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Prolouge for a Gravity Falls Blinded AU Fic I Will Never Write

So I did this instead of programming like I should have been. This is for dragonfangz’s Blinded AU, though I guess this is like an AU of it? I don’t know. Once you read this, you’ll get it. 

It probably sucks cause I wrote this in one hour-ish, staring at 12:30 am and ending at 1:20ish. Expect typos and what not. If this was something I would continue (I won’t), this would be a prologue to the story of two twins who have  forgotten themselves. Yeah, I’m rambling now so just go read it now.

PS: I did not look up the Blind Eye ritual scene again before writing this, so I probably got something wrong. Sorry. 

PSS: Sorry for being lazy but I am a hungry 18 year old with no hopes for getting through senior year. 

EDIT: Too many people were reading this, so I had to go back and fix the typos. I probably missed a few, but it’s at least more readable now. Tell me if you see any that I missed.  

            Ivan only did what his predecessor did to him: erase the memories of his heir. Make them the new keeper for the Society of the Blind Eye. With no past or future, the heir will be able to live detached to the rest of Gravity Falls. He can wipe the memories of those tortured and maintain the status quo of the healthy, if not listless tourist town.

 Of course, one had to consider the small issue that neither of the children he had chosen were willing to have their memories wiped like he had been, but he was gaunt with age and he could already feel his own sanity begin to chip away. If he no longer used the ray on himself, he would be fine and expect to live until he was too old to perform the ritual. Still, he did not wish to end up like his predecessor, a robust man who confessed that he did not want to end up like the man before him, and so on and so forth.

Now these children—they were smart. Foolish, but smart. The boy had a keen sense of logic and he was armed with a journal that looked quite familiar to Ivan (perhaps the red bound book was involved in a memory Ivan had wiped from his own mind). The girl seemed to understand people and, with the proper training, she could become a vital asset in finding those who have seen the supernatural. Perhaps one the way to end the brevity of the reigns of the society’s leaders was to have two heirs instead of one. Two people—siblings, no less!—sharing the burden of one. Now that was ideal.

It took time to convince the other members to go along with his plan. Too many of them knew the children personally. The boy and the girl were too precious, too silly, too sweet to ever be involved in something so sinister. Even Bud Gleeful put up a fight, insisting that Ivan was being “too hasty.”

But Ivan was acting with complete caution, or so he convinced himself. Yes, he still had time. But they were in need of an heir and these children were too perfect.

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Next Full-Length Fanfic Votes

Okay, guys, I’ve been joking around with this a little, but I honestly do need some help deciding what I’m going to write when the Alkahest is done (which it almost is). Some of the ideas are a little more fleshed out than usual, but here they are:

1: Lucius/Hermione. If you remember the first half of the Those Three Years drabble, it would be something along those lines – Lucius is trying to re-integrate with society. The main difference would be that Draco would be paired with someone else (I’m actually not super into “who will she choose” tropes, hence why I’m not making it about that).

2: Fred/Hermione/George. The basic premise of this is that Fred and Hermione had some Feels™ for each other during the war that never really got to see fruition. It would probably be sad as all fuck at first. Final pairing would be with George.

3: Draco/Hermione. Some of you may remember my drabble The Wedding Caper – I mentioned a few times that I was interested in making this a full-length fic where I spend a lot more time focusing on Draco bothering Hermione before basically continuing where the drabble leaves off.

4: Charlie/Hermione. Writing this drabble actually made me incredibly curious about this pairing. It would probably be a very feel-good fluffy kind of piece, and I think it probably wouldn’t be SUPER long, but obviously multi-chapter.

5: Draco/Hermione. This one has a title already, because it was honestly going to be my next project after I finished the Alkahest (like months ago before I got interested in all these other pairings). The basic premise of it is that as a method of rehabilitation, Draco has to spend a certain amount of time (a few years, minimally) without magic, living as a Muggle. Hermione’s the one that came up with the rehabilitation plan and she’d be his only contact with the wizarding world. It would be a very Draco-centric fic and written largely from his POV as he navigates his new Muggle life.

6. Harry/Hermione/Draco. I’ve never written a triad before and the thought scares the absolute bejeezus out of me. I really like the idea I had for my drabble – that Harry and Draco are already dating and are trying to convince Hermione to join them. It would probably be a really similar premise to my drabble for them, but more drawn-out and fleshed-out.

7. Tom/Hermione. I think a few of you have seen my drabbles on that subject, so obviously this would be a fairly dark fic instead of the usual fluffy humor I do. Probably a time-travel fic, with Tom being obsessive and Hermione being extremely reluctant. Happy ending not guaranteed and honestly unlikely. 

8. Sirius/Hermione/REMUS?. Since the triad cherry has already been popped, MAYBE? I don’t know. I really don’t. I’m already a little iffy on whether or not I can do any of the marauders justice so honestly this one is scary as all get-out. I’d make @shayalonnie help me. So scary. Fuck. I assume it would be a time travel fic, but honestly idk?

9. Harry/Hermione. I like Harmony and I think they’re cute together. My premise for this one is that Harry is happily dating Ginny and Hermione is happily dating Ron and then a thing happens that ruins everything and makes Harry and Hermione realize they have feelings for each other (unexpectedly). So this would not be for the faint of heart because some serious Weasley heart-breaking is gonna happen.

10: Draco/Hermione AU. I love writing AUs even if I don’t indulge in it very often. I don’t have a premise (well, more accurately, I have about a THOUSAND premises and I have not yet cut it down to one), but idk I just think AUs are fun.

for the purposes of voting, I’m not accepting anon asks as votes, because one of you sneaky motherfuckers is just gonna flood my ask box with anon shit. >:( I’M WATCHING ALL OF YOU. You can vote by sending in an ask (I won’t publish it, just make a note of the vote and delete it), reblogging, or responding, or even messaging me on tumblr. You can vote for multiple numbers (all ten, if you want, but why would you even do that). I’ll pick the top couple and focus on them as my next projects after the Alkahest is over.

Before anyone asks, I’m not doing a sequel to the Alkahest, but I do intend to make another fic that takes place AFTER it that would just be snapshots of their life together etc etc – probably prompt-centric. 

As a side note, if anyone wants to beta any of these new stories, please hit me up. I’m not used to working with betas, but I’m very bad at organizing, can make embarrassing typos, and often forget shit I’ve already established in my story – so if you have a good memory, can catch typos/weird sentences, or have a solid knowledge of general Briticisms (for when my dialogue gets too American-y), I’d love to work with you!

Pros: You get to read shit before it even gets published.

Cons: I’m probably really annoying to work with and you’ll have to be second-hand embarrassed of all my typos and slip-ups and lack of internal consistency. For reference’s sake, the Alkahest was done without a beta and I’m too lazy to go back and fix shit, so that’s what you’d be working with.