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studying 101: how to stay focused, motivated, and on track.

lots of you have been messaging me asking for study tips and methods i personally use, so here is a masterpost for studying that i’ve created for all of you! feel free to reblog and add your own advice, but just remember to keep in mind that learning is a very individualized process and what may work for me may not work for you. that being said…here we go!

staying focused

- an app called self control (which i think is only available for mac) is perfect for people who use their laptops to do work but always find themselves aimlessly browsing buzzfeed, facebook, and twitter instead. it blocks websites for you for a specified amount of time so you can’t access them! what i like to do is set it for anywhere from 1 to 2 hours, do some intense studying, and then reward myself with a 15 minute break. then i set the timer again.

- sometimes when i try to sit and study for long periods of time, i start to get antsy and starting fiddling with my pens or shifting in my seat a little too much. what i do to combat this is get out of my seat and do a very quick mini work out to calm my nerves and get the restless feeling out of my system. this also helps if i start to feel drowsy or tired because it helps get oxygen to your brain and gets blood flowing! i like to do to 10 jumping jacks, 10 sit ups, 10 pushups, and 10 squats.

- switch up your studying methods occasionally. there’s nothing more boring than copying notes everyday or reading chapter after chapter of the same textbook. quiz yourself with flashcards, create a diagram or chart instead of plain notes, annotate your textbook as your read with different pens… varying your methods of study will not only help you grasp the material better (since you’re learning it in many different ways), but it’ll keep you from getting bored.

- turn off your cell phone. i’m sorry. but seriously. turn it off. put it away. and none of that “i’ll just put it on silent” bullshit. turning it off is way better because then you get too impatient/lazy to turn it on and use it again.

- try not to devote more than 5-6 hours of studying per day. after that long, your brain becomes over-tired and stops processing information as well. there’s no point in forcing yourself to sit any longer. i myself usually study for 3-4 hours a day, and if i need to do more than that, i’ll do one session in the morning/afternoon and one in the evening.

staying motivated

- keep a picture of nicki minaj giving one of her “stay in school” speeches on your desk/as your laptop background (when you’re using it to do work). seriously. and if you’re not a fan of nicki then bye.

- this is so preschool, but when me and my roomie lived in the dorms our first year (of college), we would put up tests that we got an A on on our mini fridge. seeing them displayed there made us want to study more for exams and tests because we got so excited to pin shit up on the fridge. try it. it’s surprisingly rewarding.

- there’s an extension for the google chrome browser called momentum that displays as your home page your main goal for the day and a to-do list. i’ve found this is really helpful because whenever i start up my computer in the morning, i’m shown what i need to do for the day (along with a pretty nature picture - you’ll see what i mean when you install it) and can check things off as i go.

- while you eat breakfast, make a to-do list for the day and include one thing you’ve already done (e.g. cook & eat breakfast). that way, you already get to check something off and it’s easier to keep going for the rest of the things you have to do. 

staying on track

- keep a planner/agenda. i personally like having a physical agenda, but i know some people who prefer their phones for convenience. i look for agendas with a monthly calendar followed by a week on two pages. what i like to do is take my syllabi i’m given on the first day of class and write down all of the major assignments or tests in my planner and highlight them so they’re easily seen. i write down the readings week by week since those are subject to change, whereas major tests/papers usually do not.

- speaking of syllabi, keep them where they’re easily seen. for example, tape them above your study desk so you have easy access to assignment and reading due dates as well as contact information and office hours for your professors.

- some classes are modeled such that the current week’s lesson build upon what you learned in the previous week. it’s very easy to fall behind in such classes, so what i like to do is go over the notes i took in lecture and rewrite them in more explicit terms. if there’s something in my notes i can’t explain to myself, i’ll flag it and take it to my professor’s office hours (or simply email them, if the question is simple enough) so i’m not clueless come the next lesson.

- #SundayGetShitDoneDay. yep. it’s totes a thing. use your sundays to try and get ahead with the reading assignments. i’ve found that reading assignments (as opposed to online assignments or papers) are the first things to get ignored once the workload increases. try and combat this by doing them ahead of time on the weekend.

that’s everything i can think of off the top of my head! feel free to message me with other/specific questions you may have and i’ll try my best to help you out. i hope you found this guide useful! happy studying! :)

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Little things from TouMyu Bakumatsu Tenroden Live to enjoy

(Apart from Yasu’s cuteness)

aka “why you should definitely buy it if you can afford it”

(if you were wondering, no, I don’t have a life)

1. The Venice-like opening and the way they just throw their mask away

In other news, they all are welcome to fuck me any day
Also, everything about these costumes. Good. 10/10. Shame they don’t keep it longer but well, they can’t really dance with that cape I guess…

2. Avoiding responsibilities, Kotetsu level

[this isn’t a gif, don’t wait for it to load]
No seriously I know this isn’t probably what’s going on but the only thing I can think about to caption this is “must look busy to not get interrogated”

3. Covering your eyes: you’re doing it wrong (but let’s be real, everyone wants to see Kashuu’s abs)

I can’t with the amount of cuteness here. My brain melt everytime I look at this gif and I can assure you I’m looking at it pretty often. (I’m in love with Horikawa btw)

4. That part where Yasu, Kashuu and Nagasone revealed that they actually were acrobats all along


5. Kashuu being a bitch

I love him (sorry Yasusada)

6. The otp standing next to each other

[This isn’t a gif either because I’m lazy and I’m already crying too much over this] 

7. Yeah so I’m pretty sure that this should be illegal

Imari Yuu is too beautiful for this world

8. I still can’t believe this is official content

Someone save me from this hell please

9. Also please someone keep Soji away from me because he is such a cutie I can’t deal with it

Make Kondo-san proud Soji, we all super believe in you!

10. Fuck this guy

But also fuck him (do him Horikawa. do him for all of us)


I don’t think I’ll ever finish this. I’m either too busy or lazy, maybe both.

6 Au Chara’s that are featured in the art.

1. Underswap (I can’t find the blog help)
2. Undertale by Toby Fox
3. Storyshift by (I can’t find the blog too help)
4. Underfell by community
5. Underverse by @jakei95
6. Drunk! Chara by @ask-drunk-chara

I’m sorry for not linking the au creators, I’m very sleepy, I’ll edit later.

5 minutes later edit: okay fine, I’ve added the creator’s blog link. And I noticed the quality of the pic is bad how do you Tumblr quality help

Spoiler alert!!! From this point on the game starts to differ from the anime and manga, so if you eventually want to play it I recommend you stop now!

Chapter 10, episode 2, part 1(yeah it makes no sense but…)

In the canon storyline, this takes place between episode 8 and 9 of season 2. Imagine that everyone got away from Crowley (but they had to leave Guren behind yeah here too) and they are discussing the same stuff but while they’re kind of running. Yuu has the same flashback and decides he will save Guren, even if it means taking that extra pill that could kill him. The squad is desperately trying to stop him, when…

Yuu’s prince in a shining armor appears! (sorry couldn’t help myself lol)

Part 2 ¦ Part 3 ¦ Part 4 ¦ Part 5


request; can u do 4/4 text for ur birthday like what they send u or something like that? plzz ☺ sorry im not posting them all together, too many pictures. 🙄

can we have like, :re Touka dancing with undercut Haise AND they’re both in their tweens?

You can tell a lot about a person by the type of music they listen to. Put your music on shuffle and list the first 10 songs, then tag 10 people. No skipping!

Tagged by @exocausetearsandsmiles

1. Eureka - Zico

2. Hobgoblin - CLC

3. Superfly - 24K

4. Girlfriend - Bigbang

5. Hey Mama! - Exo-CBX

6. Wolf (Korean version) - Exo //CHOGIWAA//

7. Do you know how I feel - Wa$$up

8. Hug me - Wa$$up

9. Hit Me - Mobb

10. Speechless - Lady Gaga

I’m too lazy to tag anyone sorry

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Rules: put your music on shuffle. Write down the first 10 songs that come on.

1. 마지막 (The Last) - August D

2. Under The Water - The Pretty Reckless

3. Go - Grimes ft. Blood Diamonds

4. 호르몬 전쟁 (War of Hormone) - BTS

5. Just Say Yes - The Cure

6. This Picture - Placebo

7. LoveGame - Lady Gaga

8. Mutter - Rammstein

9. Lie - BTS

10. Snap Out of It - Arctic Monkeys

Idk who to tag (and I’m too lazy) so if you see this and want to do it, I’m tagging you, yes YOU. HI ✌


HWSK Final Chapter (Part 8)

Here it is folks, the final installment of the last chapter. So sorry it took a while. I was busy catching up with life and all its problems. >_<  Again, there are probably more translation errors (and grammatical errors which I’m too lazy to correct) here than in the last batch, so please lower your expectations even more. ( ^ ^ ) Many many thanks to seby64 for her efforts and generosity in providing the scans!

Please do not upload the scans anywhere
, and support the mangaka by buying the tankoubon.

Previous parts :   1 |  2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

Tetsu-san's Original Drama CD Translation [Part 1]

I’ve got files from 13thsieg-san, I’m sorry for not informing you that I will use your files for translating.

I like Tetsu-san in this drama CD. And Jun-san is the best. I’m sorry I really like him since I finished reading his extra story.

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Bulk Ask #4

They piled up again. Thank you for all the messages! Even if I didn’t reply to your message rest assured that I DID read it and you made me very happy and smiley!! 

I got some good questions and I got to post even more music playlists that I listen to!! So that’s a thing you can check out. Question #3 :”D

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Preference #4 : His favorite thing about you.

Ashton : Your laugh. You always told Ashton that his laugh is the most precious and adorable thing in the whole world and he thinks the same about yours. He loves to make you laugh because your laugh is like a Mozart's symphony to his ears. He just can’t get enough. You always hated your laugh though, always thinking it was ridiculous and a bit too loud but that’s what he liked about it, the fact that when you laughed, everyone around you could feel the joy.

Calum : Your facial expressions. This may sound weird but it is. Calum’s favorite thing about you is your facial expressions. You’re someone who always show what they’re feeling and you can always tell if you’re angry, sad, not amused, disturbed or ecstatic and that’s something Calum loves because it shows your authenticity and somewhat simplicity in the purest way. Also you make great funny faces.

Luke : Your hair. His favorite thing ever is to play with your hair. Whenever you two are sitting on the couch watching some TV, he’ll always come up with some great new hairstyle for you or simply just mess around with your hair. He loves the fact that your hair always smells so good and even though he doesn’t want to admit it, he steals your shampoo sometimes.

Michael : Your hips. You always said this was a cliché. The fact that big bad Michael the sex beast’s favorite thing about you was your hips. But he had a reason. He always defended himself saying that he loves your hips because whenever he puts his hands there, he can feel the effect he has on you and that is just the thing that satisfies him the most. Also because when he plays around your hips, it almost always leads to sex but he’ll say it’s mostly the first one.

This one is a bit short but hey, it’s almost 4 a.m. in France and I am preeeetty tired, hope you enjoyed anyway. So I’m really sorry because I didn’t proofread -too lazy to do that- but I’ll do it tomorrow promise. In the meantime feel free to send me any requests, I do love me some messages in my inbox. As always, feedback is highly appreciated. Love you all, stay beautiful.

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1. Liz/Lizzie
2. Hazel/Brown (matches the color of my hair usually)
3. Brown
4. I will listen to the same song on repeat for hours and hours and hours <333 (The most I’ve repeated a song on youtuberepeat is 365 times. Whoa.)
5. Purple
6. Hawaii and libraries/bookstores
7. Angelina Jolie, Caity Lotz, & Benedict Cumberbatch
8. Foxes
9. Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls
10. The Fault in Our Stars

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anonymous asked:

Hello!^^ So, I really love your art! That's why I wanted to ask if you have any advice...? I always wanted to draw my OTP in several situations and that would be so good to do, but I'm really bad at drawing... do you have any advices? where to draw? things to do to get better..? Or there is really no way...? Thank you a lot ^^ and your draws of Howl are really good!

SOMEONE ASK ME FOR ADVICE !!!! **deep breathes**

u.u sorry, but it makes me really glad, even if… I’m probably not the best person to give drawing advices ! TwT But, let’s giving a try…

First, thanks for your compliment ^^ Then… I’m not sure of what you exactly want, so, I’ll perhaps repeat things that you’ll already seen, but, I can’t tell anything else T.T

I always wanted to draw my OTP in several situations and that would be so good to do, but I’m really bad at drawing… do you have any advices?

It’s right that being able to draw his OTP is really wonderful, but it’s always difficult ^^ I can’t draw all the things I want, all the situations I imagine, all the scene I read in fics, ect… 

I think one of the key is to really picture precisely what you want in your head before drawing anything. Then, don’t try to draw each details immediatly… first, try the “guy wire” (I’m sorry, it’s a translation from a french expression), so, that :

It’s really nice to see the pose, the heigt differences, ect… Don’t try something too complex first !! Don’t hesitate to do a lot of sketches like that, it’s nice because you don’t have to do a lot of details, so, it’s more painful to redo it ! ;) If you can each character in different colors, do it !

Once you have your position, add volumes :

then details :

And ink !

((Sorry, it’s not really pretty, it was quickly done for the explanation ! >.<)) The colorization is an other things, and it’s also painful, but try first to have a lineart you like ^^

You’ve probably already seen that, but it’s really useful : it’s a baseline I always use to draw, especially for complex positions !! And it’s not always so clean ! x) my sketches are more often like :

where to draw?

Hm ? I assume you mean on whath medium, paper or tablet… If it’s that, I can only tell you to choose what you’re the most comfortable with, and with which one you’re the most satisfied by your drawings ^^ 

I tend to find digital art more easy, because you can create as many layers as you want if (like me) you’re scary of destroy a good sketch, make mistake, etc… 

the problem with digital art is that if you don’t have tablet, it’s very hard, and you have to learn the drawing gesture on tablet, which can be a little hard at the begining… see, the first drawings I posted were numerised traditionnal drawings that I colorized on computer… after getting the gesture, I began to draw directly on computer ^^ 

I tend to advise you to exercise you first on paper, because it has the advantage to be really easy to do anywhere, and you can draw easily in a lot of situation ! and more you draw, more you improve ! ^.^ it’s a base I think…

But I also advise you to try both ! you’ll find what fit you better ! ;)

And if you meant : “in which position, or in which place”, know that I always draw in the lounge, in not good conditions, sitting in a messy way ! xD

things to do to get better..?

draw. draw, draw draw draw, and draw again ! ^^ don’t hesitate to copy work of artist you like (but if you publish those drawings, don’t forget to credite the original artist ;) ) , look at how they draw positions, eyes, hair, hands… 

USE ART REFERENCES !! they are gold !! with tutorials, and all things you can find !

here’s a bunch of good references :

 (in french u.u”) (it’s a general masterpost, but you can find some things on art ;) )

((sorry for the links, but I’m too lazy to name all of those references ^^”’)) They are just random drawing references I myself use ^^ 

and don’t hesitate to type «drawing reference [the thing you want to draw]” in google ;)

Or there is really no way…? 

There are always ways to improve !! Keep doing what you like, draw what you really want to draw, not only things to improve, listen to the opinion of your friends and family, but also keep in mind what you love, even if it’s not the same thing that other people love. It’s what will make your own art style, your signature ;)

Don’t focuses on searching your own art style first, it will come gradually by drawing and  looking at what other people do.

I know it’s really hard, I really often hate what I do, I think that I have no drawing style, and find most of my drawings ugly, but don’t give up ! when you feel down and hate your drawings, turn unto people you know who likes what you do, who can tell you what it’s nice in your art, take a break, go eating something, watching video you love, and then come back to your art ;)

Finally, put all your heart on what you draw, and things will come. Don’t force yourself on something you don’t like, you don’t do anything good ^^ 

hhmmm, okay, I’m really not the good person to give advice ! u.u’ But I hope it will help, and sorry for the amount of mistakes I surely did in this reply, english is not my native language, and I’m too lazy to check all this post in google translation to fix the mistakes, so, I hope it’s understandable ! u.u”

And thanks again ! ;) I was really inspired by this story, so, it was more easy and pleasant for me… even if I struggled ! xD

Ahhh ok..I was tagged by marugitto-chan ^^

1.Why did you choose your URL?

Rabiscos e tal means:  scribbles and stuff. I chose it because I think that’s what this mess of an art blog is about lol

2.What is your middle name?
Oliveira…common as hell middle name, everyone has it :/

3.If you could own a faitytale/fictional pet,what would it be?
Cloudjumper from httyd, sooo cuute *-*

4.Favourite color:

Blue, I guess

5.Favourite song:
So What, from P!nk

6.What are your top 5 fandoms?
HxH, One Piece, Game of Thrones….maybe FMA and Okami too?

7.Why do you enjoy tumblr?
Because there’s lots of amazing art and funny shit 

9. Not tagging anyone, sorry, too lazy