too lazy to bother with coloring

You want to know something that really bothers me?

Baby boomers have told my generation from day one, that we are the worst generation. We are too self absorbed, we care too much about technology, and we are lazy. We have basically been told sense we were children that we are going to amount to nothing. I mean shit, teenage girls can’t even take a selfie without some wrinkly hag scoffing at them. It just blows my mind because we are seen as hopeless almost, just because we want to live in a world were everyone has a chance. Regardless of skin color, or sexuality, or gender. We are seen as lazy because we want everyone to work 40 hours a week and not live in poverty regardless of there job. Baby boomers want to sit there and talk smack because so many kids my age aren’t in school but are simultaneously forgetting that they are the ones who ruined the economy so severely that college is just a pipe dream we will never be able to afford without drowning in debt. They want to sit there and judge us and calling us stupid for getting angry at the unjust killings of black teens. We are literally seen as delusional because we want free health care? Like If anything we are the most awake generation. Yes even with that distracting phone that’s in our face all the time. We stand up for whats right, we care about the future of this world, not just America. We have overcome so much in our short lives and I am so proud of us.

Asks!After a loong long time ;;w;;

Anonymous said: Okay but your coloring… HOW?!

Anonymous said: I love your bright colors! If it’s not a bother would you consider making tutorial posts on coloring? Thanks! (If you’re busy and can’t do it it’s okay too^^)

Since many people asked already…

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