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48/ “As your friend, I’m telling you what I see. It’s not healthy.”

Pairing: Jin x Reader

Genre: angst

Warnings: none

Words count : will add later

Saturday night. You should be cuddling with your boyfriend right now but instead you were clubbing with your bestfriend, Soo Yeon. It’s been months since Jin and you cuddled. When he wasn’t on tour, or on promotions, or practicing for a comeback, he would spend the little time you had yelling at you for everything and anything. You kept telling yourself that you could handle it but now you weren’t so sure. His crazy schedule was ok, having little time to see him too. But the constant fights were tiring. You needed to think of something else and that’s why you went in that club but nothing could keep your mind of that relationship. 

“That’s your fourth mojito,” said Soo Yeon. 

“So ?”

“So something is bugging you and I have to know what so I can help you organize your mind,” 

“It’s just Jin again, nothing I can’t handle. It will be ok.”

“You’re always saying that. What is going on this time ?”

You sighed. She wasn’t going to drop the subject. But you probably needed to talk and since you couldn’t do that with Jin you could put your bestfriend to use.

“He came back from tour yesterday and we had a fight.”

“About what ?”

“I told him he didn’t text that much and didn’t call at all while he was on tour and he went on how I didn’t understand how busy he was and that I was being clingy. I don’t want to be clingy or suffocating him but seems like I am so he ended up leaving. We were supposed to see each other tonight and I texted him to see if he still had time for that and he left me on read. ”

“And he is going to apologize in a week and do that again. It’s been on for months now. Why are you staying ? You keep getting hurt and he doesn’t look like he cares enough to make efforts. To fix things.”

“Do you think there’s someone else ?”

“I don’t know. I like to think that he isn’t this type of guy but I also used to think that he wasn’t that cold and hurtful. So I don’t know. And that’s the typical cheating behavior so it’s fishy. But even if he isn’t, he’s still no good to you, you should definitely break up and put your time and efforts in something worth it.”

“So you think that my relationship is failing ?”

As your friend, I’m telling you what I see. It’s not healthy. And as your bestfriend I have to keep you healthy.”

“I know. It’s just that I want to understand what I did wrong, why he is doing this. I need answers so I can stop thinking of possible whys.”

“You’re not the one doing wrong here. He is. What you’re doing wrong is letting yourself in that kind of relationship where he’s ignoring you for weeks and when he finally sees you it’s to yell at you. You deserve better. Nothing he could tell you would excuse this behavior. He will probably say he’s been under so much stress these days like he always does, but yelling at you to relieve his stress is not what a boyfriend should do. He should talk to you about what’s stressing him, and cuddle it away.”

“I don’t want to lose him.”

“You don’t want to lose the person he used to be and the relationship you used to have. But even if that person comes back, you will always wonder if and when it will happen again. Those months will always be there.”

And her words were all you could think about while laying in your bed that night. This relationship was tiring and hurting you. And for nothing. You weren’t getting anything out of it, kisses, cuddles, hugs were long gone. The only thing you were getting were tears. Should you just have a break with him to see if it makes him understand that he was losing you? If it made him change, send texts in the morning and at nights, like he used to. Bring flowers and takeout on stressful days ? Or should you definitely break-up ? Erasing him from your life, going on dates ? And how were you going to annonce it to him, he was always ignoring your texts and calls. You would have to try texting him anyway. You needed to sleep. You would need energy in the morning. 

Sunday Morning. You needed coffee. And courage. If he answered positively to your text to see him, it would just be a break, if he decided to ignore you then you would just break up. 

To : Handsome Boyfriend ♥

Can I see you today ?

From : Handsome Boyfriend ♥

Can’t, practicing

To : Handsome Boyfriend ♥

Since I can’t see you face-to-face to say that, since you’ve spend the last months ignoring me or being mad at me for no reasons, I have to do that by text. Seokjin, let’s break up.

From : Handsome Boyfriend ♥


“Ok”. That was all. That was the end of 3 years of relationship. Three years that probably ended months before for him. Was there someone else ? Did you do something ? Weren’t you enough ? Whyand when exactly did he stop being your person ? You spent your entire day thinking about it, eating junkfood, crying, watching crappy shows. 

Monday morning. You woke up and went to college. Spent the evening at the library, putting your mind somewhere else. If he stopped loving you, you could too. You just had to stop thinking about him, put your mind somewhere else and then one day you would be used to think of anything but him and you would move on. 

Two weeks after. Your mind was still focused on him at night. You would still cry. Still wonder how he moved on, why he stopped loving you. If there was someone else or if you just weren’t enough for him. But eventually you would move on. Even if you didn’t have the answers to that, right ? One day, you would move on. 

A/N : OK THIS IS SHORT BUT THAT’S BECAUSE I WANT TO MAKE A SECOND PART AND I FELT LIKE IT WAS WHERE IT HAD TO END !!! (I wanted to make a cute ending where he comes to her and apologizes and says he loves her but I HAVE THE PERFECT ENDING IN MY HEAD (it will be short too I think, should I post it next week or in a while ??????) IN THIS ENDING SHE HAS ANSWERS !!!!!

See you next week (even if it’s not on wednesday because I’m always lazy),

Kim. ♥

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i dont know if youre still taking friends themed prompts but if you are then "the one where joey tells rachel" with sterek when phoebe says she met monicas soulmate and introduces them and makes chandler all jealous and worried

“Guys,” Lydia ushers in a pretty, brunette woman and gestures to her, “I want you to meet Carla.” She taps Derek on the shoulder and gives him an intense look, “She’s the friend I mentioned that enjoys cooking, too.”

“Oh,” Stiles jumps in, throwing his legs over Derek’s lap to prevent him from standing. “You like cooking? Wow, that’s… so unusual. I don’t know anyone else that likes cooking.”

Derek smirks at him over his coffee cup, nods at Carla, “Nice to meet you.”

“Hi,” Carla goes to sit down next to Derek, and Stiles wiggles his feet at her, gives her an apologetic look. “Okay,” she says slowly, perching on the chair next to them instead. “I’d been hoping to run into Lydia again, actually,” she looks at Derek, smiles winningly. “I ate at your restaurant last month.”

“Oh no,” Derek pulls a face, “We were terribly short staffed all through June, I’m so sorry.”

“No, it was wonderful!” Carla touches his arm and Stiles eyeballs her hand so hard he thinks he pulls something. She doesn’t notice. Lydia does, however, and elbows him sharply. 

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Real Love//Part Three

Originally posted by justinbiebergifs

A/N: Here’s part three, thank you for reading and let me know what you think! Enjoy!!(:

Warnings: swearing

Part One    Part Two

The bubble you two were in suddenly popped and  the comfort you found wrapped up in his arms had gone away.

Your eyes look away sheepishly from Justin wanting to somehow decrease the awkwardness.

Justin’s eyes are however are on you, unmoving. He’s in awe? Surprised? Honestly you have no idea how he’s feeling but you don’t want to talk about it right now.

“My bad J-.” Justin’s friend starts to apologize but Justin’s faster with his words and he interrupts him.

“Za, man you gotta learn how to knock.” His honey gold eyes cut to his friend.

“Yea, yea I’m sorry dude but I did call out before I walked in. You know that I don’t knock plus you said I’m welcome anytime.” The young guy grinned unaware of what he had interrupted.

Za soon breaks out laughing and talking about how Khalil (another close friend of Justin’s you assume) forgot to turn the faucet off in his bathroom and his entire room got flooded. Both boys broke out laughing at their mutual’s friend unfortunate mistake.

“Oh my God, it finally happened, fuck that’s hilarious. how many times did we tell him?” Justin turns his focus onto Za.

Za shakes his head as he grabs the carton of orange juice from the fridge, “I don’t know man probably like 100 times. But you know Khalil, stubborn as fuck and never wants to learn.”

“He’s forgetful too.” Justin laughs.

“Is he gonna be alright. Does he need help with fixing his room up?” Your voice is laced with worry.

Justin turns his head to you and smiles. He looks down at you with pride which does something to your stomach, butterflies is what they seem to call it?

“That’s sweet of you bab-Y/N but umm Khalil won’t be needing any help. He’s rich, his pops is Lenny Valentine.”

Your ears perk up at the slip up before your eyes widen in complete shock, “No way?! Are you serious? Why don’t you ask his dad to listen to your music?”

Lenny Valentine was responsible for so many artists’ career and he makes stars. If anyone could help Justin, it would be that man.

Za scoffs, “Girl he would never do that. Justin has too much pride.”

“It’s not that. I just wanna do this music thing my way, I see how some people end up when they give control to some executive who thinks they know something about music.”

You love how passionate Justin is about his music and it adds to the many reasons as to why you’re falling for him.

Justin gathers up his music sheets and tosses all of the ball of paper into the trash before heading into the kitchen with Za.

“Anyway man what are you doing here?” Justin grabs a coaster and puts it under Za’s glass.

“I don’t need a reason to come over JB. We best friends, what’s yours is mine and what’s mine is yours.”

Justin laughs and pulls open the refrigerator.

“I’m being rude. I’m Za, Justin’s fine friend.” Za winks at you and you can automatically see why these two are friends, birds of a feather flock together.

You shake his hand and introduce yourself.

For the rest of the night, you three hang out in Justin’s living room while Justin continues writing his song. You get to know Za more and it turns out he’s a pretty awesome guy, he’s goofy and nice to be around.

You still haven’t forgotten about the kiss and you can tell it’s still on Justin’s mind because throughout the entire night he’d glance at you from time to time. The night ends with you finally saying goodnight to the boys because you have to be at work again in the morning.

A few days later you’re sitting on your plush sofa, enjoying a lazy day off and pigging out some pizza. It had been a difficult week of consistently working doubles and going on call backs when you weren’t at the restaurant serving rude customers.

Your phone lights up, a phone call from your manager. Anytime he called, your heart stopped because you didn’t know what kind of news he’d relay to you. You always hoped that it was because you finally booked a role.

You answer, “Josh what’s up?”

“You sitting down Y/N?” He sounds too excited.

“Why?” You question, your stomach is in knots and you’re really anxious for what he’s about to tell you.

“Because you’re in! You got the FUCKING PART! You’re going to be starring in Ryan Coogler’s next project.”

Your heart drops and you don’t even realize that your life just completely changed with one phone call. You finally did it!

“You there? We gotta talk details honey! Meet me for lunch tomorrow, my treat.” Josh’s cheery voice brings you back to reality.

“Okay.” Your reaction seems underwhelming but it’s mainly because you had heard no so many times that finally hearing yes is going to take a few minutes to sink in.

“Alright, I’ll text you the address. See you tomorrow movie star!” He excitedly yells before hanging up.

That’s when it finally clicks and you’re screaming with joy. You’re jumping up and down on your couch and dancing around your apartment while yelling over and over, “I did it!”

Unbeknownst to you Justin was walking up the stairs to his apartment with some good news of his own when he hears your screams. He’s instantly worried, the worst coming to mind.

He’s at your door, knocking hard and when you don’t answer because you’re preoccupied with your celebration Justin kicks the door open.

His hands are up ready to fight anyone who even thought of hurting you but all he sees is you bouncing up and down.

“What’s going on? Are you okay?” Justin is firing questions at you.

You finally take notice that your door is open and Justin is standing in front of you out of breath, eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

“Did you just kick my door down?” You ask.

Justin looks at the cherrywood door and see it’s barely on it’s hinges. His hand retreats to the back of his neck and scratches the skin there, one of his nervous ticks that you had picked up on.

“Uhh-yea my bad. I thought you were getting robbed or something.” His eyes are staring at the concrete flooring.

“Oh my God no. Sorry I scared at you but I just got a call from Josh.”

Justin’s eyes light up, “Your manager? Was it good news?”

You can’t contain your smile when you say yes and proceed to tell him that, “I got the part that I was rushing out of here last week for.”

“Are you serious?” He’s returning your smile with his own.

You nod and in a second he has you engulfed in his arms squeezing you tight, “I’m so proud of you Y/N.”

You came to the conclusion that being in his arms is one of your favorite places to be. Justin releases his arms around your torso but keeps the close distance, his hands not moving from your hips.

“I got some good news too. My mixtape is finished and the owner of Nice is gonna let me have a listening party there this Friday.”

His news excites you even more than yours. Justin had been working towards this for a long time and to see all of his hard work pay off was amazing for you to see.

It’s your turn to congratulate him.

“Justin that’s great. That’s so awesome!” Your arms circle around his shoulders and you pull him into a bone crushing hug.

He nuzzles his nose into your neck and you can feel him smile.

“I want you to come.” The tone is suggestive and if he hadn’t been referring to wanting you to go to his release party then your mind would’ve went straight to the gutter.

“Of course. I wouldn’t miss it for anything”

And then you feel it again, the same magnetic feeling you had at his place a few nights ago. You two also seem to be drawn together, two pieces of a puzzle finally finding their way back together.

Justin is moving his face away from the crevice of your neck and looks down at you. Your head tilts up to do the same. His eyes are locked on your lips that are jutted out and his breath is shallow. While you’re this close to his face, you admire the long eyelashes that fan over of the tops of his soft cheeks and his cute button nose. It feels like time is moving in slow motion when Justin is making the first move and his lips are pressing against yours. One his hands moves from where he’s holding your waist, to your jaw and he’s giving this kiss his all. As he pulls back from the kiss, his teeth are tugging on your bottom lip dragging it with him and letting it bounce back in place.

His forehead is firm against yours, “What are you doing to me?” His question comes out in a whisper.

You lick your lips, tasting him and shrug, “I should be asking you the same thing.”

But before Justin can dive back into another kiss, a familiar voice sounds from the hallway of your apartment building, “You two lovebirds just don’t give a fuck huh, kissing while everyone can see?”

Za’s voice makes Justin clench his jaw and you roll your eyes before you both turn to him to give the side eye.

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Hi. Can I request a 'popular girl!gwiboon and nerd!minho are best friends since they were children. Gwiboon secretly loves Minho but Minho is clueless" fanfic? Please? Thank you. :)

“Hey, wait for me!” Easily, Minho falls into step with Gwiboon, matching his longer strides with hers. There’s that certain gentle sparkle in his eyes that Gwiboon likes to think is reserved just for her, but she can’t really be sure of that. “You’ve got English next? With Junghee?”

“Yeah,” she answers, grabbing his arm as they make their way through the swarm of students in the halls. “And we have a presentation today. Can’t wait for it to be over!” It’s not that she minds, really, but if she has to listen to Junghee’s nervous whining for one more day she’s not going to be held responsible for her actions. 

“You’ll do fine,” Minho says without a thought, “both of you.” They almost walk into a bunch of younger students who are running, apparently late for something, but Minho manages to tug Gwiboon to the side in the nick of time. Neither of them really pays it much attention, though.

“I know that,” she replies confidently. She gives Minho’s arm a little squeeze, though, raising her eyebrows questioningly. “How come I haven’t seen you all morning?”

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Two Night Stand AU: Part 3

Ok, I’m going to be straight with y’all.  I’m busy and tired and they won’t reject my short story so I wrote this but I don’t even know if it’s good, I just know it was an excuse to watch this movie a billion more times, which is always a good choice. 

“Do you have service?” Astrid paces back and forth across Hiccup’s living room, pressing her phone screen repeatedly.  “You were on the phone in the hallway.”  

“Yeah, but not anymore,” he waves his phone at her and she squints to see the little white x in the corner of his screen.  “Plus, aren’t you watching the weather?  There’s like another foot of snow outside.”  

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