too high to not cuddle

thank you

thank you
for being my rock
for holding my hands
for telling me it’ll be okay
for late night conversations
for not being afraid to be weird
for binge watching parks and rec
for singing stuff that’s too high
for trying to make me laugh
for extremely long hugs
for cuddling with me
for really corny puns
for listening to me
for making sure i’m okay
for telling me you love me
for your wonderful smile
for your really cute laugh
for your dry sense of humor
for wanting to be around me
for having such a big heart
for encouraging me
for always believing in me
for letting me be stubborn
for texting me when you’re tired
for driving me around
for helping me get out of that dark place
for being my inspiration
for being my hero
for bringing me so much happiness.

thank you
for being you,
the best boyfriend in the world.

i love you.


—  a poem i wrote for my boyfriend || spilled thoughts #28
Magical - Joe Sugg Imagine

Summary: “I trusted you!” - Joe Sugg drabble based on this prompt list. This is just a little thing I wrote at four o’clock in the morning while avoiding sleep.

Word Count: 595

Requested: Yes!

Trigger Warnings: None that I can think of

Author’s Note: I was so excited to get this request, so if anyone has any other requests that they can think of, send them in! I wrote this on no sleep at like four am so it’s a little ridiculous.

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Your loud yell cut through the previously silent living room in the flat you shared with your boyfriend, Joe; the seven boys who were in the room almost jumping out of their skin at the sheer volume of your voice, their heads snapping towards you in concern.

“I trusted you! And all this time, you’ve been his friend!” You finished in a disgusted voice, completing the line of dialogue in perfect timing with Hermione. A collective grumble passed through the room as you giggled behind your hand slightly.

“You do this every bloody time!” Oli exclaimed, throwing a pillow at your face in frustration and making you shriek as you tried to - unsuccessfully - dodge it. They rest of the boys nodded in unison.

“And then we all agree that we’re never watching Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban with you again!” Conor piped up, scowling at you from where he was stretched out over Caspar and Josh’s laps, his hand deep in the bag of popcorn beside him.

“Until another movie night comes along, and then you blink those puppy eyes up at Joe and he overrules us cause it’s his projector!” Mikey whined, Jack agreeing most adamantly from where they two of them were perched across from yourself and Joe.

“It was YOUR idea to watch the film!” You exclaimed, pointing an accusatory finger at Jack and Mikey as you curled up underneath your boyfriend’s arm, his grip on you tightening protectively, even though he knew that the boys would rather die than let something happen to you.

“Not our fault you can’t watch the film normally!” Jack shot back, a cheeky grin spread across his face as he smirked over at you and Joe, lifting a single eyebrow in a silent challenge to you and making you giggle.

“Bloody hell! You’re like five-year-olds the bloody lot of you!” Josh exclaimed, he and Caspar having been relatively quiet this far, “Can we just watch the movie? The rest of you leave Y/N alone, she’s not hurting you,” You poked your tongue out at the boys childishly, “and Y/N leave the shouting for when you and Joseph are alone, you nearly gave us all heart attacks,” he quipped as he turned the movie back on.

You giggled softly as you sunk into Joe’s side, nuzzling your nose into the crook of his neck gently as the boys went back to watching Remus Lupin justify himself. Your boyfriend looked down at you with a lazy grin on his face, “Bunch of lunatics, the whole lot of em,” He smirked down at you.

“Yeah but they’re our friends, wouldn’t change them for the world,” You whispered to him, leaning up and brushing your lips against his, grinning when he leaned down to give you a proper kiss.

“Oi! No making out in the theatre!” Caspar yelled over his shoulder at you two, making you groan and break apart.

“Just cause your lonely and single!"Joe fired back at his best mate, knowing full well that he had been seeing a girl you’d introduced him to for the past couple of weeks.

"Well, we wouldn’t be if you’d share your girl!” Jack whined, crawling over and flopping his head on your lap.

“Hey! I want cuddles too!” Oli interjected, a look of high offence on his face as the rest of the boys agreed with him.

“Dog pile on Y/N!!!” Conor’s voice pierced the air and before you knew it, you were in a pit of cuddles with seven boys.

And you wouldn’t have traded it in for anything in the world.

Well, except maybe being a witch at Hogwarts.

when I grow up I want to be a chill lesbian who likes hiking

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yeah listen they got closer when isak started to abandon them in s3 and bonded and mahdi was catching feelings for this fool so he was googling sexualities and found "pan" and was like "omg this is it". when both mags & isak are too busy w/ their so's jonas/mahdi get high and start making out/cuddle & the morning after they're like all giggly "that was nice".... jonas' sister catch them making out in the kitchen while burning the toast

STOPP this is so real ? and at first, they agree to be lowkey about it and not tell the guys but mahdi can’t help himself and he’s always like “you look so good today jonas :^)))” “jonas… look at him go… him and his beautiful hair :^))” and it’s so affectionate because mahdi has such a big heart…. he loves his commie boyfriend… and jonas is always looking at mahdi like!! did you see this!!! did you see me doing that!!! aha you’re so great!! and they’re just so… good.. and busted by everyone too because once jonas sister is in the know they stop refraining themselves so they’re always kissing or casually touching… they’re gonna be that couple that stays together… know it…

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AHHHHHH SORRY DQOHEDOAISJDOQIWJ It high key put me in a cuddling mood too so I have to go write some angst or something because forever alone lol but thank you so much for loving it <3

(imagine cuddling this tho uwdhilsukhdnliuAS)

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More hc's with Pidge and her cute girlfriend? And maybe how the others act around them?


General headcanons:

  • She will 100% lay on top of you when you’re cuddling. She’ll probably fall asleep there, too. Any time you two cuddle there is a high risk of them falling asleep.
  • She really wants you to kiss her a lot when you’re alone. In public, not so much, but in private, she loves kisses.
  • She’ll call you gay all the time but it’s like “??? yeah tru babe you too”
  • She’s so warm. Just… The Most Warm.
  • Also her hair is really soft and she’d love it if you played with it while you’re cuddling.
  • She doesn’t shave her legs that often, which isn’t a problem, but sometimes she doesn’t fully commit to it and shaves and then it grows back a little bit and it’s the most prickly thing and she will make a point of it to wear shorts in that time of cactus legs.
  • (If you get periods) If you didn’t believe in synchronized periods before you do now because that shit is going to happen on the same exact day. It’s kind of scary but??? At least you only have to deal with one week of pain & suffering a month instead of 2.
  • If you’re short, it’s both good and bad. Neither of you have to deal with The Tall People™, but also nothing is within reach. 
  • HOWEVER, if you’re tall, they will want piggy-back rides and help getting things down. 
  • If you were dating before she started going by Pidge, the nickname “Kat” and “Kitty” would be super cute, but so that you didn’t blow her cover, those nicknames had to stop. However, when she became the paladin of the green lion, they fit again. Because lions are cats, ya know??

How others act around you two:

  • No one cares that Pidge is dating a girl because they’re all super supportive & whatnot, they just want to make sure no one breaks the poor baby’s heart.
  • It may take a few days, but once they see how much you love them, they will accept you into their lil family.
  • Lance is surprised and upset because Pidge has a girlfriend before he dates anyone and he thinks it’s Unfair™.
  • He’ll also jokingly call you gal pals.
  • If you ever kiss in front of him, be ready for comments like “That’s such a great friendship” and “Just two gals bein’ pals.” (He’s joking, but you can still smack him)
  • Allura is glad to have yet another gal in the crew and, since Pidge is adamant about not wearing dresses or make-up, the responsibility of indulging Allura every once in a while falls on you.
  • Pidge will eventually show you the best hiding spots to get away from Allura’s dress-up time.
Dating Gladiolus Amicita

summary: everyone is scared of him but he’s the biggest teddy bear wtf

  •  He calls his significant other ‘baby’ all the time. (’baby girl/boy’ if he’s feeling a little extra but we aren’t gonna talk about that right now haha fuck.)
  • There’s a 98% percent chance that you’re smaller than he is, because honestly finding someone bigger than Gladio is gonna be hard. Anyways, cause you’re so much smaller you get a bunch of privileges like piggy-back rides and hugs.
  • He gives the best hugs! Those bomb af hugs where you’re surrounded by nothing but warmth and love. 
  • His (and Noctis’s too) body temperatures run really high, so cuddling with him is like the best thing on the planet. At night you practically sleep on top of him, both because he’s warm and takes up half the fucking bed.
  • Protective as hell and doesn’t give two fucks who knows. He’ll make sure you’re set with everything first before he does something. 
  • You usually don’t have any problems with other people bothering you because they’ll take one look at Gladio and walk the other direction. He’s pretty intimidating. 
  • When you first started dating Gladio explained to you that Noctis is his main focus. Of course, he’d protect you too but he explains to you that protecting the prince is his job and will always be his job. He pretty much tells you that he could die at any moment and that if you don’t think you could handle the anxiety of the situation you should leave. 
  • You stay of course.

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Coffee for Two- Hockey!Luke imagine

A couple of months ago, your boyfriend of 2 years, Luke, asked you to move into his apartment. Just down the road from the rink, the location was perfect for him. You have been dating since high school and are now both in the university. The apartment was an upgrade from your dorm last semester and Luke had saved up from working at the diner in your small hometown since he was 14. He’s asked for a while, but you have held off, until your old roommate started keeping you up with her late night shenanigans with “special visitors” and your big bad boyfriend Luke couldn't have you living like that, so he made you take the plunge and move in with him. 

Luke is the school’s hockey star and it was hockey season which meant repping his jersey at all of the games he forced you to attend (not that you minded) because you were his “good luck charm”, but you knew that was a load of shit because you know the only reason is because he thinks its sexy when you wear his jersey. And you couldn’t lie to yourself. Seeing Luke all sweaty and aggressive and being the leader out on the ice was a very attractive look for him. But, the worst part of hockey for the both of you were the early morning practices. And since you and Luke decided to spend your thanksgiving holiday with each other rather than in your hometown, this meant less time spent together.  Luke had to wake up early and leave your warm embrace, even for just a couple of hours. And for you, waking up to a cold side of the bed and forced to make coffee for one and not for two.

Last night, you and Luke spent a lazy night in watching shitty Hallmark Christmas Movies that the two of you watched one too many times in high school, but you enjoyed each others company and the surprisingly tasty cookies Luke made since you couldn’t bake if your life depended on it. 

The night was filled with the snowflake patterned blanket Luke got you last Christmas and cuddles in bed because Luke refused to turn the heat on too high when you guys could cuddle to stay warm. And he claims you’ll complain you’re too hot anyways in little to no time because “he just knows you all too well." 

Luke woke up to the early morning hazy sun that was all too bright due to the snow on the ground, sneaking in through the curtains of your window. His previously closed eyes now squinted in hopes of waking up without too much of a hassle. Careful to not wake up your sleeping body next to him, you’re natural curly hair, laying in all directions, sprawled out over our pillow and both of your limbs tangled together, he untangled both of your arms and legs with caution and covered your sleeping form back up with the blanket and slipped out of bed. He looked over at his phone and checked the time. 6 AM. This routine consisted of Luke trying to stay as quiet as possible and take his shower in the guest room bathroom down the hall so he wouldn’t wake you, which you’ve told him numerous times is ridiculous, but he would just nod his head and do it anyways. Like when you would tell him to wake you up as well on these mornings, but Luke knew you weren’t a morning person, so he always left you to sleep, but always leaving you a little note on your bed side table before he leaves because he knows how much you love hand written letters. 

After his shower, Luke would double check that he had all of his gear and make his way down the hall and make himself breakfast and a cup of coffee for one and not for two. 

Then, he would bundle up in the beanie, scarf, and gloves you bought him because you always claimed he would catch the flu one day, of course he loved how much you cared and how you took care of him. 

After that, he would leave his little handwritten note for you on your bed side table an kiss your forehead and slip out the door without a peep. 

Since living so close to the rink, Luke walks the block and a half and heads to the locker room to change for the dreaded 7 AM practice.

You wouldn't wake up long long after Luke left. You wake up with the realization the second half of the bed is no longer occupied and find the lovely little note your thoughtful man left you once again. 

After reading it, most of the time filled with "I love yous” and “have a good days” and telling you “not to wait up for him”, you drag yourself out of bed and into the kitchen to see the damned boy left his dirty dishes in the sink again, but then you see that he made you a cup of coffee ready to be warmed up for you and suddenly you can’t be mad anymore. 

Since you didn’t have classes due to the holiday, most of the time you’d study with your glasses that Luke found “incredibly sexy,” sitting on the bridge of your nose and Luke’s “You Complete Mess” shirt hanging off of your shoulder. 

And around 9 you would get yourself dressed and probably wouldn't be bothered with doing your hair or makeup at this hour, which Luke never minded, he said in the winter your cheeks get rosy and it looks like you put “that pink stuff” on your cheeks anyways. 

And before you would leave to head to the rink, you always bring an extra pair of socks because Luke always forgets to pack them no matter how many times you remind him because his feet get cold. 

You usually catch the end of practice and you sit up in the bleachers watching number 26 skate across the ice effortlessly. You don’t know what it was about seeing Luke all sweaty and aggressive and getting pushed around the ice that made it so damn attractive, it just was. Most of the time he acts like he doesn’t notice your there, but he always knows you show up at 9:45 on the dot. It’s because the guys and his coaches tease him saying he’s “whipped.” And he doesn’t mind it, nor is he whipped, but on the ice and as the captain of this team, he can’t show weakness, but off the ice, his weakness is you. 

After practice he would meet you at the locker room doors after everyone else files out and greet you with a, technically, good morning kiss and bring you to his chest. Most of the time Luke stays after and works on his shots while you watch from behind the glass and drool over how great he looks in his uniform. Luke’s a lanky guy, broad shoulders, long legs, firm chest, always having a couple little blonde hairs sticking out from his helmet. And when everyone is finally gone you both go into the locker room that may smell like sweat and dirty socks, but Luke claims smells like victory and always has to add the dramatic fist pump in the air for emphasis that earns a laugh from you. 

You sit on the bench and watch as he strips from his sweaty practice gear and carefully puts them into his bag to be washed when he gets home. His bare, pale upper half exposed which never fails to make you blush as he puts on a hoodie and sweatpants before his coat, scarf, and beanie. And you hand him the extra socks that he always forgets which earns a giggle from the both of you as he thanks you once again.

You both walk home hand and hand to your shared apartment and Luke drops his equipment at the door to be washed later as he picks you up bridal style which makes you laugh and rubs his cold nose on your exposed stomach as he carries you to your master bathroom for a proper shower. Luke has always said since the begging of your relationship that after he has a bad game, a good game, or just feeling tense, he takes a shower, but “you have to make the water so hot that you can just barely stand it.” You never understood why until after a bad game he would tell you to take a shower with him and he would turn the heat of the water up high and make sure you were comfortable. You never really understood how it helped but Luke was right, it really did. He would stand behind and wrap his arms around your waist and rest his chin on your shoulder and let the heat of the water burn the tension and just relax. A couple times you'v taken one of these magic showers alone and ended up passing out, so he doesn’t let you take them alone anymore, which you used to argue with, but he likes to be the protector, so you’ll let him. 

And after the shower he’d wrap you up in one of the big fluffy towels and you’d get dressed and sit in bed and watch even more shitty Hallmark Christmas movies while snuggled up with the love of your life not wanting to be anywhere else. And of course, while you waited for Luke to join you under the warm blankets and into your embrace, he’d show up with coffee for two, not for one.  

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can i please have a ship for category 2? i am about 5'7, i have green eyes and dark brown hair. i have glasses but i wear contacts lol. i am more on the thicker side haha, and i get annoyed easily and i get super grumpy if i don't have enough sleep. i love dogs, makeup, and marilyn manson is my favorite person in the world. i am also completely obsessed with the office lmao

I’d ship you with Dylann :)

I think Dylann would like to have a girl that’s more on the thicker side, more to grab at you know lol? I guess you’d never be grumpy with him then cause I’m positive you’d get enough sleep, that’s something what Dylann would want to do all the time, sleep. You both would drink a bit and he’d take a bit of cocaine too and then you’d cuddle up, high and drunk maybe lazily making out a bit and falling asleep in each others arms until you’d wake up in the middle of the night and watch TV. I don’t think that Dylann would appreciate Marilyn (but I get you girl and damn when I think about young Marilyn wooo 🔥) but I’m sure he’d watch the office with you! That’s a typical Dylann show lol

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I wish you would write a fic where Dean gets deaged (Around 4ish preferably?) and Sam is WAY too tall (kinda scares him?) and Cas looks a bit intimidating and it ends up where he only allows Gabriel to pick him up and stuff because he's charming and short so he's not too high up?? It surprises Sam and Cas to say the least. Maybe cuddles? Idk *hides face and shame* (maybe mentally and physically? It can go both or either ways) I'm sorry but this is too cute to imagine. Thanks a bunch!

Send me an anonymous ask completing the sentence “I wish you would write a fic where…”

“I don’t get it.”

“Whining is unbecoming, Sammy.”

“I am not whining!”

“Yes, you are,” Dean’s thin, childish voice piped up.

Sam glared at him. “You don’t get a say in it, traitor.”

“Traitor?” Dean repeated. Tears welled up in his eyes.

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After beating Korrina:

LOOK AT THIS CUTE LITTLE FROG JUMPING ON ASH and even nuzzling his face against his ~~~ cutiiieesssss

After beating Ramos:

HHHNNNNNN IT LEVELED UP!!! This is a legit bullet glomp!!!! And look at how they smile at each other afterwards!!! How much cuter can you two get???!!! my heart… 

After beating Wulfric:


??????  where’s the leveled up lovey dovey cuteness hug lvl 3

….They had that dramatic eye contact and dramatic high five afterwards I guess, but… 

Are they too cool for hugs and cuddles now? I’m sad… ;w;

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The partner of Uta, Yomo, Amon and Ayato is in a very cuddly mode and refuses to let them go, and they cling to their partner like a koala or something (^• ^)

more cuddling! (´▽`ʃƪ)♡

Uta: His partner is really channelling a koala today. As Uta wobbles around the studio with his partner hanging off his back with a self-satisfied grin on their face, the sounds of equipment and tools falling over trails after them when Uta bumps his partner into various tables to tease them. They retaliate by squeezing their legs around Uta’s middle, making him cough and throw his head back, bonking heads with his partner to make them stop. When his partner shows no signs of wanting to let go in the near future, Uta pulls one last trick on them and falls backwards onto the couch, making his partner yell and scramble to hang on to him once they felt Uta falling. They collapse onto the cushions, with his partner pouting and squashed under a laughing Uta.

Yomo: It actually flusters Yomo a little— his partner is grinning and nuzzling their face into the crook of his neck, small puffs of breath tickling his neck. It’s no uncomfortable, but Yomo’s rather stiff and the cuddling becomes a one-sided event with his partner curling their hands around his shoulders and sliding their leg against his. When his partner catches sight of Yomo’s expression, they felt bad and asked if they were bothering him, but Yomo’s quick to correct them, letting his partner know that he doesn’t mind the cuddling and was only surprised. Now his partner is making it their personal mission to get Yomo to cuddle back, and after a while, Yomo throws a companionable arm around his partner’s shoulder and draws them close.

Amon: He’s going to be late for work if his partner doesn’t let go, and they’re definitely not letting up on the tight hold they have around Amon’s middle. A little concerned over their behaviour, Amon returns the gestures and holds his partner gently in his own arms, cradling the back of their head with his hand as he stroked their hair and asked if everything was okay. With their voice slightly muffled in Amon’s suit, his partner admitted that they didn’t want to see him leave for such a dangerous job every day. That surprises Amon, and then the realization of his partner’s worries warms him. He figures he can walk in a little later for today, and hugs his partner back, whispering reassurances into their ear and rubbing a soothing hand up and down their back.

Ayato: He pretends he’s too high and mighty for something like cuddling, but Ayato secretly enjoys the feeling of his partner’s arms wrapped vice-like around his waist, insistent on spending more time holding him. He teases them with a few pokes and prods that makes his partner shriek and squirm at the ticklish sensation, but their wiggling ends up pulling them and Ayato off the bed with a terrific thud. Lying on the ground together, they give a sheepish laugh and Ayato presses a noogie to his partner’s head, making them yelp before he drags them back up onto the bed. When his partner’s arms reach for him once again, Ayato makes a big show of letting them cuddle him, and relishes in the warmth once again.

sweet withdrawal

Luke was in LA recording, thousands of miles away from you. There was nothing he hated more than compromising relationships with work, but it was inevitable. You had two exams that week and couldn’t go to America with him, to both of your dismay.

He found himself missing you more and more throughout the day, unable to eat his toast without remembering the fact that you liked butter on both sides, or even bending over to tie his shoes, recalling the way you’d tuck your bangs behind your ear so they didn’t fall into your face when you laced yours.

He wasn’t sad, just offset. Putting his heart and soul into recording, he made it through the day with a smile, thanks to tons of jokes from the boys. But it was at a time like this, laying restless in bed with the lights out, when he couldn’t help but think of you.

He recalled what it felt to have his lips on yours, a usually insignificant gesture that would mean the world to him right now. He longed for you, your long, lean torso between his arms. Wishing nothing but to touch you, he sat up thinking all these things.

Specifically, he adored a few prominent things more that the rest. Like the way your hand would playfully smack his as he would trace your torso, fingers too high for cuddling standards (well in your opinion). You acted like the most innocent girl in the world, as if the words “sex” and “handjob” were of a completely foreign vocabulary. However, he knew this was beyond true. But only he knew. Because only he got the pleasure of viewing you writhing under his touch, panting under his body. These thoughts raced through his mind and he couldn’t help but wonder if you were thinking the same thing too.

Pulling out his phone, he checked the time back home. 3:43; you were at school preparing for your exam. God, he wanted to call you so bad.

His boxers became unnaturally tight, causing him to groan. He knew he was needy, and you usually fulfilled those needs. Swiping his hands under the covers, he pulled his boxers down his legs, relieving his hard-on.

His fingers delicately stroked it, immediately reminding him of your touch. He cupped his hand, slowly pumping, imagining it was your mouth. A moan stifled from his lips as he limply increased the speed.

“Fuck,” he inadvertently said. His hands were too rough, nothing like your soft, delicate fingers. He continued to pump, curving his hands the way you would, the way he liked best. Rolling his head back, he winced once again. He imagined thrusting into you, your tight walls, rubbing your clit gently, which was a surefire way to hear his name out of your lips. And the way that you would bite your lip to try to keep quiet, always afraid someone would somehow find you two, to which he would tell you to let your moans out.

His cock was slick with precum and he increased the speed even more, picturing even more things, anything to get him off. Specifically, the way you’d grind on his cock, hips circling and breasts bouncing in his face whenever you rode him. He then imagined you picturing these things too, touching yourself alone in bed.

Under his hands, his cock twitched and he tilted his head back, the feeling all too familiar. A grunt escaped his thin lips as he touched the tip, soon spilling his load into a tissue from a box on the dresser.

He instinctively kept his fingers massaging the swollen tip, panting. You’d seen the image many times, his forehead sweaty, hair dishevelled, and piercing protruding his bitten lip. Eventually his breaths slowed and he picked up his phone, going to your contact name. His fingers carefully typed, sending you a quick text.

good luck with your exams today and tomorrow, cutie (: goodnight, ily and miss you and can’t wait till I get home (;

The message was sent and he fell asleep, boxers on the floor, satisfied.


lol idk this kinda sucked but I really want to make a sequel ?¿?? Maybe. I’m tired of it sitting in my notes so here ya go.