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Quick sketch of a young Reinhardt, complete with ‘glorious’ hair and that Gibraltar tan. Not gonna lie, he ended up looking very knight-like in my opinion, which I am 110% okay with! I figured since he’s german and has white hair in game, he likely had lighter hair in his youth. Coupled with those baby blues, it’s no wonder he’s as charming and charismatic as he is. 

I didn’t know I needed this in my life til today. Now excuse me while I go hyperventilate into a pillow…

Youtubers reating to Jaebum in the Just Right dance practice (crazy boyfriend version) aka all of us

Thanks to the Anesthetic

“Person A of your otp has recently undergone surgery and now has temporary amnesia from the anesthetic. Person B has been married to A for a good number of years, and can’t help but giggle at A’s reactions to everything.”

For @shivisdivis. In other news, I’m bad at writing humor.

Katara should be worried, she should be thinking about his recovery and the road ahead. But that wasn’t really possible when her husband of 8 years kept sneaking glances at her, trying to act all coy and casual but was anything but.

“Are you my doctor? Why are you in my room? You look smart.” Zuko rambled and slurred through the words, finally talking to her.

She had been debating with herself all afternoon, should she mess with him a bit or let him know the truth? Other videos on YouTube made it seem worth it to fib on a few things even though she didn’t plan to video anything.

“No Zuko, I’m not your doctor.” It was the truth, but she didn’t follow up with who she was to him. The surgery was fairly minor and wouldn’t be strenuous on his body, there would hardly be any physical therapy, but the anesthetic wasn’t wearing off as quick as it should.

“Are you my nurse? You’re a hot nurse.” His eyes dipped low to her breasts a few times, before popping back up to her eyes, a light blush appearing on his cheeks. She probably should be annoyed that he was ogling her, but he never did that to her even after being married.

She laughed a little, “No I’m not your nurse Zuko.”

His forehead crinkled in confusion before blanking out his expression, “Am I in heaven?” A look of worry quickly followed so Katara was quick to respond.

“No, no, no, you’re not dead,” she placed a hand on the arm closest to her, it didn’t have any tubes or IVs attached. “You had surgery and you’re still a little fuzzy. Did you want some water?”

“Water? What is water?”

Now she was worried. The surgery wasn’t in his brain so?? What was happening? “Uh, here, drink from the straw.” She grabbed a hospital tumblr with bendy straw and placed it between his lips.

“It’s not doing anything,” he said around the plastic, the pronunciation distorted.  

“Zuko you have to suck through it, why are you being silly? You know this.”

He opened his mouth and the straw bounced around the open space as he tried to pull it back with his tongue. Obvious to say he was failing hilariously at it so Katara had to laugh at him.

She couldn’t hold it in any longer, “Zuko, I’m your wife. We’ve been married over 8 years.”

His jaw dropped and the little bit of water he had in his mouth dribbled out and onto his shirt. “No way. You’re too hot to be my wife. Is this real life?”

“Yes, it’s very real and I’m very much your wife. We have the child to prove it too.”

Now his eyes popped open, “I have a kid?!”

Katara was glad that their son was staying with her parents until Zuko was out of the hospital. Toddlers were too susceptible to illness and she didn’t want him to see Zuko in a hospital bed. And now he didn’t even remember him!

“Do I need to get the photos out?” Her tone bordering on serious.

“Wait, that means we had sex. I had sex with you? Man I’m so lucky.” His face turned into a blissful look as he stared off into space, obviously thinking about the potential sex he could have with her. Her laughter this time was loud and filled the quiet room.

“Oh Zuko, once we get home and you’re healthy we’ll have all the sex you want.” She leaned over kissed his scarred cheek. “But only if you remember what I wore our wedding night.”

With the blissed-out look still on his face he whispered, “I had a wedding night? I hope I can remember that.”