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Sheith Positivity Week ♡

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also can we talk about the fact that when asked about other member’s habits jongin didn’t choose one of the many crazy, weird, hilarious habits that we know the exo members have he chose something as simple as kyungsoo lying in bed with his laptop because like obviously ksoo was the first thing to come to mind and can you imagine how cute and endearing he must think that habit is for it to be the first thing he thinks of before all of the weird shit exo does in their dorm


Here’s another redraw! The one on the left was the first art I ever posted online, uploaded to my dA account on May 25th 2014. Back then, I didn’t have any consistent “style,” and I didn’t even have an actual drawing program, just a broken edition of GIMP. But I really wanted to draw Valkyrie from Skulduggery Pleasant, so I spent hours (mostly on the fire) until I thought it looked good enough. It’s interesting to see now how much my style has changed.

(I still don’t really understand clothing wrinkles, though)


Took some pics on todays trip. The top of the mountain was covered with clouds so the view wasn’t as spectacular but the feeling of being (almost) on the top is so good!

Here’s my dadsona August Rayne! He’s always tired and does a lot of art. He really loves Amanda too (okay but who doesn’t?)

Bonus with DamienxDadsona: 

I mean we could always kidnap Jemma and Catherine and, bear with me, this is a solid, non-violent plan, we just put to them that Berena is a massive drama in and of itself, so we present them with scripts that we’ve written, introduce them to the wealth of talent amongst us that no doubt includes budding directors/ producers/ anyone with remotely any media experience, show them the crowdfunding we’ve started to enable us to part-fund an independent spin-off. Tell them they get as much or as little creative input as they want, flexi time to pursue other projects, and they won’t be tortured on social media, because we, the fans, will have the solid storylines needed to keep 99% of the Berena fandom happy.

Also, they won’t really get bored because it’s going to be a unique kind of programme where a lot of the AU ideas are also included so they can even time travel, play different careers entirely etc etc.
And they get to kiss each other lots so it’s a win-win really.

anyways im going to need people to stop saying that louis is the most closeted  out all the boys because he literally isn’t? lmao like have yall forgot that liam also has a fake child or? oh i forgot yall think liam is homophobic and straight…but i just saw a post on my dash of someone basically listing all the shit that louis has gone through and im like ok but liam is/has gone through the same thing… liam also has a fake child with a women a lot older than him because she can’t get her career back so she’s needs tons of promo lmao like im real tired of yall acting like louis has it the worst because he doesn’t 

i wish there was a tag for people who actually LIKE joseph to post like fanart and nice posts and just fun stuff like the other dads get, without having to be bombarded by people who hate him and refuse to acknowledge that sometimes bad situations force good people into moral grey areas

  • I wanted to make a Persassy joke but am I really that cringey

Quick introduction to my favorite, ridiculous, super #extra OC, Aaron Finch-Dursley. 

  • Aaron Finch is the Muggle older brother of Justin Finch-Fletchley. 
  • The brothers were really close as kids, though Aaron is two years older. Their parents divorced when the boys were six and four, and their mother was remarried by the next year. Their stepdad Alan Fletchley is a better dad than their own, so much so that he offers his last name to both boys to make it official. Justin, remembering less of their biological dad, adds it to his name. Aaron chooses not to, but still loves him as much as he loves their mom. 
  • Had Aaron attended Hogwarts, he would have been Sorted Hufflepuff before the hat even settled on his head. He’s kind, patient, and fair enough to rival Helga herself. 
  • It takes hard work and patience for Justin to be able to explain everything he experiences at Hogwarts and in the Wizarding World, but he is true, loyal, and unafraid of the toil of writing out long, detailed letters. It’s harder than one might think to contextualize everything about Hogwarts, to convey the scale of the moving staircases, the history and mentality of the House Elves, Dumbledore’s omniscience, the Transfiguration coursework. Understanding it all is hard sometimes even for Justin, who lives it every day, but all the same, it just doesn’t seem fair to keep Aaron out. The only time Aaron ever sees Hogwarts is during Justin’s second year, when the family is allowed to visit him in the hospital wing after he’d been Petrified. 
  • That’s when he suddenly gets it - understands why Justin loves this world so much, and is able to get a clearer picture in his head of what the life of a wizard is even like. 
  • He has a pretty normal Muggle upbringing, though admittedly he does spend it at Eton. He has a close-knit group of friends that he grows up with, and gets on with nearly everyone around him. He never focuses too much on the coursework, it seems secondary anyway. He befriends the friendless, protects the helpless, and somehow seems to remain on good terms with everyone. 
  • When he comes out as gay when he’s sixteen, not one person is surprised, but everyone is as accepting as he could have asked them to be. He takes to dating wizarding boys off from Hogwarts for the summers. Eaton is such a dreadfully small dating pool. 
  • When Justin comes back from his sixth year at Hogwarts, saying that he won’t be able to return the next year because of highly anti-muggleborn sentiments, Aaron is secretly - shamefully - a little bit relieved. It’s gotten more and more dangerous each year, and if the newspaper is to be believed, the ensuing year in full out war would be even worse. 
  • When a letter from a Muggleborn friend of Justin’s warns that members of Dumbledore’s Army are going to be hunted down more viciously than other Muggleborns, Justin decides to move to America rather than go into hiding. He has some friends help him put wards over their family home to keep their parents safe. 
  • Since he’s taking a gap year anyway, Aaron tags along. They get a flat in Boston with a couple of roommates - a set of American twins, one witch and one Muggle - and learn the Muggle and Wizarding area surrounding. 
  • Aaron enrolls in some classes, and does some volunteer work to figure out what he wants to do with the the rest of his life - and ends up settling on an education major. He’s always liked school and thinks sixth form might be ideal to teach - he’ll be able to do some good with kids that age, he decides. 
  • He decides to take his actual credits when they get home. Justin seems to think that the tension is going to break any week now, and he can give his all in the final battle and then return back to normal life and Hogwarts like he never left it. 
  • Eventually, he gets a letter from the Muggleborn kid he was Petrified with - Colin - saying that it’s going to happen in a matter of days. They return home, and Justin goes to fight. Aaron and his mother stay the entire night in the Three Broomsticks, under the care of Madame Rosmerta, with some other Muggles whose loved ones are in danger. It’s the worst night of either of their lives. 
  • But then the war is over, and Justin returns to Hogwarts - to the anxiety of the whole family. Aaron enrolls in university to work towards his teaching degree. Life settles back into what it used to be, even though he still feels stuck in an odd position on the fringes of wizarding society. 
  • One day, during a summer that feels particularly fortuitous with its Muggle and Muggleborn-friendly legislature and new Ministry programs, Justin drags Aaron to a shop in Diagon Alley. 
  • Aaron is a little overwhelmed by all the overt wizardingness of it all. He feels a little like he’s missing pieces he should know in order to exist comfortably in this spaces. “God,” he says to Justin, after nearly knocking over a display. “They shouldn’t let Muggles in here.” 
  • A low slow voice from behind him says, “You wanna say that again?” 
  • He turns. The guy is cute, smiling a little, and wearing a smock that matches the logo on the outside of the store.
  • Aaron backpedals frantically. “No no no, I mean - I’m not, I was being - I’m a Muggle.” 
  • The guy grins. “Yeah, I know. Me too. I heard you ask how many Knuts to a pound.” 
  • “And I suppose you know? Justin is bloody useless and couldn’t tell me.” 
  • “God, no. I wish we were using pounds. I promise I know less than your boyfriend does,” the guy says, a question in his voice. 
  • “My brother, actually,” Aaron corrects with a smile. 
  • “I’m, uh, Dudley.” 
  • “Aaron.” 
  • They learn each other slowly. Dudley is hesitant to show the parts of himself he’d been hiding since the beginning of the war, hesitant to open up about his past, hesitant to let himself be loved. Aaron, though, is patient. And loyal, when he learns the truth. 
  • They adapt to the two worlds together, living mostly Muggle, although Aaron does help Dudley reconnect with Harry after a few years. It’s rocky, but the fact that Ginny and Aaron become fast friends - and both really want their respective partners to have peace - really helps. 
  • Aaron finishes his degree, and lands a teaching position in a suburb of London. He enjoys his job teaching history and government, and tries to teach his students to view the world with fairness and patience. 
  • Dudley gets a data entry job at a firm partnered with Grunnings. 
  • They rent a little house together, with a garden for Dudley and a huge kitchen for Aaron. Justin, still healing and helping his friends heal, is in and out of their guest room for a number of years, still trying to get back on his wizarding feet and figure out where he fits in the new order of things. When he finally gets a job and his own appartment, Dudley helps Aaron throw a housewarming party for him and some old school friends. 
  • Aaron does most of the household chores, and most of the cooking - some of Dudley’s leftover spoiled child habits spill over into his adult life, after all - but he’s okay with it. It makes him feel in control of his life, quiet and safe and secure. 
  • They have their issues, of course: Dudley has food issues that never quite dissipate, and lots of leftover guilt from his childhood. He has some sort of crisis about every other week about whether he deserves this or that good thing. His testy relationship with his parents and his cousins cause unnecessary tension in their lives. Aaron has unrealistic expectations - he thinks life is beautiful and is very comfortable with his place in it, and gets a little uncomfortable when that belief is shaken. He takes on the problems of his friends and family, too, and doesn’t notice the amount of stress he puts on himself that way until it culminates in him blowing up. They work through these things, though, and they’re happy. 
  • Dudley proposes on the spot one night in their living when Aaron mentions wanting kids during a football match commercial. He hadn’t had a ring or a plan, but it worked out fine. Aaron said yes, and within a year, they were married in a little civil partnership ceremony in the Fletchley’s back garden. Petunia Dursley cried through the whole thing, Vernon Dursley harrumphed uncomfortably at their kiss, but Harry (and his friend Hermione, since Ginny was on off flying for her team) wished them well. As a joke, Aaron throws a bouquet off one of the tables. Justin’s friend Hannah catches it, and her date’s face turns crimson, making Aaron smile proudly.
  • Their surrogate, Jessica, is a dream, and Aaron’s life changes forever the first time he holds little Myna Jean Dursley in his arms. He cannot imagine, in that moment, ever doing anything besides that, besides holding his daughter and watching her breathe. The feeling isn’t any less strong a year and a half later when he holds Rhea for the first time, although he’s wiser now, and knows the road he has ahead of him. 
  • Fatherhood suits him quite nicely, him and Dudley both, and their little family is just about as happy as can be. 

There more to him, of course, and I’m probably going to start mentioning him on this blog fairly regularly, but I’ll link back to this post so people don’t think they’ve forgotten about a canon character, haha. If you’re wondering about a visual, Ross Marquand is a great face-cast. 


Two boys yell at Reiko: Hey, it’s fox-eyes! Did you here? She’ll curse you if you get too! Creepy!

(boy picks up a rock and throws it at her)

Boy: Get out of here!

(Reiko grabs the stick the kid beside her is carrying and uses it to club the oncoming rock away before it can hit her. The boys have to jump out of the way as the speeding rock strikes the ground at their feet.

Reiko: If you want to play, I’m game

Reiko is the coolest, honestly. Role model, tbh. Life goals right there.


These were a few shots of my friends at the photography course today and they are all edited by me (the first 2, the big one and the last one I took)

anonymous asked:

My issue with Allura's age and that can of worms is that Coran is over 600 years old. A "teen" to an altean could be over 50 :/

yeah that’s true but im pretty sure when the showrunners say “teen” they’re also talking about her maturity. and altean years are probably different from earth years, so they could be longer but also they could be shorter.

and even if allura is 50 altean years, if she’s around the same developmental stage as KHL, then that’s just where she’s at. she’s a teen.

also the novel describes allura as a teenager in narration (and not her own words) so she both acts and looks like a(n earth) teenager. 

another possibility is that alteans can reach maturity at the same time humans do, but live out their maturity for a much longer time than humans, only starting to show signs of age and atrophy after hundreds of altean years

tl;dr alien biology is all very hazy but if she’s presented as a teenager, then it’s not a good idea to deviate from that due to all the other confounding variables. there’s a reason why the showrunners call her a teen, after all. if it looks like a duck and walks like a duck, and all that jazz.