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you’re doing good, but it’s never enough - is it?
you’ve got nothing but heartburn.

  • me: *hasn't seen the new episode but reblogs gifs from it*
  • me: I'm lying to my followers. I'm a fraud
  • me: ...
  • me: *finally sees new episode*
  • me: *reblogs more gifs, now guilt-free*

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Hi this is Jeff from the Overwatch team :)

jeff 👱👓 KAPPAlan 🐸🙊 there aren’t 21 heroes 🤔2️⃣1️⃣🚫❌🙅 there’s only one ☝🏽️1️⃣ and that hero 💪🏽 is YOU 🗣👏🏽🙌🏽✊🏽 so 🙇keep Creating ✍🏽‼️ 🖊🖍📝 keep Believing 🌟✨🏃 & get that 🅿️🅾✝⛽️ Because 🚨🚨 Heroes Never Die™ 👩🏼👼🏼🏃🏼🙋🏼⭐️🌟✨🙅❌⚰🏆

A brief example of white privilege:

If I, an Indian girl in America, mispronounce a white name, I will face mockery and scorn for my “substandard intelligence” which ***cLeArLy*** stems from my immigrant background. I will be consumed by shame as I constantly recall that moment when the wrong syllable was stressed or the right letters came out in the wrong sequence. My error may be met with laughter or with annoyance; either way, my only option is to fix my tongue and fix it FAST. I am suddenly blind to my own abilities: if I couldn’t even say the name “Leighton” correctly, does anything else matter???? Who cares how qualified a person of color is when they can’t even say a damn name?!?!

On the other hand, a white person can listen to me introduce myself gently, articulately, and painstakingly, yet *still* decide my name just isn’t worth the effort. They watch me waste my breath as I repeat my name in varying speeds and mentally implore them to try again for my sake. Then come the anglicized nicknames, the insensitive jokes, the dismissive hand gestures, and the utter disregard for one of the greatest elements of a person’s identity.

I am left feeling cheated and defeated.

White privilege is being able to erase the beauty, significance, and legacy of another human being’s name simply because you’re too lazy to teach your tongue something new.


after you got finished with texting jungkook, you pulled into the local supermarket parking lot and got out of your car. you already knew what you needed so, this trip should be quick.

you grabbed a shopping cart and walked straight to the baking area , grabbing about three boxes of cupcake mix and three different types of icing.

“hey, you’re that famous boy’s wife!” you turned around after hearing the voice of an older woman.

you slowly turned around and put a smile on your face. “well, my husband is…an idol yes.”

“he’s jeongguk from bts right?! i never thought that he’d end up with someone like you. my grand-”

“look, are you just gonna insult me? because if you’re planning on doing that, i’ll just go now.” you cut her off but kept a calm tone of voice.

“oh no no! you’re beautiful, i just thought that he’d marry a woman of his own race. but it’s okay, you two make a great couple and your daughter is so beautiful!” she reassured you.

you bowed slightly. “thank you and sorry for the misunderstanding. it’s just…people insult me all of the time. it’s a shame that they can’t see past the color of my skin-.”

before you could say anything else, she pulled you into a hug. it made you smile since it was your first time in a while receiving a hug and positive comments from an ahjumma.

“you’re too pretty to stress over these ignorant people. they’re too stuck in their traditional ways.” she paused and fanned herself. “ah those people, they’re so old and mean i’m so sorry.”

she literally looked like she was shopping for her last meal. she had a good soul though.

“alright, i should get going. it was nice talking to you.” you bowed again and proceeded to walk away until the lady grabbed your arm.

“you’re baking aren’t you?“she asked you in which you nodded in response.

she looked into your basket and took the mixes and icings out. “you can’t use these, they suck.” she lightly chuckled.

“i have so many grandchildren, they love this kind! they always fight over my bakings even when it’s enough! those kids..” she smiled, while thinking about her grandkids.

you watched her as she grabbed replacements from a more expensive brand. it didn’t even bother you since you were always going for the cheaper things. you never had a budget but you always acted as if you did.

“here you go.” she tossed a container of sprinkles in your basket. “your daughter will love those. take care.” she said before patting your back and walking away to another aisle.

“you too..”


you drove home happily after your small encounter with the ahjumma at the supermarket.

jungkook was standing outside, waiting for you just like you had asked him to. you lied to him and told him that you had got extra things and that there was a bunch of bags ; so you’d need help getting them out of the car.

that wasn’t the case though. you only had two bags sitting in the passenger seat.

you had figured that if he was busy getting the bags, you could get into the house before he could. one time, the kitchen and hallway was in a complete mess and he tried stalling you until yuri could clear it out but you caught them.

that time, you didn’t tell them when you were coming but this time, you showed a little mercy.

“baby! baby! kiss! kiss!” kookie came running up to you with puckered lips. he wrapped his arms around you and pulled your face to his, pressing his lips against yours.

you pulled your face away and scrunched your eyebrows. “you think i’m stupid huh? let me go.”

“no i don’t think that. can i just kiss my woman?” he nervously followed behind you after grabbing the bags from the car.

you couldn’t see him, but he did a small prayer ; hoping that when you two walked into the house, it would be clean.

well, he must’ve been out of luck or prayed too late because when you two stepped inside, yuri was stopped in her tracks, holding a blanket and bowl of mixed candies (there were some scattered acrosed the floor too). another blanket was somehow hanging from the ceiling fan and a bunch of dolls were everywhere.

“yuri-yah..” kookie sighed as he dropped the bags and face palmed himself.

you shook your head, turning around to face him. “you can’t be serious kookie i told you to have this house clean. you’re a grown man you know? you should know better. i’m dissa-”

“it was my idea mommy. so it’s my fault right? punish me instead of daddy.” yuri stepped in front of you and tugged on your shirt.

you looked down into her eyes, they held too much of an innocence ; you couldn’t do anything to her even if you wanted to.

“no one’s getting punished. i just want to know why daddy thinks that it’s okay to have a dirty house.” you looked back up at your tool of a husband, waiting for an answer.

“we we’re cleaning up what are you talking about?” he looked down at yuri. “why are adults like this? always nagging..”

you rolled your eyes and walked away when yuri laughed. “whatever.”

“mommy! you’re baking!” yuri shouted when she noticed the two bags on the floor.

“no, i’m returning those.” you lied.

as expected yuri and your husband that couldn’t accept that he was grown came running up to you with sadness written all over their faces.

“is this about what i said earlier? you can bake baby you’re the best baker there is even if you burn every batch of cupcakes you make i still eat them because they’re delicious!” kookie said without taking a breath.

“even if your cupcakes are usually rock hard i eat them because they’re delicious and i need strong teeth anyways!” yuri added.

you giggled a little even if they were coming for you and your baking. “i’ll think about baking today if this living room gets cleaned. what were y'all doing anyways?”

“we made a big fort and played with my dolls. we ate sweets too!” yuri responded, she was happy to tell you what she and jungkook did. “oh and daddy has a good girl voice.”

“i bet it was his cringey aegyo voice.” you laughed at yourself, just thinking about his aegyo made you feel weird.

“i’ll have you know that my aegyo voice is the shit!” he walked away after he realized that he had just cursed in the process of defending himself.

“the shit?” yuri shouted as she chased after him.

“yuri! don’t say that! it’s a bad word!” you told her in a serious tone but inside you were dying at her pronunciation.

she put her hands over her mouth and looked down. kookie noticed this and picked her up. “it’s okay, it was my fault for saying that around you. let’s clean up alright?”

“okay.” she wiggled out of his arms and started to pick up candies from the floor. kookie followed.

you watched them for a few seconds before pulling the contents of the bags out and placing them on the counter.

“we’re gonna die..” you overheard them say to each other.

“shut up!”


honestly how can you deal w/ them?