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Lup and Barry are the handsy-est couple headcanons: or, how many cute blupjeans things can I put in one post before my teeth rot from sap:

  • Barry will sit on the couch with Lup just wrapped around him. He’s a walking furnace and always soft, they’ve got a few big pillows and really fluffy blankets. He’ll read her a story and she’ll eventually drift off while listening to his slight, occasional stutter break the illusion and remind her that it’s him speaking, not the characters.
  • Lup will wear Barry’s jeans occasionally, and if she’s feeling bold she’ll wear his robe, too. The jeans are slightly too short, but his robe is infinitely comfier. Sometimes they joke about Barry wearing Lup’s style one day, but not even the power of her brother could help capture his personality like good, sturdy, reliable pair of blue jeans do.
  • Lup’s hair ALWAYS smells good. Barry has no idea what the scent is, but late night cuddling sessions somehow turn into his hands going through her locks, leaning in and drinking in the moment. He always falls asleep after she does.
  • They both like being the big spoon. Lup will rest her head on Barry’s shoulder from behind while he stands in his research lab, arms curled around his waist, nuzzling his neck. Barry holds Lup on the couch, she’ll sit between his legs flush against him and practically melt into one another, legs tangled together and comfy.

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Prompt number 50 for Shakarian

[OKAY FINALLY. Sorry my love, you know how I am…. so slow and…………………………… soooo slow. lol I hope you like it. <3 It’s pretty short kinda angsty but it’s got a cute happy ending, annnnd as you know first hand (because I’m constantly bitching about it to you lol) I’m having a hard time with my Mass Effect stuff ;.; IDK WHY BUT I JUST AMMMMM. So hopefully this is good and you enjoy it? Because I don’t even know anymore. *eye twitch*


“Please… I need you.”

When Shepard woke today things still felt off… They felt off because the night before Garrus had given her an ultimatum. Well, it was more of an observation followed by a question than an actual ultimatum, but it had the same effect.

It was something like ‘Hey, I know you’ve been flirting with the drell and since we’ve been hooking up, it’s me or him… who’s it gonna be?’ And even though she knew that Garrus had a right to know, she didn’t realize he wanted to. 

She’d always had a thing for him of course and since they started their late night ‘hangouts’ that crush had gotten pretty bad. Which was probably why she found herself flirting with Thane so much now that she thought about it… 

Not unlike you to push someone away when they got too close… As she lay staring at the exposed stars that pass by above her, she realized that most definitely was the case. She was doing it again… but maybe the damage hadn’t been done. Maybe she could fix this still…

Only, would Garrus still want her after last night? 

Most men didn’t do well with the ‘uh……….. I should go.’ especially when those men where Garrus, and knew exactly why she used that excuse. 

That answer was shit, she knew it– but feelings and emotions had always been hard for Shepard, even before the whole dying-and-being-brought-back-a-cybernetic-zombie thing. 

Plus with everything going on and the Suicide Mission coming up… There was a lot on her mind. Too much to really justify a relationship.

Jane drew in a deep breath, pulling her hands to her face and running them through her crimson hair in a stretch After an exasperated sigh she pulled herself from bed and threw on her N7 hoodie, and some Blast-O’s slippers ready to make her way downstairs. 

Her plan had been to get some breakfast and a nice big cup of coffee… to avoid the situation for as long as possible. But once she reached the kitchen and looked down that hall towards the Main Battery, she just knew what she had to do. 

She turned, and strode straight towards it with determination. When Shepard reached the door, she paused second guessing herself for a moment… The light was green which was a good sigh she supposed, but just because it wasn’t locked didn’t mean he wanted to see her. 

It was only about 0600 hours and aside from the quiet humming and the soft click of nails on keyboard from the other side of the door the air was still. She knew he’d be working on calibrating something… no doubt trying not to think about their previous conversation and its complete failure. 

She raised a fist, hovering just before the door… almost knocking more than once as she pulled a nervous lip into her mouth; biting it harder than she should trying to regain that strength once more. Upon her exhale she closed her eyes, and knocked three times.

The clicking stopped abruptly, but Garrus didn’t say anything. 

Jane lowered her brow, pulling her face into a small frown as she lean her forehead to the door; waiting. 

“Please, Garrus… I need you.” and when she said that the mechanical door buzzed open.

Garrus was standing there, closer than she expected he’d of been and when he looked at her she stood up straighter and cleared her throat uncomfortably. “Do you have a minute?”

His normally warm eyes were sad. He didn’t seem angry with her, just hurt and Shepard didn’t like it one bit. But she just didn’t know what to say last night… Or maybe she did and she was just too scared. One thing she did know was that she wouldn’t make the same mistake again.

“Garrus, I’m sorry.” 

“You don’t have a reason to be sorry, Shepard…” he said quietly with mandibles pressed tight to his face as he stepped aside allowing her further entry. After a moment he started again, leaning against the console as he crossed his arms. “Really. I sort of just sprung it on you. I-I should have know better…”

“No. It’s not that…” Jane was somehow perfectly calm as she stepped forward wearing a faint smile. 

“I understand why you’d want him.”

“Garrus,” she tried to stop him, but he continued looking to his feet as his tone raised slightly, not in anger but deep in thought– trying to understand.

“He’s mysterious, and… he’s good with a sniper– not like you didn’t already have a perfectly good turian already–

“Garrus! Will you shut the hell up?” when Shepard interrupted him this time, her eyes were light despite her volume. A soft chuckle later, and she slid a hand to the scarred side of his face; resting it there lightly. “I’m trying to tell you that I love you here, big guy.”

He pulled his crystal eyes forward almost as if he thought she was just playing a joke on him. As if her words couldn’t possibly be true. “You…”

Jane nodded fully closing the space between them, nearly touching his chest when she spoke; raising her other hand to rest around his carapace. “Yeah, I do.”

Garrus let out a sigh of relief that echoed through all layers of his voice. He nodded shallowly as he slid his hands to rest at her hips, lightly pulling her closer as he ease himself into the situation and his realization. 

“It’s always been you Garrus… you just caught me off guard is all. I might be the great Commander Shepard… but I still get scared sometimes.” she leaned her forehead to meet his, the cool sensation of his plating instantly grounding her. 

“You had me worried for awhile there,” Garrus cooed back, his comfort growing with each second that passed. “but you should know I’d never hurt you… you don’t have anything to be afraid of with me.”

“I know, Garrus. Wouldn’t be here if I didn’t.” she said with a smile pulling him closer, pressing her nose agains this softly.

“Good. Oh, and Shepard? I love you too.” he smiled then, mandibles flickering lightly as he kissed her. 

Jane wasn’t sure when he’d gotten so good at this, or if ‘this’ would even last. With the Reapers, and the mission, things didn’t look good. Love didn’t look good.

But it didn’t really matter. What mattered was that she had him, and that he had her and that together they could do anything.

I pretty much rushed this because I wrote this while I should’ve been working, but look at what you’ve made me do.  *jumps on the starcrypt ship*

*also too lazy to dust off her half-dead tumblr thus submission*


It was a clear, warm night, rich with the fragrant scents of late summer and early autumn, while Nova made their through the suburb. They walked without hurry, eyes scanning the area, as they knew them and their friend were supposed to meet up somewhere around here.

Of course – as literally every time the two went to see other – she wouldn’t make it easy on them.

Thankfully, as perceptive as Nova was, it didn’t take them too long to make out a presence somewhere to their left and they stopped. Nova then rose their voice with a bit more drama and gravity than necessary, but they knew she wouldn’t have liked it any otherwise.

“Show yourself, Mothman, I know that you are here.”

It was funny how over all the time the two knew each other they still hadn’t found out her real name. Not that they weren’t curious, but they had grown very fond of that moniker as it now was a stand-in for a dear person. Upon their calling, the greenery beneath them began to rustle and a young woman emerged from the bushes, leaves still sticking to her wild, dark hair.

„You are harder to find than a black cat at night. “

The ghost of a smile danced around her lips, sign that she took this as a compliment, and the there was a flare of determination in her grey eyes. “To find the enigma, you must become the enigma.”

“Beware, or you will become an urban legend yourself. Mothman, cryptid of all cryptids.” Nova’s hand described a curve as if they were advertising a headline before they felt a soft nudge on their shoulder. “Ey,” the black-haired teen exclaimed.

Nova chuckled lightly, playfully moving their body along with their friend’s gesture, before their eyes caught hold of the small, worn notebook in Mothman’s hands. They straightened their posture and made an inquisitive move with their chin. “So, what have you got this time?”

Her eyes lit up like a set of silver stars and she pulled the other teenager closer. She glanced around to check for other people on the sidewalk, but beneath the two of them the street was empty.

“You know, your great-cousin… Plagg was his name, right? Have you ever considered he’s…” she made a meaningful pause, “…an alien?”

Nova felt their heart stop, and then plunging into his stomach similar to a comet crashing through the atmosphere. Within their family, Plagg’s heritage was an open secret, but as part of the society still frowned upon the occasional contacts with aliens, everyone had decided to not tell outsiders so Plagg could’ve a normal childhood. As normal as a childhood in the extended Dupain-Agreste family could be. Of course Plagg was the best possible bud when it came to talking about distant galaxies and planets, and beneath that Plagg made a great pal in general, yet over all excitement Nova had always carefully watched their mouth to not let any information slip. It was startling to see Mothman nailing the truth without obvious evidence.

“Oh Nova, really? Don’t tell me you weren’t at least even a little suspicious,” the other teen replied to the hardly concealed shock on Nova’s face. “The signs are all there. I never have been so sure in my life. Oh, this is all so exciting, I already can smell the next, big scoop.” Her voice grew into a high-pitched crescendo and exhilaration showed from her features while Nova scrambled their brain for an appropriate reply to minimize the damage.

“You said the same about that guy who was supposed to be half cow-plant, half human as well.”

It hurt a little to put out her fire, but as Nova saw Mothman pull a grimace, they congratulated themselves for the save. Crisis averted, they thought.

“That was something totally different,” she replied defensively.

“Yeah, of course.”

She seemed considerably down, though, and Nova also knew she wouldn’t let go that thought so easily neither. They sighed.

“But I can introduce you two to each other and you can convince yourself that Plagg is a perfect human being. He’s quite a glutton, though.”

The excitement was back on her face almost instantly.

“Besides, my grandpa has his own observatory – you could use his telescope and might even find one or two cryptids in the neighborhood,” they added, knowing Mothman would love the thought. The young woman raised her eyebrows.

“Are you asking me out on a date?”

A faint blush sprung to Nova’s cheeks. Sometimes the other teenager’s blunt and inquisitive nature caught even them off-feet. Thankfully, their smugness was quick to fill in for the subsiding embarrassment. “Why don’t we go and you find out?”


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“There’s too much that I️ want to do with myself, too much that I️ want to learn, for me to waste time on petty pleasures. I️ won’t stop trying to express myself until my hands can say more words than my mouth could. I️ won’t tell myself that I️ can’t paint until I’ve captured every color I’ve seen on canvas. I️ won’t stop short for someone who makes the mistake of believing that I️ have to. I️ just have too much to offer.”

Inspired. 🖤

update on the junkie coworker from last night: she showed up today according to coworker an hour and a half late and could barely be understood so shes fucked up at work rn and now im on standby at home til the shipment gets there and my coworker is calling me in when its there but like

why this bitch not insta-fired im so tired of my boss being literally too lazy to do the paperwork to fire people which btw is in her own words the only thing that makes her never fire anyone

oh but the funniest bit of this is lately my boss has been punishing shit workers by lending them to other stores and shes been putting the real shit workers in this store thats on the “liable to get shanked for being there too long” part of town in a store that after 9 pulls the bars down and you only serve customers through a tiny window. junkie bitch is being sent there. she’s gonna get shot.

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can i request headcanons for what hanamiya, kise, aomine, kagami, himuro, akashi would do when them and their female partner and getting frisky in le bedroom, and they are both ready to get started but they find out they dont have any condoms & its too late @ night to go out and buy some? thank you in advance !! :D

Bahaha I love this ask, and this answer.  It was hella fun to write… I was in a good mood and you could tell lol  This is the first of the really good answers coming up (I’m looking at you cliche!anon ;) )

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Late night surveillance sessions with fbi!tom and you falling asleep on his shoulder

this also makes my heart bust a nut

just think, this was a huge case for you. you had begged to get put on this case, and you were trying your absolute hardest in order to succeed. tom was your partner, so he’d obviously be trying too, but he seen how much you wanted this, so he let you shine.

but with everything you were doing, you wouldn’t have even thought about sleeping in about two days. late at night, when you two were watching some type of surveillance camera footage that might have your guy in it, you dozed off completely.

tom would just gently wake you up, and say he’d be taking you home, since you were obviously too tired to do so yourself. him taking you home also meant him having to come and get you in the morning, because your car was left at the station.

out of kindness, you made tom a cup of coffee, and brought out a honey bun in order to thank him. this became a daily thing, until you caught your guy.

but, that didn’t stop ole tommy from still trying to win you over by slipping a honey bun onto your desk with a note that said, “New case opened today. What’d’ya say we go at it again? :)”

fbi!tom & fbi!haz night


“There will always be a door to the light!

things to consider:

▪express gratitude and don’t take things for granted

▪include more fruits and veggies in your diet. you’ll feel much lighter and not so gross

▪appreciate nature! take photos, hike and go on picnics. feel the breeze, smell the flowers and pay attention to the beautiful sounds

▪spend less money and save up for the future, you’ll thank yourself later

▪don’t treat people like air. greet the ones who greet you, hold the door open for others instead of rushing inside, offer your help when needed and just be nice in general

▪hug people, hold hands and show affection but only if you and the other part are both comfortable with it

▪try new things! if someone asks you to participate in a competition then do it! if someone asks you to hang out then do it! you know you’ll regret it if you don’t go!

▪express your sexuality! want to have a lot of sex? have a lot of sex! want to try different types of sex? do it! want to wait till marriage? do it! a person who likes to have a lot sex is valid and person who decides to wait or never have sex is valid too!!

▪take care of your skin!! body!! hair!! teeth!!

▪explore your town! you’ll notice how different things are and look early in the mornings, in the middle of the day, late in the evenings and in the middle of the night!!

▪laugh at small stupid things!! learn to laugh at yourself!!

▪learn to appreciate yourself!! accept your flaws and move on! you don’t have to love yourself and honestly i don’t think anyone ever has fully loved themselves

▪read, read, read. reading makes you understand things better, you’ll write and communicate better and you will live more than only your own life!

▪learn something! whether it’s a language, math, another subject, a sport or another interest! attend classes or learn yourself or together with someone!

▪study the subject you actually want to study. work in the field you actually want to work in

▪stay informed. read the news and at least know the big picture of what’s happening around the world

▪cut out the assholes from your life. is someone draining or just simply a bad person? say goodbye and move on!

Happy Father’s Day!

they’re dressed as lions bc they’re the pride of the family

adding more to the tsukkiyama parent AU~


What your favorite Yugioh Protagnist says about you
  • Yugi: You have an extra soft spot for people who have been bullied or taken advantage of in the past. You genuinely care about people, but you also want to show them that you are growing and strong and not someone to walk over.
  • Judai: You are normally an optimistic and cheerful person. Your main focus is your passion, and everything else comes after. You are a "go with the flow" kind of person. You have a darker side that is hidden deep within. If provoked, it can consume you, but generally, your better side is in control. This is because you are great at finding happiness and joy in the little things.
  • Yusei: You are rather quiet and observant. You always have something to work on or look forward to. Although you aren't overly expressive about it, your friends are very important to you and keep you grounded. Sometimes misunderstood, but a wholesome person always.
  • Yuma: You enjoy humor and being active. Sometimes you're a little immature, but there is nothing standing between you and what you want out of life. You have faith in people and are always willing to add to your knowledge. You can do all things if you put your mind to it.
  • Yuya: You put on a show for people. You like to think you're happy and cheerful, but you have repressed emotions and a bit of past trauma holding you back. It doesn't belittle you as a person or take away from all the greatness you can achieve, but it is something you have to acknowledge about yourself in order to be your best.
  • Yusaku: You are reserved, strive to achieve a certain goal, and won't let anything get into your way. You only have few people in your life that you trust. There's a yearning in your soul to open up just a little bit, but its an inner battle you have yet to face. You're determined and super intelligent. You just need to redirect your energy from your goal and focus on yourself sometimes too.

[All of this happened because I wanted to write something about Stiles not being able to sleep without his pillow. Spoiler alert: his pillow is Derek.]


Derek tries not to look too hurt when Stiles says he’s going back to Washington, but when the Sheriff claps his back and Scott offers him a friendly hug, he knows he failed. But after everything, after the other night - it just doesn’t feel fair.


“It was a nice road trip, wasn’t it?” Stiles had said after they’ve won, after everything was done, their friends were alive and fine and Derek finally got his loft back. “I mean, we had some fun, right?”

Derek smiled without looking away from the flowers the Sheriff got him as a housewarming gift. “Yeah.” He answered, finally turning around. “It was nice to spend time with you.” It was more than nice and he cursed himself for not being able to say it, still, after everything, after the nights spent driving and talking and fucking in deserted roads.

“Yeah.” Stiles agreed easily. He was the one who started it after all, always showing up to save Derek - despite Derek saving him back plenty of times - always being there, trusting him, smiling and laughing like Derek makes him happy. “What will you do now that you’re a free man again?”

Derek shrugged. “I always wanted to start a farm, maybe raise some sheep?” When Stiles blinked at him, surprised, Derek let out a snort.

“Fuck you, I almost believed it!” Stiles said, punching his shoulder.

“You’re ridiculous.” Derek shook his head, still smiling. 

You’re ridiculous.” Stiles stressed, his hand still on Derek’s shoulder, touching, teasing. “I’m -“ Derek didn’t let him finish then, turning around and just pressing their lips together.

He didn’t want to listen then - and in hindsight maybe he should’ve - but without the haste, the guilt of having a nice time whilst their friends could be dying, Derek couldn’t wait, he just wanted to worship Stiles’ body, just wanted to kiss all the places he couldn’t reach before when they were squeezed in the backseat of Stiles’ car. 

And so he did, he made Stiles moan his name the entire night and he moaned Stiles’ own just as louder. Just to have his heart crushed the morning after.


“I’m gonna miss you.” Stiles says, his Jeep packed and ready to go. To leave everything behind.

It’s unfair, Derek knows. Stiles didn’t make promises and neither did he, but he can’t help how he feels. He understands Stiles doesn’t want to be in Beacon Hills anymore and that’s his choice, but Derek made his own and he’s tired of running away.

He’s never felt closer to his family than when he’s here, he’s already lost enough and he doesn’t want to lose his home. But somehow, as Stiles drives away, he feels like he just did.


I miss you, Derek thinks every day, staring at the black screen of his phone and wondering if he should actually write those words and send them to Stiles. He decides against it and despite the fact he was joking before, on the third day after Stiles left, Derek buys a farm.

He tells Lydia first during lunch at her favorite restaurant - she was adamant they had to become best friends and Derek enjoys her company so he lets it happen easily - and she tells him he’s not allowed to wear plaid around her. Then he tells Scott and two days later, he shows up at Derek’s front door with all kinds of seeds - “We need pumpkins for Halloween, Derek. Make it happen!”.

It’s something to do with his hands, something to work on. Create life, instead of ending them, build things, instead of destroying. He feels good, better and healing. Cora says he’s calmer now and Derek smiles, despite knowing she won’t be able to see him, and tells her he is.

Some days Stiles texts him, others he doesn’t. Derek reads the ones he has every night before going to bed, but he never answers them.

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The Arcade -- Steve Harrington

Requested: Anonymous– “Do you think you could make an imagine in which Steve and the reader are dating and they take the kids to hang out maybe to the arcade or to a diner? I’m not sure if a diner is cool or not . But Steve and the reader would get teased by the others bc they act like a married couple with kids sorry for taking your time up !”

Warnings: None.

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader

Summary: You and Steve take the Stranger Things kids out for a night at the Arcade like the cute, couple you two are!

Words: 1175

GIF credit: @jyncassian

Listen to: I Wanna Go Out by American Authors

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