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Prediction for Volpina: so according to that source we know Lila gets akumatized, but what if Master Fu sees the same potential in her as he saw in Marinette and Adrien, and at the end of the episode gives her the orange miraculous? He just made his first major appearance in Princess Fragrance (according to episode order and keeping Origins as a special for after the first season), so it would make sense for him to give Volpina a miraculous at the end of the episode as the finale, and then have Origins afterwards explaining a little more who he is and how the other miraculous users (Marinette, Adrien, and Hawk Moth) came to be.

Idk idk it’s late and I’m tired and about to go to sleep so this is probs v incoherent and rambling but I just wanted to put it out there

I think I posted this on tumblr like 2 years ago, I’m too lazy to go find the original post. But I recently found these doodles again. I like knights, and I like blackmages so I tried combining them. I really liked where his character design was going, I should finish him, and organize the details of his story

I wanted to start another series. I used to make up new stories all the time, Side Quests is my pride and joy, but I had 5 other polished stories that ended up sitting in my notebooks doing nothing (the story for this character is a rehashed version of one of those 5 stories).