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Jealousy |Jack Maynard|

Summary -  Y/N and Anna have a girls day and Jack is really happy to see them together but gets lowkey jealous because he’s not seen Y/N all day.

Word Count - 1,329

Warnings - N/A

“What colour were you thinking Anna?” you asked, as you sat crossed legged on the bed, rummaging through the make up bag that already had half the contents spilled over the bed.

“Well, I was thinking like a peach or coral colour because I’ll be wearing like an apricot coloured top.” Anna smiled, her attention was currently on what colour nail polish to wear as she was going to a friend’s party.

I mean, she was deciding everything now and she didn’t leave the house for another 2 hours, whereas you were a more of a ‘leave everything until the last minute’ kind of person, but you had agreed to help your boyfriends little sister out.

Though Jack didn’t seem too pleased on the idea as you hadn’t seen him in a few days, he wanted you all to himself but helping Anna wouldn’t take that long, would it?

It made you laugh and smile because Anna was making such an effort; being 16 your looks were obviously important. You were the same when you were 16, but now being 22 years of age, you were lucky if you made the effort to get dressed as when you did spend time with him, Jack preferred it to just be the two of you, having a lazy day.

“What about this one?” you smiled, holding up the small bottle of nail polish.

Anna smiled and nodded, taking it out of your hand and held it up to the light to examine the colour as you laughed.

“Anna, it’s as close as we’re gonna get. You’re going to look amazing.”

Anna blushed slightly and looked down at her hands as a grin spread on your face.

This was something Jack always did as well, whenever you embarrassed him, he instantly looked down to his hands.

“Right, what did you need help with next?” you asked, as you heard footsteps approaching from outside the door.

“Erm, I think that the next thing was-” Anna started before being interrupted as her bedroom door swung open.

“Are you done yet?” Jack whined, a sad look on his face as you giggled.

“Not quite yet babe.” You told him, smiling as he sat next to on Anna’s bed.

“How long are you gonna be?” he mumbled, resting his head on your shoulder as he glanced over the mass of make up on the bed.

“I’ve still gotta choose shoes, what eye make up and jewellery I’m wearing.” Anna told him, not even looking up as she started to look through multiple eye shadow palettes.

Jack groaned in response, starting to pick a few make up products off the bed.

“What’s this?” he asked, holding a little black tube in his hand, looking at you curiously.

Glancing over at him, you knew he was going to ask many more questions and it wasn’t because he was interested in the answers, it was because his plan was to annoy you until you caved and left Anna to make her own choices and proceed to have your lazy day with Jack.

“Primer.” You told him, going back to look at what kind of eyelashes Anna should wear tonight.

“That stuff that you put on walls before you paint them?” he asked, looking at you and Anna like you were mad. “Why the fuck do you put this on your face?”

Anna rolled her eyes at her older brother, as you started laughing.

“It’s kind of like the same thing but for your face, before you put foundation on.” You giggled, ruffling his hair as Jack glared back at you playfully.

“Is that what this is?” Jack asked, reaching over your lap to pick up the glass bottle. You nodded in response, beginning to look through Anna’s selection of eyelashes again.

“Y/N, please can we stop this now, Anna can decide the rest on her own.” He begged, with the look of puppy dog eyes to follow his request.

“Jack, I really won’t be that long now, promise.” You smiled slightly, stroking his cheek with your thumb as his eyes closed at your touch.

“I just want to spend time with you.” Jack mumbled, barely audible as he knew Anna would start teasing him if she heard the conversation.

Looking down at him, Jack’s blue eyes sparkled as he looked back up at you.

“I know, and I will be done soon, I promise.” You told him for the second time, kissing his forehead.

Jack sighed deeply as he stood up.

“Right well, see you whenever then.” He mumbled, leaving the room quickly.

You sighed quietly as you heard him slam his bedroom door and glanced at Anna.

“You know what he’s life, Y/N. He always wants his own way. He’ll calm down in a minute.” Anna smiled slightly.

You nodded once and turned quiet as you put your concentration into choosing those bloody eyelashes, before passing the tiny box to Anna, though you couldn’t help but think of Jack sulking in the next room.

After an hour or so, Anna had decided on everything from her outfit, to make up, to a handbag and jewellery. You had helped her do her make up and hair and you had to admit, she looked beautiful.

“Thank you so much for your help, Y/N.” Anna smiled as her hugged you, standing on her tiptoes even though she was wearing heels as you were still quite a bit taller than her.

“It’s fine Anna, just have fun and let me know how it goes.” You smiled, watching as she collected her phone and bag before Anna left her room and went downstairs.

You stood in the hallway as you heard Anna saying goodbye to her mum before hearing the front door click shut a few second later.

Letting out a deep sigh, you went into Jack’s bedroom, to find him sprawled out on his bed and the only light source was coming from his TV. Besides that, his entire room was in complete darkness.

“Jack.” You sighed as he glanced over to you, but still didn’t say a word.

“You can’t be jealous because I spent a bit of time with your sister.”

This got a reaction out of him, as he sat up and looked at you.

“A bit of time? You literally spent the whole day with her, Y/N. I hardly get to see you because we both work all the time, and when I thought I would get sometime with you, my baby sister steals you to talk about paint primer.” Jack frowned as a smile spread on your face.

Jack looked up at you, clearly confused as you smiled. “What?” he asked, still frowning.

“I told you, it’s not paint primer.” You giggled, causing Jack to roll his eyes.

“Oh come on, I’m sorry I spent so much time with Anna today.” You told him, sitting next to him on his bed as he turned his attention back to the glow that was coming from the TV.

“I promise, I am yours for the rest of the night, and tomorrow and next weekend.” You told him, taking the remote out of his hand; you moved into his lap and wrapped your arms around his neck.

Planting kisses all over his face, you smirked as he groaned when you missed his lips.

“A kiss and all is forgiven.” Jack told you, that sparkle coming back to his eyes.

You chuckled before leaning your forehead against his, leaving a gentle kiss on his lips.

“I love you.” You told him, those three simple words causing a deep blush to spring to his cheeks.

“More than you love Anna?” he smirked, wrapping his arms around your waist and gently tracing his thumb over the skin that was exposed on your hip.

“Way more than I love Anna.” You chuckled, resting your head on his shoulder and looking over at the TV.

Suppose you would both get your lazy day after all.

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148. “Why do you only kiss me when I’m sleeping?”, AltMal

R | Altmal | Language/Sexual Situations

More curious than the recklessness that Altair employed in the time-and-place of the illicit sexual rendezvous, was the fact that Altair never kissed him.  It hadn’t been worthy of note in the start when the crashing of their bodies was nothing but a mutual agreement to satiate a persistent desire.  

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Weekly Updates (Please Read)

1) This has been a very crazy week. I’ve been going non-stop. On Tuesday I had a job interview, and I ended up getting the job. It’s a full time position for the 2017-2018 school year, which means I’ll be moving at the start of August. I’m very excited about it. There may even be an apartment tour video. If I do that, it’ll be on the crafty panda blog.

2) Speaking of @crafty-panda I finished my second attempt at the Wonder Woman dress and I love it so much more than the original. I’ve just been too lazy to take pictures. But expect that, and pictures of my Yona dress soon.

3)I have written next to nothing this week I’m hoping to get some stuff done this weekend but who knows.

4) Friendly reminder I am starting a new job on Tuesday which means I might not respond as quickly as I usually do. Just a heads up.

On to the good stuff

5) I recently put out all the mobile master lists. Everything has been updated. The first official part of when Eyes meet will be out this week.

6) Your husband is a superhero has one more part and then it’s done!!!!

7) New parts of Bat-Aunt, Princess of Themyscira, and ROBIN’S NEST are ready to go!!!!

8) More big news, the first part to Damian’s soulmark au has been finished (insert dance here) It is going to be soooo freaking cute.

9) I’m bolding this one because I need help. I’m looking to update the theme for this blog, @crafty-panda and @teachingpanda. This means I’m looking for banners to be made, color schemes, any ideas. I suppose I’m looking for a designer LOL. Only thing that is staying the same is the duck icon for uncpanda. Message me if interested

10) Finally the biggest news of all, we found out this week that Mama Panda does NOT need Chemo, only radiation. This is such a blessing, we are so  happy about it. It mean’s we’re just that much closer to being done!

Title: Butterflies
Pairing: Levi x Mikasa
Rating: M (dumb smut)
Summary: Levi and Mikasa have been best friends for years. After Levi goes on a very unsuccessful date and winds up coming home early, he catches Mikasa dressed only in his t-shirt.

ok like idek what this fic is. I got too lazy to edit it or check it over so good luck reading all my mistakes. I just wanted a cute Levi Mika BFF but than smut bitches. Anyways, enjoy if you can and let me know what you think!

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Never Ever Land

Pairing: Hermione Granger x Rabastan Lestrange x Rodolphus Lestrange

AU: Modern, non-magical AU; college student!Hermione, older drug dealers!Lestranges

Word Count: 744

Written For: kiwiambrosia, shayalonnie, justcourbeau, politelycynical, brightki

Hermione thinks that it says a lot about what kind of person she is that she doesn’t immediately haul ass out of Harry’s overcrowded cesspool of a frat party when she sees who’s there.

Because Cormac is there.

Cormac I-Should-Practically-Come-With-My-Own-Series-Of-Antibiotic-Warning-Labels McLaggen.

Cormac I-Thought-We-Were-On-The-Same-Page-With-The-Condom-Thing McLaggen.

He’s in the far corner of the living room, holding court by the keg with his latest groupie—girlfriend?—and just generally doing an awesome impression of an exaggerated textbook douchebag. He’s wearing chinos and a backwards black Adidas cap, an expensive platinum watch strapped around his right wrist despite the fact that he is not left-handed, his baby blue Lacoste polo just the slightest bit too tight around his biceps. He’s smarmy. He’s arrogant. He is a sexist, misogynistic, gigantic error in judgment who Hermione cannot believe she let within five un-medicated feet of her vagina. Actually, now that she’s not blinded by her own hormones—

“And what is that face for, chérie?” a deep, unfamiliar, French-accented male voice purrs in her ear.

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Can you do nr.64 with Mika and Yuu?♡♡

64.  → 「 Are you ticklish? 」

“Hurry up, I’m starving!” Yuu hollers, waiting in the living room. He checked his watch, it’s five thirty and he swears by the time Mika comes out of the bedroom his skeleton will be the only thing remaining on the couch, his dead corpse rotting away a long time ago.

“Don’t rush me!” Mika shouts, “I’ll be ready when I actually am ready.”

“Jesus Christ.” Yuu hisses under his breath, if it weren’t for the fact that their apartment is running on low food stock they wouldn’t be taking trips to restaurants for late brunches, having been too lazy to drive all the way to a nearby supermarket.

He doesn’t pester Mika anymore and hoped the reply meant he was almost finished. Mika wasn’t. He doesn’t understand why out of the two Mika’s the one who takes fucking centuries to get dressed, meanwhile Yuu’s picked out a button-down and jeans within five seconds.

He waited. And he waited, and he waited.

That’s it.

“Every time.” Yuu grumbles aloud, and he jumps up and off the couch stomping his way into the bedroom just down the hall.

“By the time you finish I’m going to be eighty years old and probably dead.” He walks in to see Mika in front of the full body mirror, pulling on a new shirt in a rush.

“Ugh,” Mika groans, and his expression turns sympathetic, “Sorry, I was in a hurry looking for a shirt to wear and so far I’ve looked through twenty different pairs.” He heads over to the closet, pushing the slide in and out doors open beginning to pick through the rack of clothes for a jacket.

“We’re only spending like a half an hour there to eat, y’know?” Yuu reminds him, breathing out a snort through his nose. 

“I still want to look good for you at least. Be glad.” Mika mumbles, and Yuu’s fingers dangle in his pants pockets. He kind of felt bad for rushing Mika, then again, the sound of his rumbling stomach told him that the death clock until starvation is ticking. Yuu ignored it.

He noticed how Mika’s shirt was bunched up, crinkled and riding up his hips as he pushed hangers aside. Yuu strode over beside him and tries to tuck Mika’s shirt back down, whilst the fiddling Yuu’s fingers skim over a particular spot and Mika holds his breath, skidding away from Yuu.

“Don’t,” Mika trips over his words, “Don’t do that.” He speaks quickly, staring at Yuu as if he’d just committed murder with wide eyes.

Yuu freezes, and when Mika turns back to the closet he shoves his fingers up Mika’s shirt a second time, and Mika stifled a laugh, squeaking instead.

“Yuu-chan!” He smacked Yuu on the shoulder, “If you do that again I’ll punch you.”

Drawing his fingers back, a smirk appears on Yuu’s face.

“Well well well,” Yuu fought back a grin, “If I might ask, so it seems, are you ticklish? Mikaela Shindo?”

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What would Kuroo, Oikawa, Kenma, Iwa-chan, Terushima, Akaashi and Bokuto wear in their free time?

So sorry I’ve been MIA! I’ve been busy with my play, planning my birthday stuff, and ugh school is stupid. But my b-day is tomorrow and school ends soon so hopefully I’ll be posting a lot more! AND UMM I HAVE 925 FOLLOWERS?????

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Six selfies of 2014! I was tagged by korraah

I’m tagging starhealers, masterjinoras, kisekinosedaifan, octaviasnowflake, halesnate, jacesclarissa & anyone else who wants to do this :)

getting ready for the day like 

  • i don’t wanna shower so i’ll play up my makeup
  • i showered, fuck the rest of it
  • i’ll dress cute to counter the fact that i’m not wearing makeup
  • i’m wearing a hoodie/sweats so i’ll do my makeup nice

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A) I hope this doesn't sound like a request B) you don't have to answer this C) I love your blog too D)I'm only asking it because your take on Harry was beautiful E) I was wondering what it would be like to date Niall? I'm a Niall girl but all of them have my heart and your take on Harry was so amazing so F) I was wondering if you would just make it a set of what dating them would be (you absolutely have no obligation to do this)

I don’t mind doing these ones they don’t take too long. I’ve done one for Louis already, so if someone separately requests Liam and Zayn I’ll write those too.

But Niall

Niall would be lots of laughing to the point you can’t breathe and cuddling on the couch when he’s finally tired himself out. It’s a lot of soccer games and tennis matches. Dating Niall means he teaches you how to golf and lets you drive the golf cart because you might be getting discouraged on your first round and you do really terribly. Dating Niall means he’s walking around the house with the guitar looking around for you as you do chores and he sings about what you’re doing and how you should come sit with him. Dating Niall means him telling you about something funny Zayn or Liam said and how Louis reacted to his joke one time and how Harry should probably cut his hair. Dating Niall means him sweetly saying, “It tastes better when you cook it, Princess,” because he’s too lazy to make his own food. Niall is the kind of guy who tugs you out in the middle of the night for a late night take away trip because his stomach woke him up. Dating Niall means never dieting and him telling you how much he hates that he has to go to the gym and that you’re the prettiest girl in the world whether you’re a size 2 or a size 12. Dating Niall is him rolling his eyes when you take ten years in the dressing room. Dating Niall is him apologizing and telling you he’ll take your dressing room escapades seriously and that blue is a lovely color on you–he likes the way it looks with your skin and then him running to the jewelry section while you pay so he can get you something to match and make you feel better because he’s impatient. Dating Niall means him nipping at you like a puppy when you’re being sarcastic or cheeky on your lips or jaw and telling you to behave. Niall will wrap you close to him when you’re scared and promise that he’s there for you and he’s not going anywhere. Niall is exhausted tears when he gets too claustrophobic and quietly asks for you to hold him close to you even though it doesn’t make sense because it’s an even smaller safe. “Yeah, but you’re my princess. You’re safe and I don’t feel suffocated with you.” Niall is anxiety when it takes you too long to get home in the middle of a snow storm and relieved sighs when you’re safe in his arms and whispers of “Love you so much. No going to work tomorrow. Hafta be safe. Keep you with me. I was so scared about you” Niall is stolen kisses in public places when people are looking the other way and him being proud when no one catches him snogging you at a soccer game because you looked so cute all rosy-cheeked and shivering in his jacket. Niall is constantly him introducing you proudly to everyone he meets. “This is my princess, isn’t she gorgeous?” And he’ll just be bright red and smiley whenever you talk. Niall supports you endlessly in all your endeavors no matter what and wants to do what makes you happiest and do all he can to help get you there. Dating Niall means someone is behind you every step of your job, your home life, and everything in between. Dating Niall means you talk about the future a lot and means that he’s telling you how many kids you’re having and where you’re going to keep them all. Dating Niall means sporadic texts and long apologies for his lack of communication. Niall is constantly taking pictures of the two of you doing everything together and showing you off all over Twitter and Instagram because you’re his best girl and he wants everyone in the world to know. Niall takes selfies with famous people being sent to you and then one picture of him alone saying “I wish I could take a picture with my favorite princess.”

Whenever I go on business trips, I like to buy little gifts for my kid. Usually it’s something small, like a plushie from the airport or some regional candy and stuff. A coupla years ago when we started the process to adopt hypothetical Busy-Lazy kid No. 2, I started buying stuff for her, too. I’m assuming that we’re having a girl next, but if we end up with a boy, he’s gonna be wearing some pretty dresses from Italy for the first year of his life, so whatevs.

Since it’s Friday and kinda slow at werk, I decided to tackle cleaning my home office a bit. Surprisingly, I seem to have accumulated a lot of shizz for hypothetical Buzy-Lazy kid No. 2, partly cuz I’m a hoarder, but mostly cuz what’s so wrong with hoarding, amirite?

I guess it’ll be a while before hypothetical Busy-Lazy kid No. 2 finally makes her grand appearance, so I decided to pack up all of the random baby gifts I’ve purchase through the years that were just taking up space in my home office, and put the box in deep storage for now. It’s not as sad as it sounds.

Somehow We Seem to Have Lost Our Way

So, about a year ago, I wrote a florist!Killian AU fic and then, back in August, @cutieodonoghue convinced me to write a sequel. I’ve finally finished it, and seeing as today is “Jones Brothers AU” day and this fic is all about Killian and Liam, it seemed like a good time to post it. (I think @lenfaz‘s enthusiasm for all things Jones related this week got me wanting to finish this!)

You don’t really need to have read the first one-shot, but if you haven’t, all you need to know is that Killian’s a florist.

Thank you, @foundmyhome, for reading this through!

ao3 |

The letter taunts him. It sits on the coffee table in his lounge, the multitude of stamps facing upwards and his name neatly scrawled across it in familiar writing he hasn’t seen in years.

Its presence has infected his whole home. He can’t walk through his front door without picturing it, without knowing that he should open it and read it and just be better.

He’s felt better for months, but the thought of whatever Liam has deemed important enough to require a letter is terrifying. He has no idea what it could be, and their last conversation was filled with so many angry words and biting insults that he wonders if Liam’s simply held a grudge for however long it’s been and has finally given in to the temptation to make sure he has the last word.

Back then, when they were fighting, Killian left the country before Liam had the chance.

But it’s far easier to ignore everything than to face the past. Killian has always been skilled at it, and it’s even simpler now that he has such a comforting present.

So he leaves the letter alone.

He leaves his house, too. He stays with Emma instead.

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okay yeah but connor and oliver getting super lazy for halloween and dressing up as each other for the school's halloween party and acTING LIKE EACH OTHER AND THE REST OF THE GROUP IS SO CONFUSED LIKE 'wtf why is connor acting so nice is he dying or something' AND OLIVER'S LIKE 'i'm so hot wow no one knows how deep and mysterious i am' AND CONNOR 'stop being a meanie head!!!!11! gosh' AND THEY'RE JUST LAUGHING FOR 800 YEARS