too lazy to look up the guys name

Some Overwatch, i guess ack


that sudden inspiration and energy after finishing a big drawing, spent the rest of the day doodling random stuff+bravely series //sigh// i need the game asap, too many questions to be answered D: but yeah there is no spoilers here i think eAe if I somehow spoiled something im sorry )”:

Did you guys notice in ACOTAR about the dresser knobs and how they could refer to the different  Courts?  Feyre’s was the night sky (I’m a total Feyre x Rhysand shipper); Nesta’s was fire (which, in my opinion, could perhaps represent the Autumn Court, which = Nesta x Lucien, which I’m also shipping); and their sister’s (whose name eludes me at the moment and I’m too lazy to look it up) was flowers (so, Spring Court = Tamlin?).  What do you guys think?