too lazy to color anything today it seems

| Day 11 | Dragon Witch |

Dragons are on a whole never level then witches are, they are someone you should respect. Witches are known to seek out dragons for knowledge, and as long as you’re not stepping out of line they leave with some good knowledge.

But witches don’t know is that dragons are having to read up on anything and everything so they can keep up with the witches… they have collected many books over the years, and as witches and humans keep giving them gold as payment, well a dragon’s home is most likely to be a big pile of gold and books.

And after some time some dragons can’t help it and look into (and learn to use it) the magic that witches seem to love so much.

Dragons can and will hoard anything, but most of the time it’s gold because that’s what people keep giving them.

Too lazy to color today so I’ll just have to live with this messy doodle.