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Best Winchester Brotherly Bonding Scenes

This means that Sam and Dean have been in contact with each other since he left for college. This might just have been a phone call or a text rather than actually seeing each other face to face, but the fact that they still somewhat had each other makes me happy. And it’s certain that Dean dropped by Palo Alto from time to time to check up on Sammy without him knowing it. Dean confirmed that John did that and I can imagine Dean doing the same. 

though that reminds me, idk if any fictional pregnancy will ever top how hilarious it was when square enix made Lulu from FFX pregnant but were too lazy to change her character model

so you had this character


clear evidence that square enix of the time was staffed by snake people who had no idea how human reproduction works

An excuse to draw more dumb gijinkas?? How could I say NO?

Though I’m a bit sad that I ran out of room and only did my Top Five Koopalings, so maybe I’ll try designing the others some other time!

I always think back to when I first began; when no one would have EVER would have thought this is where I would turn out. I used to be the definition of lazy, not even close to athletic, ate fast food and drank too much. But my biggest change is my mentality. I used to be such a lazy and negative person and now I’m a go getter and always positive (for the most part - we all have our bad days) and even though I’ve had my ups and downs over the years and I’ve spent so much time finding my place in this world and still am - I wouldn’t change anything. I’m so grateful for this journey and everyone in my life who has helped me along the way. And I’m so so lucky to be able to help people with the same journey I went through and hopefully make it easier on them. Even though it’s not easy, it’s a lot of hard work and you’ll want to give up SO many times. But it’s worth it. Keep going. 💕

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Here we have a Chinese scanner JennyJule840 who is very friendly whom I’ve talked to before. I’ve seen people share her scans with their permission, which she is happy to provide, so it isn’t like it’s difficult to obtain. Also, she will get back to you in a reasonable period of time to let you know whether she approves or denies permission (which I haven’t heard of before…but maybe that’s changed now).

So what is the point when people upload and republish her scans without her permission, not include a source link to where it was found, and also put a watermark over it? Are they trying to imply that they are scanners, despite the owner’s own watermark? If not, then with all due respect, what the hell are they doing?

It’s really sad that these things happen, usually because people are too lazy to ask the scanner for permission, or they somehow feel ‘entitled’ to them, even though it is the scanner who spent money out of their pockets to purchase the magazine, fan book, etc, and share it with their followers on the site that they prefer. 

Really, it’s not hard to sign up for Weibo and grab a Chinese permission template on google to man up and ask. It’s a painless process. 

I’ve heard of people not asking their crush out because they fear their feelings being rejected, but this is rather ridiculous. Not only do you look like a jerk who can’t follow simple directions even when it’s written in your own language, you also piss off the scanner, and figuratively bite the hand that feeds you.

Want to know something even more heinous? The fact that JennyJule840 owns a Weibo strongly implies that she lives in China. And guess what website is blocked in China?

Facebook. Google.

So put two and two together, and you’ll see that this poor scanner has no idea who is taking her scans without her permission, but she knows that it is happening, and she wants it to stop

I’m not an expert on Weibo’s regulations regarding copyright and fair use, but the fact that it allows users to apply their own watermark is an indicator that you can’t just take pictures you don’t own. The same principle applies to Facebook.

Community Standards

Statement of Rights and Responsibilities

If you happen to follow any of those Facebook pages (besides the one above), you might not think it’s a big deal. After all, who’s it going to hurt, really? It’s not fanart, it’s like the scanner is working for a company and their job is at stake, and it’s not like the admins are saying they own it. So what’s the big deal?

Here’s the big deal.

  1. Scanners are paying with their own money to buy these things for the enjoyment of their followers, and because they are freakin’ angels. They do not get free subscriptions for ‘product advertising’, nor do they have a rich sugar daddy cutting them a fat check each month to splurge on.
  2. Full color pages are hella expensive to print - which means that it’s even more hella expensive to buy a whole damn subscription each year for pages loaded cover to cover with glossy artwork.
  3. The publisher and companies that publish those magazines typically do not permit anyone to scan their stuff and upload them online, because it will obviously have a negative impact on their sales. If you can just read those pages online, why the hell would you shell out your allowance or rent money to buy them?
  4. Consequently, those scanners are doing this at their own discretion. This is why they don’t usually upload full-page scans, only partial ones, because it could land their butts in hot water if they a call or mail from the publishers saying they better quit or legal action will be brought upon them. Yes, that includes heavy fines, just so you know. Japan especially has weird ass copyright laws that are strict as hell.
  5. So why do scanners require you ask them for permission before reposting their scans? For the similar reason artists do. If the ‘big guys’ upstairs has an especially crappy day, and just so happens to find a collection of those scans somewhere, they can track down the one responsible and take action against them. Asking permission allows the scanner/artist to know where you are going to post their stuff and how to get in touch if they need you to remove it, STAT.
  6. You can try to argue that ‘it happens all the time’, ‘don’t post if you don’t want reposting’, ‘they don’t technically ‘own’ that stuff’, but making excuses for yourself or your friends (who do this), victim-blaming the innocent scanner/artist, and talking about matters you have no idea on just makes you look like a rotten imbecile who can’t respect what these generous people do for you and their fans by doing the easiest and most basic thing you’ve should’ve been taught since Preschool: Asking for permission before taking shit that other people buy, paid for, or own.  

If you follow fb pages that do this, you should probably re-evaluate some things. It may not seem like a big deal, you could argue you ‘just follow’ them, but seriously think about how it would feels to be the scanner/artist who is at the end of this. They get little to nothing in return for spending their money, while somebody else steals their scans and gets all the traffic flow and feedback. It’s unfair, and a very depressing place to be and scanners often wind up quitting their hobby or locking their accounts to private so only verified followers may enjoy their scans.

There are blogs on tumblr who do take the trouble to ask scanners like Jenny for permission over and over, and if you truly cared about this issue, you would invest your time with those who actually respect the hard work these scanners do for the sake of others. 


Now what do I do with all these Mami feelings?

(This is dedicated to debrisyume because she introduced me to The Different Story manga and even though it destroyed me I’m glad it did because it’s an amazing story)


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Okay! This took waaayyyyyyy too long to upload! I can’t believe I’ve been working on these for like, 4 days now? Geez, time flies when being either lazy or productive xD

*ahem* Anyway, this is my contribution for HTTYDstuck! For the life of me, I couldn’t see Karkat without a Terrible Terror. I basically used the original concept art of Hiccup (AKA the one from the book) as Karkat. The smallest dragon for the smallest viking. And as small is his little guy is, he packs a punch!

The Terror’s name is Apaec (though this is up for change if need be). He is a breed of Terrible Terror that was meant for fishing in more shallow water, as seen by his jagged claws. They have a wicked clasp that will hurt if they feel the need to defend themselves by clamping their claws down with enough force to dislocate your finger, luckily they don’t get much bigger than they are. Their teeth are rather large as well, with another sharp grip like a snapping turtle to take off a finger. They are a force to be reckoned with, showing looks can definitely be deceiving.

Though a force, Apaec took a quick shine to Karkat, almost imprinting on the small viking as Karkat was young when he went hunting for a dragon to call his own. Karkat wasn’t looking for something… well, so small. He was after a big dragon, to show he wasn’t small or defenseless. However, he ended up being tailed by the little Terror. When Karkat tried to scare it away, his just bit his boot playfully before running off and hiding. As Karkat would approach bigger dragons that weren’t out to eat or attack him, the Terror would run in between the two, hissing and acting very territorial. The dragons, would fly or wander off, leaving Karkat to yell at the Terror.

It wasn’t until a Nadder, who wasn’t fond of Karkat walking into it’s territory, attacked and had the small viking on the run. When stuck in a corner with the Nadder ready to strike, a hiss was heard before the Nadder was struck with a powerful blast of fire from the side. The Nadder, disoriented for the moment, didn’t see the Terror swoop down and bite onto it’s neck. The Nadder easily shook off the Terror, and was about to show the smaller dragon the force of a Nadder’s tail before being bombarded by large rocks. The Nadder, losing interest, flew off. Karkat then picked up the Terror, “deciding” that it could stay with him.

Ahhhh, sorry that was so long! I’ve been thinking that over for a few days xD
Anyway, hope it works!

Thoughts about Aliya’s floor...

She’s sitting at a 5.2 D right now, but that’s partially because she was too goddamn lazy to do a leap pass (<3). With all her CR she’ll presumably have 5.7 in competition. 

I think I’m in the minority in that I actually like this routine, though I expect she’ll change some parts for Rio for reasons of Aliya. It’ll be better if/when she doesn’t look like she’s about to pass out, but I love the floor choreo and it doesn’t feel as empty as the 2014 one.

I’m also in LOVE with her Semy. Even with the hop. 90% of people who try attitude turns have super iffy technique (cough liu tingting) but Aliya’s is so pretty.

Adding a double L instead of relying on the Musty and Memmel to be credited differently is a smart move, that was scary for a while. At least there’s one Russian coach with a brain, maybe.

The bit I don’t get is the 1.5-front pike pass. It doesn’t get CV, and she already has front tumbling. It’s possible that the pass is just a placeholder or improvised, but…? I dunno.