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Charmed au???? Are you trying to kill me? What were you thinking. How dare you. Why do. Please do more.

Ofc a Charmed AU!!!! anon and i’m glad you liked it. Leo and Piper were def one of my original OTPs and if i had any sense of fandom back then i’d have dedicated my life, my fanworks and every second of my time to their glorious, epic love story.

I love love love soulmate AUs so i decided to twist that one ep into a sterek sl BUT to tell the truth the episode i really, really wanted to adapt was season’s 1 ‘’Love Hurts’’. It would still be the beginning of the story when Stiles, Allison and Lydia have first gotten their powers and they have little control over them. So Derek as a very responsible White Lighter enters their lives to check up on how they’re doing and ofc help as discreetly as possible. And yeah,no one knows he is a White Lighter. He introduces himself as a handyman (!!!) who is working on stuff around the manor. And Stiles is dying a little bit inside everytime Derek climbs up a ladder or works under the sink, causing his clothes to get wet etc. etc. Not that Stiles wouldn’t be able to handle the general hotness if Derek wasn’t on top of that, extemely kind-hearted, perceptive and equipped with a kind of old-fashioned charm. So he falls head over hills for the guy. And he can tell that it’s mutual. Derek is nice and friendly with his sisters too (not so much with Deaton) but with him he is tender and protective and there have been too many close calls that Stiles swore Derek would kiss him. And so one day he decides to just go for it and it happens! They kiss and it’s glorious! Stiles would swear that everything lights up around them in that moment! But…BUT…then Derek seems to regret it. He mumbles an apology and sth about Stiles being too young and just leaves???. Stiles is devastated. And he gets even more devastated the next day when Deaton casually tells him that Derek has gone out of town and he didn’t say for how long. Queue MONTHS of heartbreak and crying himself to sleep.

And then one day Derek orbs into the attic almost causing Stiles a heart attack! And he is far from okay. He’s been hurt by a Dark Lighter’s arrow and he tells Stiles he’s dying before collapsing into his arms. And it is then that Deaton explains to Stiles and the girls that Derek is a White Lighter, meant to guide and protect them and even though he’s immortal, a Dark Lighter’s arrow is a death sentence even for him. And no! Stiles will not, CANNOT allow that. He begs Deaton to think of a solution and it is him who comes up with the idea of Stiles exchanging powers with Derek. So the Charmed Ones do the spell and now Stiles is supposed to be able to heal people! But he can’t tell how to make it work. Derek is cold and pale and barely breathing and Stiles has no way of asking him how to use a White Lighter’s power. 

So Stiles is certain he’s going to lose Derek. He doesn’t even know if Derek can hear him at this point. So he just lies beside him and kisses his forehead and tells him that he loves him. He may be too young and it may have been just a couple of months that they’ve known each other but Stiles just knows that he loves Derek. And then ofc it works! It’s Stiles’ love that brings Derek back to life and they hang onto each other like a lifeline. 

‘’Oh my god…oh my God, Derek. I was trying so hard…i was trying so hard to make it work and i couldn’t.’’ Stiles says in a midst of tears and desperate kisses. ‘’Deaton should have told me…he should have told me…’’

‘’That love is the trigger?’’ Derek replies quietly, still weak from the near death experience. ‘’You had to find that out on your own.’’

‘’But…but i was almost too late. I was just… I was scared. That if i admitted how i felt, it would hurt more the minute i lost you. I’m sorry. I love you. I love you. I should have said it before.’’

‘’I almost didn’t say it too. Thank you for saving my life so that i could. So that you know. That i love you too.’’

And yeah…that’s the one i wanted to do but my photoshop skills aren’t nearly that good to translate THAT into a gifset so…