too lazy to crop it lol

I kinda feel like all the gifs that I make are stuff that someone in the past has already made. Since Starlight Express is so small there is only so many videos out there which means the people who like StEx could have seen it already. I know that I’m just starting off but I don’t want to post content that has already been posted.

its ya boi


lol i tried to animate… anyway trapper is really cool and i needed to draw him looking really cool, here ya go


uhh lol soSOREY ABOUT MY KNEES. idk i curled my hair and i think that i looked decent today. maybe? i dunno. and ignore my messy room and the screen in the background and my blue phone case. i was moving a plant in the second pic so that’s why my hand looks like it’s going like 27km/h. and yeah i took it by accident lol. i’m sorry my knees look so stupid i hate them so plz just ignore them ty. i mean i could crop them out but i’m way too lazy. sorry. and yeah i prefer he/him if it’s ok for you,, i can’t make you do anything, you do you.

All the Book Covers | Book Design

Hey People of Earth!

I feel really awful because I’ve been MIA on here, so I wanted to give you a bit of an update + show you a few covers I made. I’ll keep the update short but to get to it, I’m still a little sick (throat has stopped hurting THANK GOD), but I’ve not been on here because I’ve been so busy. I know, tired excuse, but jeez, did not expect to be doing so much this last week! School starts so soon (I actually cry tears of utter despair), so there’s been a lot of running around for that, changing of hair colour (it’s still blue but a couple shades lighter with lots of grey and silver undertones), and last minute family stuff.

Here’s the new hair colour:

best part of this hair colour over the electric blue shit I do all the time is that I CAN WEAR RED LIPSTICKS WITHOUT LOOKING LIKE SPIDERMAN YESSSSSS. not that I do anything other than apply the lipsticks then remove them BUT STILL.

(I’m going to write right after I finish this tho lol even though it’s still a struggle ™.)


A couple nights ago, I couldn’t sleep, so I took advantage of my insomnia and made a book cover for @sarahkelsiwrites’ novel SHRINK. It’s more of a mockup, and I’d like to handwrite the title rather than keep it as the font, but for now:


The butterfly life.

wither will probably have moths on the cover.

the a novel placement is my greatest accomplishment.

If I use this for the new printed copies, I’ll be less lazy with the spacing on the full name, LOL. But that’s that! I’ve never used lace as a texture before for a cover, so I’m digging that. If I can add a graphite overlay onto the butterfly that could be cool too, but for a 2AM cover, I call this a win.

I have two videos on book design coming up soon so look out for those. I love cover design with all my heart, so I thought I’d share.

This is the design featured in one of the videos:

(I cropped it kinda badly out of the full spread which I’m saving for the video so there’s no awkward black line on the left btw thank you lit stock images and the lit photographer who took it who I credit in the vid cuz even tho it’s stock photography does not mean it didn’t take effort [just look at how great this pic is honestly yes] and photographers gotta support fellow photographers, so ALL THE SHOUT OUTS to the fellows dudes. :))

I made this cover in like 20 mins and have no regrets.

And the final spread for I’M DISAPPOINTED:


Of which I did NOT make in 20 minutes and still have no regrets. (I think this took me 6 hours total? Spanning the entire summer LOL)

So that’s what I’ve been occupying myself with. Pretty happy with this right here. Also so *stoked* cuz I actually put Clifford’s hand the right way around this time. :) His hand is still my hand.

^^^ That would be the infamous hand

#amazing photo creds go to the #talented @sarahkelsiwrites #that composition tho # that backlight tho # the metal bar shooting out of my wrist is # art

(Sydney gave me way less of a problem dammit Clifford.)

(Also that synopsis is outdated af lol but I haven’t written a new one recently and need to put something on the back so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

SO I guess that’s it for this weird little update… OH one last thing… I’ve been coming up with the concept cover art for FOSTERED #5 (which I finally have a couple name ideas for lol), and the main focal point of the cover is supposed to be a bird cage. (I wonder for who.)

NOT HIM. nope lol.

guyz lonan means blackbird so I mean if u didn’t know that I was really happy when I found that out lol so interesting fact of the day

(the beatles fan in me did not know this fact when she named him this name but the symbolism junkie in me about died when I found out)

Well I found a birdcage-like candle holder at Value Village (Value LIT) for 99 cents (the only store I will shop at without feeling nauseos ™), (also got a lit, super good quality backpack for 12 bucks yaaaaas ethical shopping yaaaas), which just = YES. I’ve been looking for a birdcage at Value Lit for the past couple times I’ve been there (maybe 4-5 times over a couple different locations?), and I FINALLY FOUND ONEEEEE + a really cute candle + handmade candle holder that has these realllllyyyyy cute moon and sun sculptures all over it because when it’s like 4 dollars you just can’t say no my dude.

The cage is literally the colour of Pepto Bismol, lol, but some white spray paint should fix that. The only issue I have with it is the built in tea-light holder in the centre. If I can figure out how to remove that physically (rather than in post cuz always do things before post it’ll save you a lot of hassle if you do as much as you can), that’ll be great! SO that’s great! Also a FOSTERED #6 is probably going to have to happen and I’m just going to also cry tears of utter despair because *no*.

(At this point it’s gotten to be so much of an issue, I keep referring to it like it’s going to happen. Like when brainstorming titles for #5, found one and was like oh no that’s perfect for #6 BUT IT’S NOT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN AND THIS BOOK WAS JUST SUPPOSED TO BE A STANDALONE NOT A 6 BOOK HARRY POTTER OH NO. If I write a seventh book and this really does turn into Harry Potter I’m going to just.)

(It’s going to happen, I’m just heavily denying it because #denial)

Just leaving this here.


Nice chat guys.


My connexion is still crap so if you see this post it means a miracle happened (I’m too lazy to crop and host it lmfao)

The 24th Inktober, with Stan and Kyle this time. Yes, South Park again, sorry but I’ve been in this fandom for so long it’s probable the oldest fandom I got into sooo…

Well. Style was basically my South Park OTP before Creek basically destroyed it lol
I still love this ship a lot, always loved it and will never stop tho :^)

Also I wanted to see how they looked in my current artstyle. Because I saw fanarts I made 5 years ago and wished I didn’t have to remember :’)

About me

I I was tagged by the lovely  @proudtobeadepphead and the great and only @ac-ars (ily) and since I have time I will do it 


I have dark brown wavy/curly hair and very dark brown eyes. I mostly wear jeans and whatever graphic t shirt I have, sometimes crop tops on summer and sweaters on winter,everything in dark colors have I love dark colors. Sometimes I wear skirts and dresses but mostly I won’t. I have one beaten up pair of converses that I wear whenever it’s not cold and an old pair of boots I wear when it is. 

I wear make up on weekends if I can be bothered but  I actually love make up just too lazy for it lol

Only jewelry I use are the earrings my grandma gave me when I was 4 

I barely even brush my hair cause that makes it more messy xD and mostly I just put in on a ponytail and maybe braids


What’s that do you eat it ? I have like zero personality I’m just a mess of anxiety and bad feelings.I wouldn’t say I’m an extrovert but I wouldn’t say I’m an introvert either.  I don’t know how to talk to people and I’m always second guessing my relationship with people so that’s a mess and I’m very jealous but I never act on it cause I’m a grown up lol. 

I try to be kind and polite, help people as much as I can and hear people out. I’m not particularly funny or anything but I like making people laugh if I ever manage. I’m a very very distracted person and forget everything. I consider myself somewhat creative and my mom says I’m smart lol

I like so so many things, it’s harder to find something I don’t like, mostly I like writing, I like cupcakes, I like chocolate, I like reading, I like watching movies and tv shows, I like going to the cinema and I like plushies so much 

Relationship status 

I’ve never know what this shit is 

Fun facts

I had a tooth in my palate and I might still have another one that grew on the wrong way I don’t know I don’t remember 

I might have absorbed my twin in the womb xD 

I have fallen down more flight of stairs you can count 

I’m studying medical technology but I suck at biology and anything related apparently 

I’m an only child but have two stepsiblings 

I laugh very easily, I will laugh at anything really, I laugh at the most boring jokes

I notice super small things on people’s behaviour and they drive down an anxiety path always 

I’m very bad at estimating how much of anything there is and this is as funny as it’s hilarious 

I have gone left when someone tells me to go right more times than I’m willing to admit 

I tag @deliverydefresas @deliverychicafresa @huffletiika @goldenfirefly96 @aquietgirlsmess @over-the-pink-moon @from-red-string @lifesruiner and @silveranchor if you guys wanna do it <3