too lazy to fix everything

did anyone else forget i draw in the time it’s been since i last drew?!
h ah… it’s been so loong…. but I’m literally a couple of days away from finishing this semester (finally!) so I’ll have time to actually draw some good stuff. in the mean time i coloured in this lumpy keef sketch i doodled on my to do list….. take him..


your skill as a physician is still VALID.


Hey man Im actually happy about this one. I was able to pump this out in an hr which means im getting better at not doubting myself in the strokes I do but ANYWAYS the loverly @poprockpony requested a C3! I tried my best lol I hope you like and thank you for the request!

On the side note I have one more request at this time this is where im not taking anymore request cause I have other drawings to get back too! ^_^ :*

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I'd love to see the cool kids reacting to small Peridot from the new episode.


I just hate that she’s going through this. I mean, she’s such a good kid. She’s so nice to everyone, she cares about everyone. And she’s walking around in this unbelievable pain and there’s nothing I can do about it. She still won’t talk to me. She won’t tell me what happened.


8. Shopping

So since there’s two for this one, I’m splitting into a photoset instead and the next one will come later. OTL

So I was just gonna do them shopping for clothes/trying on clothes but then @kiku-pyon was like “grocery shopping” and grocery shopping among friends/partners is always SO CUTE and I love it THEREFORE.. :’)

Their cart is empty right now… Sometimes Miyuki lets Mei pick all the ingredients. Then Miyuki challenges himself by trying to cook something good with all the random stuff Mei chose.. Haha.


every tvd episode

↳1.06 Lost Girls ♔ “I gave you today just like you asked. And I understand that you would never do anything to hurt me, and I promise I will keep your secret, but….I can’t be with you, Stefan.”