too lazy to finish so here


I was meant to be yours!
We were meant to be one!
I can’t make this alone!
Finish what we’ve begun!

Uhh i love Meant To Be Yours and i love that musical AND BILL IS SO PERFECT ON JD
I wanna draw the last part but……………….. eh…………………………………………………… I’m too lazy ahahahh
For now here is this four frame, i hope you like it!

(I’m so in love with psycho boys omgggg)

“Because in the end, you’re here. And so am I. And despite everything the world has thrown at us, we’re still standing. And that’s all that matters.”

Gosh I missed these babs. Quick sketch, slowly trying to get back to drawing again without wanting to cry. Slow progress, but I’ll get there one day.

  • Day 1: Fashion/Science

Cecilos week is here and it caught me semi-off guard like a snake being where a loaf of bread once was

But i had been redrawing one of my first replies on my Carlos ask blog about them sharing clothes and it just happened to fit the prompt quite well! so i finished it for this special occasion.

edit: i forgot to color carlos’s beard, also i’m too lazy to draw their body hair.

Magnus Chase comics?

The thing is, I had this cool plot for a Magnus Chase fanfic, but I ended up making drawings of it. Now I want to create a serie of comics but I never did it before. So, would you guys like to read it? Here one of the characters :v (And yeas, it would be Alex and Magnus. 

(Just warm up cause Im too lazy to finish my drawings)


Sooo, I basically started this tumblr because House of Hades left me with loads of Nico feels and I’ve got a feeling I’ll be drawing him quite a lot before they go away ;p  The very surprising point about HoH to me was that the Jason/Nico interaction got me interested in Jason as a character for the first time. Now I want a brotp !! (and like apparently many people in this fandom I might ship them because of Minuiko ’s art)

So I’ve started this series of snapshots that starts in the book and ends up with my head canon which is a chronology of Jason and Nico’s friendship/bromance ;p Here goes their canon interaction, from Jason distrusting Nico and being all suspicious at first to the event of Diocletian’s palace. I just realized after I finished the second drawing that I had flopped the pic for composition reasons, but completely forgot that this process made them both left-handed but I’m too lazy to redraw it ^^;;;