too lazy to crop and edit

Saw some people here on Tumblr drawing size charts of their pets.
I didn’t use the on-site sizes, but my headcanon sizes.
As I was colouring this I realised I REALLY need to get more creative with colour palettes. I have a clear preference for certain shades!
Just my main account pets… Too lazy to do more or shade ^^;
Kijiwa’s tail got cropped because I draw on paper, and I ran out of room. I draw all my stuff on paper… And my scanner’s not hooked up so I have to take a photo with my phone, then tidy up the lines on the computer with a mouse because my tablet’s not worked in over a year xD Sometimes it feels like the world’s trying to tell me not to draw lol.
BG is a crop of the Mysterious Forest Clearing Background.

Edit: OOPS forgot to put heights on image. This is approximate.
Left to right: Cooled 74cm / Kijiwa 200cm / me 172cm / Rainbird 66cm / Schanse 125cm

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I'm sorry if you have already answered this but for clip studio paint how do you slice a long strip into sizes webtoon can use? Right now I can only draw one page at a time which is really inconvenient so your answer is appreciated!

I believe Photoshop has an automated system under ‘save for web’ that will slice a long strip up into smaller images, but alas, I don’t think Clip Studio has anything similar.

Here’s what I do - it’s slightly fiddly but it doesn’t take too long:

0) View your entire strip of panels and resize it to be the right width (800px)

1) Select the top panel or two - it’s pretty easy to judge by eye if it will be under the maximum height (which I think is 1208px but I tend to treat 1200px as the maximum height because I can’t remember exactly and I’m too lazy to check what the actual maximum height is, whoops.)
When you select the panel, select from the very top of the canvas, and make sure there aren’t any unselected pixels above your selection, otherwise step three won’t work.

2) Edit > Crop 

3) Save-as your panel under an appropriate file name

4) Undo once, then invert your selection (Selection > Invert Selected Area)

5) Edit > Crop

6) Go back to step one and repeat as many times as necessary

Like I said, fiddly! There may well be better ways to do this. Clip Studio does have an actions menu so it might be possible to automate this process? I haven’t tried.

Long Post on How I Make Aesthetic Collages

Since I’ve gotten so many questions about how I do these/ where I go/ what I use/ etc, here’s a handy play-by-play guide on how you can make an emo hipster collage on your phone from your couch as you binge-watch Desperate Housewives for the eight time.

It starts with a trip to Pinterest

Usually the inspiration comes from seeing something that’s so on point for a character, it suddenly becomes my civic duty to make a aesthetic post with it.

Now to spend what feels like (and occasionally is) several hours of browsing for the rest of the pictures (my tip is to use the keyword for what you’re looking for + photography - ex: “dark photography”). Make sure to look in the related pins if you find something close but not quite there. Most of what I find isn’t in the direct results.

If Pinterest doesn’t bring up anything good, I’ll use show screenshots, check out weheartit, or even Google, but about 95% of everything I’ve used has come from Pinterest.  

Now that I have more pictures, I open PicsArt (yes, it’s available for android).  

Press the plus sign

Choose Collages > Grid > Portrait. 8 seems pretty standard for most aesthetic collages you’ll find, but I use the 6-photo one because I’m still a lazy fuck.

Choose all your pictures 

Take the border down to 0% and rearrange the pictures in the order you want them.

Cool, but some of the pictures need fixing. The one on the top right needs to be cropped. 

I choose a couple others that are a bit too bright for the scheme I want and press FX.

Pick whatever filter to make it match up with your ~vision~. 

After making all the individual changes, press the check mark.

The check mark will make the collage into one solid picture, and more editing options will become available. 

I always save before making any other changes. After saving, you can pick another filter to make everything uniform. Or open tools to adjust brightness/contrast and all that other stuff. Those are better for individual photo editing though. Once again, these other options aren’t available when you edit in the first stage of your collage, so if you have a picture that requires more than a filter, do that before starting your collage.

Congrats! It’s an aesthetic post.

I’ll usually do 2-5 other versions for a collage, using different filters or putting the pictures in different orders until I’m satisfied. Then I’ll compare them in drafts and post whichever I like best.

Hope this was helpful!

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so... how do you edit your screenshots.. asking for a friend

tell ur friend that i edit them very similarily to @boocreek’s and i’m gonna link u to her tutorial here. it’s honestly mostly the same; i just do things a lil differently and i’ve recently started to crop my photos too!!! before i didn’t crop them at all becos i was lazy. ♡

tutorial: how i make my icons

ive been asked a lot on how i make my icons so ill tell u all today ehe..

step one:

ive prepared a psd. file that i can alter however i want and what i do is i download a normal grid picture and place it on top of a new layer with the size 250 x 250 (you may change the size but i make sure it’s constrained to a square shape) 

the layer on top of that would be the filled in circle, to make that i use the ellipse tool.

make sure that the settings has the stroke option crossed out and the fill option is on like so here, pick a color that you prefer…

afterwards draw the circle manually or type down the size by pixel, make sure you have the chain symbol on (between the width and height bars), otherwise it wouldn’t be proportional

if you want to make it bigger use the option free transform in the menu bar where it says edit… always check the constrain proportions tool aka the chain symbol before sizing up your layer

step two:

place your image above the circle layer (ill use luhan look how handsome he is omf) it should look like this at first

it doesn’t matter if you make your icons like this but i tend to merge him into the circle (?) and to do that you need to add a clipping mask, make sure you do this on the layer of the person/object of your icon and nothing else.. also it should be on top of the other layers

now it looks like this yay we’re almost finished…

step three:

add a coloring into your edit, it should be in a psd. extension file, i usually download mine from or you can manually search for pastel psds via google..

finished product:

extra notes: 

+ ive tweaked a bit with the opacity level of the psd, if it’s too saturated or vibrant to your liking i edit it that way and on the original image there should be an option for adjustments in the menu bar, use curves to control the brightness/contrast etc and hue/saturation for the colors..

+ the image of luhan here is alr cropped using the quick selection tool, if you’re lazy search google for (person’s name) transparent png’s or png packs, it should direct you to deviant art where it’s alr custom made and all u have to do is download them

+ if you had any trouble still with these i apologize if my steps weren’t clear enough.. i tried making it as simple as possible, don’t hesitate to ask me if you overcome an obstacle when editing i will most likely answer your q’s when i have spare time :-)

So thanks to my crappy editing… Too lazy, and because I still look… Weird from jogging, I fished out a random pic to say thanks…. Then, thanks to low self esteem, I cropped out the only visible part of my face.