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So i saw this post by @miracu-lois and i thought it would totally makes sense if Plagg has the same humour as Salem. I loved that show so much i remember watching every single episode. Salem was my favorite character. Click to read the captions. 

I would like to make more tbh so

Part 1/? maybe

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Imagine Falling Asleep On Cole’s Shoulder On A Plane Ride Back Home

Imagine Falling Asleep On Cole’s Shoulder On A Plane Ride Back Home

Pairing: Cole Sprouse x Reader 

Warnings: None 

A/N: Just a cute little thing I thought of. 
As always feedback is greatly appreciated and I hope y’all enjoy! 

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It had been a long weekend and all of you could not wait until you could get back home and just sleep. But apparently you couldn’t wait until you got home because before long you found yourself drifting off. 
Lili had been sitting across the aisle from you and Cole when she looked over at the two of you, finding a cute scene set before her. She quickly nudged Cami in the side lightly, tapped on Kj’s arm who was sitting in front of her, before pulling her phone out of her pocket and aiming it right at you. 
She began recording, trying to remain as subtle as possible. 
She captioned it “So cute” and let the camera roll. 
Cole looked down at you and had a lazy smile spread across his lips. Without giving it too much thought he brushed a strand of your hair back from your face, trying not to wake you. 
He thought he had woke you up anyhow when you shifted in your seat, but you just pulled yourself closer to him. 
When Cole looked up at Lili all three of them quickly began acting like nothing had happened. 

G-Dragon for Paris Fashion Week 2014
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So, which one is mine?- Request by Anonymous

Summary- REQUEST BY Anonymous- Hi! I was wondering if I could get a Best friend X Mark were they always have matching hair colors and Amy & Tyler (Readers boyfriend) find it cute and Tyler or Amy posts a pic of the pair while tagging the other (Amy Or Tyler) with the caption “So which one is mine?” Please and thank you!!

Word Count- 778

Pairing- Best Friend!Reader x Mark, Tyler x Reader

Warnings- Fluff, a little angst, breakup

A/n- Thanks, anon, for the awesome request. I had so much fun writing this, and I hope you like it! I don’t usually write Tyler x Reader things, but I tried! And, I gave her ex a cheesy name because I’m too lazy to do anything else. I hope this story does you justice, anon!

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Scott Ryder headcanons

To honor Ryder Appreciation Week I decided to write up some headcanons about my Scott:

  • White is his favorite color and yes, he knows it’s not very practical, but he will wear it regardless, try and stop him.
  • Both he and Sara are biotics, but their level of power is different. As kids, Sara was better at using her abilities and teased Scott mercilessly. Now things are different. Sara is an okay biotic, but prefers to use guns in combat. Scott on the other hand, is an incredibly powerful biotic, easily on the level of asari commandos. Using biotics is as natural to him as breathing, so he hardly ever needs to fire a gun to deal with any threat. Also biotics are great when he’s too lazy to go and fetch something.
  • Scott is very sensitive and as a child was a bit of a crybaby. It was very easy to make him cry (“You’re a crybaby!” “No, I’m not!” *waterfall*). Even now he finds it hard to keep it together when someone yells at him.  
  • When he was little, Ellen gave him for his birthday a lion plushie in a pink shirt with the caption “I love you” printed on it. It became Scott’s favorite toy and a huge source of comfort. He loved it so much that Ellen started to call him “her precious Lionheart” and Scott was just so happy. He brought the plushie with him to Andromeda in secret. When things are especially awful and Reyes is not there to comfort him, Scott sleeps with the cuddly, worn out lion and feels a little better.
  • Being so sensitive, he grew more attached to his mother, whereas Sara had a better connection with their father.  Scott resented Alec for never being around when the family needed him. They clashed a lot and Scott was convinced that it was at least partly because Alec couldn’t accept his sexuality. Alec had never been overtly homophobic, but Scott just knew, he could feel the disappointment. The fact that Alec sacrificed himself to save his life, giving the ultimate proof of love, makes Scott think that maybe he had misjudged his father and he wishes they had been closer.
  • Scott calls Reyes and Sara (if she’s away from the Tempest) every day to stay in touch. He doesn’t want to lose contact with people he loves and needs to know if they’re okay.
  • He and Sara are very close and they can talk about absolutely everything, there are no taboos between them. As a teen, Scott got a very detailed description of how it felt to be on your period and he repaid in kind with a tale of awkward boners during classes. Reyes overheard once how Sara recounted to her twin a case of particularly awful diarrhea after eating a mysterious plant on Havarl  and he still isn’t sure if he admires or is concerned about that level of honesty between the Ryders.
  • Scott dated a few guys in the Milky Way, but Reyes is his first serious partner. Sometimes he feels as if he’s fumbling about in the dark, not knowing what to do, and he’s still in awe how the hell did he manage to start a relationship with a literal shadowy king of a planet, but he’s not complaining. He truly feels happy with Reyes, even if they can’t meet as often as he’d like. But when they do… well, sex is amazing. Reyes is an experienced and attentive lover, always giving Scott what he needs and wants. Scott finds himself falling harder and harder for that smooth bastard with every day that passes.
  • At first Scott was weirded out by the constant presence of SAM in his mind, but he eventually got used to it. Right now he thinks of SAM almost like his younger brother, wanting to help him learn and grow. It’s nice not to be the youngest sibling for a change.  
  • Once he found out that Reyes has a very good singing voice, he convinced his lover to record a few songs for him. He has them on his omni-tool and asks SAM to play them for him before falling asleep. He loves sappy, romantic music, he can’t help it. Luckily for him, Reyes shares that vice so they both can be disgustingly mushy.
  • As a kid Scott LOVED Firefly-like show about a bunch of smuggler misfits of questionable morals who were flying across the galaxy having tons of adventures. He loved the excitement of seeing new places and how the characters of different races and backgrounds created a family of sorts. And he had a giant crush on the captain of the ship. He looked a little bit like Reyes.
  • Scott loves to eat and is hungry all the time, probably because his biotic abilities require tons of energy. His stomach is like a garbage can – he can eat absolutely anything without any problems later on. Stale pizza from three days ago? Sure! Moldy cake? You got it! A suspicious cookie fished out from under the couch? Yum! Lexi is having a mini heart attack every time she sees Scott munching on something.
  • Scott doesn’t believe in any supernatural stuff. He laughs at ghost stories and thinks that superstitions are ridiculous. Sara on the other hand is terrified of ghosts, so he likes to scare her sometimes.
  • Scott uses humor and snark as a coping mechanism. People may think that he can’t treat anything seriously, but that is not true. He simply makes jokes when he’s stressed and recently he’s been stressed all the time.He needs rest.

anonymous asked:

as a person who creates content myself, I do not understand why you're so pressed about your work being posted. If someone reposts mine and just goes credit: then whatever I'm chill with it why are you making such a big deal out of it, nothing you share on the internet is private and of course people will share it around, you need to chill the fuck out

So here I am, trying to get away from all the negativity in this site and on the internet because I have spent months trying to convince myself to not delete this blog and have been getting more reasons to delete for the last few days. And then I came into my blog to find solitude on the one hour I had before my exam and comes this message. To be honest, I wanted to just delete this message and block your ass from my blog, but since you have rudely told me to “chill the fuck out”, so I closed my app instead, walked into campus with a wide fake smile over my face and hoped that I could “chill” within the next hours of the exams so I can respond to you properly.

Now, since you told me yourself that you are a content creator, I need you to imagine this. Imagine yourself creating whatever content you make. I don’t know how long you need to make them, but let me just generalize it by how long me and my fellow writers needed to write. Let’s say you spent almost a full week creating your content - planning, choosing the images and concept of your content, working on them to be exactly how you wanted them to appear, then finalize it with editing. You lose hours of sleep, losing concentration on your class/work, and even think about the content while you’re out with friends - and then you feel the anxiety about posting them on the internet. You spend minutes, hours, contemplating in front of your screen, thinking - “will people like it? Is it good enough? will I have notes?” And then you take a deep breath and click that “post” button, and off the children of your creation went to the surface of the internet and beyond reach of your followers. And then the whole day and the next you find people looking at our content, giving likes and reblog, adding notes, commenting, giving feedbacks and spreading them around more with reblogs. Imagine how you feel. Doesn’t it feel exhilarating? Do you feel good about yourself and proud to see how people react to your creation? Of course you do.

Now come the reposters. Imagine they come to your blog, copy your creation and repost them on their blog/site/page. They don’t ask permission, they don’t ask if it’s okay to repost them with or without credit, and they don’t credit you properly (no links, just names, not even your full url), or even worse, they repost without taking your captions either. Imagine people coming to their blog, finding the content, and then praising them, giving them likes, reblogging the contents on their blog, adding their notes. Do you feel the spread? Do you get the notes? Do you receive the messages of the viewer asking you if you can share more quality contents as the ones they found? No. They will talk to the reposters. They will add the reposters’ notes. Do they come into your blog to give you a praise? No. Because I know that there are people who are too lazy to find source when it is not added, and because credits without linking back does not bring viewers back into your blog as the source. Do you feel good about this? Do you really feel proud having somebody else receiving feedbacks and praises (and probably more followers) of your hard work instead of yourself?

This is what happens to us. That is what we feel. This is what we are up against. Yes, I am well aware that this is the internet. People have easy access on every content being shared throughout the internet, and the only thing that I am asking (along with everyone else) is to be respected. Why is it so hard to respect our preferences of not having our work being distributed without our knowledge? Why is it so hard to respect our wish to protect our work? Aside from this blog, I also create things for a living. I have my work taken, stolen, being rebranded by plagiarists in real life. It sucks. It hurts. But the most painful thing I have to endure is losing money. Now we spread our work and our contents here for free, and the only thing I gain from sharing my contents are people’s feedbacks, the notes, the likes, the reactions and the respects. Nothing more. Now if I lose all of that, what else do I have left? Why is it so hard to have people ask for permission first? Have you not seen content makers asking people to “not repost”, to “not cut the credits on pictures” and to “not delete caption”? Have you not seen gif makers adding their credit on their gifs instead of captions because people repost them without their knowledge? Do you think people would do this if they are okay having their content reposted?

Look, if you are okay having your credits taken away from you and your content, then it’s fine with me. If you’re okay about people reposting without permission and proper credit, then I have no say on it. If you are okay with plagiarism, then please do not attempt to impose your personal preference to us when we are all here trying to protect our work the only way we can. And if you don’t agree with me, then it’s fine with me. Just don’t tell me how to feel or think, because you have no idea what it’s like to be me.


“Just… lay low? The asset that took Clint isn’t after you guys, he’s after something else.” Is that supposed to make Laura feel better, Natasha asks herself? She doesn’t know. Maybe. Maybe it’s supposed to make herself feel better too.

“Alright. But, Natasha?” She sort of knows what’s coming now. She’s known it all along, mostly because she’s been included in Clint’s life ever since he deemed her worthy of her trust.

“Find him.” It’s not a question. Laura doesn’t even say please. Natasha understands, and she nods, even though she knows Laura can’t see her.

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Okay it’s bad enough to see Craptions in Youtube CC

People, don’t use the English ( UK) captions for your “Joke” captions ( Don’t use it at all for the main English one too.). I was watching RWBY and as usual, there were joke captions. So I saw the English UK version of the CC then went to that to try to see if someone put proper captions ( which I heard some people do put proper captions there sometimes.). Then I saw people put the joke captions over there. Guys, not cool. There’s already joke captions in the the main English one. Why you think that’s a good idea to do that? 

Frankly, the main English CC tab had a captioner being lazy subbing the music then made a comment about not captioning that and find someone else to do it . I will say it once and I will say it again, if you don’t feel up to captioning a whole video then DON’T CAPTION AT ALL. It’s pretty rude to be subbing a video then make a comment about “not subbing the music” leaving us D/deaf and HOH out.  I rather for the person to not caption at all than read a comment about “being lazy” to caption the music.

Don’t be this person, folks!

i saw something (can’t remember if it was a gifset’s caption or just a textpost and im too lazy to scroll and check so) talking about moms potentially finding about all the songs brandon’s written for callie and i’m here to make it a one shot so here ya go

prompt: mom’s discover the true basis of brandon’s songs

word count: 1104

                                            “Every Last One”


Shortly after the family returned home from the hellish day at Anchor Beach (that might have included an excessively bitter ex with a gun and a lockdown,) Stef and Lena sat another crisis down in the living room, preparing the anxious teens for the battle that was about to ensue with side-glares and disappointed sighs.

“I’m so screwed, Brandon,” Callie whispered, staring at her fidgeting hands.

“No you’re not. If anyone’s truly screwed, it’s me.” Brandon assured her with a long sigh in his favour. “I’ll probably be disowned.”

Lena sat across from them first as Stef did another sweep of Mariana’s room, since her youngest daughter had apparently heard a shuffling in her closet and could swear there was a ‘shadowy-figure-thing’ inside a minute prior.

“We’re not going to be yelling at each other or disowning anyone, so calm down,” Lena looked at the two of them. Brandon gulped and felt his face heat up in embarrassment. Soon enough, his focus was on his nervous, clammy hands too. “But this is … This is a huge deal. It’s such a huge deal, you two…” she said, her voice weak. It wasn’t hard to tell that this sudden confession had already began tearing her apart.

“Alright, it wasn’t anything, as I suspected. She’s just … Shaken up, I guess,” Stef said as she skipped the last step on the stairs and walked into the living room to sit beside Lena. She didn’t look at Brandon or Callie.

“That’s good – I mean, that no one was there, not that she’s shaken up. Anyway,” Lena sighed. “We need to talk.”

“Yeah,” Stef nodded, still not exchanging eye contact with either of the teens. “We do.”

“… We’re sorry,” Brandon spoke up first. “We never would have done if it–”

“If you knew the adoption wasn’t on the line, yes, we know, we’ve heard it all before.” Stef snapped and crossed her arms. Her and the kids were like magnets facing each other; opposing the other’s closeness at all costs, fumbling around when held too close but ultimate face the fate of being pushed together by a greater force. (AKA Lena)

“Stef,” Lena placed her hand at the small of her wife’s back. “Let’s not get hostile. We need to have a rational discussion. This is a big problem, nothing will be solved by snapping and yelling at them … We don’t want them running away or anything, do we?”

Callie almost sneered at Lena but she remembered her place at the moment. To sit still and be quiet, to not have anything to say. To take whatever was thrown at her and explain as best she could why she did what she did.

But no matter how much she got, whether or not she deserved it, she would never title what she and Brandon did as a mistake.

“I would never,” Is what Callie sufficed, trying to climb back up the steep cliff she’d seemed to throw herself off of. “We would never. Please don’t think I’d ever run away from you again,”

Brandon nodded in agreement with Callie. “I wouldn’t run either,” he added. “At least not too far away…” he mumbled. Callie nudged him hard and scowled.

“Well, that’s reassuring,” Lena said sarcastically, pushing her hair back and huffing. Stef held back a snort and put her hand on Lena’s shoulder.

“Sarcasm isn’t an equivalent to rational either, love,” she said. Lena nodded and apologized to Brandon and Callie. 

“That’s okay,” Callie said quietly.

“So…” Stef began, leaning over on her elbows. “You two were … Seeing each other when you were in Girls United? All that time ago?”

Callie nodded, swallowing the lump that’d developed in her throat. “Um, yes…”

“What happened, then? Did you just,” Stef stopped herself and shut her eyes tightly as to collect her thoughts. “Keep going? Until the adoption?”

“No no no,” Callie said hurriedly. “We stopped, I swear to you, we did. We uh – well um, I… I broke things off at your dad’s funeral…”

Lena glanced over at Stef, awaiting an outburst but only receiving a long, stressed sigh. “Then what happened? How did you end up … Sleeping together?” Stef cringed at her phrasing, but she couldn’t take it back.

“… Well um, uh …” Callie hesitated telling them about their little incident at the fundraiser. It is, really, how things started firing back up again, but she could easily lie and say it was old, old feelings resurfacing. But what would more lying accomplish? An even heavier weight on her shoulders. “We – I mean, again … I kissed him at the fundraiser and after that I … I don’t know … Old feelings came back all the sudden and they wouldn’t slow down …”

“But you were with AJ,” Lena pointed out.

“Not really…” Callie said lowly.

“God … It was happening for so long, right under our noses,” Stef breathed. “B might as well have screamed off the rooftops in a song of his about all of this…”

Brandon opened up his mouth to speak but immediately closed it again. Callie froze in place. Shit, shit shit.

Stef chuckled to herself, but when seeing Brandon’s awkward and uncomfortable demeanour, she stopped, automatically turning stoic. “… What?” she murmured. “You didn’t, B,”

“I didn’t scream them off of the rooftops,” he corrected. “… I sang them to people.”

“Oh my god,” Stef gasped and rubbed her face. “Your songs are about her?”

“Well, not every last one … But a few.”

“Which ones?”


“Which songs, Brandon.”

“Oh, uh,” Brandon coughed, glancing over to Callie and scooting farther away. “Uh, Outlaws?”

“Which one is that?” Lena asked, her eyebrows furrowed.

“Right, you don’t know that one, uh,”

Stef’s eyes widened and she guffawed. “There are ones we don’t know about?! What the hell is this! Was your whole ‘relationship’ High School Musical or something?!”

“Speaking of musical, uh, some of um … R&J’s songs were, um…”

“You’re kidding me,” Lena breathed. Callie buried her face in her hands.

“… AlsotheIdyllwildpiece,” Brandon blurted, his words jumbled but still decipherable. Stef was gawking at them.

“We’re living with Finn and Rachel,” Stef said with a dry, bitter laugh. “This is freakin’ ridiculous. We’re living with Glee, Lena. Glee.”



I’m literally dying at how many people hate #mirame. you all know that there’s a wide range of colors in the hispanic/latinx world right? saying someone is too ‘white passing’ is disgusting and I’m sorry you feel the need to intrude on something like this. find a hobby maybe?

it took me a long time to really embrace my heritage because I was constantly surrounded by people telling me that mexicans were poor and lazy and stupid. and yet here I am almost done with my first year of college and a good paying job and a loving family.

literally all we wanted to do was take back a holiday that has people getting drunk as hell wearing plastic sombreros and stupid mustaches with the caption “cinco de drinko” on all their instagram pictures when it really should be commemorating an unlikely victory for the mexican army during the revolution. but they don’t teach you that in school.


I snorted… (∩▂∩)