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something to work on between classes… harley x ivy lovin’s. i couldn’t pick which side of harley to do, so i just did both lmao


I needed a change of pace from OC October, and to take a breather in general… So here’s a little bit of fanart for SugarScript’s game, Cute Demon Crashers.

It’s a visual novel about a succubus and a few incubi who crash your house (hence the title) and stay for a few days. You can choose to have fun with any of them, none of them or all of them. Whatever you choose, the interactions are always positive. You can even opt out at almost any point of your intimate times if you’re uncomfortable. The whole point of the game is to promote safety, honesty, consent and comfort between partners. They also challenge stereotypes that people might have about certain aspects of sex.

The characters are all sweet and well thought out, on top of various other aspects of the game. The art is nice, the voices are excellent and they even included a dyslexic font.

If you have the time I’d definitely recommend giving it a play. Even if you’re not into porn games, it’s still fun and sweet and I’d totally recommend it. They took something that could have turned into just another fetish fuel game and turned it into a gem.


A bunch of stuff I don’t feel like coloring/finishing 

Unexpected Encounter (Dean Winchester x Male!Reader)

Request! Yay! Keep them coming guys.
So I decided to do the Dean one, because I unfortunately know nothing about MacGyver! I hope you enjoy it :)

Disclaimer: I used a few dialogues like they were in the show, but also needed to change some scenes (basically I was too lazy to look them up).

Wordcount: 2,500+
Warnings: none, Jess’ death maybe

“That. That is the single most disappointing Halloween costume I’ve ever seen.”

Sam rolled his eyes, “Hello to you, too, (M/N).”

It was Halloween and a big group of students had decided to throw a party in the nearest bar. One of them was (M/N) (M/L/N), 23 years old, who was more than excited about the nightly event. He met up with his friends, a big guy with a keen dislike for Halloween, Sam Winchester, and his stunning girlfriend, Jess. She was dressed as a nurse, which (M/N) approved of, seeing as Sam didn’t dress up at all.

“At least I’m not wearing a potato sack,” Sam shot back at his friend and chuckled at his offended gaze.

“This is a poncho, thank you very much, as I am representing the old western. And I’ll have you know that half of the people I met told me that I look ‘as handsome as ever’ while you look ‘as Sam as ever’.”

Jess laughed, “I told him to dress up, but he wasn’t having it. You do look good, (M/N).”

“Thanks, right back at’cha,” (M/N) flung his arm around Sam’s shoulder and the three of them entered the bar, “Luis already saved seats and he already started drinking, so… y’know, be prepared.”

And sure enough, when they found the seats there was already a drunken guy launching over the table and waving at them.

“Hey Luis,” Sam greeted and winced as the strong smell of Luis’ breath hit him.

“Sam! (M/N) told me all about your little victory… thing-y!” Luis hollered and gave them all shot glasses.

Jess smirked proudly, “Here’s to Sam and his awesome LSAT victory!”

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Day 1 of Astro August Challenge:

Who is your bias?

As you can already tell, my bias is Moon Bin. I made this small and simple (yet time consuming) gifset of him to show what I love about Bin. Also, to bring out my last point, his voice, here’s a link. Definitely check it out, if you haven’t already or have. There are a few more things but I didn’t know how to illustrate it with gifs (his laugh, his personality) or I was too lazy to look up new videos for it (his arms), so the last row only has two gifs (was supposed to make 9 gifs). I’ll stop my off topic rambling now. 

Have a pleasant day!  


[text au](Luke)“it was already ruined by Michael”

This is shit and theres mistakes but im too lazy to change them and i needed to post something bc ive been super busy with college and im addicted to pll oops

Tagged by @kaneabigails​; the meme’s longer than I thought it was lol.

5 Things you’ll find in my bag/backpack

  1. changes(I’m too lazy to put them into my purse)
  2. folding umbrella
  3. cell phone
  4. credit card
  5. food

5 Things in my bedroom

  1. my favourite blanket
  2. computer
  3. teddy bears
  4. novels/comic books
  5. funkos

5 Things I’ve always wanted to do in my life

  1. buying my own flat
  2. and decorate it on my own
  3. meeting matt smith and alex kingston at comic con
  4. watching all the musicals I love in theaters
  5. traveling

5 Things that make me happy

  1. my otps
  2. french fries
  3. friends
  4. holidays
  5. shopping with my mom

5 Things that I’m currently into

  1. anything related to doctor/river
  2. newt/tina
  3. graphic books
  4. good old movie soundtracks such as singin’ in the rain and my fair lady
  5. making my traveling plan

5 Things on my to-do list

  1. taking a trip to UK (maybe next year)
  2. going to a comic con
  3. learning how to play violin
  4. learning french (I’d learnt it for like 6 months and now I barely remember a single sentence oops)(also the pronunciation killed me)(but it’s so beautiful how could I resist learning it?)
  5. collecting all the newly republished cardcaptor sakura comic books

5 Things you may not know about me

  1. I speak japanese
  2. I won’t fully wake up until I have my morning coffee
  3. the reason why I started reading harry potter is because, when I was at my first grade and there was a question ‘’who is the authour of the famous novel called harry potter and the philosopher’s stone?’ on my exam paper and I didn’t even know the answer. I was filled with question marks and bought that dang book - and became its royal fan since then lmao
  4. le petit prince is the love of my bookworm life
  5. my hair is curly to the point even straight perm can’t straighten it properly
  6. not a fan of cookies but love the smell

5 People I’m Tagging

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