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Headcanons: Ice Cream Flavors

Eren: Chocolate.(Gets him really pumped; may or may not be dangerous on a sugar high.)

Armin: Vanilla. (Is the best treat for him. Will put gummy bears and sour worms in it, if he’s feeling daring enough.)

Mikasa: Strawberry.(Will fight anyone who doesn’t agree that this flavor deserves recognition.)

Jean: Cookie Dough. (Less risk of salmonella, and he loves the balance of the cookie dough and vanilla. Gets really butt hurt if someone eats his ice cream.)

Connie: Peanut Butter. (Tries to convince everyone it’s the best flavor. Doesn’t get why a lot of people don’t like it.)

Sasha: Banana Split. (She loves the explosion of flavor, and can eat like 20 of them in a row without going into a sugar coma.)

Reiner: Rocky Road. (Is really protective over his ice cream. Does not share under ANY circumstances)

Bert: Butter Pecan. (He lives for this flavor, and is glad not many people that he knows of enjoy it because he has it all to himself)

Annie: Caramel. (Sweet but salty. Like her. Except she’s salty only.)

Ymir: Cherry. (Wink wonk)

Christa: Red Velvet Cake. (The last person to make fun of that flavor mysteriously disappears. Ymir was seen washing her hands after people noticed they went missing.)

Mike: Neapolitan. (Loves the fact that he can get 3 flavors all in one.)

Erwin: Mint Chocolate Chip. (Because tbh is a very sophisticated flavor.)

Hanji: Cheesecake. (Too lazy to eat a real cheesecake so she gets the ice cream instead.)

Levi: Green Tea. (Because tea. And honestly what did you expect?)


Sick day today, so I decided to work on the Otabek drawing (color vomit) I started a little while ago. I also made a messy/lazy Yurio sketch because I’m addicted to colors

based on this reference

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what other animes u have watched/want to watch? : > like them?

Oh gosh! I think I’ve made a list before somewhere but I’m too lazy to find it…

Okay so ones I’ve watched within the last year are Ore Monogatori, Yuri On Ice, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun, Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, Mob Psycho 100, One Punch Man, Bungou Stray Dogs ummmm ??? That’s it I think? Not a lot tbh. The only anime I’m currently watching is season 2 of Boku no Hero Academia AND GFHJGKFD I LOVE IT.

Some of my fave animes are actually movies like Byousoku 5 Centimeter, Koe no Katachi, Kimi no Na wa, Hotarubi no Mori e (SO GOOD), Kotonoha no Niwa, Doukyuusei…… 

That’s all I can think of! I rec them all though!

literally everyone loves to wear alec’s sweaters

jace wears them all the time, like he’s even capable of going into alec’s room without knocking, rummaging through alec’s wardrobe, picking a sweater for himself, and all that without uttering a word to alec, who’s lying, a little bewildered, on his bed. at first it was annoying, ‘cause his sweaters would smell like jace all the time and alec found it unnerving, but now he’s kinda okay with it. he tells jace he looks cute. jace blows him a kiss and says, ‘yeah, i know’. this is how it is now.     

they’re isabelle’s comfort clothes (they’re everyone’s comofort clothes tbh), and she used to wear them everytime she was going through a rough break up or now whenever she needs to just eat ice cream and watch horror movies. but she also wears them after particularly rough training sessions, when her muscles are sore, and alec’s sweaters are warm and soft and perfect for tired muscles. they also made her feel safe. 

magnus, of course, wears his sweaters whenever he feels like it. it’s usually after they had sex, and he’s too lazy to put on anything else, so he just grabs alec’s sweater and wanders around the apartment in nothing else. it drives alec insane (and he knows that magnus knows that). they’re always too big on him, and not at all magnus’ style, but he likes the way it almost feels as if alec’s arms were around him. that’s why he wears them when alec is away - he’s sentimental like that, alec doesn’t need to know about that (he totally does). 

max wouldn’t fall asleeping without one of alec sweaters within his reach. he would wear them or snuggle against them. or if alec was at his bed, humming lullabies, he would clutch at his sleeve until he fell asleep. to max, alec’s sweaters smelled like home and protection and peace.  

even maryse wears them sometimes, mostly when she’s in her office and she gets cold, and she always finds one of alec’s sweaters lying somewhere on an armchair or something. alec tends to leave his stuff all over the place. after, she always washes them in those nice-smelling fabric softeners, and when she goes to his room to give them back, she always ask alec if he needs some money to buy new sweaters (she noticed the holes and how they’re all worn-out). he always declines, says he likes them like that. she belives him, she understands.    

clary once wore his sweater, after she had a quarrel with her mom and ran to the institute during a downpour. she was soaked, and when alec saw her like that, he offered her his sweater without thinking. she accepted with a sheepish smile, shivering, and then rolled up the sleeves, baring her freckled forearms. she seemed tiny like that, and in that moment alec saw a sister in her. clary must have felt something similar too, because she said, ‘thanks, big bro’.  

also wayward shadowhunters who need to stay at the institute for a while and need to borrow some stuff ‘cause they couldn’t bring their own (for various reasons), when offered clothes that are actually ready for such situations, sometimes ask for something ‘less official, more comfortable’ and alec offers them his sweaters, since he’s got so many. and they always smile and tell him he’s too kind and alec blushes a little and says it’s no problem.

so when he starts buying sweaters that are a bit softer, a bit bluer, they’re all like yay!! more sweaters for us to wear!! and at some point they all meet in the institute kitchen or something and every single person except one is wearing one of alec’s sweaters. they all look at each other with raised eyebrows like, ‘bro, where did you get that awesome sweater’ and a sigh can be heard from a corner of the room. alec is the only one not wearing a sweater. it’s a black tshirt day.  


I think Griz is that “basic” hyper girl but is really really friendly quite fashionable tbh likes sports too

Panpan is a weeb who just wants her husbando to be real but ends up looking for her husbando in dating apps (also she would rather wear contacts here)

And Ice Bear is just Ice Bear

i would try to fix it if i can but im quite lazy~ and i dont have the tym;; also “copied this pose fron something i found in Pinterest

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Name: /und wir sind die gayger/

Nickname: idk just call me cookies

Birth month: September

Height: currently 4 or 5 inches shorter than captain levi

Ethnicity: Asian.

Orientation: Bisexual

Favorite Fruit: the fruit of grape (?)

Favorite season: spring

Favorite Books: any psychology books

Favorite flowers: idk, roses maybe?

Favorite scent: shampoo of any kind tbh

Favorite animals: kitties

Favorite beverages: Insanely cold water. No, I do not mean ice.

Hours of sleep: anywhere ranging from 2-8. im getting more sleep now.

Favorite fictional characters: Eren and Levi, Sleepy Ash/Kuro, Katsuhira Agata, Alibaba Saluja, some more characters that im too lazy to type since i just woke up from a nap,

Number of blankets you sleep with: one, sometimes two.

Dream trip: Brazil <3

Blog Created: Either in August or September 2016. I forgot…

Number of followers: 1725 :3

I tag: @shiori-miert27, @queenelsaofarrendelle @fabulouschicken122 @aplevi @ererifanatic

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Hey, is there any chance you could rec any PJO fanfics??

uhhh ok i haven’t been reading a lot of pjo fics lately and this is from memory only sooo

also sorry if u aren’t into these pairings bc u didn’t specify any pairings :c


  • Stucco Hearts by writergirl8 -  Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase are soul mates. They know this because the small timers on their inner wrists tell them that they are meant to be. In theory, it will be easy for Annabeth to keep up the wall that surrounds her heart and stop herself from falling for Percy. In execution? Well, that’s a completely different story.
    notes: currently reading this. soulmates au !!! awesome development. by ananbeth and rongasm
  • I Got a Boy by flyingcrowbar -  A pair of scissors to turns Annabeth Chase into Andrew Chase. She sheds the long blonde ponytail in exchange for a uniform at the elite all-boys private school where only the finest go on to achieve their dreams. It’s her last hope to becoming an architect, one she’s willing to hide her true identity for. Now she only has to pray her new roommate Percy Jackson, the star freestyle swimmer, isn’t smart enough to figure it out.
    notes: i really need to catch up to this tbh i haven’t read the latest updates. so cute i s2g. by flyingcrowbar


  • How Not to Get Your OTP Together by TailsDoll13 -  It started with a shadow-travel onto Half-Blood Hill, and now both camps think that Will and Nico are destined for each other. The problem? Nobody’s succeeded in getting them together. Yet.
    notes: the author is autisticwillsolace on tumblr if i’m not mistaken. also tbh i haven’t read this yet but it’s on my list and i’ve downloaded it on mobile but people rec it so? also taylor is cool
  • Midnight Doesn’t Last Forever by Ghosty_Starr -  “So come and watch the sunset with me?” Solangelo. Post - Blood of Olympus.
    notes: tbh,,, go read all of their fics for the ultimate solangelo experience. AND I SEE THAT YOU ARE IN THE HETALIA FANDOM. idk if u like usuk but they write usuk too idk man just read all of it. rehmuslvpin on tumblr
  • Romeo and Juliet - Starring Will Solace and Nico di Angelo by moonshroom420 -  Mortal AU. When Percy pairs Nico and Will together for their English project, Nico is ready to kill a man. Playing the Juliet to his long-time-festering-crush’s Romeo? Someone have mercy on him.
    notes: romeo and juliet. nico and will. need i say more? they’re moonshroom420
  • Something to Remember by biancadiangeno -  Nico di Angelo never really thought the gap-toothed boy with the too-neon-orange shirt would mean as much to him as he did when they first met, but fate had a strange way of making things work, and more so, making people fall in love.
    notes: ok do urself a favor and don’t read this in public. like i did. don’t read any of stormy’s fics in public. :\\\\ danteqiuntana on tumblr
  • The Ice Cube by moonshroom420 - The Greek professor and the Italian teacher of Half-Blood High had a bubble of romantic and sexual tension the size of the school they worked in and everyone had noticed. Or, the one where Will and Nico flirt with each other in their mother languages to see who will blush in front of their class first.
    notes: sexual tension tbh. really cute and funny. moonshroom420 on tumblr and they wrote a solangelace fic based on a thing i posted i’m just too lazy to look for it but u should read it
  • Wrong Number by EffervescentGrace -  10.25am- Okay, okay. What do you get if you cross a snowman and a vampire? 10.27am- Let me guess- frost bite? 10.29am- Hey, look who knows jokes AKA Nico accidently texts the wrong number and finds himself talking to a cheerful college student with a sun complex.
    notes: the author is effervescentgrace on tumblr if i’m not mistaken. i haven’t read this yet but i’m planning too and i’m head over heels for this au like give me wrong number/kik/whatever aus and i will eat it all up tbh

bianca di angelo

  • Of Figurines and Skull Rings by biancadiangeno -  Bianca di Angelo had always loved stories. But she had never expected hers to turn out this way.
    notes: ok but i cannot properly articulate how much i love this bc it’s astonishingly well written, it’s about bianca di angelo, and uhh subtle references (tsoa!! and implied solangelo) and the end has a nice feeling of tying-up-ness. completion and shit. also by danteqiuntana

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When I played Clear's route and got to the good ending I was in denial until about the middle of the sex scene when I realized oh god they're not going to stop the sad, it's going to stay this sad and get sadder NO NO HAPPY ENDINGS SHOULD NOT BE THIS SAD, and I almost started crying at the very end because of this stupid adorable guy who should be wrapped in bubble wrap and be on a children's harness leash thing.

we just need Koujaku holding Aoba, Clear, and Sei on leashes so he can protect the precious babs while they eat ice cream and fumble around and every time they go looking for a bad situation Koujaku pulls the leash like “what the fuck did I just tell you”

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You are so elegant graceful and lovely

RN I’m answering this question live via the toilet eating an ice cream sandwich I had someone bring me from the freezer to the bathroom and I’m not even shitting anymore tbh, im just sitting here because I’m comfortable and too lazy to get up and wipe my ass like yeah idk about all that mate.

This is my new starter call for this blog, my previous permanent starter call was of my old account & well, is lost so i decide to make a new permanent starter call for this blog! I see many new faces so let’s do this thing! ( i changed my url due to some problems vindictax —-> redissent ). Like this post if: you give me permission to send you a lot of ic/ooc things, whatever: memes, tag you in a random starter, dash commentary, send you an ask in ic or in ooc, etc. even if our muses don’t know each other & even if we have never talking before.

* Eren’s image by Isayama Hajime; owner and creator of the Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on titan manga.