’t like being a fandom blog. I am easily stressed and overwhelmed as a general rule….soooo it’s not fun when the fandom gets big and people get stupid. 


This blog will no longer be a fandom blog for Voltron.
I’m gonna make this my personal. I will still post lots of Voltron but I will no longer tag stuff that isn’t Voltron. 

I was thinking about ditching this blog and making a new one, but I’m too lazy to re-follow like 2,000 people so. Y’know. 

So, yeah, unfollow if you’ll be bothered by me posting non-voltron content!!! I know my blog ain’t that big but I figured the almost 4,000 people who do follow me probably deserve a warning before I just up and leave.