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Quick sketch of a young Reinhardt, complete with ‘glorious’ hair and that Gibraltar tan. Not gonna lie, he ended up looking very knight-like in my opinion, which I am 110% okay with! I figured since he’s german and has white hair in game, he likely had lighter hair in his youth. Coupled with those baby blues, it’s no wonder he’s as charming and charismatic as he is. 

I didn’t know I needed this in my life til today. Now excuse me while I go hyperventilate into a pillow…

Alright, I know it has only been a few episodes, but I really need Gabriel Luna to play Robbie Reyes for as long as possible. He is freaking killing it! I don’t care how or why, I just need it to happen. Whether he becomes a regular on Agents of SHIELD or he gets his own spin-off, it doesn’t matter. I just need to see Gabriel Luna as Robbie Reyes on my screen for as long as Gabriel wants to do it or for however long the MCU is a thing. Please! He is freaking amazing!



Yaku and the shop 

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[muffled sounds in the distance// i’m… sorry…] I’ve been stuck in this page what it seems a whole eternity, ugh. But we’ve reached the climax of the first adventure, guys! (One month drawing this and here I thought I wouldn’t last two days doing it) A short summary: what does imply the pact with Yaku? Is Kuroo dead right now? With who did Daichi sleep? WHO’S GONNA APPEAR NEXT? And how did Bokuto end in a henhouse? What about the goat? And the most important question: where’s Akaashi where’s Kenma’s cell? 

* Important: To clarify: Ushijima is referring to Ayahuasca uses/practice/rituals by southwestern native american. I’m sorry if his outfit is stereotyped, please consider Ushijima’s disguise as a matter of stylistic devices instead of cultural appropriation/ideological contents. No offense, please. 


keith is beautiful ok
EDIT the lion is much better now

Lance, Shiro, Pidge, and Hunk