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Death is the Maiden.

Drew this to see if I could still digitally paint for Gabby. Also because I WISH TO SHARE A DUMB HEADCANON FOR THE HANDMAID. Terezi spoke that she’s sort of a grim reaper-like figure on Alternia. Now, since Alternia is such a violent place, it only makes sense there’s a lot of death.

So, I like to think that in certain lowblood circles, the Handmaid was revered as a kind of goddess of death and mercy. Children learn very young to pray to the Cullmistress for a swift and painless death. A peaceful death is considered a blessing by the Handmaid, and escaping death more than once is often a sign that the Handmaid has taken a pale or red interest in you.

There is iconography of her sold underground, and soldiers trapped off-planet leave offerings to her. To lowbloods she’s a benevolent figure. She comforts the dying and carries dying wrigglers in her arms off to paradise. The Summoner often spoke well of her, and addressed her before battle.

Highbloods pray to her in secret, for a heroic or blazing death of glory. It’s far more seen as lowblood superstition though.

As for the handmaid herself, she finds this terribly stupid, but endearing. It was nice to be welcomed instead of greeted with screaming and writhing. But when the Psiioniic welcomed her near, she was glad the universe was ending.

A Good Day Off

A/N: This was requested by @pettylivesmatter. This is a day of just you and Hotch chilling. I hope you like it. Thanks :)

You woke up to the feeling of your boyfriend’s arms tightening around your waist. His nose was buried in your hair and your bodies were pressed together. You had both slept in. The two of you worked for the BAU and you did not get many days off, so any day that you could spend with Aaron Hotchner, was a good day. Fifteen minutes after you woke up, you were back to a blissful dreamland.

The second time that you woke up, it was a little more discomforting, but still a welcomed way to wake up in the morning. Jack bounded into your bedroom and bounced on your bed, rustling you from your deep, content sleep. Hotch stirred behind you as his son jumped up and down on your bed to wake up.

“Wake up sleeping heads!” He said with a wild smile. He was just full of happy giggles.

You groaned a little at the sudden wake up call, but you happily accepted it with a smile. It was impossible not to smile at Jack. He was just the most adorable kid in the world.

“Good morning, Jack.” You said as you sat up in bed. You discreetly nudged your boyfriend in the ribs, telling him to indulge in his son’s venture to rouse the two of you from bed. He grunted at the press to his chest, but sat up straight anyway.

Jack smiled widely at you. “Good morning, y/n! Good morning, daddy!” he jumped up and down on the bed for a few more seconds before continuing, “Daddy, I’m hungry. Can you make breakfast?”

Hotch sighed. It was his day off and he wanted to stay in bed long, but he loved his son a whole lot more than sleeping in. “Of course, bud. I will be in the kitchen in a few minutes.”

“Yay!” Jack shouted before leaping off the bed and disappearing out of the bedroom.

You turned to Hotch and gave him a peck on the cheek as you got out of bed and headed into the bathroom. He yawned and did not move out of bed. You pulled your robe on over you pajamas and returned to the bedroom to find that Hotch had gone back to bed. He was snuggled back up underneath the comforter, tangled up in the sheets. You chuckled at his resistant movement. He really just wanted to stay in bed all day.

You went over by the bed where he lay and crouched down by where his face was stuffed into a pillow. You put a hand on his shoulder and gently began to rub tiny circles with your thumb. You leaned in close to his ear and whispered, “You gotta wake up, babe. You gotta make breakfast.” He groaned in response and moved his face farther into the pillow like an exhausted teenager.

When he made no move to get out of bed, you climbed over him and onto your side of the bed. You loomed over him. Your hand still rubbed gentle circles into his shoulder. But then you leaned down and pressed a soft kiss to his temple, then another, and another. That woke him up.

He turned around in bed and faced toward you. His hand reached up and cupped your cheek. He pulled your face down to his and the two of you shared a warm, comfortable kiss. You hummed contentedly when you pulled away. You grinned down at him.

“That woke you up. Didn’t it babe?” you winked at him, victorious in your attempt to stir him from his sleep.

He grinned back at you happily. Before he could say anything else, you sprung over him and grabbed his hand. You yanked him off of the bed and the two of you fell to the floor with a thump. You laughed effortlessly as the two of you sat on the floor. He leaned in and pressed another light kiss to your lips.

“Why did I fall in love with a morning person?” He joked with a happy chuckle. You laughed with him and rose off of the floor, tugging him to his feet with you.

“Come on, babe. You’ve got a breakfast to make.”

The two of you made your way downstairs where you found Jack sitting on the couch, cheerfully watching Spongebob Squarepants. Hotch walked over to him and pressed a kiss to the top of his head.

“Morning, bud. What do you want for breakfast?” he asked

“Pancakes!” Jack replied enthusiastically

“Alright, buddy. Pancakes it is.”

Hotch wandered into the kitchen and started cooking breakfast. You plopped down next to Jack and watched his show with him The two of you sat in pleasant silence, contradicted by the sporadic laughs occasionally caused by the show every few minutes.

Another episode later, Hotch came back into the living room and announced that breakfast was ready. The three of you ate Hotch’s special pancakes together at the table. Jack animatedly told you about the pet turtle that his class had adopted. He told you how he got to feed it Wednesday mornings.

After breakfast, you all cleaned up your dishes and went off to get ready for the day. You and your boyfriend showered and got dressed while Jack dawdled around in his room, prolonging his time in his pajamas. Eventually, all three of you were dressed and ready for the day.

You decided to go on a walk around the neighborhood. Jack excitedly rushed out the front door and found his bike. He rolled a few yards in front of the two of you while you held hands behind him and chatted. You stopped at a park and Jack played with some of the other kids that were there. He was really enjoying yourself and you and Hotch managed to have some time to simply converse about something that was lighter than your typical work-related conversation. Eventually, you strolled back home.

By now it was noon. Hotch made Jack a quick PB&J sandwich that the young boy quickly scarfed down. Jack had a sleepover with a friend scheduled to start at one o’ clock, so when he finished his lunch, you hopped into the car and drove over to his friends house. You and Hotch interlaced your hands proudly over the glovebox as Jack bounced around in the back of the car. A quiet tune sliced through the talkative chatter of the young boy sitting in the back of the car.

When you and Hotch got back home, you sat down on the couch in silence. Your legs were laced together and you sat at opposite ends of the couch. It was barely the afternoon and you had nothing to do. You were not used to empty days like this. Usually, you were overloaded with work or had big plans. You picked awkwardly at your fingers when you felt your boyfriend’s eyes fall on you.

“You know,” he said to you, prompting you to look up at him,“we don’t have anything planned until our dinner reservations at five o’ clock.”

You looked at him and his eyes were filled with a familiar dark hunger. His foot ran back and forth along your thigh. You laughed breathlessly at his forwardness. You both started to lean in at the very same moment and your lips met in the middle. It was a kiss filled with deep passion and an endless heat. The kiss that you shared quickly evolved into more.

You never meant to miss your dinner reservation but that was what ended up happening. By the time that you realized that it was too late to make it to your reservation, it was 6 o’ clock.

“Hotch,” you said, turning over in your bed to face your boyfriend as you looked away from the alarm clock. Your chest was still heaving.“I think we may have missed our dinner reservation.”

He chuckled and muttered,“I wonder why.” Then he wordlessly turned to his night table and grabbed his phone. He started to dial a number.

“Babe, what are you doing?” You asked him

“I’m ordering pizza."He said as he pulled the phone up to his ear,"After all of this, I’m going to be pretty hungry.”

He winked at you and you laughed.

Yeah, you definitely really liked your day off. It was a good day.


May, 10th

I had expected the kid to have at least a little clue about what was going on, but he was completely and utterly oblivious, It’s was fun. I loved doing these kinds of things, and the waiting game was finally, thank the lord, over, it was 9 o'clock too late, if I’m going to be honest, since it’s a week day, but just 30 minutes ago, Jasper texted me and said that he allowed Katty for the two of them to stay home from school tomorrow, guess I didn’t have a say in that. And just 2 minutes ago Katty had texted me “It’s go time dad!’ so this was it.
’‘Felix. We’re picking up Katty and Jasper, come on” he groaned and didn’t move, oh come on, kid. “Why do I have to come?” this kid, was the laziest one I had met to this day, he was constantly taking naps, never in the mood to get up when his butt had first hit a soft seat “Because you know I hate driving alone, It’s boring as hell. And you could use some fresh air. So get that little butt of yours up from my couch and down to the car,” it was a miracle really, that he finally after almost a minute of silence lifted his body off the couch and followed me out the door, “On our way.. finally, that boy.. how do you deal with him” I texted Katty when Felix walked down the stairs in front of me “Tell me about it..” she texted back.
It didn’t take long for him to realize we weren’t going into town, and that we were, in fact, going towards a different city, and then into the woods, he continued asking me where we were going, I kept my mouth shut and my gaze on the road, he was still completely oblivious, at least I thinks so because, he kept asking if Jasper had gotten lost somewhere or if he was trying a different therapist, in a different city.  
When we arrived, and all he could see was water and trees he suddenly got a little nervous ’'So is this the time where I get to see the real you, and you’re going to murder me with an ax, telling me to go ahead and scream, because no one can hear me anyway?“ I gave him a look, and raised my eyebrow ’'How much tv do you guys watch when we’re not home?” he shrugged “A lot?” no shit, Sherlock. “Follow me, Tiger”

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it's nine o'clock at night my time it's too late for this shit wtf is this when we seal the panic shelter doors?