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lance! you’re too! close! [part 3]

sorry i post in the middle of the night im a moon gremlin who lives in a late time zone and sleeps all day

if you can’t read my handwriting, here is lance’s monologue

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study moods

sleepy dawn

  • open windows
  • listening to lo-fi
  • wearing pyjamas
  • planning your day, creating to-do lists
  • the sky is pretty

spring breeze

  • coming back after a walk
  • drinking a glass of water
  • getting a head-start on the assignment
  • the great feeling of productivity, ah

cozy evening

  • sitting on your bed
  • rewarding yourself afterwards with a bath or chocolate
  • highlighting with your favourite markers
  • warm tea or cocoa next to you

night vision

  • it’s way too late, but you gotta finish that essay
  • rock music all the way
  • everything is a mess
  • you’re gonna be okay though

cinnamon afternoon

  • drinking coffee
  • doing some math exercises
  • listening to a chill/coffeehouse playlist
  • scrolling through tumblr in your little breaks

I’m out of the hospital now, got out late last night. I’m still passing out and went to my pcp today and she said that it’s likely I’m narcoleptic. She said I’m not allowed to go anywhere as much as possible, I can’t drive as long as I have these spells. She wrote me out of school for next week. I was hoping to make it back next week but I’m not allowed. I have a letter for my absences and will continue to do the work here at home so I don’t fall behind. I’ll see a sleep specialist sometime soon and do some sleep studies at the hospital. I can get meds to control the episodes so that’s promising. It’s been one hell of a year. ;( thanks for the support everyone

Tyrus Wong, whose watercolors helped define the look of Bambi, died Friday, Dec. 30. He was 106.

Like most animation fans, I first heard of Tyrus Wong via his work on Bambi. Legend has it, that’s the first time Walt Disney heard of him, too!

Okay, so the story goes…

Walt was chomping at the bit to make Bambi, only he was having trouble finding the ‘look’ he wanted for the film. He’d tried ultra-realism, but nixed it. He switched to super cartoony, but again, nope. It was beginning to look like the film would get shelved until late one night, while wandering through his studio, Disney happened upon a small stack of unusual watercolors. They were by a fella named ‘Wong,’ and they were…well, different.

What do I mean by ‘different’? Well, for one thing, these watercolors were tiny. Most of them measured no more than 4″ x 5″. And where the rest of the studio’s painters tried to pack as much detail into each picture as possible, Wong’s paintings were sparse, vague — almost suggestions. Wong would later say, “I tried to keep the thing very, very simple and create the atmosphere, the feeling of the forest.”

It worked. Walt was so impressed with what he saw that the very next day he promoted Wong from his job as an in-betweener (kind of like an animation line cook) to concept artist (think: Michelin rated chef)! Not only that, but Wong’s watercolors came to define the look of Bambi‘s backgrounds, providing the film with its sensitive, poetic and often ethereal mood.

After working at Disney, Wong moved on to Warner Bros. There he provided production art for quite a few live-action classics, including Rebel Without A Cause, The Wild Bunch and Sands of Iwo Jima. He also did freelance commercial work, where his gorgeous watercolor and calligraphic art came to adorn everything from greeting cards to high end pottery.

After retiring, Wong began making kites. Not your typical, four-cornered diamond shaped kites, but HUGE, ornamental, multifaceted kites in the shape of dragons, centipedes, flocks of birds and swarms of butterflys.

Upon first discovering Wong’s work fifteen years ago, I wrote him a number of gushing — and probably pretty embarrassing — fan letters. Wong responded to each and every one of them graciously.

I still have the envelope from his first response, where he drew a small, singing bird in pastels, sitting atop my name. (See above.) Another time, I literally teared up when I opened my mailbox to find a Christmas card that Wong had designed decades earlier. It was a winter scene, featuring a mother deer and her young buck. Inside, Wong not only signed it with his English name, but also embossed it with a red stamp bearing the Chinese characters for his name! Needless to say, I treasure both of these items to this day.


All of this rambling is really just my way of honoring a man whose work has meant so much to so many. I hope he knew how truly appreciated his wonderful work was.

R.I.P. Tyrus Wong  (Oct. 25, 1910  - Dec. 30, 2016)

still your gushing fan,

Ju-osh M.

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Why do people talk about Jonathan Groff more than Okieriete Onaodowan? Jon left Hamilton months ago and is literally on stage for like 10 minutes. Oak has an amazing range and is the last original cast member. Why does no one talk about him. Why wasn't he nominated for a Tony. I need answers.

Sweet Baby Boy 🌸

I love you. I think I’ve loved you since the moment we met, I was just too afraid to admit it. Because how can you possibly love someone when all you know is that their laugh sounds like old records on a Sunday and their favourite colour is blue? But damn, do I ever love you. I love the way your voice changes when you talk about your passions. I love that you’re passionate about everything from ankle socks to global warming. I love that life is simple with you. Ever since I met you, there have been no questions. The answer is always there. It’s you.
We are told so many things about ourselves throughout our life. Some we pay far too much attention to – and others nowhere near enough. There are the things we tell ourselves late at night when the darkness outside creeps into our minds; or the thoughts we whisper to ourselves standing in front of bathroom mirrors with tears running down our cheeks. These are false truths we need to let go of as we cannot see ourselves objectively from the outside perspective others do.
The things we should pay the most attention to – the greatest truths about ourselves – are held within the things our loved ones write to us. The words they penned in letters, cards and poems; on the backs of photographs; in the covers of books; on post-it notes; the household whiteboard; or in random text messages… Those are the quiet truths that are the most heartfelt… Things that were too delicate to say in person, or things that they knew we would probably dismiss as mere politeness if they did. So they wrote them down for us so we could read them again and again until the message sinks in… that we matter. That we are beautiful and special; remembered and thought of; loved and cherished.
These are the things we should be rereading until they become the truths of ourselves we start believing.

Samantha Bee was the best entertainer of 2016, not Ryan Reynolds

This year, Entertainment Weekly named Ryan Reynolds their Entertainer of the Year. But there’s one woman whose contributions to 2016 feel seismic — at the cross section of entertainment and politics that befits this particular year. We’re talking, of course, about Samantha Bee.

We do not live in apolitical times. Every action can be seen as a statement, from Bee’s raging rants to Jimmy Fallon tousling Trump’s hair. (That made Bee mad too.) Late night is not a haven for getting away from the problems of the world. Bee knows this, and she used her show as a soapbox to deliver some of the most powerful, hilarious, cathartic statements about the news this year.

Bee has been sorely under-rewarded for her success, which has been baffling to experience. She regularly dominates next-morning news headlines; her takes after the debates and conventions became essential viewing. There was no one who interacted with the ugliness of 2016 in the way Bee did. If that doesn’t make her the entertainer of the year — helping us smile through the shit — nothing will. Read more

Signs as artist problems

Aries: “Can you draw me??”

Taurus: “You’ll never make a living like that!”

Gemini: Scared of ruining a brand new sketchbook

Cancer: Realising all the mistakes once you post the artwork

Leo: “Did you draw that?”

Virgo: “Can I have that drawing once you’re done?”

Libra: Becoming paranoid that people will steal your characters

Scorpio: Drawing something and not knowing what to do with the background

Sagittarius: Too broke for art supplies

Capricorn: So difficult to create a distinctive art style,,,

Aquarius: The sketch looks better than the lineart!11!!1

Pisces: Proud of a drawing you did late at night but hating it in the morning


late night texts to your bts boyfriend

hi guys i promise im not done with 317 yet i just couldnt fall asleep last night and wanted to take a little break to do a couple one-shots (just like old times). let me know if you enjoyed this cus then mayb ill open my requests for a little while too. love u guys. xo

~Guys, guuuys...

I’ve just learnt that Ben Affleck:

- has taught himself Arabic

- speaks Spanish and French too

- is so good at doing impressions that when he did one to Morgan Freeman, it was so accurate Freeman told him, “You ever do that again, I’ll kill you”

- won $356,000 by winning the California State Poker Championships in June 2004 - defeating some of the best poker players in the world in the process

- filmed four movies simultaneously in 2001: Pearl Harbor, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Changing Lanes, and The Sum of All Fears 

- began an intense two-hour a day workout regime the day after he was cast as Batman

- received a lifetime ban from playing blackjack at the Las Vegas’ Hard Rock Casino due to his ‘counting cards’ skills

Which tells me:

1. He’s fucking smart. I mean, he can pick up/learn languages pretty well (one of which is Arabic, Damian are you listening and he majored in Middle Eastern Affairs in college) and he is a boss at poker/blackjack.

2. He’s a workaholic. Look, I’ve never made a film (or even a short video) in my entire life, but he did 4 in one year at the same time and I bet he’s done similar workloads throughout his career. Also, see: two-hour a day workout regime for more evidence.

3. He can do good enough impressions to freak the fuck out of God™.


= Ben Affleck is well on his way to being Ultimate Batman

All Hail the mighty Bat!

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(edit: someone didn’t like my previous gif-use due to literal-Superman-bashing, and I agreed. Sorry, I didn’t see Supes little face on the wee gif-screen. Here’s some batfleck just being the best Bat he can)

ignore me creepy internet researching the fuck out of him to get my hands on this info. i needed it to defend myself from absolutely no one. fucking fight me

It’s tempting to keep the computer running late and promise yourself an extra 30 minutes of bed rest in the morning. It’s tempting to do it again the next night, too. But sleep inevitably loses out to getting up early for school or work.

There’s a simple way to combat this: End all artificial lights at night for at least a weekend and drench your eyes in natural morning light, says Kenneth Wright, a professor of integrative physiology at the University of Colorado, Boulder and senior author on a study on resetting sleep cycles. The most straightforward way of doing this is to forbid any electronics on a camping trip.

In the study, published Thursday in Current Biology, Wright reports on the latest of a series of experiments where he sent people out camping in Colorado parks to reset their biological clocks. Small groups of people set out for a week during the summer, an experiment published in Current Biology in 2013.

This most recent study shows the results of camping a week in winter and once over a winter weekend. Others stayed at home to live their life. Along with sleep, Wright kept track of people’s circadian rhythms by measuring their levels of the hormone melatonin, which regulates wakefulness and sleep.

Not Getting Enough Sleep? Camping In February Might Help

Photo: Christopher Kimmel/Aurora Open/Getty Images

Surprise! :D Here’a late Christmas/early New Year treat from us to you: An illustrated comic fic (in the form of a mini-zine)!

It was initially a collaboration between @sarahcada and I on Christmas night that escalate from a series of simple sketches and 200-word drabble to an almost fully-colored comic and almost 1K-long fic (in one night too). @kwamikwami and @portentous-offerings also contributed with their input later on ;)

So without further ado, here is The Best Idea!



I really wanted to see Ron figuring out that Harry likes Draco before anyone else, so here we are (+ some romione bc I can)

more of my writing // [read this on ao3]


It was a late Saturday night. Ron and Hermione were sitting in the sofa in front of the Gryffindor common room’s fireplace. Harry’d already gone to bed after getting fed up with the two of them for telling him that he was over thinking everything about Malfoy. The hearth crackled and popped in the comfortable silence of the empty common room.

“Y'know,” Ron began after fidgeting with his hands for a while, “don’t you think Harry’s a little too obsessed with Malfoy?”

“What do you mean?” Hermione asked, not looking up from her book.

“I don’t know. Maybe Harry likes the git.” Ron said without confidence. Hermione’s head snapped up.

“Harry liking Malfoy?” she asked incredulously. “I don’t know, Ron. That seems pretty far-fetched.”

“No, think about it,” Ron said defensively. “Ever since first year, they’ve been going at each other for what reason? They’re always bickering and gearing each other up just for the hell of it. They’re just pulling each other’s pigtails, but they’re both too stupid to realize.”

Hermione didn’t seem convinced. “Well we do know why they’re like this. Malfoy insulted Harry in the beginning of first year, remember? And that’s been going on for the past six years.” She shut her book and leaned back into the sofa as she talked. “And I don’t think Harry’s gay, either. At least, I won’t assume so until he’s told us.”

“I guess,” Ron muttered.

“Besides, I don’t think I’ve never noticed Harry looking at guys that way,” Hermione reasoned. “Cho was the first in the five years we knew him, I think.” Ron seemed to be trying to think back on how Harry looked at various guys at Hogwarts, but quickly shook his head as if his memory was failing him.

“It’s getting late,” Hermione smiled. “We should get to bed.” Ron nodded and got up first, gently pulling her up from the seat. They held hands for the short walk to the staircase, and shared a quick peck on the lips before parting.

“Good night.”


Weeks passed since Ron and Hermione’s late night conversation, and they hadn’t brought it up since; it was a forgotten and irrelevant conversation — well, at least it was.

Harry came through the portrait hole during one of their free periods, hair more disheveled than usual, tie out of place, overall looking somewhat distressed.

“Oh, where we’re you, mate?” Ron asked. “Hermione’s looking through my potions essay if y — ”

“I have to tell you guys something,” Harry cut in. Hermione wrinkled her eyebrows in worry.

“Does it have to do something with Malfoy?” She asked cautiously. Harry swallowed nervously.

“Yes.” Ron and Hermione looked at each other in slight exasperation. He was going to go off again about how he was up to someth–

“I kissed him,” Harry blurted out.

They froze mid-breath.

“You what?” Ron asked, eyes blown wide.

“I…snogged Malfoy,” Harry said quietly, face slowly turning a Gryffindor scarlet.

“Hold on — I — you — what?” Hermione stuttered.

“I don’t exactly know what happened,” Harry tried to explain. “I followed him into an empty Transfiguration classroom, and we were fighting like normal — next thing I knew, I had him up against the wall, and we were really close, and…” Harry’s voice faded into nothing as he buried his face into his hands in embarrassment.

“And?” Hermione asked.

“He… leaned in and we started kissing” Harry said, his small voice muffled behind his hands.

“Did you like it?” Ron asked excitedly. Harry only gave back a small nod in reply.

I knew it!” he yelled. “Hermione, what’d I tell you? I told you Harry liked him — you just wouldn’t believe me — Merlin, I’ve bested Hermione Granger —”

“Oh, hush, Ron,” Hermione said quickly and turned to Harry.

“Harry?” she coaxed. “Um, thank you for telling us, firstly.” He nodded.

“I’m sorry, but just to clarify, have you liked Malfoy for a while? Did you know that you did? How long did you know?”

Harry emerged from his shell, replying, “I only just found out that I like him. Looking back, I reckon I’ve liked him for a while.”

“Does he like you back?” Ron jumped in.

Harry shrugged. “I don’t know. His face was really red afterwards, and he muttered something about when he sees me ‘next time’ when he was leaving.” Ron silently pumped his fist in the air, mouthing yes!, but quickly stopped after noticing Hermione’s glare.

“Well,” Ron grinned clapping his back, “congrats, mate.”

“I hope things work out well between you two,” Hermione said squeezing his hands.

Harry rubbed his face in embarrassment.


There’s a standard arrangement in hotels: Gladio and Prompto in one bed, Ignis and Noctis in the other.

If anyone asked, Gladio would cite standard bodyguard procedure; he sleeps closest to the door, and Noctis furthest. The rest falls into line from there, since Ignis and Gladio are too big to comfortably share a hotel bed, and Noctis and Prompto giggle and shove and whisper incessantly when left together.

The full truth, though, is a little more selfish than that.

Prompto mumbles in his sleep, sometimes snores, and more often than not winds up cuddled up to Gladio by morning.  Gladio actually likes it; it’s easier for him to relax and fall asleep when Prompto relaxes so completely, it makes him feel safe in a way that has nothing to do with his weapon being within reach.

Noctis is too deep a sleeper for Ignis’s late night phone habits to bother him. More importantly though, Ignis sleeps lightly enough to cut Noctis’s nightmares off before they get into full swing. Several times, Gladio has blinked awake in the middle of the night to find Ignis whispering reassurances, holding Noctis close to his chest. 

(Sometimes it’s the standard: “I’m here, Noct. Shh, I’m right here.” Sometimes it’s murmured lists of stars, names straight out of an astronomy book, constellations sketched out as wards against dark dreams. Never “it’s alright,” though. Ignis probably couldn’t lie like that if he wanted to.)  

Nobody ever talks about it in the morning. 

Hell, maybe Noctis doesn’t even know.

Those stories the guards used to tell about the young prince and advisor sneaking out at night, the extra clothes Ignis kept in Noctis’s teenage apartment… There’d been some jokes among the palace staff at Ignis’s expense, mostly from people jealous of his position: “sleeping his way to the top” and whatever. Gladio almost wishes it was that simple. He’d like to drag everybody who ever smirked here to see this, to listen to the sounds Noctis makes while Ignis desperately tries to hold him together in the dark.

If you’re going to be a significant other don’t be like me at 1 am when your s/o falls asleep on you so you quote Meant To Be Yours from Heathers