too lazy to finish coloring it

A long while back, I started this piece while having Geronimo on loop. Only just now decided to finish it up! I honestly thought there would be more of a re-haul on this but I guess my coloring process wasn’t as complicated as I thought

Please do not repost


GQ Japan: NO MORE IDOL BEHAVIOR feat. Yamamoto Sayaka requested by anon

“Like my makeup? I put it on all by myself!" 

 ”…Okay maybe Bessie helped a bit.“

Have some jumin kiss doodle because I am bored but too lazy to do proper lineart and coloring lol but tbh how to even draw juju’s hair from the side tho like 😟😕😖😢

  • Day 1: Fashion/Science

Cecilos week is here and it caught me semi-off guard like a snake being where a loaf of bread once was

But i had been redrawing one of my first replies on my Carlos ask blog about them sharing clothes and it just happened to fit the prompt quite well! so i finished it for this special occasion.

edit: i forgot to color carlos’s beard, also i’m too lazy to draw their body hair.


Day 5: After the barrier/Overworld @fransweek

Huh, it was a looong time when I had a time to drawing >:c 
Gladly I finished it! 
My ideas are warped >D But once again, Frisk is the one who marry Sans xD Not opposite.

I would love to color it, but …. I’M TOO LAZY :D

A kinda modern concept of shimada bros i will probably never finish because i’m a disapointment


A bunch of stuff I don’t feel like coloring/finishing 

My bank account’s a little too empty and I need cash for daily needs (and my birthday next month!). So I’m opening commissions for a whole month.

The only catch is that these commissions won’t have the same polish as the ones in the past. They’ll be fully colored and of whatever you want, but the line work will be looser, like one of my sketches. This is not only because I still have older commissions to finish, but because I need a fast and easy way to get me back in a regular art-making groove, so that I can finish those overdue commissions and more. I’ve been far too lazy in the past few months and my income has greatly suffered for it. It’s time I shook out the cobwebs in my head so I can clean out the cobwebs in my wallet.

1 character = $10
Each additional character = $5
1 anime or anime-like character = $20
Each additional anime or anime-like character = $10
(I really need to update my prices after this…)

My PayPal:




and holy shit I’m sobbing- that is a compliment much too high for me my dear- I’M HAPPY TO BE IN SUCH A LOVELY FANDOM WITH SUCH LOVELY PEOPLE AS YOURSELF

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I just so happen to be drawing another one- this time I was playing around with color cause I never upload any finished stuff :’D I’m so lazy- my apologies

But I hope you enjoy this anyway!


magic kyun! renaissance #08 | the light out of reach ( 届かぬ光 ).

“I practice far more than anyone else. Everyone expect me to be a prodigy. That’s why I don’t let anyone see me working so hard. (Are you sure you’re not pushing yourself too hard ?)