too hot for the paper

Inktober Day #20: Worried

It’s not even that cold outside, but Mob is still kinda getting over a cold and his friends/brother are…a bit worried…

Tumblr wouldn’t let me upload this last night so you’re getting this now :P

You know it’s hot when...

You’re sketching and every piece of paper is sticking to you and can’t have the fan on to draw, or else the paper is gonna flutter up and bitch slap me.

Wig: check! (needs to be styled)
Gem: check!
Skirt: ordered! (needs to be painted)
Jewelry: ordered!
Armour: needs to be assembled
Beads: ordered!
Belt: needs materials/needs to be assembled
Hoop Skirt: needs to be adjusted


24 july, 2017:
I honestly don’t even deserve this, tysm. 💕 That’s an insane amount of notes & followers for three days! And, ofc, a special thank you goes to the four people at the bottom. 💞

My plans were ruined bc I needed a little bit of rest to continue reading or I’d forget all of it, so I had a little nap. But my sister woke me up ~20 mins later bc the power broke in our house .-. So, since we live in a trailer rn, it was reeeeeeally hot & none of us knew what to do bc our mom was at work and we didn’t know which outside panel was for our place. Then, right after my mom got off work, the power came back on. (At this point, I’d sent 6 messages to her.) So, she called me to ask if I wanted to stay at the apartment where it’d be cooler (which actually wasn’t true) & I said yes bc I knew I’d do some work if I went there, but she changed her mind when she got home bc it wasn’t that hot .-. So basically, I’ve done nothing… AGAIN! I honestly hate myself, but it’s whatever, I’ll figure it out.

Goodnight. 💘

anonymous asked:

I have a baby crested about maybe 4 or so months old I don't know the age or gender, but the gecko has had its 2nd shed! Unfortunately this one has some shed that's stuck in its ear,any tips? It doesn't look completely stuck on his skin. Anything I should look out for, I'm a little worried. Thanks!


First, to deal with the current stuck shed, I would suggest a spa treatment. 

Take a gecko-sized plastic container (such as a reusable, plastic food container, like made by Ziploc brand) and poke some holes in the lid. 

Place some paper towel in the bottom for traction. 

Wet the paper towels with habitat-temperature water (since this is for a crestie). Make sure the water is not too hot or too cold. The water should only come a bit over the paper towels.

Place your crested gecko inside the container and close the lid. Let the gecko “soak” for ten to fifteen minutes. I place the container inside the habitat so that it is the right temperature for the gecko.

After this humid soak, you can hold your gecko, and try to tease the stuck shed off with a moist cotton swab. Do not scrape or pull! 

It may help to moisten the cotton swab with either lubricant (like K-Y Jelly, veterinary lubricant, or other water-based lubricant), or a safe oil, like coconut oil.

If it doesn’t work after ten minutes, or the gecko is getting stressed, stop, and try again the next day.

If you can’t get it off in a few days, I suggest a vet trip.

Second, prevention! If a crested gecko has stuck shed, it usually means that the humidity in their enclosure is off, or they’re dehydrated. 

Make sure that the enclosure is at 50% all the time, with spikes up to 90%-100% at least once daily. Increase if needed. Cover the top, use a more moisture-retentive substrate, or add more mistings if required.

Always make sure the crested gecko has access to a water dish in addition to daily misting.

Good luck!


~Escape the Heat! Summer boys’ Yukata Matsuri~ event story

At Shields’ headquarters one day, Yuzuki invites you to a yukata party at the Cendrillon hotel that weekend.

On the day of the party, you arrive at the Cendrillon to find Yamato, Kirisawa, Roberto, Masamune and Yuzuki all dressed in yukatas. You think it really suits them and they in turn say you look nice in your yukata. Yuzuki then takes out a box of high quality somen (very thin white udon-like noodles that are usually eaten cold). Yamato gets quite excited when he sees the somen and then the boys soon decide to have ‘nagashi-somen’ (somen served in a long bamboo flume filled with cold, flowing water). They don’t have any dipping sauce though so Yamato says one of them will have to go buy the ingredients to make one. Everyone is reluctant to go, probably coz it’s way too hot outside… So they decide this by rock-paper-scissors. Yuzuki loses and you decide to accompany him. Yamato hands you a shopping list and sends you on your way.

There are many people dressed in yukatas as well outside the Cendrillon due to a matsuri nearby. Yuzuki has put on some shades in an attempt to hide his identity since he’s a celebrity. Then you run into Nomura who’s apparently out shopping after having a meal with a friend nearby. He thinks you’re both on a date and says he envies the two of you. He also thanks Yuzuki for helping him earlier in that event way back where Yuzuki was a police officer for a day (which I didn’t play as I was on holiday!). You tell him about the yukata party and how you’re on your way to the supermarket. Then Nomura gives you some of the onions he’s bought as they’re on your shopping list! XD Yuzuki invites him to the party as thanks. Nomura says he’ll stop by after he’s done with his chores.

You get to the supermarket and manage to get everything but the particular brand of bonito flakes Yamato wants… Then you and Yuzuki agree that you should try to find them as Yamato can get rather troublesome if you don’t get him all the ingredients he wants… ^^;; 

On your search for those bonito flakes, you come across a crowd of people in the streets who are apparently gathered there for a Jade guerrilla gig. Afraid that the people there might recognize Yuzuki, you decide to take a back alleyway. In that alleyway you come across a granny carrying a heap of shopping. She almost trips. You rush forward to help her just as someone else does the same. It turns out to be Haru! Then you see that Haru happens to be holding a pack of the bonito flakes you’re looking for! XD;;; This is turning out to be a scavenger hunt of sorts. He gives it to you and Yuzuki invites him to the party as well.

You head back to the Cendrillon with all the needed ingredients and find everything set up for the ‘nagashi-somen’. Nomura and Haru soon show up as well in yukatas and everyone has a great time eating the somen. After a while, everyone is full and unable to take another bite. Just then Satsuki appears. He’d heard about the party but wasn’t able to come earlier as he had work to do. He comes bearing a box of… Yuzuki kind of looks at it with dread as he recognizes it… for it turns out to be more somen! XD Everyone stares at it in shock for a moment then end up laughing. And the story ends here. 

Episode 4: N/A Title
Whoopie! I did one drawing for the lil’ 10 year anniversity of “The Count’s World” (A fanfiction series I really like. Go read it if you like SPM).

This one is based on the scene where Count Bleck is trying to talk to Merlon about Pure Hearts, but is too scared that people are going to bash his head in and scream at him for, you know, almost ending the multi-verse. Kind of a tiny portion of the chapter, but I really liked it soooo….here you go.

Stay tuned for more, because I plan to make a couple more. Just not anytime these couple of months because AP classes are a pain and I’m not doing too hot (crying).

@thecountsblog I hope ya’ enjoy!

Scribble-Doodle: Soul Sick

A parabatai story based on ep 203. What if Alec didn’t come and Jace had to call off the ceremony? Or, words have different meanings for different people. 

He was so offended, so humiliated, so… hurt when Alec didn’t come and he had to call off the parabatai ceremony. How could Alec? How could he? How could he have done that to Jace?

But now…

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Sans Evidence Master Post

This is a huge master post containing tons of lines of dialogue and all the proof and my logical interpretations of Sans. Here is the TL;DR.
Sans is highly hinted at as being in a costume. He eats food that  he can drink through the immobile teeth in his mask,  eating more than monsters, he is always tired and sleepy, he can teleport, use magic, and has advanced powers, he may emit slime, he knows about humans, he once lived in a place different from the current surface world and gave up using the broken machine to go back, he is linked to science and some organization that monitors and protects timelines, he knows things only someone that has lived in human societies would know, he lacks any determination, he doesn’t have a visible human soul, he is trained to investigate and perceive timeline related changes and alternate universes despite not being able to save or reset or remember resets.  Sans also has a connection to Gaster, and knows about determination.

He isn’t a skeleton, he isn’t a normal monster, and he isn’t a normal human. 

want to know more or want evidence because youve got a bone to pick with my interpretations? read below!

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thebadddestwolf  asked:

heyyy i heard you have some great 'fear her' ficrecs?? :D

Weeeell, I know of a few :D 

I’m including fics on the list that I have personally read and liked. There are more out there, though during my search for them, I realized that there aren’t nearly enough! 

Assume these are all smutty, unless stated otherwise xD

Pre Episode

Adventures in Multi-Taskingthebadddestwolf - yeah, yeah, I know. rec’ng your own fic to you, but I can’t make a FH fic list and leave it out! Especially when it is the only one I know of that explains why the Doctor parked the TARDIS the way he did.  (also console sex and tie blind folds. nuff said)

Incurable, Rosa Acicularis - Actually takes place just after Love and Monsters, so it doesn’t really belong on this list, but it’s a gorgeous fic and I really like the conversation that they have about love, plus I think it puts them in a believable mindset for Fear Her ;) Rated T


Fear This, unfolded73 - Takes place both during and after the episode and explores the Doctor’s view of sex, as well as Rose’s thoughts on their changing relationship (that description doesn’t do it justice - it is a wonderful fic and one of my favorites).   

Permission to Follow Up Sarge, Dryadalis - What might have happened if they’d kept going with the role playing during the episode. Cracky fun and hot too.  

On Paper, Olfactory-Ventrioquism - What if Rose had gotten stuck in the drawing too.  There’s cartoon smut to be found here.  


Reprieve (Rest for the Wicked), nocookiesjustbooks - Some adorable fluff in Trish’s guest bedroom that leads to…other things

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some jihan moments in weekly idol

getting their pics put together for the intro

sitting together

cringing together at the back 

jeonghan pushing the other members to play “mouth to mouth” and josh looking sad

hyungdon saying that it will be more fun if Jeonghan joins. coz he secretly ships jihan too

looking hot aye

josh looking happy when the paper almost dropped. this is life.

basically vocal team won because of jihan 

side hugging with seungkwan being extra

Summer Heat

It’s a hot summer day and on your way back home Daryl got a little surprise

fluff, skinny-dipping, romantic, dedicated to the current heatwave

word count: 852

It was burning hot outside, the sun was shining for the past few days and I felt like I was going to melt when we were outside of the prison getting ready to go on a supply run. I was sitting in the shadow of one of the cars trying to cool myself down when suddenly Daryl sat next to me wheezing. “It’s too damn hot”, he sighed using one of the paper plates as a fan.
“I swear I’m going to melt,” I laughed. 

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Home: Chapter One


FMAB, Pre-Liore

“You didn’t tell me your father ever looked into human transmutation. Much less the philosopher’s stone.” “I was young” I’m coming with you” “What business do you have there, Colonel?” “You.” // Edward and Alphonse discover Roy and Riza’s past, their pain, and the Lieutenant’s tattoo. 


Rating T just for some language. Just in case. 

a/n half of this took forever, half of it was speed written, so have fun with that. who knows if i got this timeline right. but, honestly, i love this one, this idea and the most romantic royai scene i think i’ve ever written comin’ l8r. Let me know if you like it too: reblog, like, kudos, reviews, you name it. 



He could technically blame Hawkeye.

He was flustered. These papers were due at noon. It was 10:53 and he’d only gotten through half of them. Hawkeye had put her foot down asking for extensions.

And, yet she let the kid through the door.

As if Edward Elric was going to help with his concentration. He couldn’t babysit and complete the enormous load of paperwork the higher ups had dumped onto his desk as they prepared his rumored transfer to Central. Or, rather, tested if he was worthy of an office in the capitol. It was all rather ambiguous. It kept him running in circles, chasing his tail, sacrificing his pride to grovel.

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"Please, No Sex In the Kitchen"

Pairing: Pietro X Reader

Requested: No

Summary: Pietro steals your freshly made cookies which leads to friendly {;)} banter in the kitchen

(Y/N)= your name
(Y/E/C)= your eye color
(Y/H/C)= your hair color


There he was. Pietro Maximoff. He walking past the kitchen. I was about to say something to him when the oven’s timer beeped. I groaned inwardly. I hastily opened the door and pulled the tray out using an oven mitt. I set it down on the counter and cleaned a bit while I waited for them to cool.

After a couple of minutes I checked on the sweet treat and they were at the perfect temperature. They weren’t too hot but they weren’t at room temperature yet. I put two on a paper towel and sat down at the table. Just as I was about to take a bite, there was a silver blur and my hand was empty.

“You know (Y/N), you make some great cookies”

My eyes darted to the other side of the counter where I heard the heavily accented voice. I giggled a bit.

“You couldn’t get your own?”
I responded in a light tone.

“Yours looked the best”
He licked some of the remaining crumbs and chocolate chip from his thumb.
“And I was right”

“Well thank you. Want me to show you how I made them?”
I offered.

I considered Pietro a friend. Him and his sister Wanda were the new guys. They haven’t interacted too much with the rest of us. Wanda still blames herself for the whole Ultron thing and Pietro doesn’t want to leave his twin’s side. They train with Nat and Clint, working on their agility and accuracy. They sort of shut down when anybody else goes into the training room with them.

“I’d love that”
He grinned and jumped up from his seated position.

“Okay! The first thing you do is heat the oven to 350°”
I told him gesturing to the oven.

He turned the dials and looked back at me for approval. I nodded my head. I told him what the rest of the ingredients were and he pulled them from various cabinets.

“Then just put two cups of flour in the dry mix and two eggs in the other bowl!”
I clapped my hands together.

He was carefully scraping the excess flour off the top of the measuring spoon in severe concentration. His eyes were squinty and his lips were downturned in the slightest frown. Those pink lips that look so soft. I sighed a little when he looked up.

“Like this, yes?”

I nodded shaking off my fantasies of kissing those wonderful lips of his. He dumped it into the bowl and started on another cup. I absentmindedly watched him while he evened it out. Once he was finished he looked at me.

“You can dump it in now Pietro”
I grinned

“I know”
He simply nodded.

I furrowed my eyebrows giving him a look of confusion. He smirked in return. In a split second he was on the other side of the kitchen and I had flour all over me. I gasped. No he did not.

I looked at him angrily. He was giggling but stopped when he saw my face. He cautiously walked towards me. I backed up so my back was directly in front of the counter. I felt around blindly for what I was looking for. When my hands wrapped around the little ball I mentally cheered.

“I’m sorry (Y/N) I was trying to mess around”
He had his hands in front of him in a surrender position.

Once he was only a few inches in front of me I brought my hand around and smashed the egg on his head.

“Oh it’s on”

He grabbed an egg from the carton and was darting around the room. I grabbed the bag of flour ready for anything. I saw a flash of blue out of the corner of my eye. I turned to my left expecting to see him there. I heard a creak and froze. I slowly turned around. Right when I saw his silver hair there was a cold sticky substance dripping down my (Y/H/C) hair.

I reacted quickly throwing flour in his general direction. He appeared right behind me again.

“What? You didn’t see that coming?”
He laughed.

I jumped on his back before he could run away and dumped the entire bag of flour on his head. He gasped and I got down from his back with a triumphant grin.

“You didn’t see that coming?”
I asked in a terrible mock accent.

He chuckled and walked closer to me. He moved a strand of my hair-that was covered in egg and flour no doubt- from my face and tucked it behind my ear. I had to look up at him due to him being several inches taller than me. My (Y/E/C) eyes staring into his icey blue ones.

I tried not to think about what his lips would feel like against mine. I tried not to think about how soft they would be, fitting perfectly with mine. He glanced down at my lips and started leaning in. He hesitated and I met him halfway.

Our lips connected and immediately his hands were in my hair. He pulled it from around my face and held it gently. My hands made their way to hold his cheeks. He pulled away and rested his forehead on mine. Before either one of us could say anything the door swung open.

I looked past Pietro and saw Tony. Great. All he’s going to do is tease us. He looked at our position and then our clothes and the rest of the kitchen. I followed his eyes. Damn, we really did make a mess didn’t we?

Pietro had turned around and was watching him intently. Tony opened his mouth to say something but shut it. He opened it again,

“Please just don’t have sex in the kitchen, we have to eat here”
He shook his head slightly and walked out.

I looked back up at Pietro.

“We are a mess”
I said through my giggles.

He nodded his head.

“I need to shower, then I’ll help you clean this all up okay?”
I started walking out of the kitchen.

He nodded again still standing there.

“You coming Speedy?”
I asked.

He looked up.
“A-am I coming?”

“Yeah, let’s go!”
I exclaimed.

He looked confused but had a hopeful glint in his eye.

I shrugged as I sauntered out the kitchen door.
“I don’t know”
I called walking down the hallway. I heard footsteps and grinned. This will be fun.