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Happy Birthday, Yoosung!! ❤

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what happens when hodong asks a shy joonyoungie to sing “you and me”

+ heechul mimicking his friend


Decided to participate on JuminZenWeek~ this tsundere Demon!Zen and gap moe Vampire!Jumin. Thanks to @snow-chibi for the idea^^ but tbh idk what i am doing lol this sums up juzen relationship in my mind tho like jumin knows zen is allergic to cats but still bring elly anyway lol actually zen doesn’t mind to join him drinking tho but well he just can’t be honest and psst elly has tiny wings😆

Day 4: Alternate Universe // Hanbok 


Lee Sun Gyun & Song Ji Hyo during an interview with ELLE TV 




Actually, I thought it would be okay as long as you are fine. I have someone who would risk his life for me. I was happy enough to know I have someone who cherishes me. I thought, “Even if I die, I have no regrets. So please, don’t let him die.” That is what I was hoping.
~Ah Ro

If you die, I will die as well. If you are not fine, I will not be either. No matter what happens, you will come before myself to me. If you really care for me, you will take care of yourself. Promise me.
~Sun Woo


7 days of TeniPuri

Day 1: Favorite character - Mizuki Hajime