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doodled a human orisa idea and efi as a lil’ warmup!! i know this is gonna be a popular thing to draw but i wanted to give it my shot!


pa pa pa pa, plucking petals off each flower


Inspired by a comment that @ghostocelot made on one of my asks.

The first time you called him “Glaio,” he didn’t really think too much on it. You missed a sound – it happens. Sometimes people speak too fast and they leave out sounds. It happens. The others didn’t say anything, either – well, Ignis had given you a strange look, but remained silent beyond that.

The second time you called him “Glaio,” he gave you a questioning look. You were unfazed by it, continuing the rest of your sentence without falter. He let it slide, but kept it in the back of his mind so he could ask you about it later.

The third time you called him “Glaio,” he did ask you about it. You dodged the question and steamrolled over his attempts to circle back around to the subject. After several more fruitless tries, he gave up with a sigh. 

The fourth time you called him “Glaio,” he’d had enough.

“Why do you keep calling me that?” he asked you, his hand around your bicep and his eyes boring into yours, preventing you from escaping the subject.

Still, you tried. “Calling you what?” you replied, tilting your head to the side and fixing him with an innocent look.

Glaio,” he said, exasperated, “You’ve been calling me that all day. It’s starting to bug me.”

Ohhh.” You hummed, smiling at him. “You haven’t given me the D yet, so it only seemed fair.”

“I haven’t–oh.” Realization dawned on him in that moment. He stared down at you, watching your expression go from innocent to mischievous and a smirk pull at your lips. He laughed, wrapping his other arm around your waist and pulling you close. He leaned down, his lips ghosting over yours. “Well… I can fix that.”

You grinned at him. “I was hoping you’d say that, Glaio.”

For Now, Forever, For Always

Pairing: Jim x Reader

Word Count: 1646

Warnings: A little angst. Mostly fun banter and fluff

A/N: To the anon who requested the Bones angst and the anon that requested a sequel to Seeing Double, I promise I’m working on both of those!!! I haven’t forgotten about you guys and they’ll both be coming up soon. Also look who made a fancy header image for this fic instead of doing homework B) 

If there was one thing you prided yourself on, it was your ability to give the perfect gift, moving people to tears with your thoughtfulness on more than one occasion. Even Spock got misty-eyed when you gave him a handmade terrarium replica of Old Vulcan with his mother’s initials engraved on the bottom. The one person you could never figure out, though, was James Tiberius Kirk.

You thought he’d be the easiest, settling for an antique remote-controlled motorcycle he could drive around the bridge. You were almost shaking with excitement when you gave it to him for Christmas but two years had passed and it had yet to leave the shelf in his quarters. You switched up your game for his birthday, opting for a classier holoframe that displayed pictures you’d collected over your time on the Enterprise. His eyes lit up when you gave it to him, but three months later when he finally invited you to his quarters for dinner for the first time, you noticed the batteries had died and he hadn’t replaced them.

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EXO: meeting your family

Xiumin:  he’s hyper enough at the thought of meeting your huge family, and can’t stop asking you questions about them. He won’t have a reason to be nervous bc he knows they’ll love him…but like you’d expect, he’d be really quiet when you’re introducing them to him and smiling in his direction.

Suho:  junmyeon has planned the perfect outfit and the perfect lines to recite once meeting them. Instead of things going according to plan though, he’ll get swept up by your huge family and all the laughter and jokes shared around. He’ll honestly be speechless at how loving and accepting they are, and ofc the amazing food.

Lay:  he’ll make it seem like it’s your wedding day tbh he’ll totally go overboard, buying presents for your parents and grandparents and everything. Yixing would want everything to be perfect bc he thinks first impressions matter. He’d make their head spin with his breathtaking smile and him complimenting everyone until they practically faint.

Baekhyun:  ever since introducing you to his family a while ago, he’s been asking nonstop if he could meet yours. He won’t make it noticeable but he’d be so nervous and would probably over think everything. A smile will be plastered on his face the whole time, bc he can’t believe they went out of their way to have a party just for you two, so expect him to be the life of the party once he stops being so shy.

Chen:  he’s too busy chatting up your older cousins and relatives to be nervous, it’s as if they already accepted him into the family as soon as he walked in. He’d be throwing sly smirks your way and winking, knowing they’d totally love him as much as you do.

Chanyeol:  probably would refuse at first, just bc he won’t know what do. He wants to impress them very badly but doesn’t want to be the center of attention, so he’ll let you talk the whole time while he blushes and nods along. Will stay by your side the whole time, not once letting go of your hand bc he’ll freak out.

D.O:  it would seriously be hard not to like him, but he’s still nervous nonetheless. He’d be such a gentleman and buy flowers and a couple bottles of wine for the night, and laughs along happily at your family’s antics and jokes. They’d be able to tell how much he really loves you bc he won’t stop looking in your direction and smiling hazily.

Kai:  “y/n, what do I dooooo?” Jongin will pout and play with your hands and even show you some aegyo until you tell him he doesn’t have to talk. He’s nervous bc he knows he’ll be stumbling over his words, and tbh he doesn’t wanna be questioned by your huge family bc he knows they’re all protective of you. Instead, he’ll tag along whenever you are and only talk when he’s spoken to, the shy lil puppy.

Sehun:  dresses appropriately for the occasion and makes sure everything looks on point since he doesn’t want to embarrass himself. Probably will go as far as surprising you too, buying you a necklace before heading over to your parents’ place. He’ll blush mad hard when you brag about him and the group, but takes the time to be full of himself and smirks. Honestly he’d love your family as if they were his own.

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Some words for Anti Shippers/Haters

Sometimes I got some questions: “Do you scare of haters if you ship [name of the ship]?”. The answer is… I don’t scare of them, I don’t even hate them, because I belive haters/anti shippers also a person like me and they have their taste, like I have my taste. Why don’t we just let both of us enjoy the fun we have in peace instead of argument to hard to change eachother’s mind?

It’s good to speak out your opinion sometimes, but don’t be too serious over something that’s not even real.

It’s supposed to make you feel comfortable, and pleased, not make you feel mad.

Block the tag which you don’t like to see, ignore it, and you’re good my dear~

Ofcourse this is just my opinion so… It’s okay to say something back, I’ll listen to you all. Sorry for my English if it bad~

i tried doing lineart for the first time in, what, 4 years ? and its as hard as i remembered orz

i absolutely love fai and i could go on for hours abt how much i love tsubasa tbh

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This has also been brewing in the back of my mind. If I could write I'd do it myself so thank God for you! I hope this isn't too specific. Beca comes out to her father and it goes badly. Not wanting to her crush/gf(s) to see her upset she goes to crash by a friend but doesn't say what's wrong. When she misses movie night/date night her crush/gf(s) gets worried and tries to find her starting by checking with Dr. Mitchell.

“So, Beca, how have you been? You said you had something to tell me?” Warren Mitchell takes a bite of his dinner, his eyes on his daughter. 

Beca twists her thumb ring under the table, glancing down at her dinner. She swallows and looks up at her father and tries to calm her racing heart. She mentally scoffs at herself, since when did she actually give a shit about what her father thought?

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I got tagged by the lovely @leanarutherford to post five of my fav drawings (thank you so much for tagging me, this is an awesome taggy thingy haha). I do have older drawings stored on another hard drive but I was too lazy to go looking for it, soooo I just looked through my 2015 until now folders haha~

Tbh, I could have posted only 5 Critical Role or Dragon Age drawings because I have so many I like T_T BUT I decided to make a nsfw post too : > just…under the cut orso haha *coughs*

Aaaaand I’m gonna taaaaaag (and always feel free to ignore ofc!): 

@froschkuss , @artsybizaar , @florbe-triz , @triaelf9 and @picchar

Edit: The nsfw version can be found on my other blog huehue
Parisienne Walkways - someonestolemyshoes - Haikyuu!! [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

“I’ll prove it.”

Hinata cocks his head. He swings a leg back up, pokes his toes at Kageyama’s chest.

“Prove what?”

Long, slender fingers curl around Hinata’s ankles and Kageyama squeezes, soft, gaze trained hard and steely on the wardrobe.

“That I can be fun, too.”

Alternative title: Kageyama likes figure skating and Hinata is gay.


REQUEST: Getting so drunk that Sebastian has to carry you and also he holds your hair when you have nauseas. 

WARNINGS: alcohol. language. vomiting. 

AUTHOR’S NOTE: this is pretty damn platonic, tbh. Maaaaaaybe some underlying feelings of romance. but other than that, just friends! 


So maybe you drank too much at the bar. You had a tough week and decided to basically drown yourself in hard liquor to bring in the much needed 3 day weekend. 

Sebastian tagged along, keeping a watchful eye on you the second you began taking shots with your mutual friends. He didn’t drink much. He had two beers and decided that that was enough. He knew he’d have to take care of you later that night. He didn’t mind though. You were his best friend. He’d do anything for you if he had to. 

He laughed as you tried to tell people stories but instead just slurred and ventured off. He shook his head as you told him you weren’t drunk. He held you up right when you couldn’t stand up straight anymore. He let you know it was time to go home, even though you whined and almost threw a tantrum. 

“(Y/N),” he said sternly, his blue eyes looking into yours. 

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Ok ok I KNOW this one was something I promised I wouldn’t do but… guys please understand I’m a parrot I have to let it out sometimes…

Why do people expect SU to look as stylished and detailed as the sketch/beta designs book?

Have you ever tried to animate? Ok yeah you may say “but X animator did this amazing detailed animation” have in mind the budget and deathlines. If you’re an indie animator you have all the time of the world (since u don’t need to meet deathlines), if you work for a film your budget is bigger and you don’t have to do the same detailed lines and shadows for years again ad again.

OF COURSE SU designs are a lil more simplified than the beta designs, is something you learn on ANY animation school you take, if it is incredibly detailed 24/7 you may not make the deathline AND GET FIRED.

Animation is a business too, you gotta finish your job in time, ton of cartoons need to simplify or change their beta/pilot designs to make it easier to animate, like the Powerpuff girls did.

The design you see on the show are approved by the whole crew, some beta designs are great but too hard to animate or wouldn’t fit the change that needs to be done to be simplified, others simply didn’t appeal the crew as much, or where amazing but the crew liked the other ones.

Heck, almost all cartoons that are hand-drawn have simple designs, this ain’t something new.

besties bestIES BESTIES

…or OT3?

               It’s putting it lightly to say Jolly does not want to come here. Distinctly, disturbingly, he has been wrapped up inside himself the whole day through, wrestling with dark old thoughts and vanished people, and the sore wound of the newest of them all pried wide by one, meddling call. The grief of losing a son that was never his to begin with–ah yes, that very grief already had taken him away in some numb, pitiless wave that left him sleepless and empty eyed, and people knew. And he knows he’s back from those sorry shores, now–just barely, just about accepting that young and precious man is gone.

                 He doesn’t want–or need reminding of it like this, like the way he’s assuming he’s about to be. Cracking with the force of his own silence now, he mutters bitterly some wondering of why he felt driven to come here at all, and become another sorry face at some sorrier event. He shakes his head clean of that thought, knowing it makes no difference. He’s here. And he’s waiting once that bell is rung, and chatter stops, and footsteps come–

                 And Jolly’s heart skips to such a grinding halt in his chest that it hurts. All at once, he is made dizzy and breathless and overcome with too many thoughts to count, because he’s staring with a blind disbelief into the face of a dead man. There’s no mistaking him, even at first glance, or second, or third. The words pour out of their mouth, but they drift past him unrecognised besides the voice that is using them, or the person they are coming from. Something like a shudder winks through him, and becomes a mad, staggering tremble the very moment after.

                “Kishou–?” He gasps it with no more intention than that with which he raises one sheathed, stuttering hand. This is no such dream, and no sick joke the way his mind works it out to be–he can see that blue eyed devil stood in plain sight, and doing no more but smile that damned smile, and it has never mattered less. Wailing disbelief still goes on clawing through him, begging him still to wake from this moment or fearing that he might. It can’t be true. This cannot be him. “But you…” He chokes out hoarsely, hands catching themselves on the shape of the other man’s shoulders, and no, no it cannot be–and yet it is. Ghost-pale and stricken and looking all but ready to sink to his knees, the moon instead yanks the boy forward into the wild and desperate and joyful grasp of something lost and finally found.

                  “You–I hope you at least…have some fine story,” he rasps out against the younger man’s shoulder, words unravelled with would-be laughter (or would-be tears, for the first time in years, years,) “about why it took you as long as all this to come home.”

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So, it's been almost a year since I was diagnosed with EDS

On 1st February 2016 , I was diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

I cried, relief… someone was actually listening to me and actually believed me. I cried all the way home and all night, I was happy. I wasn’t making things up

I’ve had the stretchy skin and fatigue and stuff all my life but we are polish, so my polish side of the family don’t believe in going to the docs and stuff ( luckily my mom does, she is from Liverpool) and my polish grandma ( my dads mom) outright said my autism should be cured

The government and doctors don’t want to help either, been pressing for years on some stuff but they don’t seem to care but when I finally got this nice doctor… this happened
I don’t see that doctor much anymore, but he’s been trying to help push for certain stuff and it’s falling on deaf ears - nobody wants to listen, nobody wants to help

My EDS has got worse; my bones now dislocate and stuff and I have trouble sleeping
I had to push to get help because the doctors didn’t want to help me;
They at first also didn’t want to diagnose me with Autism at age 12 cause “ I talk too much”

My family are still learning about stuff, my mom still believes I do this shit for attention.
EDS and autism doesn’t have a cure.
EDS is a pain but I have to learn to live with it, but shoutout to my EDS for choosing 8th Jan, my 20th birthday this year as my first ever dislocation!

Im happy to learn I’m not alone and tbh, I’ve learnt more from people in tumblr’s Ehlers Danlos syndrome tag then I have in years from my doctors.
Please people, don’t give up. I know it’s hard, but we’ll get there

alright i’m going to make a proper call-out because this is getting ridiculous. hit that “j” key if you want to skip past this.

bluemcclain does not have my permission to use my audio clip in this post, so please do not reblog it.

first of all, i had blocked her months earlier because i saw the toxic drama and didn’t want to get caught up in it at any point. i do this with a lot of discourse blogs as well. she knew this because when i unblocked her to ask her to take it down, i found that she had also blocked me. basically, she stole my audio while fully aware that i had blocked her and thus didn’t want her interacting with me or my posts. there was a reason why she couldn’t reblog the original audio post, but apparently that wasn’t enough of a hint. 

second of all (which is actually just me being touchy tbh but), she tagged it as: “#i also tried to fix the audio bc it sounded windy and i didnt like it”, which is just rude considering i took it at a convention. but hey, look, i fixed it too

third of all, which i didn’t realize until someone else pointed it out, she watermarked the video that used my audio without permission, and when that someone pointed it out, all she had to say was that she forgot to properly link back to my post and she worked hard on the video so she gets to watermark it. 

fourth of all, which is honestly why i’m mad, she’s being a giant hypocrite. on the same day, she made a callout post for people reposting her friend’s photo without permission, and then reblogged another callout post about it

So recently a friend of mine had her cosplay pictures edited and reposted without her permission.

this is exactly what she did–edit and repost my content without permission–but worse, because she knew i had her blocked.

so either it’s not okay to “edit and repost without permission” or it is okay to “edit and repost without permission.”

look, my post has 10k notes. i’ve provided four download links so that people can use it as their ringtone and whatever else. i want people to have fun with it. i called it a “present for you guys” because that’s what it is. i was so nervous to ask him but i thought it would make people laugh, so i went for it. i’m aware that it’s blown up and thus people will end up using it without permission. i’d appreciate credit, but i won’t get upset if it’s not there. it’s not as if i delivered the line myself.

but if you know that i blocked you, yet you repost and edit my content without my permission, after making a callout post criticizing exactly that behavior, then i’m going to say something. 

look, i’ve blocked a ton of discourse and drama blogs for a reason. i never wanted to need to make a callout post because i always just block people instead. but if blocking someone isn’t enough to get them off my posts, then i honestly don’t know what is. i just want to appreciate lance and make fun of 80′s lotor in peace.

don’t use my shit if i’ve blocked you. it’s that simple. 


thanks to someone for bringing this to her attention! the post has been deleted and she’ll be messaging people to delete their reblogs. i hope she practices what she preaches going forward and asks people before using their content.