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What is Schniple's PhD is from all those Doctor and health games Jack played? Like before: he was just a regular guy but after all that he became the ego we now know as Schniple(I forget how to spell his name. Work has made me tired and drained and too lazy to look it up). How cool would that be?

He wakes up on morning demanding to go to a medical centre to give his expertise on medicine and such. He has no idea why but he understands everything so perfectly and Schneeple is actually happy working on patients.
I think that’s awesome.

kpop male groups as students
  • BIGBANG: been in highschool for 10 years. super smart and funny but have been held back because they all managed to fail their tests. still cool though and the younger students throw rose petals at their feet as they walk the halls. one guy managed to pass the test so everyone is sh00k and super sad. savage but cute
  • EXO: memes. everyone likes them except the teachers. lost a few squad members as they transfered countries. hard to keep track of but they still c00l af. everyone knows their jokes and they all have managed to get hella good grades. also hella rich and have their own table with aspiring ceos and football stars lol
  • BTS: teachers hate them. stand on tables and throw books because they refuse to be apart of the schooling system. started riots during exam period but didn't get expelled. hella cute and are involved in every club. sometimes problematic but everyone somehow loves them hehe
  • SUPER JUNIOR : most of them are in uni. everyone knows like, that one squad member because he was savage. sometimes that one guy comes back and they have a ceremony but people forget him eventually lol. senior students still remember them from freshmen year. used to take up the whole damn cafeteria cause they wouldnt stop recruiting members.
  • SEVENTEEN: lost a few guys in primary. replaces suju's spot in the cafeteria and eats all the goddamn food. everyone knows them when they're walking around in the halls as a group but separately... nah fam. sometimes you can hear the vocal members in music class from the otherside of the building
  • GOT7: gets shit grades but people love them. one guy made them hella popular because he was too extra in class. some members are unpopular but they still have freshman chasing them lmao. sit at the front of class and you can hear their laughter from outside. ruined the school play by dabbing everytime they went on stage. became viral tho so it was worth it
  • MONSTA X: freshman love them because they're extra at the appropriate times. Too early or too late to trends but they're still a crowd pleaser hehe. teachers hate them because they got scholarships for "no reason" (even though they're very smart!!). photo day is their day
  • ASTRO: everyone loves them. teachers love them. the principle hates them because they distract everyone with their happiness. pass all of their exams and are involved in many clubs. everyone only knows that one guy tho because of his photo day picture (he looked hella g00d)
  • BAP: got expelled for doing the same shit as bts l o l. but the principle called them back in after a few years because he realized that they got scholarships for a reason lmao
  • INFINITE: no one knows every single guy individually but they can sense their outgoing atmosphere, yknow. everyone ignores them but they also don't want them to graduate and leave lol
  • VIXX: no one talks to them because they're scared they will get roasted and become twitter famous lol
  • KNK: known for being the tall freshmen. no they dont play on the basketball team. no one knows their names but its because they seem shy when in reality everyone's too lazy to look up all the time and talk to them so they just ignore them
  • SHINee: did they graduate? no. the teachers won't let them so they have to suffer a few more years. worth it tho because they inspire every student. sometimes bring chaos into the school but the principle is cool about it lol
  • NCT : freshmen who appeared from nowhere. jk they were in their rooms srudying the entire time cause their parents were hella strict. had to be split up into groups according to favorite subjects because the teachers felt sorry for the cafeteria ladies at this point. some guys are in more than one group tho cause their parents hate them yikes
  • BtoB: no one remembers their grades. they just know them lmao because they're handsome and speak in a lot of ceremonies. seniors who look like they've been friends for 15 years. kinda quiet but... also hella loud lmao
  • WINNER: one guy left the school and everyone cried. got shitty grades because the teachers forgot about them. had some amazing test results but no one noticed
  • iKON: were supposed to be studying music but somehow their main subject became japanese. no one knows what they do because they all spend their life in that goddamn japanese class room. teachers pay too much attention to them but do nothing oml
  • Shinhwa : older than half of the teachers. no one remembered them but they still walked into school 5 days after reunion day and somehow everyone kind of did remember them... idk lol. got good grades and sort of encouraged the students after them to pursue their dreams :'). still hella old tho

I started watching the lazy town stage play(s?) and here’s what I’ve gleaned so far:

-its a fucking trip for starters 

-Srsly I have no idea what the fuck is going on

-is this like…meant for kids? Adults??? What’s happening here?????

-because all the kids are played by adults but that doesn’t make the upskirt shots of Stephanie and her tiny ass dress any less weird

-or that time íþró broke into Pixel’s house or grabbed Trixie’s hair (not that she didn’t deserve it but jesus)

-Trixie, by the way, is a fucking bitch

-Stingy on the other hand is like…kind of a putz? Idk I haven’t seen the whole thing yet

-why are they always singing about piss

-oh my god that reminds me. Glanni. Where do I even fucking start

-I see why ppl characterize him as a sauve pretty mettaton-type character but he seems like the kind of guy who lives in the trash and wears mismatched stuff he reclaimed from a dumpster, maybe after tossing some glitter on it

-I mean he owns it, he’s clearly king bitch of trash mountain here but…still

-I guess he appearently killed flowers by how bad he smells

-he also poisoned the town or something??? I’m not at that part yet

-Damn Glanni chill the fuck out that’s intense. This is a children’s show. I think

-its extra weird bc Robbie Rotten is like Dr. Doofinshmirtz evil. He thinks he’s the devil but clearly he’s the towns lovable minor inconvenience at best. Glanni would stab a man over the last McDonald’s fry at the bottom of the bag

-the thing is he’s also a total dork like Robbie tho and I wish ppl played that up a bit more too. He’s like Bill Cipher-ish in his ability to be both threatening and a petty dumb goober 

-Petty. He’s so petty. God. I love him. 

-that hat. I would mug him for that hat 

-speaking of hats…íþró…what the fuck are you wearing

-that doesn’t match at all what the fuck its like bright orange

-I’m sorry íþró Sporty has a way better uniform thing going. It looks like he’s wearing a race car; you look like you rummaged through the Halloween costume bargain bin at the thrift store on November first 

-(in cause you’re wondering why I just call him íþró but used the dipthong I was dedicated enough to look up the Icelandic language wiki page and download the Icelandic language keyboard but I’m too lazy to either write out his full name or copy paste it atm so this is what y'all get. That’s all you need to know about my personality btw I feel)

-(anyway back to dragging him)

-ngl the boyo is cute. He’s not as pure as Sporty but he’s still pretty pure and it hurts me 

-that mustache tho

-Appearently the guy who plays him also wrote the damn thing and created the lazytown tv series so I’ve gotta ask… is this whole thing just so Magnus can do some sick kick flips and shit. Like did he write this entire thing around him showing off his hella parkour skills. I need answers here

-íþró’s name appearently means “sports elf” like that’s his name

-ngl when I first started reading lazytown fic I thought ppl made that up but everyone just accepted it as canon, like the lotr elves having pointy ears or Suzumiya Haruni being god. I just thought that was fanon

-nope. Dudes literally a “sports elf” whatever the fuck that is

-Fae!Robbie and Glanni is appearently fanon tho. Bummer. It would explain a lot

-um…damn I’m not super far in. I’ve just seen little bits and pieces to get a feel of what’s going on

-Glanni literally threw away text books I’m…wtf

-actually what the fuck is his motivation btw I mean Robbie just wants everyone to shut up because he’s a raging insolmniac who lives under this noisy ass town, and if some guy in a blue tracksuit and a night cap jumped around me like a hyperactive jackrabbit and told me to eat a vegetable id hate him too. Whys Glanni so bent out of shape

-Glanni is a good meower 

-the mayhem town gang…what….

-what’s with the weird bird puppet

-he went from throwing away text books and vegetables to poisoning people? Glanni calm the fuck down 

-the visual effects are like? Really good?? Just like the series???

-pixel being white is weirding me out btw

-I relate to all versions of pixel tho as it turns out. Fuck going outside. I can watch tv AND write. im doing it right now 

-the remote belt is great btw. I need me one

-omg I love how that meme about sportacus jumping out of the tv to tell you to go outside is canon tho

-*íþró jumps out of my screen and crushes my skull between his athletic thighs, killing me instantly*

cat got your tongue?

I had this silly idea over here and wanted to make a comic out of it, but I’m too lazy, so I wrote it out as a messy drabble instead.

“Open your eyes, little guy. There ya’ go. Meet your makers, Bendy!”

The bewildered studio employees looked on with mouths agape. Their boss Joey Drew stood up from kneeling on the floor and turned around, beaming from ear to ear, holding his cartoon devil mascot in his arms like a proud father showing off his newborn child. This time it wasn’t a cardboard standup or ink on celluloid – Bendy the Dancing Demon had been literally brought to life before their eyes.

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I know absolutely nothing about Gravity Falls or Camp Camp but with the help of @totally-not-using-a-fake-name and @monsterunderthefedora (sorry guys i forgot the character names again and am too lazy to look them up or ask you guys so sorry) i put this together at their request, a Camp Camp Gravity Falls crossover where Shorty McSwears a Lot is Nerdy Pine Tree boy and Rough and Tumble Cotton Candy Head is I-Wear-Sweaters-Even-During-Summer 

Apparently there’s no villain in Camp Camp so the Bougie Trash Cyclops Pyramid is just a Bougie Trash Cyclops Pyramid wearing a stupid ascot

on another note today marks a week of being out of surgery

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How about an imagine where the NDRV3 boys' s/o is the culprid of a murder (they did it in order to protect someone), they're about to vote for the wrong person but then the s/o says something that will lead them to the real cuprid (meaning themselves), and when they found out who is the real culprid, the s/o tell them that they're glad that they found out that it was them (does that make sens ? Sorry my english is not perfect)

It’s okay Anon! My English isn’t perfect either as it’s my second language but I get what you mean ;) I’m going to presume S/O tried to save the boys if that’s okay ;P Hope you enjoy ;D

NDRV3 Boys’ reaction to S/O who is the blackened and when they’re about to vote for the wrong person S/O doesn’t let them

Shuuichi Saihara:

- The class trial was coming to an end

- Even though Iruma was insisting she wasn’t the culprit, everyone was still convinced that she was

- She isn’t

- You glance at Saihara and realise that he’s been staring at you 

- “S/O - san?…”

“Okay! Monokuma let’s vote!”

- “N-No!… I… Don’t think we considered all possibilities yet.” You say quickly

- Everyone turns to you

- “Huh? What’s the matter S/O - san? We discussed why Iruma - san is most definitely the culprit already, do you have some more evidence?” Saihara asks

- “You could say that…”

- “Well don’t just stand there S/O! Clear my name!” Iruma shouts angrily

- You lock eyes with Saihara “I don’t have an alibi when the murder took place.”

- He instantly understands. But how is this possible?!

- “… No…”

- “I’m sorry”

- “Huh?! What do you mean sorry?”

- Saihara just stares at the floor as he quietly stutters out a “S/O - san. It’s S/O - san.”

- Everyone is shocked, but at the same time they’re… Thankful you willingly sacrificed yourself for them

- Once the votes are in, the one with the most votes is you

- Saihara instantly runs to you and grabs your shoulders 

- “Why.”

- “I’m sorry.”

- “No. Tell me why.”

- “I… If I didn’t, you’d be the victim in this case Saihara - kun!”

- … You killed someone for him. You feel his hands shaking so you quickly hug him

- “Listen to me, you can’t give up now okay? You need to keep going and save everyone else. Can you do that for me?”

- He’s sobbing now. “Without you?… How?…”

- “Please. I believe in you!”

- Those were the last things you ever said before Monokuma had to literally  drag you away from him

Kaito Momota:

- “Alright! So the culprit it obviously Hoshi right?” says Momota 

- “I keep telling you, I didn’t kill anyone!”

- “Stubborn until the very end…”

- This is wrong. You know this is wrong. You don’t want to die, but if you’re selfish everyone else will die

- “No…” you whisper

- “Huh? S/O you say something?”

- “If we vote for the wrong person… We’ll all get executed right? I don’t want that”

- “It’s fine… We already determined the culprit of this case!”

- “Hoshi - kun isn’t the culprit! I am!”

- The courtroom goes silent

- “What.”

- “I am the culprit.”

- “S/O this really isn’t the time to be joking.”

- “I’m not joking! I did it! I killed them! If I didn’t… If I didn’t kill them you’d be the one that’s dead!”

- “You did it to protect me?… B-”

- “Okayyy~ I’m bored now so let us move onto the vote!”

- You nod at Momota before selecting your own name

- After the voting is over you look over at Momota he clearly has tears in his eyes but that doesn’t stop him from quickly walking over to you and kissing your forehead

- “I didn’t vote for you.”

- You look up at him

- “I did.” You’re then forcibly taken away, forever


- Is Yumeno - san really the killer? He doesn’t fully believe that, the theory is just… Incomplete

- “I keep telling you guys, I’m not a killer, I’m too lazy to kill someone”

- “That’s literally the worst excuse I’ve ever heard!”

- You sigh, of course she’s not the killer. Maybe her reason wasn’t the best but you can prove that she’s innocent

- “So what now? Are we going to vote for Yumeno?”

- “No! That’s wrong!” You shout

- Kiibo gives you a confused look but at least you got everyone’s attention

- “What do you want to add S/O - san?” Kiibo asks

- “The murder weapon was never found right?”

- “Well yeah but why does that matter now?!”

- You take out a small knife from your pocket, there’s dried blood on it

- “W - What is that?!”

- “The murder weapon.”

- Kiibo.exe stopped working

- When he comes back online he just sees you selecting your own name on his voting console

- You look at him and give him a weak smile before returning to your own seat and selecting your name

- “It’s over now… Everyone.”

- Wait. Wait S/O - san don’t go.

- “I’ve prepared a special punishment for you S/O - san! Well… Let’s give it everything we’ve got… It’ssss PUNISHMENT TIME!”

- “No! Wait! Don’t take S/O - san!” He reaches out a hand but… You’re already gone

- He feels something on his face, huh? What is this? Tears?… He thought robots can’t cry

Rantaro Amami: 

- Well, this was certainly unexpected

- Everyone suspected him as the culprit

- “No! Amami - kun isn’t the culprit!” You protest

- He smiles at you, you’re always there for him

- “Do you have evidence to back that up?”

- “… Evidence? I don’t need evidence.”

- “Oh? And why is that?”

- “Because I know who the killer is.”

- The courtroom goes quiet for a minute until Akamatsu speaks up 

- “Who’s the killer S/O - san?”

- “Me.”

- More silence

- “You’re not just… Saying that because we suspect Amami - kun right?”

- “No. I’m 100% serious.”

- That must be wrong. S/O - san? The culprit? No way is that true!

“Wait, S/O - san, if you really are the culprit, then how did you kill them? The Monokuma file doesn’t specify the cause of death.” Amami states as he stares at you

- “There was no murder weapon in this case. I simply delivered a powerful strike to their temple”

- You weren’t supposed to answer that

- Your expression is sad but at the same time, it’s peaceful

- “Would you guys hurry up and vote already?!” Monokuma remarks angrily

- Once the votes are cast you’re chosen as the blackened

- Amami just marches up to you an angry expression on his face

- “Did you want to get out of here that bad? Did you?”

- “No.”

- “Then why?” He sounds like he’s trying his hardest not to cry

- “Because I love you Amami - kun.”

- You don’t get to say anymore, Monokuma was getting way too impatient

Kokichi Ouma:

- “So, do we all agree that Akamatsu - san is the culprit?”

- “Everyone, hold on please! I’m not the culprit”

- “Nishishi~ Poor Akamatsu - chan”

- You bite your lip. You can’t just let everyone die.

- “Um, can I say something?”

- “Hm? What is it S/O - chan?”

- “I don’t think Akamatsu - san is the culprit.”

- “Oh really? Why don’t you point to who you think it is then?”

- “.. Okay.” You raise your hand and then point to yourself

- Ouma just stares, he has an emotionless expression

- “Go ahead everyone, please vote for me”

- “Nishishi~ Oh S/O - chan you’re so funny! You still have a lot to learn but I can see that you’re trying to become a great liar like me! Th-”

- “Stop it, Ouma - kun.”

- He sighs and looks at you again

- “I thought you hated the killing game S/O - chan! Was that a lie?”

- “Of course not. It’s just, I had no choice”

- “No choice? There’s always a choice whether to kill or not!”

- You smile at him as you select your name

- “You’re right… There’s always a choice. That’s why I chose to save Ouma - kun”

- You give him a little wave as Monokuma quickly drags you away

- He’s crying, not crocodile tears, these tears are most definitely not lies

Gonta Gokuhara:

- Chabashira - san is the culprit? Is that really true?

- He turns his head to look at you but he notices you’re biting your nails 

- “Alright then, shall we proceed with the vote?”

- “No.”

- Everyone turns to look at you

- “Why not S/O?”

- “I…” You sigh “I can’t let you guys make a mistake.”

- “Gonta doesn’t really understand, what do you mean S/O - san?”

- “What I mean is, Chabashira - san is not the culprit in this case.”

- “Do you know the real culprit S/O - san?” Saihara asks

- “Yes. The real culprit of this case is… S/O.” You say 

- Did Gonta hear that right? You’re the culprit? But that’s impossible!

- “Wait! Gonta doesn’t understand! What do you mean you’re the culprit?”

- “I’m sorry Gonta - kun… I know you said people who like insects can’t be bad people but… I am a bad person.”

- He’s in tears, he wants to ask you why you did what you did “N-No! S/O - san is not a bad person!”

- “Gonta - kun… Remember me okay?”

- Before anything else can be said, the trial quickly comes to a close

- He’s crying through the whole execution

Korekiyo Shinguji:

- Kukuku~ How beautiful, even when backed into a corner Harukawa - san is still fighting for her innocence

- “I keep telling you idiots, I didn’t kill them.”

- “Yeah! Leave Harumaki alone!”

- You look at Harukawa, she’s clearly getting angry

- “Harukawa - san isn’t the culprit.” You say

- “Yeah see even S/O agrees with us!” Momota announces cheerfully

- Shinguji turns his attention to you, “You said that with a lot of confidence S/O - san. Do you perhaps know who the real culprit is?”

- “… Yeah.”

- “I’ll give you a clue Shinguji - kun, you’re looking at the culprit right now.”

- Oh. Oh no.

- What is this

- “S/O - san? You’re the culprit?!”

- You smile at him, even with his mask on you can tell he’s not smiling back

- “What was your motive behind this murder?”

- “To protect the most beautiful human I have ever met. You, Shinguji - kun”

- He doesn’t respond. How could he respond to that?

- Once the voting is over he quickly makes his way over to you and takes hold of your hands

- You squeeze his hands and smile

- “Don’t go.”

- “I don’t have a choice”

Ryoma Hoshi:

- The robot eh?

- He didn’t really think Kiibo of all people will be able to murder someone

- “Please listen to me, this is borderline discrimination to robots!”

- Heh. What a guy

- He’s chewing on his licorice and just so happens to glance in your direction

- Your hands are clenched into fists and you generally looked stressed

- “S/O. What’s up?”

- Kiibo - kun isn’t the culprit…” You say more to yourself than anyone else

- “S/O! Why are you so sure of that? Who’s the real culprit then?!”

- You don’t respond, you just raise your hand

- He’s shocked, so shocked that the licorice in his mouth falls to the floor

- “Wait. What the hell does that mean?! You had no motive to kill!”

- “You’re right, I didn’t. That changed though, as soon as I saw the attacker coming after you”

- No way. You killed someone so that he can be alive?!

- Once the voting is over he quickly makes his way towards you

- “You idiot. You’re going to die now!”

- “I know.”

- “Gh.”

- Before you go he grabs your wrist

- “Wait. Have this at least.” He hands you a piece of licorice

- “Thanks… Hoshi - kun”


So, I went to see Musical Touken Ranbyu today and..Holy shit it was awesome!

Just really, loved the story, loves the cast, loved the songs. The only complaint I have would be the technical issue where I felt that the sound speakers weren’t able to handle the loudness of the music and messed up the awesomeness of the songs sometimes, which I felt was honestly a shame, because they did really well on the singing. (Also, I think the music was a little too loud sometimes, as you could barely hear the actors sing.)

Until I picked up my tickets at the theater I had no clue where I’d be seated, so I feared the worst, but… I had some really nice seat. 15th row, 18th seat. Which not too far from the stage, and right in the middle of the theater at the aisle! 

More impressions and a short summery under the cut… 
(Read at your own risk! May contain spoilers! I’ll try to keep it cryptic though.)

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Sundays with Jack (Jack x Reader)

This is what happens when I procrastinate. Hope you like it!

(photo isn’t mine!)

Sundays with Jack are like everyone else’s Sunday: late mornings, maybe early afternoons. Waking up is pushed off until the sun is approaching its highest point in the sky, getting up is scheduled for even later. You and Jack are most likely sleeping off the late night you had before, holding each other close and sharing warmth, even when there are plenty of sheets on the bed. 

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Jinyoung x Reader { Blackmail }

Request: hello ☺ can i have a 4, 29 with Jinyoung pls? thanks ☺✌✌

4. “I want to stay here in bed with you.”

29. “Do you know you say my name in your sleep?”

Hope you guys enjoy.

“I want to stay here in bed with you.” I mumbled.

“I want to stay in bed with you too (Y/N).” JInyoung laughed. 

I quickly sat up, startled. I looked at JInyoung, who was still laughing. I grabbed my pillow and hit him with it. 

“Hey. Fine, I’ll stop laughing.” He said, still chuckling. “So care to explain to me why you want me to stay with you?”

“You are always so busy that we never have a moment where we can just have a lazy day to just stay in bed cuddled up together.” I answered. Jinyoung looked at me with mixed exprssions on his face.

“Why didn’t you tell me this sooner?” Jinyoung asked. He loooks so sad and gulty.

“I didn’t tell you because either, you don’t have time or I don’t have time.” I said. Jinyoung wrapped his arms around me and pulled me closer to his chest.

“Well, I am here today. So to make it up to you. We can have our lazy day and cuddle up together.” Jinyoung said as he ran his hand up and down our arms.

“Can I tell you something?” I said, with secret intensions in my words.

“Sure, what is it?” Jinyoung said.

“Do you know you say my name in your sleep?” I laughed.

“We will not speak of this ever again.” Jinyoung said with a bright blush on his cheeks.

“I am not sure, this seems like very valuable blackmail information.” I said.

“Run.” Jinyoung said. I quickly escaped out of his grasp and ran. and soon after, he chased after me.


I figured out a better ship name than Klance (cuz that’s pretty lame lbr guys) 

Even better than Laith

Originally posted by youth-pass-blog


ok lemme explain to you guys why this ship name is perfect

Exhibit A

as well as stuff from season 2 that I was too lazy to look up or make a gif for

Exhibit B

Need I Say More?

also shoutout to @cargomullet for helping me come up with this

anonymous asked:

aaaaa can i get an au with seungcheol where you're a pretty nurse and he's a patient whose cardiac monitor goes into overdrive whenever you come in to check his vitals???

// warnings: dripping with fluff but lacking structure oops

// seungcheol x nurse!reader

//word count: 1692

  • Okay im sorry but im gonna do this as bullet point thingy
  • Bc this is what inspires me rn
  • I just feel like it flows better this way
  • And this request has been sitting here forever
  • I mean it’s the first in our inbox
  • And it was there when Mariah and I joined
  • And the inbox had already like 60 asks
  • Okay sorry no more rambling
  • Onto this request
  • So like I’m assuming this isn’t an AU and Seungcheol got injured on a stage or something
  • Like, remember the MAMA stage when he tripped on Vernon’s head?
  • Yeah something like that
  • Like he fell off stage bc he tripped on a misplaced wire and hit his head pretty hard
  • So he’s injured and he has to stay in the hospital for a while to get regular check-ups and stuff
  • And you work in the hospital as a nurse
  • Like you work the evening/night shift okay
  • And this guy comes in, with a concussion and he’s kind of out of it
  • And there are so many people with him
  • You’re like “y’all need to get out of here”
  • Way too crowded okay you guys are all leaving even though you’re cute (esp you, wow you a cutie hum)
  • So the first time you walk into Seungcheol’s room he’s alone or like only with one of their managers
  • I don’t remember their names I’m sorry and im too lazy to look it up
  • So you come in and the doctor is there and Seungcheol is kind of out of it
  • Like he’s got a pretty serious concussion
  • So while the doctor talks to their manager about his condition and kinda explains what’s going on
  • You install all this stuff and check Cheol’s vitals like his blood pressure and maybe you fix his pillows or smth
  • Idk okay
  • But he’s clearly fazed and he looks at you and he’s like
  • “… Hi. I’m Seungcheol.”
  • And so you just kindly smile and tell him your name
  • And he tells you you’re pretty while you’re reaching over and getting closer to him to adjust his pillows and make sure he’ll be comfy for the night
  • And suddenly his cardiac monitor starts to go faster
  • And at first he doesn’t realize what’s happening so he’s just like what?
  • So you don’t say anything but you blush bc you’re pretty sure you know what’s happening
  • Your eyes meet and you suddenly jump back and look at other stuff
  • When you glance at him, Seungcheol is looking down, blushing
  • His heartbeat is slowly going back to normal
  • You don’t say a word and when you’re finished, you bolt out of the room
  • once you’re out of the room you’re like omg what
  • did you make this happen?
  • did you make this cute boy’s heart go faster like that?
  • but that doesn’t make any sense bc why would an idol (yeah he’s an idol what you’re taking care of an idol) find you attractive like that?
  • and so you just shake it off (shake it off sorry i just got this image of the hillywood show) and forget about it for the night and go home
  • you come back the day after
  • Since he’s got quite a serious concussion and possibly some injury in his back, seungcheol has to stay in for a few days
  • you’re on duty for pretty much everyday of his stay (bc that’s how nurses roll y’all they never actually stop working)
  • and you happen to have to take care of him bc he’s on your floor
  • and every time you come in and you bring him meds or check his vitals, his cardiac monitor goes faster
  • at first cheol turned red and was a bit embarrassed about it
  • but by the fifth time he just doesn’t say anything and looks at you with a little smirk
  • especially since you’re so flustered every  time
  • you thought it might be something wrong with the machines, since you do have the bad tendency to forget your phone in your pocket after your break oops
  • and so once you made sure to leave your phone and anything that wasn’t organic in your locker before going in his room
  • but as soon as you enter and walk up to his bed, the steady heartbeat starts going faster
  • it’s not beating as erratically as it was the first time, but it’s noticeably faster
  • at this point, you’re so embarrassed and confused that you don’t even look at him bc you know you’ll turn beet red
  • so you hand him his meds and get out of the room as fast as you can
  • but you still catch seungcheol’s eyes and he’s smirking at you
  • and you really love hate it
  • it’s making you all flustered and confused and how dare this boy with a concussion and a possibly damaged spine sorry coups try to be charming
  • also how does he manage to be charming in a hospital gown?
  • that is very rude
  • anyways, moving on
  • one time you were getting out of the room and one of your colleague saw your red face and was like what’s up omg
  • and it just so happens that they’re a close friend so you tell them about what’s been happening
  • and they just laugh at you
  • literally they start laughing and they don’t stop and tears are pearling in their eyes and you’re standing in the corridor, scowling down at your so called friend
  • “it’s not funny, stop laughing, you dick
  • “that is the most amazing thing i’ve ever heard omg”
  • “istg imma kick you if you don’t stop”
  • anyways you’re still not convinced this thing is about you, specifically
  • so you manage to convince your colleague/friend to go in instead of you once
  • so they go and when they come back they’re like
  • “well that was disappointing”
  • “???”
  • turns out he didn’t even flinch
  • he even asked about you
  • and your friend can’t help but be a bit offended bc excuse they’re hot too
  • but that’s another story
  • so what you thought would be a good idea turns out to be a horrible idea bc now you’re sure you’re the one causing his heartbeat to go faster
  • so you’re red to the ears even before going in his room the next time you have to go check on him
  • “okay y/n calm the fuck down this is your job you are a nurse you can do this”
  • you walk in and seungcheol is sitting on the edge of his bed and you’re like
  • “what the hell do you think you’re doing mister?!???!!?”
  • your embarrassment is forgotten in half a second
  • and he says his legs are heavy and he wants to go for a walk
  • and you’re like “noooooo sir that is not an option you are injured and your back won’t get better if you walk around like a fool now go back in bed”
  • and seungcheol pouts at you
  • like
  • he literally pouts and gives you his best doe eyes rip you
  • “please?”
  • and you’re shook
  • what the actual fuck
  • that boy has no right of using aegyo to get what he wants from you
  • you almost give in bc you’re so taken aback but you a strong person and you stand your ground
  • you walk towards him and you grab him gently by the shoulders and push him back into the mattress
  • as soon as you touch him and get closer to make him lie down, the cardiac monitor starts speeding up behind you
  • but this time you’re like hell no boy you are staying down and you are calming yourself
  • i may be embarrassed but im also a nurse and rn you need to lie down
  • so you put him back into bed and even fluff his pillows
  • all while scolding him bc smh this boy why would he want to take a walk when he has a back injury
  • when you’re done, seungcheol smiles at you and wow
  • has he ever smiled at you like that
  • like his teeth are showing and his eyes are crinkling 9:15 amirite
  • suddenly he seems younger and a lot more handsome and it’s like he’s glowing
  • you’re so surprised but you smile in return
  • and you just share this moment and take the time to appreciate it
  • you stand up straight and smile fondly
  • “alright, don’t ever do this again unless you’ve been told you could walk around”
  • “sure thing, y/n”
  • and he winks at you playfully and you walk out feeling giddy and giggly and ooh god what is happening to you
  • are you getting the feelings? for onE OF YOUR PATIENTS?
  • well you aren’t a doctor i guess it’s not illegal but STILL
  • you’re like ??!!?!?!?!!!
  • and you met him like 4 days ago what is this
  • but now you catch yourself smiling when you think about him and even laughing when you think about the cardiac monitor incidents
  • and so you come in the next evening and you grab a dinner tray and go into seungcheol’s room
  • but he’s not there
  • instead, there’s an elderly man sitting up in the bed, his hand neatly folded in his lap
  • he’s looking outside the window
  • at first you’re disappointed bc you’ve become used to your visits to seungcheol
  • his smile always made you warm and he somehow made you feel beautiful
  • nonetheless, you smile and approach the man 
  • you’re still a nurse, dammit
  • “good evening, i’m here with your dinner”
  • the man looks at you and hesitates
  • “are you y/n?”
  • “um.. yes… yes, i am.”
  • you’re a bit surprised - why would this man know who you are?
  • he reaches over to the cardiac monitor and snatches a folded paper from it
  • as you put his dinner down, he hands it to you
  • “your name was written on it. i guess the person before me left it for you”
  • you thank the man and take the piece of paper from his hands
  • you wait until you’re out of the room before unfolding and reading it
  • the handwriting is a bit messy, but you recognize an effort into making it readable
  • there’s a little heart on the top and below is written
  • “you make my heart race. -s”
  • a phone number follows

//admin cora//

Straight to Us || Maynards (pt 2)

Miscellaneous masterpost found here

Word count - 650

Summary - The one where you get knocked up, part two.

(part 1)

You spent most of your days and nights with Jack and Conor. You told your parents that you were pregnant and they were supportive, but you preferred the company of your brothers and their friends over that of your worrying parents. The boys were all good at keeping you occupied and so you weren’t constantly dwelling on your situation.

One morning, you woke up with the sun shining through the blinds of the guest bedroom you stayed in. You sat up and stretched, rubbing your eyes and checking the clock for the time. It was nearing 12:00, so you knew it was time to get out of bed. When you got up, your heard your brothers and Josh talking in the other room. “She’s going to be furious,” Josh said. “I can’t believe I went along with you guys.”

“I couldn’t let it go,” Jack grumbled. “She doesn’t have to know we did it.”

“Yeah, cuz the black eye isn’t going to give it away,” Conor said.

You walked into the room to see Jack with an ice pack to his eye and Conor with a washcloth to his lip. Josh was rinsing his hand under the kitchen faucet. “What have you done?” you asked angrily, putting your hands on your hips.

“Nothing,” Jack said. “Just got in a bit of a tussle.”

“What, with each other?” you said back sarcastically.

“Yeah,” Conor said. “Josh won out. Only got some bloody knuckles from punching Jack in the face.”

“Oh shove off,” you said. “You went to (B/N), didn’t you? I told you not to go there!”

“It’s been two months since you told him and he still hasn’t done anything except tell you to fuck off!” Jack said angrily. “We went there to convince him to pay child support or something. It, well, it didn’t go too well.”

“How did (B/N) manage to win a three on one fight?” you said.

“Well, he didn’t really win,” Conor said, running his fingers through his hair. “If you think we look bad, you really should see him.”

“Yeah, not sure he’ll be knocking anybody else up any time soon,” Josh almost laughed. He took his hand out from under the sink and dabbed it dry with a towel, wincing as the fabric touched his injured skin.

“You guys shouldn’t have done that,” you said, walking over to them to see the damage that was done. The skin around Jack’s eye was already beginning to bruise, Conor’s lip was cut and starting to swell, and Josh’s knuckles were red. “Are you okay?” you said quietly.

“We’ll be alright,” Conor said. “Sorry if we overstepped, but we just couldn’t let him get away completely unscathed.”

“You guys took protective older brothers to a whole new level,” you almost laughed. “And you dragged Josh into it!”

“Hey, we didn’t drag him,” Jack said defensively. “He offered to come.” You looked at Josh who shrugged.

“You’re practically my little sister too,” he said. “Pisses me off to see you hurting.”

You pulled Josh into a hug quickly, then opened your arms up for the others. “Thank you guys,” you said. “I love you.”

You all went to sit on the couch and spend a lazy day in. A few minutes later, your phone buzzed with a text. You picked it up, your heart racing when you saw it was (B/N)’s name who flashed across the screen. Jack was sitting closest to you so he immediately saw his name on your phone and the worry in your eyes. “I swear,” Jack said, “if he says anything wrong.”

You picked up the phone and swiped to unlock it and read the text. Suddenly, you started laughing, throwing the boys off. “What did he say?” Josh said. You showed Jack the text who laughed as well and read it off to the others.

How do I pay child support?