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Tarquin and Helion??


Tarquin is fascinated by Helion’s body paint, which he totally has, and he asks what means what. And Helion grins (because Tarquin is a baby and he knows nothing, small child) and he just slips off his tunic and takes Tarquin’s hand and starts to trace his fingers over the different markings. And he just whispers what they mean and Tarquin is just so fascinated by this (and Helion’s chest, let’s be honest here) and Helion laughs at his curiosity and he asks about the Summer Court and they just both spend time talking about their courts. Then they get down to BUSINESS. And literally EVERYONE in Prythian knows what they did. because they invented magic. If you know what I mean. But that’s something for Sin Night. 

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I'm really tired throughout the day and been oversleeping recently too. Few days ago I checked my blood pressure and it was really low, especially for someone with genetic high blood pressure. Is there something I can take to prevent this and do you know why this happens?? I'm 5'7 and 116

I don’t know why this is happening, honestly go to a doctor he’s the only one who can tell you what’s wrong. I am just an 18 year old girl I have no idea sorry, I hope you get better soon ✨

So, as a result of my 3 hour pre-op appointment today. I have a bottle of Gatorade I’m sure cost me $50, some kind of breathing gadget that I was told would help me keep my lungs expanded. The guy told me he’s never seen anyone make it go so high. I also got a “blood bracelet” which Id not know what that is but I have to put it on before surgery. I have some kind of special wash I have to use twice, basically cleansing myself from neck down minus manbits, night before and before I dress and come to surgery (do they do anything at the hospital, or am I going to do the operation too?), I was told to bring gum to chew, I have advanced directive paperwork, lots and lots of blah blah blah paperwork, I weigh 171lbs (down again), a box full of 15 little boxes of glop to drink ever day starting Friday, and so much more. Seriously, it was like coming home from a freaking convention full of swag, except this swag probably cost me $1000.

They had a LOT of instructions. I’m supposed to relax this weekend, and prep my bag for my stay AND do all this crap they want me to do PLUS bring my blood bracelet and breathing thing and gum and drink a whole thing of Gatorade and all the other stuff?

Why does this have to be so complicated?

“Isn’t that what High Lords do?” My breath clouded in front of me in the brisk night. “Whatever they please?”

He studied my face. “There are a great many things that I wish to do, and don’t get to.”


A Court of Mist and Fury Pg 286

Everytime I read this scene I shiver. Feyre’s question is so innocent, especially coming from her relationship with Tamlin. She thinks thats the norm. But Rhys wants her more than anything, loves her more than anything, but refuses to push her too fast. He knows she needs time to heal. He knows that ultimately, no matter how much he needs her, the decision to be together lies in her hands.

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Klance high school AU

“We’re just friends but everyone thinks we’re dating so we play into it and stage dramatic scenes in our ‘relationship’ for the lolz AU” - @thepeasantthatstooduptothegod

They’d heard it all before.

“Oh, you two are just too cute together!”

They’d deflected the comments with varying degrees of disgust.

“Oh, no we aren’t-”

“Ew, gross, me and Lance? Gag me with a fork.”


So Keith didn’t really know what Lance was up to when he pulled him into the space between buildings.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Keith asked cautiously, brushing Lance’s hand off his arm. Lance looked strangely giddy, and that alone made the voice in the back of Keith’s head go, “oh no”.

“Okay, okay so listen,” Lance began, bouncing on his heels. “You know how everyone always assumes we’re dating?”

“Unfortunately.” Keith replies, his eyebrows raised.

Lance ignored his comment and continued.

“So I was thinking… what if we were?”

Keith choked suddenly, doubling over in a fit of coughs. Holy shit, He thought. Did he really just say that. It’s not that Keith had a had a crush on him… anymore. And it’s not that Lance was unattractive or anything because, well, let’s stop that thought there. It was mostly because of the fact that Lance just blatantly blurred out that… they should date?

“What?!” Keith finally croaked out after a minute of Lance hitting his back to make sure he didn’t asphyxiate.

“Jeez, chill out dude. What if we made people think we were dating? Like, we staged these big dramatic situations within our ‘relationship’ and stuff?”

Keith stared dumbly at Lance, who looked as if he’d just discovered the cure for cancer. After many silent moments, Keith finally spoke.


“I don’t know, for the lolz?” Lance offered.

“Did you really just say that out loud?” Keith glared at Lance. Lance rolled his eyes and his whole body seemed to get into it, dramatically throwing himself against one of the walls.

“Come onnnn, Keith! It’ll be funny! Think about Pidge’s face when they sit at the lunch table and we’re feeding each other and playing footsies.”

“Gross.” Keith said.

“Exactly!” Lance pointed at him. “See? We gotta do it!”

Keith looked at Lance skeptically. He had to admit it would be pretty hilarious to see everybody’s faces when they reveal they were “dating” after being mercilessly teased for years about it. He looked Lance up and down one more time.

“… You promise it won’t be anything weird?” He asked.

“All PDA past hand holding strictly prohibited.” Lance said matter-of-factly.

“Wow, big word,” Keith smirked.

Lance rolled his eyes.

“Shut up,” he put out his hand, “So do we have a deal?”

Keith mulled it over. Pretending to be dating his rival/friend and ex-crush in exchange for the pleasure of seeing his friend’s faces when they shout “Ha! Psych! Gotcha!”

He looked at Lance’s extended hand. What did he have to lose really? He took his hand and shook firmly once.


“Great!” Lance beamed. Suddenly, he shifted his palm and laced his fingers with Keith’s, pulling him out of their little alleyway. “Come on then, babe.”

“Oh my god.” Keith mumbled, already regretting his decision. He couldn’t help but smile just a little, though, at Lance’s enthusiasm, and he told himself that the heat he felt in his cheeks was just the sudden late-afternoon sun on his face.

Dear Mom

I know Dad left you way too soon
I know he’s gone
& you don’t know what to do
I’m sorry
I’m the one who put the dope in the spoon
I shot up my dad when he asked me to
I sat around & got as high as I could
But that last time
The dope went in his veins
I’m not sure what happened
But I saw him break
The seizure was long
& The look on his face
Like he knew
Death won the race

& Dear Mom

Do you know
When they pronounced my Father dead
I was right by his side
Wanting to get high instead
So why are you here
Sitting at my side
When you know I took dad
Because we liked getting high
Why do you hold me
When I’m sober & clean
Crying like a bitch
Because of what the drugs took from me
Why do you love me
When you know I killed Dad

Dear Mom

I’m sorry
I wish the drugs took me instead


Dear Mom,

I’m sorry I killed Dad.


Is This Love? (JiminxReader)


Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Genre: Angst

Summary: The reader plans to ask Jimin to Valentine’s Dance but Jimin already has a date.

Word Count: 998 words

My best friend Zienna was zipping up the back of my dress while simultaneously lecturing me on how to approach my crush, Jimin , before the Valentine’s Dance tonight.

“And please don’t use that voice you use when you’re nervous.” She said straightening out my dress. “What voice?” I asked defensively. “You know the one where your voice gets all high pitched and you start squeaking. I’ve heard you do it when you were talking to Jimin last week.”

I shoved her off playfully. “I did not!” I laughed. “You did too!”She said slppaing my arm. I groaned. What if I squeaked tonight, I had plans to ask Jimin to go to the dance with me today. I knew he didn’t have a date because Zienna was dating his best friend, Taehyung and he had assured us he was going solo. My plan was to go over to Tae’s house with Zienna and when Jimin and I both didn’t have partners, I figured we would just end up going together.

Zienna was putting on some more mascara when she saw my nervous reflection in the mirror. “Y/N.. Don’t worry. The worst he can say is no.”

I nodded my head gravely, “You’re right, that is the worst thing.”

Zienna laughed at me, she always said I was overly dramatic. In a way, she has point. Last year, Jimin held open a door for me so I mass texted her during a presentation. She wasn’t happy.

Zienna pulled me up by arms and looked me straight in the eye. “You got this Y/N. If he says ‘yes’, then awesome. If he says ‘no’, whatever, I’ll share Taehyung with you and we’ll treat him like fourth wheel the entire night!” I laughed and gave her hug. I wanted to believe that I would be okay if he said “no” but I knew I wouldn’t. I don’t really know what love is or how it’s supposed to feel like, but what I feel for Jimin, when he walks into a room or when someone says his name, feels pretty close to it.

We got to Tae’s house and we rang the doorbell. Zienna was wearing a midi silky rosy pink dress that hugged her curves. I always felt like Zienna had the perfect body which is why I really didn’t want to be standing next to her if Jimin opened the door. I was wearing a strapless silver fitted dress that I paired with shiny reflective gold heels. I felt pretty but I was still really nervous.

“Hey babe- Woah” Taehyung’s eyes raked over Zienna’s over body and I instantly felt a pang of jealousy; not because I liked Tae but because I loved their relationship so much.

“You look amazing Zienna, wow!” He pulled her close and we got inside the house.

Tae led us to the living room where his mother and father were talking to Jimin. We greeted his parents and they complimented us making us thank them bashfully. I looked over at Jimin and he looked handsome as ever. He was wearing a grey tux with silver embellishments and a red tie. I looked down at my own outfit and it looked as though we planned it.

Jimin looked over at me and laughed. “Wow.” He said motioning between our outfits. “People will think we’re a power couple,” He said laughing. I blushed furiously and replied, “A force to reckon with.” He laughed harder.

Zienna looked over at me from her seat on the couch, raising her eyebrows at me. Ugh. I shook my head subtly and then she narrowed her eyes, letting me know that if I didn’t say something, she would.

I turned over to Jimin and took in deep breath. “Hey, Jimin, I was wondering-” I was cutoff by the sound of doorbell. Jimin’s eyes immediately lit up and he said, “That must be Rita!” he quickly moved to open the door and sure as hell standing outside looking stunning as ever was Rita.

“Rita, you look stunning,” Jimin said grabbing her hands and kissing her cheek as he pulled her inside. They walked into the room holding hands. “Hey, everyone!” Rita said brightly. Everyone in the room responded except me. I couldn’t look over at Zienna, I knew she would have that expression she pulls when she feels absolutely terrible at something but also really disappointed. If I made eye contact with her, I would break. Jimin was looking at Rita the way I imagined I looked at him. I wanted to cry or yell and tell him how I felt about him, but I didn’t. That’s how I knew I really did love Jimin, because when you love someone, their happiness comes first and no matter how hurt I was, I didn’t want to spoil something as heartwarming as Jimin’s smile.

“Y/N, I love your dress.” Rita said to me and I smiled as brightly as I could. “Thank you, Rita. You look beautiful.”

“Should we go now?” Jimin said, putting his arm around Rita’s waist.

“Yeah, we should.” Taehyung said, standing up. Zienna moved over to me and whispered, “Are you okay?” I nodded slightly.

“Actually guys, I’ll meet you there. I need to stop by my house real quick,” I lied. Zienna saw right through it too, shaking her head at me.

“Oh, are you sure? We can all wait outside if you want?” Jimin offered sweetly.

“No, I’m sure. I’ll see you later.”

I quickly said goodbye to Tae’s parents and the rest of the gang and got in my car. Only when I was parked in my driveway did I finally allow myself to cry.


Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed the imagine :)


I honestly love ryhsand and feyre’s relationship so much. I mean he respects her on such a huge level and its never praised because that’s what you’re supposed to do.

I mean they talked about how men have destroyed houses if their mate looks at another male too soon after they’re bonded. And Ryhsand is not any high fae he is the most powerful high lord ever. And when feyre shares a long meaningful look with azriel like two days after they’re bonded he initially gets super on edge but he comes back to himself and immediately apologizes to feyre because he knows how much she hates it.

And during the battle in Velaris feyre completely blocked him out to fight dangerous monsters even though he was calling for her and risks her life just so the Attor won’t get away again. And after all of that when ryhsand finds her all he does is praise her and love her for defending their home.

Feyre is not a helpless weak little girl and ryhsand has known that since before she was even turned.

And not only that but ryhsand is such a good guy. He comes from two cultures where one maims their women and the other sells them like cattle and as soon as he took power he appointed two women into the most powerful positions and outlawed the mistreatment of the women in the camps. Idk man I just think ryhsand is such a genuinely good person I can’t take it.

Allison and Neil BFF AU

(Is this technically an AU because they’re low key bffs in canon tbh???) 
Sorry this will be an exceedingly long post and I’m on mobile and I can’t do a read more/ I don’t know how??? So I apologize in advance but this HAD to be posted

• so imagine Neil ends up in Phoenix instead of Millport 

• and Allison lives in a much too big house by herself because fuck her parents she doesn’t WANT what they are giving her, so she leaves 

•and they’re both in high school, because what’s a canon timeline, and Allison is about to be a senior and Neil is a little sophomore with a lot of trust issues.

• he doesn’t plan on staying but it’s not like he even knows where to go after this, his mom is dead and he’s on his own so he just doesn’t really KNOW what to do with himself

• and he plays exy because it’s the only thing that makes him feel real

• and that’s how he meets Allison

• She has a thing for strays and sad looking boys with too many scars and she’s super fond of Neil even though he wants nothing to do with her

• and she just keeps bothering him because he’s small and sad looking and she wants to cut his hair because it’s horrible and clean his face because, seriously have you EVER taken care of yourself

• Neil finally gives in and hangs out with her because she’s pushy and maybe she will leave him alone after

• they eat Chinese food and watch a movie in her too big house and Neil can’t help but be anxious and angsty

• it continues where Allison is basically bullying little Neil to hang out with her because tough love™

• after a couple of months he just accepts it, he’s not going to stay anyway why does it matter?

• turns out it does matter because Allison won’t let him leave even if he WANTED TO

• he tries one night after the last game of the year but she won’t let him, in fact she won’t leave him alone at all

• she keeps following him all night and he doesn’t find it as annoying as he should
• he decides it wouldn’t really be too bad to stay for another couple of months so he does.
• the summer would have been boring if it wasn’t for Allison dragging him across Arizona
• they go sight seeing and stay in way too expensive hotels, because she LOVES wasting her parents money
• and one night when they’re near the border of California Neil finally opens up a little bit
• nothing in grave detail because they’re not on that level but he trusts her enough that he tells her his mom is dead and his dad is looking for him
• he tells her he might leave and she looks so MAD
• because screw you neil josten you’re staying here with ME and there is nothing you can do about it
• when they finally make it back to Phoenix she tells him he can stay with her whenever he wants
• it becomes a normal thing, Allison will leave the back door unlocked so he can come in whenever he wants and she has the second bedroom done so he can sleep there comfortably
•. She even puts a lock on his door because she KNOWS him and he’s low key happy about it
• they cook together and sometimes they go on trips to other places
• Neil doesn’t want to ever step foot in California, so Allison takes him to other places like Utah, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico
• she wanted to go to Mexico for a week one summer but she was low key worried about taking Neil out of the country
• what if he doesn’t come back??? Was her biggest fear
• he does leave one night and Allison tries not to worry because he does this sometimes
• he will disappear after practice and not come home until the wee hours of the morning
• so she’s TRYING not to worry but this is Neil commitment issues Josten™
• plus something just doesn’t feel right
• so she waits up all night and when he doesn’t come home she goes to look for him
• she finds him at a bus station with his duffel bag, looking defeated
• and she doesn’t mean to cry but she does
• and Neil’s just as much a mess, he doesn’t know why he couldn’t just LEAVE
• he’s afraid she’ll get hurt if he stays but she’s the closest thing to a family he will ever have
• he doesn’t try to leave again after that
• Allison doesn’t make Neil a key because she knows him better than anyone, maybe more than he knows himself, and she knows that if he has one he will freak out and leave again
• because keys mean he has a place that he can call home and keys are permanent and real
• so she just keeps the doors unlocked when she’s home and if she isn’t she leaves a window unlatched
• because god forbid she accidentally leaves everything locked and he has to break a window to get in, she would KILL HIM
• during her senior year Allison starts vlogging
• soon she’s too popular for her own good and it scares Neil because what if the world sees him??! What if his Dad’s people catch sight of him????
• Allison knows better than to let him get caught so she never says his real name or shows his face on camera
• but boy do people love stories about her nameless roommate
• “he’s an idiot. The other day he tripped on nothing and told me the world was ending when he hit his knee on the banister. But the one time he got hit by a car and was bleeding out he was ‘fine’ he is the most dramatic piece of shit”
• everyone knows she loves him anyway
• when Allison graduated Neil expects her to leave but she doesn’t.
• she stays in the house with him and he doesn’t ask her why because he low key finds it nice
• he keeps playing exy until his senior year and Allison is like a proud mom
• when wymack, Andrew, and Kevin show up to recruit him he thinks he might throw up
• Allison comes into the locker room and has this LOOK on her face and Neil might kill her
• Wymack had tried to recruit her when she was a senior but there was NO WAY she would leave Neil alone in Phoenix with out her
• so she told him to come back in 2 years because he could have a two for one and it would definitely be worth it
• wymack sees what she meant after he watched Neil play
• Allison just crosses her arms and watches with amusement as they try to convince Neil to sign with the foxes
• he looks at her like a deer caught in headlights because, he can’t school his face around her, he needs her help, he can’t just LEAVE her here????
• and Allison just says “it’s okay I’m coming too.”
• and that’s how they both end up on the foxes court the next year (and for the next 5 years)

Kids? - Barry Allen Imagine

Your Pov

I bite my bottom lip, “Kids?”

“Yeah. Do you want kids? I wouldn’t mind having kids.” Barry says.

I frown, “why are we talking about kids, Barry? You do know that you can’t get pregnant?” I try to joke with the last part. Tension is too high in the room.

“I know. That’s -” he sighs. “We’re suppose to talk about our future. What we want.”

I sigh, “I do want kids.” I look down at the hopeful expression on Barry’s face. “Not my own, though.” I tell him.

“What?” his voice sounds confused, heartbroken.

I look up from my hands. A look of heartbreak on Barry’s face.

‘Is it because I’m a speedster? I don’t think I can pass it on. I’ll have Caitlin run tests. I’ll go to earth two, get tested by Harry.” Barry tries to reason.

I reach for his hand, holding it in two of mine. “Barry, I’ve always wanted kids. You know me, my motherly instinct has always been there. By the time I was thirteen I knew I couldn’t have my own. It’s not your DNA. It’s mine. I don’t want any kid to have my medical history.” I pull my hands away when I’m finished explaining.

Barry gets up, “I need sometime.”

I nod, “Barry. Just know that I understand if you want to break up with me. But, also know that I’m up for alternatives.”

He nods, speeding away. 

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This is what it feels like to have a crush.

To know someone, in and out, and fully accept them. To soar high whenever he/she smiles at you. It’s becoming a poet for the sole purpose of expressing how you feel; a soldier to fight for what you love; a doctor to heal some old scars. It’s feeling something so strong for someone but they never notice until it’s too late.

The camera did not pan into this scene for no reason! We’re with you, Nat, don’t worry! Stevie boy will love you no matter what if it’s the last thing we do. If he’s still an idiot and is still with Sharon, I will kill him. 😘😍😍😍

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Okay this a super specific ask but I love your high school headcanons so for madara hashirama and tobirama, how do you think they would text a s/o? What are their texting habits? Emojis, no emojis? Read receipts and what not?

oh shit this is cute


•Too many emojis. His favorites are 😌 😃 ❤️ and 🌝 . He always sends the moon one to Tobirama and Tobirama gets pissed off because it looks like such a smug emoji 

•And you already know he has a million emojis next to his s/o’s name 

•Will double text with no hesitation whatsoever. He doesn’t care. He just wants to talk to his s/o. He’s so cute

•Good morning and good night texts are to be expected. Even if his s/o doesn’t answer him right away. And he remembers important events too so they should expect texts like “good luck on your test today!!!” or “let me know how the interview goes” like FUCK what a considerate boy

•Meme lord. Sends tooooo many memes. Has a meme for everything. Even if it’s not common memes, he has memes that are mostly inside jokes with his s/o and he knows exactly what to send them to get them cracking up. It’s just fun texting Hashirama. Text him if you’re having a bad day, he’ll cheer you up

•If we’re talking high school, Hashirama texts in class. Like constantly (if he can get away with it) He knows better than to text during an important lecture though

•Sends his s/o a lot of selfies, specifically if they ask “What are you doing?”. Hashirama figures a visual is much more fun than explaining it through boring text (he definitely prefers calls to text messages btw)

•Hashirama has his read receipts on, hence why he’s bound to answer asap. He doesn’t want his s/o to think he’s ignoring them. Now if his s/o has read receipts on, Hashirama gets anxious. Especially before the relationship where he’s just crushing on them a little. If he sees they read his message and they don’t answer him, he’s kinda like…. oh. ok. He’s pretty good about staying rational and not jumping to conclusions, so he won’t automatically get paranoid about “omg they don’t want to talk to me omg omg”. It’s just that he really likes talking to them so he gets a little bummed out when they leave him on read


•Absolutely awful at texting. He’s just not the the texting type. Before he and his s/o start dating, he’ll probably be more of an avid texter, simply because he’s keeping up with them and they’re in that shaky phase where he’s trying to make an effort because he really likes them. So he wants to talk to them as often as possible and wants them to know that he cares

•He’ll be so anxious waiting for their texts though lmao. He’ll be lying in bed at night just waiting for his crush to text something, and once he gets the text he’s like FUCK finally. But then he doesn’t reply for an hour because he doesn’t know that the hell to say. What a dork

•But once they’re actually a couple, he goes back to being a shitty texter. Poor s/o

•He has read receipts on. Will read a text and not answer. Even if it’s his s/o. But if his s/o does the same to him, he gets all pissed. But he refuses to double text unless it’s something really important. So he just sits there all pissed off waiting for them to answer him

•He’d prefer calls over text, though he’s not likely to answer calls either. He’s pretty much the type who just doesn’t have his phone on him. It’s not so much that he’s ignoring you, he’ll just forget (also his phone is probably on silent all the time. Let’s just say he’s in this groupchat with Hashirama and he can’t handle all the notifications because Hashirama texts SO MUCH)

•Doesn’t use emojis. Doesn’t even use :) or :( his texts are so bland

•He’ll text his s/o “text me when you get home” just to know when they’re safe. But that’s the most they’ll get out of him. They could say “I’m home” and he’ll reply “okay” but if they try to continue the conversation after that, it’s not worth. He’s already put his phone down and won’t pick it up again for a few hours. For someone who wants to keep tabs on literally everything and everyone, he’s awful at keeping up with his phone


•He’ll definitely hit his s/o with that read and no reply. It’s not always on purpose, he just forgets to reply if something else distracts him. And when he finally texts them back, there’s no “Sorry, I was busy”. He just continues the conversation. Which is a little frustrating? 

•He’ll also be the type not to reply to his s/o for a few hours, then text them something random and start a completely different conversation. You could say that most of the texting will be on Madara’s terms. And he’s sort of a mysterious texter? He’ll have you thinking he’s not going to reply, but then he does. It would make his s/o a little anxious, but they’d just have to understand Madara just doesn’t keep up with texting 

•Also don’t even think about pulling that “Oh, Madara’s going to take ten minutes to reply to me? I’ll take twenty to reply to him” shit. Because he will know. And it will annoy him. He will 100% leave his s/o on read for a full day if they try that with him

•But yeah he does get a little pissy if his s/o leaves him on read. At first he’s just like okay… whatever. But an hour passes and he’s looking at his phone like… I know you didn’t just read and not reply to my text. Honestly, he’ll tell them that. He’ll send them “I know you read that. Answer me, right now.” So demanding even over text, wow Madara

•He’s more of a late night texter. During the day, he’s doing other things. But he’ll reply more often to his s/o at night. Lots of long conversations with Madara will be at like 2 am. It’s like he never sleeps? Yet he’ll scold his s/o for being up so late and tell them “Go to bed right now. It’s past your bedtime”

•Also, Madara’s really just the type who would rather spend time with his s/o than text them throughout the day? So that’s another reason he won’t text too often. His s/o will probably be with him during his free time anyway, so there’s no need to text them that often

•Always uses proper grammar. No text talk. It’s a little odd, but it fits Madara

Fairy! Yachi and Demon! Kuroo au…ok listen Kuroo accidentally ruins a fairy ring and Yachi has to curse him but when she sees it’s a DEMON she freaks out because demons are made of curses and now she doesn’t know what to do but it is the rules and he’s a big demon and she’s kind of tiny and oh god the higher fairies will be really disappointed she had ONE job and she couldn’t do it and now the demon is reassuring her and he’s probably a high rank demon oh no she ruined his day too wait…did he just say he felt hurt when she said he was made of curses????

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43.2% jimon high school AU

Simon was late.

Really, really late.

He was supposed to be in Chemistry ten minutes ago, and if Mr Fell catches him late again, Simon doesn’t even want to know what he’s going to do to him. Last time he was late, Mr Fell forced him to stand at the board and write up a bunch of calculations. Simon’s handwriting was awful. He’d had to rewrite it three times, and that was discounting how flustered he got with an audience.

He probably make him demonstrate an experiment this time. And then he would screw it up somehow and end up stinking of sulphur for the rest of the day. This was not good. Nothing good could come of any of this. He should have been paying attention, but Clary had a free period and they’d been hanging out in the art rooms and by the time Simon noticed the time he was already late, and on the wrong side of campus.

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“I hope you’re going to regret the way you ended things between us one day,” I held the phone to my ear and waited for him to break the silence. I knew he wasn’t going to. I always set my excpectations too high with him.

“Alright, I just want you to know that I really hope you’re doing good, and I hope you’re happy. I miss you.” I said and looked out the window.

“But God.. It has been 4 months, and I’ve been waiting for you since the day I lost you. But I’m tired of waiting. And I’m broken. I’m tired and broken because of what you did to me, and I know you’re not sorry, so please don’t act like it. After 4 months of pain and screaming and crying, I need to move on with life. So I need you to stop contacting me. Don’t call me saying you miss me. Don’t send me late night texts when you’re drunk and lonely, because I won’t answer.” I waited for a response that I was positive never came.

“I need to go.” And I did. I needed to go before I changed my mind.

“I really need to go now, but it was nice hearing from you. But from now on, I need you to let me live my life. Without you.

“I love you,” he said. In a cold way, sending shivers through my body.

“I know.” I pressed the red button and heard the sound of an ended call. That’s the last time I spoke to him. And after that? I moved on.

—  F.F. // Our last phone call.

some personal ideas about what keith does while living in his desert shack:

  • he learns to play the badly tuned guitar with five strings that he found laying around. (he makes up his own chords, but still manages to play things that are at least a little bearable.)
  • when there’s too much on his mind he runs laps outside, often barefooted
  • we know he messes around on his speeder, but i desperately want keith to love getting adrenaline highs from doing shitty parkour around the more rocky areas of the desert. lance finds out about this later on and nearly coughs up a lung
  • he names every object in the shack, and they all have different personalities. cyril is the shitty chair that creaks every time you sit on it, the sheer white curtain is called gavin, and beau is the couch that he vents to. he likes to think she’s always listening
  • the asshole probably draws his fursona at some point for a laugh, but then slowly realises it’s was actually pretty fun and ends up with a detailed twelve page summary for it
  • i still don’t know what time period voltron is in, but keith would definitely ride around on his speeder at sunset with this song playing inside his head, like the way we look out the car window with music on, imagining that we’re in a film. he just likes to feel a little dramatic every now and again.
  • yoga!!! i feel like keith would definitely do yoga as a way to calm himself, especially after a bad day or when he’s overstimulated.
  • he listens to music on the old cd players there. there isn’t much, mostly guitar heavy songs like this. he doesn’t dance or sing often, because he likes to devote his full attention to something, as he isn’t fond of multitasking. instead, he sits on the couch with his legs crossed and eyes closed, and sways side to side just listening to the music.
  • sometimes at night he’ll climb onto the roof of the shack and look up at the stars. not necessarily looking at constellations and such, but trying to understand why he feels such a pull to them. he wonders if his path will take him there in time, or if he’ll spend forever just staring up at them and dreaming about what’s waiting for him amongst them. it hurts him sometimes, but it’s much easier to be alone when there are billions of stars watching over you.
Being Illya’s would include

I love your requests! I’ll get to them as soon as I can x
- so much snuggles
- staying up late and telling secrets
- being so emotionally close that you both understand what the other is feeling
- having someone protecting you 24/7
- honestly so protective
‘what are you doing now?’í’m going shopping’ ‘I come too.’ ‘what are you doing now?’ ‘I’m going to the store, we’re out of bread’ ‘I come too.’ ‘what are you doing now?’ ‘illya, im having a shower’ ‘oh I come too.’
- having to buy a house that has large door frames
- and high ceilings
- “illya, can u get the thing from the top shelf” “illya can you change the light bulb””illya can you-“”grow taller!”
- not knowing what illya means when he says little things to himself in russian. Then one day you start muttering them to yourself
- learning how to say “I love you” in Russian when it’s his birthday
- illya always coming along to shopping trips because, let’s face it, he knows more about clothes then you do
- being educated on everything that the Russians have ever done for the world
- illya losing his father’s watch and nearly has one of his attacks but you calm him down
- climbing on top of him when he takes up the whole lounge
- him being top …
- being one of the only people who can truly snap illya out of one of his attacks before he acts impulsively
- wearing his overly large shirts


I had in my notes a request for Shura!Kana and cannot find the ask. Here it is anyway.

  • Kana tends to speak quieter, though he retains his chipper attitude and isn’t shy- still he tends to only open up to a select few
  • This also leads to him being even more of an after thought to the others (not on any malicious intent of theirs but as the youngest he was anyway) and he gets used to being in the background  
  • Holds himself (and others) to a high standard of honor and doing what is right (Shura attempting to keep Kana from following down his darker paths)- Kana is a lot more understanding and forgiving though
  • He’s very independent and enjoys socializing- plus his connection to many cultures and Shura teaching him his tricks to help Kana survive he would actually make a very good spy (he’s the friend you don’t cross because he knows too much and you realized too late)

michael: !!! i know you! elliott, right? i used to tutor you back in high school! what hap-

elliott: …why are you here? 

michael: what d’you mean? i live here now, i guess we’re roommates? that’s c-

elliott: nonononono… you can’t… agh, shit, is it too late to find a new apartment? i can’t do this…