too lazy to find their name tbh


back at it again with this emo bullshit wow ! well i was going to be extra and do all three options ‘cause i couldn’t decide which option to do but tbh im too … lazy for that and its hard to find songs so :/ take me for what i am you fools. with that i decided to go with option two meaning they are all songs that describe jaewon. i have a [ link ] to my few explanations so enjoy that and i’m sorry you have to deal with me and my overly emotional ass. when will i let jae live ? stay tuned to find out. 

Get to know me

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NAME: Gary Gergich

NICKNAME(S): Jerry, Larry

ZODIAC SIGN(S): Capricorn

HEIGHT: 5′3 and a half

ORIENTATION: 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️ Im too lazy to find a label tbh

ETHNICITY: Caribbean

FAVORITE FRUIT: I love so many


FAVORITE FAST FOOD PLACE: All but I’m vegan so chipotle

FAVORITE FLOWER: Roses (ik it’s basic, sue me)

FAVORITE SCENT: Rose, lavender, laundry


FAVORITE ANIMAL: All animals are good animals. Even snakes


SLEEP HOURS- wtf is sleep? Is that a new vegetable?


FAVORITE FICTIONAL CHARACTER: There’s so many, they’re all my babies

DREAM TRIP: That place in like the Middle East and I think it’s called the Dead Sea but anyways the salt content is so high everything is buoyant, and that’s perfect for me cuz I can’t swim but I love water

WHEN DID I MAKE THIS BLOG: 2013 but i knew of Tumblr in 2011-2012

Idkkk 20 people so @spacesapphic @apollo-gist @the-quasar-hero @thewillferrellexperience

concept: keyleth encounters a sad, underfed kitten while she and vax are visiting her dad. she takes him home and names him aster (after one of her favorite flowers). vax is pissed. the cat gets hair all over his cloaks. weeks later, keyleth finds him in the middle of giving aster a bellyrub. vax picks up the cat and tosses him at her, pretending he hates cats. dragon is defeated. they are happy cat owners.

Okay I haven’t posted in like a month or something like that so I’m deciding to finally post this here lol. The Twitter gang came up with this idea of designing PMMM OCs so here’s what I came up with. I was gonna wait to post this till after I could draw a more detailed character sheet and come up with her name and personality and whatnot but tbh I’m just way too lazy to do that right now, and also it’s not like I’ve had much time to think about this lately lol. So yeah! This is her design and maybe I’ll add more stuff to this some other time but I just really felt the need to post here cause I’ve been absent for so long.