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I watched the Lego batman movie last night and I FRICKIN LOVED IT! (That ending though XD)
I especially like the flood of new batjokes shippers and all the new fanart/fanfiction fluff that they make! (I shipped batjokes before The movie made it popular so it brings me joy to see new people to share these guys twisted gay relationship ❤)

(I made this for funsies and I refuse to fix the animation/coloring errors ‘cause I’m lazy)

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Imagine a warm, early spring Sunday in New York, where just the sunlight through the windows had been enough to keep Magnus’ loft a comfortable temperature all day. He had no clients to see, only some rather easy potions to make, nothing too dangerous or time consuming, a light day if you will. So of course being Magnus he took the opportunity to be lazy, well as lazy as the High Warlock of Brooklyn can be which isn’t much at all. His desire to be comfortable yet still look unbelievably lavish had him choose his silk floral robe in shades of rich blue and white. 

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I’m learning how to work with Eliwood, and trying to make him not look like just a taller version of his son. He is accompanied with some other dads too. :D

I also have a very random headcanon where Eliwood has a very girlish scream.

The lower half includes some random Celice, as well as sketches for some old and one new OC’s of mine! Also trying to differentiate them there. ( ‘ v’)b

falling in love (at a coffee shop?)

pairing: lin x reader (shocker)

prompt: honestly reader and lin get together and then like cute happiness

warnings: language and a LOT of fluff sorz

words: 4,218 hahahhaha whoops

a/n: pls lemme know what you think !!!

Masterlist / Prompt List

It was obnoxiously stereotypical. Falling in love at a coffee shop. Honest to God, you were annoyed with yourself the first day it happened.

Coffee shop boy. Ridiculously beautiful coffee shop boy. Always-smiling-too-big coffee shop boy. Remembered-your-order coffee shop boy. Make-your-heart-beat-too-quickly coffee shop boy.

Walking into the lecture hall, you were still blushing. He had complimented your earrings.

“Hey! No drive through today?”

“You shrugged, “It was nice out. I figured I’d walk to class.”

“Same as usual?” He asked, already moving to get a cup. Heat surfacing at your cheeks, you nodded.

Please,” you added as he swept around the counter.

“You said class. Are you at Wesleyan?”

“Yeah,” you said quietly, your morning voice already failing you. Clearing your throat, you continued, “I’m getting my masters right now.”

“Sweet!” He said, looking up at you. “I’m studying theater there.”

“You’re an actor?” You asked.

He nodded, still facing you. He was leaning on the counter, “Sort of. Writing too.”

Turning around for a moment, he cursed lightly. “We don’t have any caramel left,” he said, biting his lip slightly.

You coughed awkwardly, “Uh, just don’t add it, I guess.” You said as more of a question.

He shrugged before grinning again. The smile took up his whole face. He shook his head, “Can I make you something different?”

You furrowed your eyebrows before he continued, “Trust me. It’ll be good.” You nodded, giving him all the confirmation he needed before he scrapped the cup of coffee he originally had. He worked briskly, pumping in shots of who knows what but it smelt good before it was even in your hands.

“What is it?” You asked, gratefully accepting the cup.

“Mocha toffee latte with almond milk.” You sighed as you took a first sip, making him grin that same stupid grin.

“This is delicious,” you added.

He laughed, “Don’t ask anyone else for it - they won’t make it as good.”

You nodded, “I won’t.”

“I’ll see you tomorrow, yeah?” He asked, making you nod again. (You had to stop nodding.)

Then you laughed, reaching into your backpack, “I haven’t even paid yet.”

He scoffed, “Please. You insult me.”

This made you smile, “You don’t have to do that.”

Did he ever stop smiling? “I’m happy to.”

You nodded. Again. Taking a step towards the door you thanked him again. It wasn’t until you had turned the corner that you realized you hadn’t even looked at his name tag. His lazy grin too preoccupying.

You took your seat and you shook your head. This was ridiculous; focusing on a boy you didn’t even know. Still, each time you sipped the coffee, your heart was back in your stomach.

You continued to go to that same coffee shop for a week before he finally did it. It had taken a lot of convincing from his good friend, Chris, but he finally did it.

You had learned that his name was Lin and he had figured yours after making you a new latte each morning. You had started to feel guilty - him giving you so many free drinks. So you continued to stuff five dollar bills into the tip jar. He would grin and thank you.

But it was Monday and so when you came strolling through the cafe. You had stopped driving. He was too captivating and you couldn’t watch him work from the car.

“Morning, Y/N!” He chirped, despite the knot in his stomach.

You offered a small smile, leaning over the counter on your forearms.

“What’s on the menu today?” You asked, craning your neck to see what he was up to.

He shrugged, “You’ll see.” He was making his favorite drink for you. And today, Chris had made him promise to get your number. Or give you his. He figured the latter would be easier, and at least that way he wouldn’t have to deal with rejection. Maybe it would sting less if you never called or…

Grabbing a sharpie from his apron, he scribbled his number onto the side of the cup before handing it to you.

Instantly, you asked, “What’s this?”

“Dark roast with -“

“No, this.” You smiled, pointing to the numbers on the side of the cup.

He could feel his heart drop, “It’s um… M-my number. I’m so sorry, I don’t know what I was thinking. I just thought you - no I have no idea what I was doing. Why did I do that? I’m so sorry -“ he reached for the cup, but you took a step away.

“You could’ve just asked for my number,” you giggled, sipping the coffee. Shit, this was good. Maybe your favorite.

He looked deadpan, “Wait, what?”

“Your coffee is good, but it’s not the reason I come here every morning,” you giggled. This wasn’t like you. You never flirted quite so liberally, let alone with someone you barely knew.

Still, the instant that stupid grin broke out on his face, you couldn’t help but feel warm all over. Maybe it was the coffee. (It wasn’t the coffee.)

“I’ll call you, yeah?” You said, stepping towards the door. He looked overwhelmed, but joyful.

Nodding quickly, he waved. “Yeah, I’ll um, see you. Have a good one, Y/N.” He grinned.

You walked outside, holding the coffee tight to your chest. You were burning. Everything about you felt fluttery.

And you did. Call him, that is. First it was texting; simple, trivial, mindless. But then you saw him the next morning at he wasn’t wearing his apron or behind the counters, he was rushing in behind you.

“Y/N,” he beamed. Then his face dropped, “I’m very late.”

You laughed, “I noticed.”

“Can I make it up to you?”

“More free coffee?”

He scoffed, the grin still on his face, “Maybe something other than coffee to drink?” At this point, Lin was running down a hill - his words moving faster than his brain could tell them to stop.

You nodded. You were always nodding around him.

“Friday?” He asked.

You nodded.

He called you that night. It started out as plans, but it quickly became something different.

“Where are you taking me, Mr. Miranda?”

You could hear him smiling, “There is a band performing at Joe’s. I figured we could dance and then get ice cream?”

You nodded before realizing he couldn’t see you, “I like that.”

“Then it’s settled. Now tell me: how’d the chem test go?”

The two of you talked for too long. Well, with him it really wasn’t too long. You could talk for hours with him, and he could too. Lin talked circles around you. Lazy, comforting circles. And God, did you listen. Everything about him was so captivating that you couldn’t help but just listen

“Am I boring you?” He asked softly at midnight.

You smiled into the phone, “I love listening to you.”

He laughed, “Go to sleep.”

You sighed this time, “Call me tomorrow?”

“It’ll be like I never hung up.”

Friday took too long to get there. But when it did, you were thrilled. Everything about you burned as you walked down the stairs of the apartment complex to get to him.

Lin was striking. At first, he looked harder outside of the cafe. Maybe it was the lack of warm black sweaters and green apron. Regardless, the second he saw you, the smile on his face broke free, and Lin looked like himself again.

Clad in a low cut blue dress, you felt slightly self conscience. He was animated and stunning. The dress was elaborate, and to be completely honest you weren’t sure you could pull it off. His grin erased any doubt you had.

Taking in a sharp breath, he shook his head, “I swear, you get more beautiful every time I see you.” He was fidgeting, like he was looking for an excuse to touch you. Blushing, you rolled your eyes, brushing your hand against his as you walked along side of him. He took your hand before you even made it through the door.

“Who’s playing at Joe’s?” You asked.

Lin shrugged, turning to face you. God, he was handsome. You had to remind your roommate how handsome he was later.

“A buddy of mine’s band is playing. It might be awful,” he added.

You squeezed his hand as you laughed, “The Wiggles could be playing. I’m just happy to spend time with you outside of Starbucks.”

Lin turned away as red painted his cheeks. He pulled you closer so that your arms brushed as you walked side by side. He kept stealing glances at you. You pretended not to notice. Maybe for his sake, but probably because if you looked at him, that same dumb grin would make you drop.

The band was good. Not great, but you didn’t mind. Honestly, you were happy to be sitting along side Lin. After the show, he had taken you to a frozen yogurt shop, arguing with you as to whether or not it was actually ice cream.

Sitting down, he explained that Starbucks wasn’t his only job. You knew he was a writer, but he also substituted for and English class in Washington Heights.

“Is that what you want to do?” You asked. “Teach?”

He shook his head, “I thought for a while that maybe I did, but then writing kind of became my think. And music just made it so much better.”

“What do you mean?”

“Musicals,” he responded sheepishly.

Begging him to explain, Lin finally told you about the musical he was writing.

“You’re going to think it’s stupid.”

You scoffed, “Everything that has come out of your mouth has been brilliant. I highly doubt this will be anything less.”

“I’m writing a rap/hip hop musical about the first Secretary of Treasure, Alexander Hamilton.”

It had started out as just the plot of it, but had turned into a full blown synopsis as he continued. You sat on every last word, assuring him that you were anything but bored. As he explained the final part, you couldn’t help yourself.

“You’re a fucking genius,” you blurted out. You screwed your eyes shut, embarrassed.

Lin scratched the back of his neck, “Says the girl getting who her masters in every science known to man.”

You laughed, placing your hand on his knee. “Fine, we’re both brilliant.” His smile broke out, always too big for his face. You almost wanted to make it stop, because if anyone else saw that smile, they could take him from you. Almost. Because then there was his eyes, so full yet unbelievably warm.

Checking your phone, you sighed. “I should probably head home.”

He scrapped the last of his ice cream up before nodding. “Let me call you a cab.”

You laughed, “I can walk.” He shook his head, making you roll your eyes.

“Nah.” He smiled. A stupid, lopsided, too big smile, and your insides fluttered.

You sighed, but nodded. He whistled for a cab, standing so close you could almost feel his breath. His air was hot - but then again, so was everything about him.

He took your hand before you got in the cab, “Can we do this again?”

You giggled, “Every day coffee isn’t enough?”

Lin threw his head back, but the smile on his face was contempt. “24 hours with you isn’t enough.”

You could quite literally feel your stomach disintegrate. Everything about him happened in your stomach. Or maybe your heart. But then again, that was in your stomach too after the first time you had met him.

“When can I see you again?” Lin was bouncing on the balls of his feet, like he couldn’t stay still.

“How about Monday?”

“Lunch?” He grinned. You nodded. (Of course.)

As you turned towards the cab, he reached for your hand. Pressing his lips to your knuckles, he grinned. You couldn’t tell if it was the smile or the kiss that made you feel so warm. Maybe both. Probably both. Definitely both.

“Until next time,” he said, your hand falling to your side.

“Until next time,” you agreed. You hadn’t moved into the cab, still. Your entire body was in motion, yet you couldn’t bring yourself to move.

Lin was bouncing still, biting his bottom lip. His eyes flicked from your eyes to your lips. He opened his mouth to say something, but the cab honked before he had a chance, breaking both of your stillness.

Blushing, you cupped his face, kissing the side of his cheek.

“Until next time,” you said again, climbing into the cab. Lin waved, the same stupid smile on his face. God, that smile could stop wars.

Lin took you to an aquarium a week later. He took an excessive amount of photos, each one making you giggle.

“Lin!” You laughed, “Stop taking photos!”

He shrugged, snapping another photo of you in front of the beluga whales. His silly grin was light on his lips. “I can’t help it. You’re so beautiful.”

You felt a blush cover the bridge of your nose. He couldn’t just say things like this. It wasn’t fair.

“Hey,” Lin hummed, tugging your hand lightly. Your head went up to him. His eyes were soft. You took a breath, the left of your lip curling into a smile.

His eyes flickered down to your lips and you felt yours flutter. You let out a shaky breath as he pulled you a little closer.

A little boy ran between your legs, breaking the two of you apart. He was giggling and pointing to a whale as it swam past. His mother came quickly, lightly scolding him for running so quickly.

Lin looked down at his feet, screwing his eyes shut. You could just about feel the embarrassed. Regardless, he pulled you close, wrapping an arm around your shoulder, still holding your hand.

Dios mio,” he sighed, pressing his lips to your hair as he steered you towards the penguins.

Three days later, you met for lunch. He took you for soup and sandwiches, but both of you ended up getting cheeseburgers. He stole your fries while you told him everything he wanted to hear.

Lin asked about your parents, your school, your friends, hell - he asked about your shitty job.

Everything was easy with him. Not that it wasn’t a complex relationship - God, everything he said was brilliant. Just… It was so comfortable. He was comfortable. And you would bathe in that comfort.

You ate some of your burger as he told you about something his sister used to say. You had to bite back a laugh as your mouth was full. You reached for your napkin, to wipe your mouth. Before you could, however, Lin already had his thumb on the corner of your lips, brushing away a stray crumb.

You swore your heart stopped. You turned away to hide the blush that spread across your cheeks. Lin chuckled at this, taking another bite of his burger.

“What?” He laughed, awe coloring his tone. He nudged your knee against his own.

“You make me nervous,” you giggled.

“If I make you nervous, you make me catatonic,” he shot back quickly.

You laughed, “It’s not my fault you’re so hot.”

Lin threw his head back. You shrugged, taking another bite of your burger. He was.

He walked you back to your office. He held you for a moment longer before pulling away slightly.

Smiling at you, his stupid smile, his eyes flickered down to your lips for a moment. Hesitating before looking back, he faltered for a moment.

“Thank you for lunch,” you said, eyes locked with his. This was your third date.

Lin smiled, ducking his head to connect his lips with your cheek.

“Can I see you tomorrow?” He asked, taking a step back. He looked unsure, but you nodded anyways.

“Bye, Lin.”

“I’ll see you soon, Y/N,” he said, starting to walk away backwards. He almost walked into a lamppost, making you giggle. You waved a little before turning towards your building, a little pep in your step.

Two days later he took you out to dinner. It was one of those dinners that made you nervous because you just knew it was going to be ridiculously expensive.

You tried to talk him out of it over the phone as you walked down to see him in the lobby.

“I would be okay with cuddling upstairs on my couch and ordering a pizza,” you said.

You could practically hear his smile in response, “Just trust me. You’re going to love this place.”

Which of course you did. The food was amazing, but it didn’t even compare to the look on his face when he saw you in that dress.

“My eyes are up here,” you quipped at one point with a wink. Lin flushed a cherry shade, sputtering out apologies.

You squeezed his hand, far too proud that you had such an effect on him.

The conversation, per usual, flowed without interruption. Everything he said brought a smile to your face. Plus, the fact that he look so fine in a suit definitely helped.

You almost forgot where you were as you laughed so hard, he had to shush you, despite his own giggles.

You grinned at him, undeniably joyful. This was your former Starbucks barista. And here he was, treating you to a dinner that costed much more than a Starbucks salary could afford. So when the check finally came, you were in the middle of explaining why you were elected class president in fifth grade.

You and Lin reached for it at the same time.

“I’m paying,” you said immediately in unison. Lin laughed and took the check, instantly sliding his card into it before handed it back to the waiter.

“Lin,” you sighed.

He laughed, “Nah.”

You rolled your eyes, “I get the next one.”

He shrugged before repeating, “Nah.”

“No next one?” You teased.

Lin’s eyes went wide and he reached across the table, “Yes next one, nah you’re not paying.”

You scoffed, but still took hold of his hand.

He walked you to your door this time instead of just dropping you off in the lobby. It was the first time he had come up. You were about to invite him in when he abruptly said, “I have to ask you something.”

You took a deep breath. Had you done something? Was he about to cut this off? No - he said he wanted a next time. Maybe he changed his mind?”

“So, uh… We’ve been hanging out a lot and I just I really like you a lot and I think that we should keep hanging out because you mean a lot to me and now I’m rambling but -“

“Lin,” you giggled, making him take a breath.

He sighed, taking a step closer to you. “Will you be my girlfriend?”

You felt like you were back in seventh grade with your heart doing cartwheels. You nodded, “Yes yes yes.“

Lin smiled is stupid, too-big smile and took a step closer, this time only a breath away.

His eyes flashed to your lips. Then, slowing leaning down, he pressed his mouth ever so gently to yours. After a beat, he pulled away, searching your face for who knows what. The air was thick with desperation for another kiss as he grinned, leaning down again to press his lips to yours. He backed you up a step against your front door, hands cupping your face. His tongue tasting yours as he weaved his fingers through your hair. Were lips usually this soft? You could feel his dopey smile against your mouth as he molded his lips to yours. Gripping the lapels of his jacket, you pulled him closer, losing any and all space between you too.

After that night, Lin stopped asking if he would see you tomorrow. It was never, Can I see you tomorrow? Or, What are you doing tomorrow? It was When? and Where?

All your old boyfriends spoke to you in their free time. Lin freed his time to speak to you. And you had never felt so warm.

Months past and Lin had gotten his Hamilton grant. He was in the workshop stages of it but nothing made you smile quite as much as seeing him walking into your apartment humming his favorite song of the day. These days, he spent more time at your place than he did his own.

It was a normal day and you were bringing him coffee. It was humorous, really. He used to be the one making your coffee. Walking into the theater, you found him sitting next to a very pretty girl. An intimidatingly pretty girl.

Karen Olivo, Lin introduced her as.

“His ex,” she said, sticking her hand out.

She clung to him the rest of the day, making you feel like you were third wheeling with your own boyfriend. When he walked through the door, you were pacing the floor.

“You’re making a tread,” he said calmly, hanging his jacket over a chair.

“Were you in love?” You asked, stopping suddenly.

“What?” He asked, cautiously taking a step towards you.

“You and Karen. Were you in love?”

He paused before nodding. “Desperately,” he said, abashed but not ashamed. He ran a had through his hair.

“Oh.” You said.

“But she was another time, another world,” he said, taking your hands. You nodded, looking away. “Y/N,” he sighed. You nodded. You still wouldn’t face him; if you did you were sure you’d start to cry. You couldn’t compete with Karen - God, she was stunning. She was talented. She was his first. What is she was his first too? Even more nauseous at the thought of this, you took your hand back.

“Y/N,” he said again, this time sharper.

Your eyebrows raised. Was he honestly freaking out over this? You had every reason to be upset. She was his past.

He rolled his eyes. Were you honestly freaking out over this? He had every reason to be upset. She is in the past.

“Whatever,” you snapped, crossing your arms over your chest.

“Don’t get so defensive!” He quipped.

Your jaw dropped, “I’m not defensive!”

“You’re screaming at me over nothing!”

“Are you kidding me? I’m freaking out over your ex who clearly wants to be more than that!”

He rolled his eye, standing up, “Call me when you’re done acting like this.” Instantly, he regretted it, his eyes soft the second he opened them. You had already turned away.

“Y/N…” he sighed, closing his eyes and willing the tears to go away.

You scoffed despite the burning you felt, “I’ll call you when I’m done acting like this,” you mocked.

Lin tried to reach for your hand but you snatched it away before he could.

“Don’t,” you said, turning to face him. Bitterness soaks your tone as you continued, “Just leave me alone for a while.” You tried to sound strong, but your voice cracked before you even finished your sentence.

Lin’s nose was red but he nodded and walked towards the door.

“I’ll talk to you soon…” He mumbled, softly shutting the door behind him. The tears streamed down his eyes as he did so. “What did I do?” He groaned, sliding down the wall opposite your door. For the first time in the six months since Lin met you, his stupid smile was wiped from his face. His heart broke a little more with each soft sob he heard from across the hallway.

You stayed on the couch, letting each sob rack your body. You shouldn’t be this involved, it wasn’t like you were engaged. Hell, you two had only been dating for four months or so. Then why did your heart hurt so terribly?

After nearly an hour of wallowing in self pity, you stood up. You were overreacting. He told you they were just friends, so God, just believe him and move on.

You wiped a few stray tears away, sniffling before throwing your hair into a pony tail. You were going to - buzz, buzz. moving towards your pager, you held down the button.

“UPS package for a Ms. Y/N L/N?” You heard through the speaker.

You sighed, “I’ll be down. Thank you.”

You screwed your eyes shut. They were swollen from crying. God, you had to call Lin. You had to apologize and tell them you loved him and -

Opening the door, you saw him. Curled onto the floor with his knees up and his head between them. Your heart fell.

“I’m an idiot,” Lin said as he lifted his head to you. His hair was flopping over he face.

You shook your head, falling into his arms. “I am so ALSDKFJALSDJ sorry,” you breathed into his neck. He held you tight, pressing hot kisses to your hair.

You pulled way to look at him, cupping his face in your hands.

“I am so beyond myself when I am with you,” you said, pulling him closer. He shut in eyes, a smile on his lips. “And I am so in love with you.“

He shook his head slightly, his damn grin making your stomach flip.

“You are everything, and God, I am in love with you.” He said before pressing his lips to yours.

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AAAAA I!Naturetale Ara boiii- to much detail oh my gosh what have I done

Naturetale @lavender-sans (no tag bc likeee, eeh)

I guess when he does this stuff, the wholeee new-au-new-look stuff, he gets some new abilities. Like heeeeere he can control vines and stuff

Blackmadhi Day

In honor of Simon and Nahyuta’s first meeting at the case of State vs. Whet, this Saturday, May 13th, is officially Blackmadhi Day!  

We will celebrate the wonderful pairing of Nahyuta Sahdmadhi/Simon Blackquill, which first started out as a crackship and has developed into so much more and has brought a lot of awesome people together! 

If you want to participate, please do so!  Write fics, draw wonderful art, make graphics…whichever!  We’ll be using the tag #blackmadhiday for anyone interested! 

Hope to see what awesome content everyone creates in celebration of these two losers whom we all love so much! 

if you click here, you’ll find 41 gifs of the iconic, ross butler best known for portraying reggie mantle in the cw’s riverdale. i made these mainly for my fav @deleteitrp​ but as there’s no gifs in his tag, i figured i’d share ‘em !!  i was gonna make 100 but i lost the psd i used & i’m too lazy to redo them w my new psd sdgksjd, i’ll prolly update these in my new style later tho so. yeah, i made these meself so don’t claim ‘em as ur own or redistribute without credit, you can use these for whatever tho & give this a lil like or reblog bc i crave validation from strangers on the ‘net.


Lutteo → Random scenes (part 41)

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Robbie didn’t notice the elf until it was far too late for anyone.
He’d had a quiet life in the world of Man so far. But this…this could mean disaster.


The Rottens have been making trouble in LazyTown for generations. Whenever a new Rotten hurts people, a hero is summoned to defeat them. This is the story of the conflict between Glanni and Nine, and how this conflict impacted their two sons, Robbie and Sportacus.


Glanni has moved on to smaller, more manageable cons since his failure in Lazy Town.

Íþróttaálfurinn somehow manages to ruin all his carefully laid plans anyways.


Incredibly Slow Burn Fic
Sportacow’s Greater Fae au
Robbie is a Greater Fae and Sportacus has no idea what’s going on, but he’s quite gay 


Robbie was five years old - he thinks - when his Mama told him they’re leaving the Court. Five years old when she brought him to a human settlement called Lazytown. Five years old when she told him that he had to learn to fit in with children who knew nothing of wings or magic.

Five years old when she whispered of the woods and strange lights in the sky and warned him to never trust an elf.

the signs as twenty one pilots songs
  • Aries: Fairly Local
  • Taurus: Trapdoor
  • Gemini: Kitchen Sink
  • Cancer: Air Catcher
  • Leo: Holding On To You
  • Virgo: Implicit Demand For Proof
  • Libra: Truce
  • Scorpio: Isle Of Flightless Birds
  • Sagittarius: Taxi Cab
  • Capricorn: Be Concerned
  • Aquarius: Fall Away
  • Pisces: Before You Start Your Day
OOC Post Remake

im bored so i wanna write a small headcanon post of the three little shits that you see on this blog

some headcanons wont be mentioned on this list cause i wanna keep it a secret until the topic comes up or i decide to make a comic post about it

some of these are probably out of character but i dont care

Remaking cause new stuff, and deciding to tag it in yansim tag cause i want attention for my headcanons


  • Cis female
  • Bisexual
  • Suffers from a combo of mental illnesses
  • Cat person
  • Cant cook but good at baking somehow
  • loves budo more than she loves sleeping
  • Vodka aunt
  • Does she even eat?
  • Decent singer
  • watch out Kizana she likes musicals 
  • likes to chew on things
  • contrary to the popular belief, she does sleep, but she does suffer from nightmares and sleep paralysis that makes her afraid to sleep 
  • Short (like…5′3 maybe even 5′0)
  • Curvy with a belly
  • She can lift she’s just too lazy 


  • Trans boy
  • Pansexual/polyamorous
  • Dysphoria is the worst/ Dependent Personality Disorder traits..probably
  • Dog person! loves dogs! BIG DOGS!!
  • Probably plays Love Live on Expert/Master
  • Never skips leg day
  • He eats a lot
  • 2+ years on T, Top surgery comes after highschool
  • Oka does his T injections for him cause he doesnt like needles very much
  • its a struggle to get him to take off his binder before bed, he cries every time, someone help him
  • Naruto is life
  • Fucking muSCLE!! Abs! Thighs that can crush a mans skull!
  • Tall, like what the fuck give me your genes (5′8 maybe?)


  • Cis Male
  • Gay (2% attraction to women but if you identify as a boy, GURL HE PROBABLY HAS A CRUSH ON YOU)
  • Hooks up with a lot of guys…sometimes at once
  • Narcissistic Borderline
  • Has the biggest crush on Budo and he dies inside everyday
  • Picks on Oka constantly but he knows when not to go too far
  • The bags under his eyes are fake, its make up
  • Probably one of the only people who would just straight up bitch out Ayano and he’s not afraid to die, he dont care
  • The only 2 people cares bout are Budo and himself
  • He really doesnt get along with Musume, theyre fake nice to each other when theyre just insulting each other
  • Idk like 5′5 height im bad at this
  • Fit boy, skinny, he cares too much about his body 

anonymous asked:

i'm just so glad that after an eternity, or in reality the five months since world juniors, that tony and t rad have returned to me from the war also if you ever want to expand on those tony/t rad feelings i'd be here for it 👀👀👀👀

Haha Tony and T-Rad are good boys who I can safely say I’m fond of now

So Tony/T-Rad……….don’t @ me okay I know I’m not a fan of their team but I found out they live together and my brain ran with it.

I was thinking this morning about how Tony and Taylor are both aiming for Tampa, and they were Team Canada teammates and Otters teammates and gonna be Tampa teammates!

Like, imagine they were roommates at the WJCs. They’d been bitter enemies before, and now they’re gonna be brothers for three weeks, Taylor from the Otters and Tony from the Generals. They hang out, become close friends, play beautiful hockey together. And then after the heartbreak of the tournament, Tony gets traded from Oshawa and moves in with Taylor in Erie, and Taylor comforts Tony whenever Tony missed Oshawa (bc if you’ve read any of my juniors fic, you know I love trade angst). The two of them do everything together and are super soft and their friendship grows and they go on this magical run through the O playoffs all the way to the Mem Cup and - !!!! They’re so close and they don’t get it but damn do they love this team, and Taylor might be able to come back next season (Tony I think might be headed to Syracuse or Tampa) but either way they both will be going to the same team so there’s hope there that they can win together again



I’m uncreative so I took a scene from FRIENDS and recreated it a little. I mean it’s cute right? (And funny?)

I swear this one took longer than the one I was originally gonna post

Edit: I’ve noticed some of the tags asking if that was alcohol and no it’s not I was just too lazy to make a sunset sasparilla or nuka cola logo. Also, I have no idea why these three I just thought they deserved attention.

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A-Age: 26

B-Birthplace: Washington

C-Current time: 4:58pm/8:36pm (lol start and finish after grocery shopping and making dinner and cleaning the apartment a bit)

D-Drink you last had: Iced plain unsweetened green tea

E-Easiest Person To Talk To: My fiance

F-Favourite Song: ATM, it’s gotta be either Josephine by RITUAL or Lick by Cardi B

G-Grossest Memory: Laying in bed last night when the new cat had peed on it without realizing it.

H-Horror Yes or Horror No: Yep!

I-In Love: Yep!

J-Jealous of someone: No

K-Killed Someone: No

L-Love At First Sight Or Should I Walk By Again: Walk by again so I can get a better look at that ass.

M-Middle Name: A MYSTERY

N-Number Of Siblings: 2 younger brothers

O-One Wish: I could burn calories sitting down enough to be fit

P-Person You Called Last: Dad

Q-Question You Are Always Asked: Where is [insert item]?

R-Reason To Smile: Internet!

S-Song You Last Sang: The Chemicals Between Us by Bush

T-Time You Woke Up: I woke up at 4:45, 5:10, 5:30, 6:00, 7:10… lol I was paranoid about being late to work for some reason. Probably because I didn’t go to bed until 1:30.

U-Underwear Colour: Black

V-Vacation Destination: Ireland is the first trip we want to do.

W-Worst Habit: Being a stubborn ass dick.

X-X-rays: Knee, lungs, and teeth. I hate the teeth ones every time you go to the dentist omg.

Y-Your Favourite Food: Strawberries

Z-Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

I tag (i think i did more than 20, oops sry not sry): @tacos-and-trenchcoats, @prince-halfblood, @splendidcas, @imamotherfuckingstar-lord, @princess-lizzie-marie, @klaineaholic, @greenappleeyes@jamiemelyn, @alyisdead, @kittenofdoomage, @jubtrumpo, @hellokittyswiftie, @stolen-starlord, @marisayouass, @frickfracklesackles, @bkwrm523, @kickasskellyboozer, @ravenclawenwhore, @themadhattersqueen, @naughtybellax, @casteelle, @castielsnonexistantharp, @shinydixon, @hunters-hiraeth@darklordsfavorite