too lazy to find their name tbh

concept: keyleth encounters a sad, underfed kitten while she and vax are visiting her dad. she takes him home and names him aster (after one of her favorite flowers). vax is pissed. the cat gets hair all over his cloaks. weeks later, keyleth finds him in the middle of giving aster a bellyrub. vax picks up the cat and tosses him at her, pretending he hates cats. dragon is defeated. they are happy cat owners.

anonymous asked:

Why don't you put y/n on extended imagines or stories? Not that it bothers me im just curious

Because i hate reader inserts. I used to do it when i first started this blog in 2015, but i hate it. 

I prefer to write in 3rd or 1st person, and i usually don’t name my original characters. I feel like many writers out there are scared to write like this because they fear no one on Tumblr will read them unless it’s a reader fic. It’s a bit sad. 

I don’t want to disrespect anyone because there are great ones out there, but i find that style too easy and lazy tbh. Done just to please others, but the writers should worry about getting better, and i don’t think that helps. 

I’m talking about those who do want to take it seriously.