too high to not cuddle

Yuuri: mattresses are wider in Russia, but it’s not like it really matters (;´ㅿ`) …

What’s a king-size bed to a cuddler  (゚ ω゚//)♡

Victor’s side of the bed is the whole bed, anywhere he can cuddle Yuuri to be more precise. So usually it’s slightly to the left side, therefore about 110 cms of the king-size bed remain unused (they have to flip the mattress frequently).

This doodle has been sitting on my WIPs folder for weeks, time to get it out, it’s cuddles season ♥ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ )

Cuddle Hotline // Kim Kibum


the prompt: could I have a cuddle hotline key scenario? I was thinking that she’s like a culinary student and only cares about cooking and her friends are like “you need to get out there you’re lonely” so one of her friends orders her a cuddle buddy (key) but when he shows up she just sits him down at the table and makes him try her food and is like “give me an honest opinion so he does and he’s like “this is gross” and she actually really likes his honest opinions on her food so she asks her friend for the app and her friends are excited cause they think she’s enjoying it but actually she’s just using it to help improve her recipes but one day she’s like sad and really just wants someone to cuddle with so she calls key over and he’s like ready to eat but she says she just wants to cuddle today and he gets all cute and nervous because he actually started developing a crush on her -sunflower anon 🌻

words: 4427

category: fluff

author note: this is my first shinee request and it’s for kibum my bias!! i don’t know who you are sunflower anon, but i love you for requesting this. i immediately began thinking of dialogue and stuff bc i wanted to make it perfect.

- destinee

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You set down your perfected pasta in front of your two friends. “Eat this. I added fresh garlic instead of simple garlic salt. See if it makes a difference.”

Your closest friend, Chaeyoung, looked up at you. “Y/n, this is spaghetti. You have literally made ten batches of spaghetti and they all taste the same.”

You rolled your eyes, “They don’t taste the same. Trust me.”

Chaeyoung took a huge bite and pursed her lips, “Hmm. You know, you’re right. I can really taste the fresh garlic as opposed to the garlic salt.”

“Really?” Your eyes brightened as both of your friends rolled their eyes.

“No!” Chaeyoung said. “It tastes exactly the same, Y/n.”

Your other friend, Minho, furrowed his eyebrows as he pushed the plate away. “Honestly, I feel like I’m going to vomit if I see any more spaghetti. Why do you always spend your free time cooking?”

“Better yet, why do you always use up our free time by making us eat your cooking?” Chaeyoung said. “I could be on a date right now.”

“I could be working out, or studying,” Minho said, giving you a pointed look.

Ever since you were a child, you had wanted to be a chef. Whether or not it was helping your parents cook, or attempting to make your own sandwiches, you were always in the kitchen. The passion had come from your grandmother, who used to teach you how to make cookies from scratch. After seeing your first batch of cookies, you realized that you really enjoyed making creations. You enjoyed the look on people’s faces when they ate your concoctions. From that moment you knew you wanted to be a chef. You would be content the rest of your life to make food for other people. Your dream was to open a restaurant with five-star food at low prices so everyone could enjoy how amazing and artistic food could really be.

You were in your third year of culinary school, and your school was offering an amazing chance to your class. Whichever student could make the best menu would be offered the chance to study their fourth year in Paris, all expenses paid for. It was a dream to you, and you were working desperately to perfect a meal that would impress the judges and leave a lasting impression.

You slumped into one of the empty chairs and covered your face with your hands, moaning. “You guys are right. I’m never gonna win this scholarship with spaghetti. Maybe I’ll try sushi.”

Chaeyoung patted your head gingerly. “I think you need to take a break. When’s the last time you just took a rest day instead of cooking?”

“I haven’t,” you said. “I can’t afford to lose a day. Each day I fail is a day closer to the deadline and I have to make something to submit.”

“You need to sleep,” Minho said.

“No,” Chaeyoung denied. “You need a cuddle buddy. Look, there’s this app where you can pay for someone to come and give you cuddles. Studies show that cuddling with another human relaxes the soul.”

You rolled your eyes. “I don’t need a cuddle buddy, I need you guys to help me find the best dish.”

“C'mon, Y/n. You can’t deny that you’re lonely. Here, let’s download the app and look for some ideal partners.”

You ignored the two of them as they browsed through people, shouting out their likes and dislikes. Instead, you cleared the dishes and put them in your dishwasher, preparing to make your next meal.

“Oh! Look at him!” Minho suddenly shouted. “User Key-underscore-freak.

You snorted, “Anyone with the word “freak” in their username is not getting my address.“

“Too late,” Chaeyong said. “I sent him a message.”

“Why?” You darted over to look over your friends’ shoulders. You had to admit, the pictures were nice. It did state that he was only two years older than you, and he seemed to have an obsession with a certain pair of dogs. “How many pictures of his dogs is he going to post?”

Minho clicked out of his pictures and began to read out his likes and dislikes. “Likes: dogs, fashion, and theater. Dislikes: liars, ugg boots, and people who don’t like dogs. He sounds simple enough. His cuddle rate is high, too. Apparently a lot of people like to cuddle with him.”

You rolled your eyes. “I don’t want to cuddle him, no matter how high his rate is. Now, should I use salmon or tuna for my sushi?”

Chaeyoung suddenly squealed, “He wrote back! He’s open today! I’m asking him to come over!”

“Don’t!” you warned, “I have stuff to do today.”

Chaeyoung waved your concern away. “Minho and I will pay for it, okay? Just enjoy being in someone else’s presence for once instead of thinking about your next dish. Can you do that?”

You groaned and turned back to your fish, ignoring her. “Please don’t.”

“Too late. He’s coming in an hour. Minho and I will be leaving so the two of you can have some time to get to know each other.”

You grumbled the whole time you were making your sushi. You weren’t even paying much attention to what you were doing, and so you ended up making a pretty weird dish. Still, you set it out on the table. If someone was coming over to your house, you would ask them to try your dish. Cuddling could wait for another day.

The doorbell to your apartment rang, and you hesitantly made your way to the door. Finally, after a small mental pep talk, you swung the door open.

The man in front of you wasn’t too much taller than yourself, and he was rather nimble-looking, you felt. Nevertheless, his smile was open and warm as he held his hand out for you. “I’m Kim Kibum. You’re Y/n?”

He was wearing black skinny jeans and an oversized t-shirt, covered by a brown bomber jacket. His dark hair seemed styled and his skin felt moisturized and smooth as you accepted his handshake. A large duffle bag hung over his shoulder, and you felt more uncomfortable as you stared at it. “… that’s me.”

Kibum followed your gaze and let out a bark of laughter. “I just carry this around to put my pajamas, laptop, blanket, and pillow. Cuddling necessities, you know?”

You didn’t know. You had never cuddled with anyone in your life. You never really felt like you needed to. “Actually, can we not cuddle?”

Kibum furrowed his eyebrows and pouted his lips. “No cuddling?”

“Yeah. You see, I’m a chef and I really need someone to try my dishes.”

Kibum’s eyes brightened. “You’re a chef? Great, I haven’t eaten all day.”

He walked into your house and discarded his jacket and bag onto your sofa. “What’s on the menu?”

“Sushi,” you replied, running past him to grab the plate of food. You placed it on the table, along with a cup of water. “Tell me what you think about it. I want your honest opinion.”

Time seemed to stand still as Kibum put the sushi in his mouth. The more he chewed, however, the more his face turned into that of disgust. He swallowed thickly before giving you his verdict. “This is gross.”

You felt your spirit deflate. “Really? What’s wrong with it?”

Kibum have you a look of obvious disappointment, “Well, first of all, why did you stick scrambled eggs in your sushi roll? That’s nasty.”

Your nose scrunched. “I was distracted. It didn’t seem like a bad idea at the time.”

Kibum handed the plate back to you. “Who are you making a dish for anyway?”

“I’m trying to win a trip,” you explained as you dumped the bad sushi into the garbage can. “If I make a good enough dish, I’ll be allowed to study my final year of culinary school in Paris, France.”

“I love Paris,” Kibum said. “I’ve been a few times. You’re going to have to step up your game if you want to cook with the chefs of France, though. I hear they’re brutal.”

“I know,” you sighed. “I’ve just been distracted lately. I am a good cook, really.”

Kibum cocked his head to the side, “Looks like you’ll need to prove that, Honey, since your sushi was worse than the food I buy for my dogs.”

You frowned. “That bad, huh?”

Kibum nodded, “Sorry, Babe. Tell you what, why don’t I give you a dish and you make it for me? Do you think you can handle that?”

You rose your eyebrows. “Are you patronizing me, Kibum?”

“If the shoe fits.”

You crossed your arms over your chest. “I didn’t peg you as that type, Kibum.”

He smirked and looked up at you, “What type is that, Y/n?”

Rude,” you answered.

He laughed again, his eyes crinkling at the corners as he threw his head back. “You should get used to it, since we’re friends now. So… how about it?”

“Give me a dish and I’ll make it perfect.” You pursed your lips, “Then you won’t underestimate me.”

Kibum smiled and sat back in his chair, looking up at the ceiling and humming to himself, “You know, my friend took me to this really expensive restaurant in New York last year. Maybe I can remember my favorite dish there. Let’s see… oh yeah! Arctic char, leeks, green olives and smoked potato. If it’s even close to what I had last year, I’ll believe that you’re a cook.”

You narrowed your eyes at him, “You’re on.”

“Wait. You actually have Arctic char in your fridge?” Kibum looked impressed.

“Surprisingly, yes. I bought a ton of different ingredients this week for trial and error. That includes all the fish present at the market,” you said as you turned to your stove.

Kibum stood up as you grabbed a clean saucepan from its hook. “You know how to make it?”

“I’ve been studying culinary arts since I was a child, Kibum. A few smoked potatoes aren’t going to faze me.” A sudden confidence took over your presence, and Kibum found himself smiling at the way you assertively cut and rinsed your ingredients. “In fact, I think you’ve given me the surge of energy I needed to work on my dish. Who knows? This could be the winning one.”

Kibum stood up and leaned on the counter to watch as you seasoned the fish. “You should put your hair up.”

You looked up at him, pouting as you realized your bangs were falling into your face. “You’re right. Let me wash my hands—”

“I’ll do it,” Kibum interrupted you, moving around the counter till he stood behind you. He pulled the hair tie out of your ponytail and fixed your hair into a tight bun on top of your head. “There you go. Now there’ll be no hair in your char.”

You giggled. “Thanks, Kibum. Now go sit while I finish this up.”

“Yes Ma'am.”


You held your clasped hands against your lips in anticipation as you watched Kibum taste the dish in front of him. You were hoping with all your heart that he would like it. For some strange reason, his opinion meant a lot to you, and you were desperate for his honest approval.

Kibum chewed slowly, perhaps to spite you. His eyes were void of emotion, erasing any guess you could have about how he liked the food. Suddenly, his lips quirked into a smile. “It’s okay.”

“How is it okay?” you asked. “Which part of it is okay? What could I change? Would it get me a trip to Paris?”

Kibum blinked. “Well, for starters, it won’t get you to Paris. It’s good though. Very similar to what I had in New York. The potatoes aren’t smoked enough, and the leeks were a but soggy, but the char is excellent. I’d keep it for your protein.”

You broke out into a smile. “Really?”

“Yeah,” Kibum nodded. “So now all you need are side dishes.”

“I also need a dessert,” you clarified.

Suddenly, a beeping came from Kibum’s pocket, causing both of you to jump. “Oh. That’s the two hours you paid for. We didn’t get to cuddle, but I had a lot of fun.”

You grinned. “Me too. Thanks, Kibum.”

“No problem, Babe. See you later.”


Kibum must’ve thought it was you who contacted him, since he assumed you’d do it again. Unfortunately, you had no idea what app Chaeyoung had used, nor how to contact Kibum again.

The thing was, you had been perfecting recipes for vegetable side dishes for the past week, and you were dying to have Kibum taste them. So, with no other choice, you swallowed your pride and asked Chaeyoung for the name of the app.

“You like him!” was her first assumption.

“I do not,” you retorted, “The… cuddling was nice, is all.”

Chaeyoung smirked, “The app is called Cuddle Me. You remember his username, don’t you?”

You rolled your eyes and scoffed at her as you downloaded the app. “Yes. Now leave me alone.”


“Couldn’t stay away, could you?” Kibum smirked as you opened the door to your apartment. “I’ll admit, I thought you wouldn’t invite me over again. I thought you might’ve found someone else to try your mediocre recipes.”

“Mediocre? Yeah, right.” You noticed he had, yet again, brought his duffel bag. However, he obviously didn’t intend on using it since he threw it onto your couch as soon as he entered.

“I’m ready to eat soggy vegetables!” he announced.

“Stop hating on food you haven’t even eaten yet!” you whined, following him into the kitchen.

Kibum laughed gingerly and sat at the counter. “Pass the plate, honey.”

“Okay, today I made mushrooms à la bordelaise, Mediterranean baked sweet potatoes, eggplant skins stuffed with veggie risotto, and caramelized balsamic cipollini onions.”

“Marry me,” Kibum said as he stared at all the dishes you placed in front of him. He licked his lips as he looked at the tantalizing food.

You blushed at his praise. “Don’t get too excited. You haven’t tried them all yet. I need you to tell me if I can use any of these as my side dishes.”

“Get me a fork and I’m yours,” Kibum stated.

While he ate the dishes slowly, with the meticulousness of an actual food critic, you asked him about his interests. “You said you were into fashion?”

“I am,” he said. “I’m a fashion designer, and my company is just starting to get the recognition it deserves.”

“Really? What’s your company?” You were genuinely interested in his life, as he seemed so lively and sure of himself.

Kibum put down his fork and smacked his lips, thinking. “Designs by Key. It’s a newer company, since we got it up and running smoothly just this past year. I’ve tried a lot of different paths, but my newest line is getting a lot of attention. My goal is to make women’s clothes that women actually want to wear.”

“What do you mean?” Your eyebrows turned up in confusion.

Kibum chuckled, “Not that you would know, since your wardrobe seems to consist of simply jeans and t-shirts, but in the high fashion world, lots of women’s clothes are created without the woman’s best interests in mind. You’d like this: in my line, girls get usable pockets in their jeans and skirts. We’re also working on a range of clothes fit to perfection for each different female body shape. I have a lot of female friends and colleagues and they explained to me that clothes don’t always fit properly, especially when the ratio size of breast to waist is really different. So, we’re working to make a line based on nearly customizable clothing for females. My ultimate goal is to make everyone feel comfortable in their own skin, through fashion.”

“Wow,” you breathed. “That’s so cool. Call me when your designs go on sale, okay? I’ll buy one of everything.”

Kibum nodded, “Only if you call me when you open your restaurant so I can sample the entire menu. These side dishes are pretty great. I would choose the mushrooms and the eggplants, personally.”

You clapped your hands together, “That’s perfect! I’ll make stuffed eggplant skins for the appetizer, char and mushrooms for the entree, and then a dessert! Then that ticket to Paris is as good as mine.”

“You’ll invite me over to try out the dessert, right?”

“Of course,” you said with a playful roll of your eyes. “You know Kibum, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say you like hanging out with me.”

Kibum laughed, but you caught the pink tint that crept onto his cheeks. “Honey, I think you’re mistaking yourself with your cooking.”

“Why do you keep calling me honey and babe?”

“Instinct, I guess. If you don’t like it, I’ll stop.”

“No,” you denied softly, “It’s fine.”


“Okay, so I have green tea custard, dark chocolate mousse with almonds, strawberry cheesecake, and hazelnut pie with spiced ice cream.”

Kibum hummed as he stared at all the dishes. “You’re too good to me, Y/n.”

You sat beside him, nibbling on an untoasted strawberry poptart and checking the made-up menu you had created in your phone notes. You would enter your menu tomorrow, a day before the scholarship deadline. Everything was perfect, and all you had to do was get Kibum to choose a dessert.

Kibum put a spoonful of the mousse into his mouth and clapped slowly. “This is everything. A bit bitter, so maybe add some brown sugar or something to sweeten it, but other than that it’s everything.”

He finished the mousse peacefully, enjoying the dessert freely as he scrolled through his phone. “Do you wanna see my dogs?”

“I already saw them on the app,” you answered, “but I guess I can see them again.”

Kibum scoffed, “You guess? Good grief, Y/n, at least try to act excited as I show you my pride and joys.”

“Sorry,” you giggled, leaning closer to him so you could see his phone screen.

“This one is Comme Des and this one is Garçons,” he explained. He then explained to you their favorite foods to eat, places to sleep, and clothes to wear.

“You dress your dogs? Isn’t that considered abuse?”

Kibum looked offended. “Abuse? They love being dressed up, trust me. Oh! Idea!” He suddenly perked up, turning to face you, “You should make your own gourmet dog food line!”

You deadpanned. “No. That’s an insult to my passion.”

Kibum pouted. “My babies would love it.”

“Just eat your cheesecake.”

Kibum chuckled and obeyed, complimenting your skills as he continued to stuff his face.

In the end, Kibum stayed by the mousse, and wished you luck that you would get that scholarship. “We could even meet up in Paris. You, a renowned chef and me, a famous fashion designer. Together we can conquer the world.”

You shook your head, “I don’t want to be renowned. That’s not my goal. I want to make great food for people who can’t afford it. I won’t get very renowned for that.”

Kibum furrowed his eyebrows, “Sorry? Do you think people like paying and arm and a leg for their meals? Y/n, if you succeed in a restaurant like that, you’ll be the talk of the year in the culinary world. It’s a huge financial risk, considering you have nothing to start with, but you can easily make it up with the amount of customers you’ll get. Open sponsors spots as well, and have them pay to support your restaurant as long as you name a dish after them or something. Designs by Key can be your first proud sponsor of many as long as you name the chocolate mousse after me. You could go far with this one, babe.”

You picked at the hem of your shirt, a shy smile appearing on your face. Not even your closest friends gave you the confidence Kibum did in just a few visits. You felt close to him, and you were sure he felt close to you as well. There was a natural attraction there, as if the two of you knew each other in another life or something.

Shaking your head out of those thoughts, you reached forward and wrapped your arms around Kibum’s neck. He let out a noise of surprise, but eased into your hold rather quickly. “Funnily enough, you’d think touch wouldn’t fluster me with this little side job. Your touch is different, I guess.”

You felt your face warm at his soft-spoken words. Surely he didn’t mean it in the way you thought. He was just talking about the emotional aspect of two friends hugging. That’s what you told yourself, since you couldn’t think about anything more than that with the deadline so close.

Kibum was the first to pull away, but he planted his hands on your shoulders before he left. “Go get ‘em, babe. Show them your talent.”

He tapped your nose, and grinned when a giggle spilled out of your mouth. “Keep that smile, okay? You’ll do great.”

You nodded, feeling more sure of yourself. “Thanks, Kibum.”

“I’ve got you. Oh, and when you win, invite me over so we can eat the winning meal together,” he said with a confident wink.


You stared at the phone in your hands, contemplating whether or not to ask Kibum over.

The thing was, you had come in second place. Although that was great, and would look fantastic on your resume, it wouldn’t get you a ticket to Paris. You were disappointed in yourself, and you kept going over the menu, wondering how you could’ve made it better. You were sure Kibum would be disappointed with you too. He had been so sure that you would win, and when you told him the truth, he might think you didn’t try hard enough. You had. You had given that food your all and had been so sure that you would get the scholarship.

Unfortunately, things don’t always go to plan.

In the end, you really wanted some kind of comfort. Kibum was the only one you wanted it from, which wasn’t too surprising considering how close the two of you had gotten ins ice a short amount of time. Before you could second guess yourself, you sent him message, asking him to come over. After that, you muted your phone, unable to see his reply, which would more than likely imply that you won and he couldn’t to wait to congratulate you in person.

You groaned and shoved your face into your couch cushions. You weren’t ready to see his face.


Kibum could tell something was wrong as soon as you opened the door. Your makeup was smudged at the corners and your hair was messier than usual.

“What’s wrong, babe?”

“I didn’t win, Kibum,” you said. “I did everything you said and did my best, but it wasn’t enough. I’m sorry.”

Kibum let out a breathy laugh, “Why are you apologizing? There are so many things more important than winning a scholarship.”

“Like what?” you frowned.

“Like, for instance, your skills grew as you practiced, and you stepped out of your comfort zone. Also, the most important thing is that you met me.” Kibum walked passed you, and with the usual toss of his bag he turned around, “So what do you say we cook together today? Something simple and tasty.”

You stared at Kibum’s raised eyebrows, unable to answer. You didn’t want to cook right now. In fact, all you really wanted was another one of Kibum’s hugs. “Actually… can we cuddle?”

Kibum’s ears turned red very quickly, but he covered up his flustered expression by licking his lips and turning his head towards his duffel bag. “No cooking? You just want to cuddle?”

You nodded, “You’re a good hugger so you have to be a good cuddler, right? I really need that right now.”

Kibum’s expression softened. “You got it, then. Let me change into some comfortable clothes.”

He returned quickly, dressed in sweatpants and a t-shirt. He opened his duffel bag and pulled out a large duvet. “I’m ready to cuddle!”

He sat down on the couch, his eyes on you as he patted his lap. “C'mere, babe.”

You accepted his invitation and curled up into his lap. He wrapped the blanket around the two of you and pushed your hair off of your face with his nimble fingers. “How’s this?”

“It’s perfect,” you mumbled, nuzzling your face into his chest. He smelt like honey and some kind of musk, and it made your heart stir with feelings that you had previously pushed down. “Kibum?”


You looked up at him, your cheek against his collarbone. He rubbed your hips gently as he waited for you to speak. “I think I like you.”

After your confession, you quickly ducked your head down, afraid to see his reaction. His fingers froze on your skin and soon you couldn’t feel the warmth of them on your skin.

You ruined it, Y/n, you told yourself. You should’ve just kept it in.

Then Kibum’s fingers were under your chin as he lifted your face towards his. “Really?” he questioned, his breath fanning your face as he leaned in closer.

You searched his eyes for any teasing, but there was only affection in his glassy brown eyes. “Yeah. I like you, Kibum. You make me feel confident. You make me feel like I can do anything I put my mind to, but you also give me a sense of warmth and comfort I’ve never received before.”

Kibum chuckled, “Honey, I’ve liked you since you made me eat that disgusting sushi.”

He was still in the midst of laughing when his lips reached yours. You cupped his face with your hand to bring him closer to you. Your own lips turned into a smile as you finally felt how soft his were. Kibum pulled away, “We have to stop smiling or we can’t kiss properly.”

You shrugged, biting your lip to try and stop the giddiness from showing on your face. “Sorry.”

Kibum pressed a soft kiss to your forehead, “Don’t be. There will be plenty of times to kiss in the near future.”

He wriggled his eyebrows seductively, causing you to erupt into more giggles as you slapped his chest gently. “You’re stupid.”

“Well you’re dating stupid,” Kibum pointed out.


~the end~

Rowaelin HC’s

There isn’t much Rowaelin on this fandom so here ya go guys! 😉

-Aelin loves to tickle Rowan’s nose with a feather when he’s asleep.

-Rowan sneezes and it’s so cute that Aelin is jealous that she doesn’t have a sneeze as cute as her mate’s.

-Of course, after she discovered his adorable sneeze she always manages to make him sneeze. Every. Single. Day.

-Rowan doesn’t mind though, he would do anything to make his Fireheart happy (and secretly he loves his cute sneeze too)

-Once Rowan’s hair grows long enough Aelin braids it. She skillfully weaves little blue and golden flowers into his hair and Rowan loves it.

-Aelin managed to discover Rowan’s hidden chocolate stash. It was purely mint chocolate but she always had a feeling he didn’t hate chocolate and she had been right!

-Aelin loves to “accidently” stroke Rowan’s thigh when in public. It makes him squirm and Aelin delights in making her mate uncomfortable whenever they go out.

-Rowan does get her back though. He always manages to bump into her and cause them to fall on the floor with his hands always a bit too high on her chest.

-Rowan actually likes being the little spoon when they cuddle. Aelin always traces his tattoos with her tiny fingers and nuzzles into his neck and it just makes him feel all fuzzy and happy.

-Aelin also loves being the little spoon. Rowan always plays with her hair and places small kisses on the back of her neck.

-In Aelin’s court it is TRADITION for Aelin to bake Rowan’s birthday cake. It is absolutely hilarious because Rowan almost always begins to gag but surprisingly, she gets better at making him chocolate cake every year.

-Fleetfoot loves snuggling with Rowan. Rowan might go to bed with Aelin in his arms and when he wakes up he has a dog wrapped in his arms. And a mouthful of dog hair. How Aelin manages to do it without getting caught is still a mystery.

-After the war with Erawan Aelin and Rowan get married again, but in public. They also get mated and they did it at midnight. Everyone had to bring a candle and when the new day began the priest said, “you may now kiss the bride” and that meant a new beginning for Terrasen and all of Erilea.

-Rowan and Aelin have christened the throne. Multiple times…

-Every year on the anniversary of her parents’ deaths Rowan and Aelin leave Terrasen before dawn and ride on their horses until they reach a small lake. Her mother used to take her to that lake when she was little to teach her how to swim. Despite the tiny amount of water magic she possessed she was always able to summon water from that lake and she would always feel that far, far away her mother was smiling.

-Every time Aelin has a nightmare Rowan will pull her onto his chest and kiss her forehead while whispering things like, “I love you,” and, “You’re safe now.”

-Every time Rowan has a nightmare Aelin will light all the candles in the room and hug her mate tightly while reading stories about people who only existed in other worlds.

-Aelin loves to give Rowan a kiss on his nose when he’s deep in concentration reading some kind of important letter.

And with that I am done. Hope you guys enjoyed!

hello-tarpon  asked:

Oohh, show him light, obi and maul being awesome, but also maul being friends with Ani, and maybe Ani finding comfort with Obi when qui is being neglectful/holding standards too high? More is beautiful and obi cuddling (his) children? Thank you!!

Squinting at his master over the fire, Maul gave him a wide toothed grin. “I’m rather sure that this does not go in under teaching master.” He teased but still placed the marshmallow between two biscuits.

Obi-Wan just smirked a bit. “This is an age ancient practice survival technique padawan of mine.” He offered snobbishly in return.

Maul raised his brows at him then rolled his eyes. “Suuuuure master Obi-Wan, sure.”

“Impertinent brat you’re becoming.” Obi-Wan laughed and threw a handful of the fluffy treats at the zabrak.

Blocking them with his arm not holding his s’more, Maul just laughed. “I’m thirteen, Skywalker says I’m suppose to be terrible then.” He grinned some more and took a larger then recommended bite out of his treat.

“Boo don’t listen to Skywalker!” Obi-Wan laughed.

Somehow, both Anakin and Maul had decided to become friends despite the year gap between them which was nice for them both, getting them both steady friends though both had year mates as friends too.

“So I shouldn’t listen to him when he says you’re cute?” Maul smirked as his master choked on his s’more.

“Say what now?” Obi-Wan hacked as he slapped his own chest.

“He thinks you’re cute. Though he thinks the former Naboo Queen is cuter still. I think he still has that crush on her.” Maul shrugged.

Shaking his head faintly, Obi-Wan mused. “…Well that explains why he stares at me sometimes.”

“At least he has good taste.” The padawan pointed out.

That got a snort out of the human.

“…He says Master Jinn expects a lot of him.” Maul licked melted chocolate of his fingers.

“I’m not surprised. Considering what Jinn said about him being the chosen one and all.” Obi-Wan sighed, shaking his head. “He’s karking up another padawan.”

Maul eyed him, his thumb in his mouth before sniggering. “If the creche master could hear you…”

“You’re thirteen.” Obi-Wan offered dryly. “You knew more curses from the creche then before I picked you up and I know Satine taught you how to curse in Mando’a when we were sent to Mandalore.”

Maul perked up, beaming. “I like her.”

“I do too.” Obi-Wan smiled softly.

“No you love her.” Maul corrected, sticking a new marshmallow onto his pointed stick.

Musing on that, Obi-Wan sighed. “Love is… a strong word. Infatuation is a better one. She was my first proper love.”

“Would you still leave the Jedi Order for her?” Maul didn’t seem worried, only curious.

That got Obi-Wan to sit back on his log, frowning a bit. “…I don’t know. Right now, no, I have you. I’m going to see you to knighthood but… if she asks… after…” Obi-Wan trailed off, staring into the fire. “I don’t know.”

Maul tilted his head. “…Perhaps if you don’t know, you should ask the Force?”

“Don’t get cute with me.” Obi-Wan snorted then he settled. “Looking forward to going home?”

“Oh yes please, we’ve been camped out in that swamp for a month and then we finally got to this forest and now I just want to get home and take a long shower.” Maul sighed.

“Lets hope the pickup teams ship has a fresher.” Obi-Wan chuckled quietly. “What did you think about your first geological mission?”

Giving his master a dry look he had gotten from said master, Maul gave a deep huff. “I think that I hope I never have to do one of these again and if I do, I hope its somewhere dry and sunny and not humid and swampy.”

Obi-Wan sniggered. “Then you’ll complain about the heat and dryness. Believe me padawan.”

“Ugh.” Maul sighed.

Watching his padawan, Obi-Wan smiled softly, wondering how he got from being an uncertain knight to… this, a happy knight with a growing, sparkling padawan.

‘Not a bad feeling.’ He made himself a slightly burned s’more. ‘Not a bad feeling at all.’

Magical - Joe Sugg Imagine

Summary: “I trusted you!” - Joe Sugg drabble based on this prompt list. This is just a little thing I wrote at four o’clock in the morning while avoiding sleep.

Word Count: 595

Requested: Yes!

Trigger Warnings: None that I can think of

Author’s Note: I was so excited to get this request, so if anyone has any other requests that they can think of, send them in! I wrote this on no sleep at like four am so it’s a little ridiculous.

Originally posted by mythatcher


Your loud yell cut through the previously silent living room in the flat you shared with your boyfriend, Joe; the seven boys who were in the room almost jumping out of their skin at the sheer volume of your voice, their heads snapping towards you in concern.

“I trusted you! And all this time, you’ve been his friend!” You finished in a disgusted voice, completing the line of dialogue in perfect timing with Hermione. A collective grumble passed through the room as you giggled behind your hand slightly.

“You do this every bloody time!” Oli exclaimed, throwing a pillow at your face in frustration and making you shriek as you tried to - unsuccessfully - dodge it. They rest of the boys nodded in unison.

“And then we all agree that we’re never watching Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban with you again!” Conor piped up, scowling at you from where he was stretched out over Caspar and Josh’s laps, his hand deep in the bag of popcorn beside him.

“Until another movie night comes along, and then you blink those puppy eyes up at Joe and he overrules us cause it’s his projector!” Mikey whined, Jack agreeing most adamantly from where they two of them were perched across from yourself and Joe.

“It was YOUR idea to watch the film!” You exclaimed, pointing an accusatory finger at Jack and Mikey as you curled up underneath your boyfriend’s arm, his grip on you tightening protectively, even though he knew that the boys would rather die than let something happen to you.

“Not our fault you can’t watch the film normally!” Jack shot back, a cheeky grin spread across his face as he smirked over at you and Joe, lifting a single eyebrow in a silent challenge to you and making you giggle.

“Bloody hell! You’re like five-year-olds the bloody lot of you!” Josh exclaimed, he and Caspar having been relatively quiet this far, “Can we just watch the movie? The rest of you leave Y/N alone, she’s not hurting you,” You poked your tongue out at the boys childishly, “and Y/N leave the shouting for when you and Joseph are alone, you nearly gave us all heart attacks,” he quipped as he turned the movie back on.

You giggled softly as you sunk into Joe’s side, nuzzling your nose into the crook of his neck gently as the boys went back to watching Remus Lupin justify himself. Your boyfriend looked down at you with a lazy grin on his face, “Bunch of lunatics, the whole lot of em,” He smirked down at you.

“Yeah but they’re our friends, wouldn’t change them for the world,” You whispered to him, leaning up and brushing your lips against his, grinning when he leaned down to give you a proper kiss.

“Oi! No making out in the theatre!” Caspar yelled over his shoulder at you two, making you groan and break apart.

“Just cause your lonely and single!"Joe fired back at his best mate, knowing full well that he had been seeing a girl you’d introduced him to for the past couple of weeks.

"Well, we wouldn’t be if you’d share your girl!” Jack whined, crawling over and flopping his head on your lap.

“Hey! I want cuddles too!” Oli interjected, a look of high offence on his face as the rest of the boys agreed with him.

“Dog pile on Y/N!!!” Conor’s voice pierced the air and before you knew it, you were in a pit of cuddles with seven boys.

And you wouldn’t have traded it in for anything in the world.

Well, except maybe being a witch at Hogwarts.

Pretty Boy

Sometimes Yuri misses it, misses the short skirts and the cute dresses and the thigh high stockings with the garter belts, misses the way his legs look in high heels. He misses kissing boys, having his lipstick smeared all over their necks and faces. He’d never admit it out loud, and he’d never be seen in public like that, but maybe, just maybe Viktor can convince him to indulge in such things again.

Pairing: Viktor/Yuri P

Word Count:  6250

Rating: M

Please note that this fic contains non-explicit sex scenes and crossdresing kink with a trans male character, so please be aware of that. 

Written for the @yoi-shit-bang! The matching artwork was illustrated by @iron-stride and can be found here. Please give it a look! ^^

(read on AO3) 

There are many things in life Yuri loves to indulge in. He loves wearing tacky leopard print punk clothing, he loves foods which are way too high in carbohydrates, and he loves cuddling with cats, fur on his expensive black clothing be damned. Still, in spite of how unapologetic he is for his vices, there are some which burn in the abyss of his soul, never to see the light of day, and as he runs his fingers over the black pleather miniskirt on display, he is reminded of such things he yearns for that he will never, ever partake in.

“You want it, don’t you?”

Yuri jumps back, pulled away from his thoughts and attention averted from the skirt on display. He shoots a glare toward Viktor, “Don’t sneak up on me like that!” He grumbles a bit too loud. Viktor merely chuckles in response and lovingly wraps his arm around Yuri’s waist.

“Sorry about that, Kitten, I didn’t mean to startle you, but I suppose you were a bit lost in thought there.”

Despite his grumbling, Yuri leans into Viktor’s grasp, a silent apology accepted.

Still, Viktor’s not one to leave Yuri’s desires unattended to, and when his first inquiry goes unanswered, he’s quick to ask again.

“Still, that’s a cute skirt that got your attention. Do you want it?”

Yuri immediately bristles at the question, pulling away from Viktor’s arms and giving him a look, which is all it takes for Viktor to know he fucked up and asked the wrong thing.

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anonymous asked:

I wish you would write a fic where Dean gets deaged (Around 4ish preferably?) and Sam is WAY too tall (kinda scares him?) and Cas looks a bit intimidating and it ends up where he only allows Gabriel to pick him up and stuff because he's charming and short so he's not too high up?? It surprises Sam and Cas to say the least. Maybe cuddles? Idk *hides face and shame* (maybe mentally and physically? It can go both or either ways) I'm sorry but this is too cute to imagine. Thanks a bunch!

Send me an anonymous ask completing the sentence “I wish you would write a fic where…”

“I don’t get it.”

“Whining is unbecoming, Sammy.”

“I am not whining!”

“Yes, you are,” Dean’s thin, childish voice piped up.

Sam glared at him. “You don’t get a say in it, traitor.”

“Traitor?” Dean repeated. Tears welled up in his eyes.

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More hc's with Pidge and her cute girlfriend? And maybe how the others act around them?


General headcanons:

  • She will 100% lay on top of you when you’re cuddling. She’ll probably fall asleep there, too. Any time you two cuddle there is a high risk of them falling asleep.
  • She really wants you to kiss her a lot when you’re alone. In public, not so much, but in private, she loves kisses.
  • She’ll call you gay all the time but it’s like “??? yeah tru babe you too”
  • She’s so warm. Just… The Most Warm.
  • Also her hair is really soft and she’d love it if you played with it while you’re cuddling.
  • She doesn’t shave her legs that often, which isn’t a problem, but sometimes she doesn’t fully commit to it and shaves and then it grows back a little bit and it’s the most prickly thing and she will make a point of it to wear shorts in that time of cactus legs.
  • (If you get periods) If you didn’t believe in synchronized periods before you do now because that shit is going to happen on the same exact day. It’s kind of scary but??? At least you only have to deal with one week of pain & suffering a month instead of 2.
  • If you’re short, it’s both good and bad. Neither of you have to deal with The Tall People™, but also nothing is within reach. 
  • HOWEVER, if you’re tall, they will want piggy-back rides and help getting things down. 
  • If you were dating before she started going by Pidge, the nickname “Kat” and “Kitty” would be super cute, but so that you didn’t blow her cover, those nicknames had to stop. However, when she became the paladin of the green lion, they fit again. Because lions are cats, ya know??

How others act around you two:

  • No one cares that Pidge is dating a girl because they’re all super supportive & whatnot, they just want to make sure no one breaks the poor baby’s heart.
  • It may take a few days, but once they see how much you love them, they will accept you into their lil family.
  • Lance is surprised and upset because Pidge has a girlfriend before he dates anyone and he thinks it’s Unfair™.
  • He’ll also jokingly call you gal pals.
  • If you ever kiss in front of him, be ready for comments like “That’s such a great friendship” and “Just two gals bein’ pals.” (He’s joking, but you can still smack him)
  • Allura is glad to have yet another gal in the crew and, since Pidge is adamant about not wearing dresses or make-up, the responsibility of indulging Allura every once in a while falls on you.
  • Pidge will eventually show you the best hiding spots to get away from Allura’s dress-up time.
Coffee for Two- Hockey!Luke imagine

A couple of months ago, your boyfriend of 2 years, Luke, asked you to move into his apartment. Just down the road from the rink, the location was perfect for him. You have been dating since high school and are now both in the university. The apartment was an upgrade from your dorm last semester and Luke had saved up from working at the diner in your small hometown since he was 14. He’s asked for a while, but you have held off, until your old roommate started keeping you up with her late night shenanigans with “special visitors” and your big bad boyfriend Luke couldn't have you living like that, so he made you take the plunge and move in with him. 

Luke is the school’s hockey star and it was hockey season which meant repping his jersey at all of the games he forced you to attend (not that you minded) because you were his “good luck charm”, but you knew that was a load of shit because you know the only reason is because he thinks its sexy when you wear his jersey. And you couldn’t lie to yourself. Seeing Luke all sweaty and aggressive and being the leader out on the ice was a very attractive look for him. But, the worst part of hockey for the both of you were the early morning practices. And since you and Luke decided to spend your thanksgiving holiday with each other rather than in your hometown, this meant less time spent together.  Luke had to wake up early and leave your warm embrace, even for just a couple of hours. And for you, waking up to a cold side of the bed and forced to make coffee for one and not for two.

Last night, you and Luke spent a lazy night in watching shitty Hallmark Christmas Movies that the two of you watched one too many times in high school, but you enjoyed each others company and the surprisingly tasty cookies Luke made since you couldn’t bake if your life depended on it. 

The night was filled with the snowflake patterned blanket Luke got you last Christmas and cuddles in bed because Luke refused to turn the heat on too high when you guys could cuddle to stay warm. And he claims you’ll complain you’re too hot anyways in little to no time because “he just knows you all too well." 

Luke woke up to the early morning hazy sun that was all too bright due to the snow on the ground, sneaking in through the curtains of your window. His previously closed eyes now squinted in hopes of waking up without too much of a hassle. Careful to not wake up your sleeping body next to him, you’re natural curly hair, laying in all directions, sprawled out over our pillow and both of your limbs tangled together, he untangled both of your arms and legs with caution and covered your sleeping form back up with the blanket and slipped out of bed. He looked over at his phone and checked the time. 6 AM. This routine consisted of Luke trying to stay as quiet as possible and take his shower in the guest room bathroom down the hall so he wouldn’t wake you, which you’ve told him numerous times is ridiculous, but he would just nod his head and do it anyways. Like when you would tell him to wake you up as well on these mornings, but Luke knew you weren’t a morning person, so he always left you to sleep, but always leaving you a little note on your bed side table before he leaves because he knows how much you love hand written letters. 

After his shower, Luke would double check that he had all of his gear and make his way down the hall and make himself breakfast and a cup of coffee for one and not for two. 

Then, he would bundle up in the beanie, scarf, and gloves you bought him because you always claimed he would catch the flu one day, of course he loved how much you cared and how you took care of him. 

After that, he would leave his little handwritten note for you on your bed side table an kiss your forehead and slip out the door without a peep. 

Since living so close to the rink, Luke walks the block and a half and heads to the locker room to change for the dreaded 7 AM practice.

You wouldn't wake up long long after Luke left. You wake up with the realization the second half of the bed is no longer occupied and find the lovely little note your thoughtful man left you once again. 

After reading it, most of the time filled with "I love yous” and “have a good days” and telling you “not to wait up for him”, you drag yourself out of bed and into the kitchen to see the damned boy left his dirty dishes in the sink again, but then you see that he made you a cup of coffee ready to be warmed up for you and suddenly you can’t be mad anymore. 

Since you didn’t have classes due to the holiday, most of the time you’d study with your glasses that Luke found “incredibly sexy,” sitting on the bridge of your nose and Luke’s “You Complete Mess” shirt hanging off of your shoulder. 

And around 9 you would get yourself dressed and probably wouldn't be bothered with doing your hair or makeup at this hour, which Luke never minded, he said in the winter your cheeks get rosy and it looks like you put “that pink stuff” on your cheeks anyways. 

And before you would leave to head to the rink, you always bring an extra pair of socks because Luke always forgets to pack them no matter how many times you remind him because his feet get cold. 

You usually catch the end of practice and you sit up in the bleachers watching number 26 skate across the ice effortlessly. You don’t know what it was about seeing Luke all sweaty and aggressive and getting pushed around the ice that made it so damn attractive, it just was. Most of the time he acts like he doesn’t notice your there, but he always knows you show up at 9:45 on the dot. It’s because the guys and his coaches tease him saying he’s “whipped.” And he doesn’t mind it, nor is he whipped, but on the ice and as the captain of this team, he can’t show weakness, but off the ice, his weakness is you. 

After practice he would meet you at the locker room doors after everyone else files out and greet you with a, technically, good morning kiss and bring you to his chest. Most of the time Luke stays after and works on his shots while you watch from behind the glass and drool over how great he looks in his uniform. Luke’s a lanky guy, broad shoulders, long legs, firm chest, always having a couple little blonde hairs sticking out from his helmet. And when everyone is finally gone you both go into the locker room that may smell like sweat and dirty socks, but Luke claims smells like victory and always has to add the dramatic fist pump in the air for emphasis that earns a laugh from you. 

You sit on the bench and watch as he strips from his sweaty practice gear and carefully puts them into his bag to be washed when he gets home. His bare, pale upper half exposed which never fails to make you blush as he puts on a hoodie and sweatpants before his coat, scarf, and beanie. And you hand him the extra socks that he always forgets which earns a giggle from the both of you as he thanks you once again.

You both walk home hand and hand to your shared apartment and Luke drops his equipment at the door to be washed later as he picks you up bridal style which makes you laugh and rubs his cold nose on your exposed stomach as he carries you to your master bathroom for a proper shower. Luke has always said since the begging of your relationship that after he has a bad game, a good game, or just feeling tense, he takes a shower, but “you have to make the water so hot that you can just barely stand it.” You never understood why until after a bad game he would tell you to take a shower with him and he would turn the heat of the water up high and make sure you were comfortable. You never really understood how it helped but Luke was right, it really did. He would stand behind and wrap his arms around your waist and rest his chin on your shoulder and let the heat of the water burn the tension and just relax. A couple times you'v taken one of these magic showers alone and ended up passing out, so he doesn’t let you take them alone anymore, which you used to argue with, but he likes to be the protector, so you’ll let him. 

And after the shower he’d wrap you up in one of the big fluffy towels and you’d get dressed and sit in bed and watch even more shitty Hallmark Christmas movies while snuggled up with the love of your life not wanting to be anywhere else. And of course, while you waited for Luke to join you under the warm blankets and into your embrace, he’d show up with coffee for two, not for one.  

After beating Korrina:

LOOK AT THIS CUTE LITTLE FROG JUMPING ON ASH and even nuzzling his face against his ~~~ cutiiieesssss

After beating Ramos:

HHHNNNNNN IT LEVELED UP!!! This is a legit bullet glomp!!!! And look at how they smile at each other afterwards!!! How much cuter can you two get???!!! my heart… 

After beating Wulfric:


??????  where’s the leveled up lovey dovey cuteness hug lvl 3

….They had that dramatic eye contact and dramatic high five afterwards I guess, but… 

Are they too cool for hugs and cuddles now? I’m sad… ;w;

qinyo  asked:

The partner of Uta, Yomo, Amon and Ayato is in a very cuddly mode and refuses to let them go, and they cling to their partner like a koala or something (^• ^)

more cuddling! (´▽`ʃƪ)♡

Uta: His partner is really channelling a koala today. As Uta wobbles around the studio with his partner hanging off his back with a self-satisfied grin on their face, the sounds of equipment and tools falling over trails after them when Uta bumps his partner into various tables to tease them. They retaliate by squeezing their legs around Uta’s middle, making him cough and throw his head back, bonking heads with his partner to make them stop. When his partner shows no signs of wanting to let go in the near future, Uta pulls one last trick on them and falls backwards onto the couch, making his partner yell and scramble to hang on to him once they felt Uta falling. They collapse onto the cushions, with his partner pouting and squashed under a laughing Uta.

Yomo: It actually flusters Yomo a little— his partner is grinning and nuzzling their face into the crook of his neck, small puffs of breath tickling his neck. It’s no uncomfortable, but Yomo’s rather stiff and the cuddling becomes a one-sided event with his partner curling their hands around his shoulders and sliding their leg against his. When his partner catches sight of Yomo’s expression, they felt bad and asked if they were bothering him, but Yomo’s quick to correct them, letting his partner know that he doesn’t mind the cuddling and was only surprised. Now his partner is making it their personal mission to get Yomo to cuddle back, and after a while, Yomo throws a companionable arm around his partner’s shoulder and draws them close.

Amon: He’s going to be late for work if his partner doesn’t let go, and they’re definitely not letting up on the tight hold they have around Amon’s middle. A little concerned over their behaviour, Amon returns the gestures and holds his partner gently in his own arms, cradling the back of their head with his hand as he stroked their hair and asked if everything was okay. With their voice slightly muffled in Amon’s suit, his partner admitted that they didn’t want to see him leave for such a dangerous job every day. That surprises Amon, and then the realization of his partner’s worries warms him. He figures he can walk in a little later for today, and hugs his partner back, whispering reassurances into their ear and rubbing a soothing hand up and down their back.

Ayato: He pretends he’s too high and mighty for something like cuddling, but Ayato secretly enjoys the feeling of his partner’s arms wrapped vice-like around his waist, insistent on spending more time holding him. He teases them with a few pokes and prods that makes his partner shriek and squirm at the ticklish sensation, but their wiggling ends up pulling them and Ayato off the bed with a terrific thud. Lying on the ground together, they give a sheepish laugh and Ayato presses a noogie to his partner’s head, making them yelp before he drags them back up onto the bed. When his partner’s arms reach for him once again, Ayato makes a big show of letting them cuddle him, and relishes in the warmth once again.

sweet withdrawal

Luke was in LA recording, thousands of miles away from you. There was nothing he hated more than compromising relationships with work, but it was inevitable. You had two exams that week and couldn’t go to America with him, to both of your dismay.

He found himself missing you more and more throughout the day, unable to eat his toast without remembering the fact that you liked butter on both sides, or even bending over to tie his shoes, recalling the way you’d tuck your bangs behind your ear so they didn’t fall into your face when you laced yours.

He wasn’t sad, just offset. Putting his heart and soul into recording, he made it through the day with a smile, thanks to tons of jokes from the boys. But it was at a time like this, laying restless in bed with the lights out, when he couldn’t help but think of you.

He recalled what it felt to have his lips on yours, a usually insignificant gesture that would mean the world to him right now. He longed for you, your long, lean torso between his arms. Wishing nothing but to touch you, he sat up thinking all these things.

Specifically, he adored a few prominent things more that the rest. Like the way your hand would playfully smack his as he would trace your torso, fingers too high for cuddling standards (well in your opinion). You acted like the most innocent girl in the world, as if the words “sex” and “handjob” were of a completely foreign vocabulary. However, he knew this was beyond true. But only he knew. Because only he got the pleasure of viewing you writhing under his touch, panting under his body. These thoughts raced through his mind and he couldn’t help but wonder if you were thinking the same thing too.

Pulling out his phone, he checked the time back home. 3:43; you were at school preparing for your exam. God, he wanted to call you so bad.

His boxers became unnaturally tight, causing him to groan. He knew he was needy, and you usually fulfilled those needs. Swiping his hands under the covers, he pulled his boxers down his legs, relieving his hard-on.

His fingers delicately stroked it, immediately reminding him of your touch. He cupped his hand, slowly pumping, imagining it was your mouth. A moan stifled from his lips as he limply increased the speed.

“Fuck,” he inadvertently said. His hands were too rough, nothing like your soft, delicate fingers. He continued to pump, curving his hands the way you would, the way he liked best. Rolling his head back, he winced once again. He imagined thrusting into you, your tight walls, rubbing your clit gently, which was a surefire way to hear his name out of your lips. And the way that you would bite your lip to try to keep quiet, always afraid someone would somehow find you two, to which he would tell you to let your moans out.

His cock was slick with precum and he increased the speed even more, picturing even more things, anything to get him off. Specifically, the way you’d grind on his cock, hips circling and breasts bouncing in his face whenever you rode him. He then imagined you picturing these things too, touching yourself alone in bed.

Under his hands, his cock twitched and he tilted his head back, the feeling all too familiar. A grunt escaped his thin lips as he touched the tip, soon spilling his load into a tissue from a box on the dresser.

He instinctively kept his fingers massaging the swollen tip, panting. You’d seen the image many times, his forehead sweaty, hair dishevelled, and piercing protruding his bitten lip. Eventually his breaths slowed and he picked up his phone, going to your contact name. His fingers carefully typed, sending you a quick text.

good luck with your exams today and tomorrow, cutie (: goodnight, ily and miss you and can’t wait till I get home (;

The message was sent and he fell asleep, boxers on the floor, satisfied.


lol idk this kinda sucked but I really want to make a sequel ?¿?? Maybe. I’m tired of it sitting in my notes so here ya go.