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I hate how I keep looking for voltron angst and all I can find is Langst and klangst like? Where’s all the angst with literally anybody else? Lance is cool and all but
1. He’s not the only one on the team with problems
2. Kl/ance isn’t the only possible end goal, there are so many other people who could comfort Lance - for example Hunk who is the absolute best for anything with any kind of comfort like seriously he will make you feel better
3. Lance!! Can!! Be!! Okay!! On!! His!! Own!!!!! He doesn’t have to have a breakdown or a panic attack every 2 seconds!! He’s a calm guy!!
4. Like I said, there are so many other options for angst - like uhh here I’ll make u a list of suggestions even if they’re not all 100% canon
- keith’s problems first
- he’s 100% struggling with That Galra Shit
- he doesn’t trust everyone
- he’s impulsive and that’s gonna get him killed
- the people he does trust he would do anything to protect
-write a fic about keith dealing with the loss of a loved one
- next up to bat is Hunk
- he feels useless
- looking at how the fandom treats him I don’t blame him
- he’s anxiety
- please write fics about Hunk
- I need them
- they’re all I live for
- he’s heckinnnn
- write about him goin all “it’d be better for everyone if I left” like
- the whole useless thing and
- he’s also homesick that’s also not just Lance
- “It’s not like I contribute anything to this team I mean pidge is better at my job anyways and being caring and kind isn’t a rare trait”
- like that last quote said
- wayy over-exaggeration
- shiro’s my next guy
- he has ptsd
- there’s so much you could do with just that
- like look up some ptsd symptoms
- oooOooOOOOOoooooo
- write a fic about somebody accidentally triggering a memory he Did Not Want
- I’d write more about Shiro but I’m too lazy
- last up is pidge even though Coran and Allura and others could have some good angst too
- anyways pidge
- honestly her only goal is to find her family
- write a fic about her thinkin about them
- like it’s the middle of the night and she glances to the side and there’s her photo of her and her brother
- and yknow
- take it from there

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I think I'm afraid that I don't want to get better

A lot of people with mental illness do not want to get better. Or at least go through a period where they don’t want to get better. There’s many reasons for this: fueling off of your pain, fear of change, fear of the unknown, avoiding the pain/difficulty of recovery, not believing you’re worth recovery, not believing you can get better, not “believing in therapy/treatment”…ect. I think this in part comes from how many of us have been taught to believe that negative equals realistic and positive equals unrealistic. You are capable of getting better. You are capable of recovery. And deep down you do want to get better, there are just many things that are keeping you from that desire. But you can only start recovery when you consent fully to getting better, you have to commit to it. Here are some quotes that really helped me with this, I hope you’ll find them helpful too: