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why are they fighting even? idk, samson probably started a fight and herlyn tried to intervene and it got out of control, but also herlyn looks like someone strangled her lusus so maybe it was one of the few times Alnica left the apartment and samson insulted her or something?? 

inspired by that one time everyone started thirsting over samson and i wanted to draw him punching something


Reaction to you fangirlling over another member


Seungcheol might not even get offend, tbh. He understands that the other members are great, and they all have the admirable qualities. However, if he did manage to get a little jealous, he wouldn’t show it. He might as, “I’m handsome too, right?” But overall, he would simply laugh it off.

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Despite how beautiful he is (and he knows it) our JeongHan is actually very insecure, so it’s not hard to guess that he would get pretty jealous. However, rather than getting mad and give you the cold shoulder, he may straight up just shush you. “Can you not only look at me?” He would be pretty hurt, and it might take a while to make it up to him.

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Joshua isn’t the type to show his jealousy outright. If you were to fangirl over another member, however, he would definitely begin to imitate whatever it was that made you excited in the first place. He would also make sure to go out of his way to do more things with you, as if to indirectly show you that he is worthy of being with you.

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Do I honestly really even have to elaborate on this one? Jun is a Gemini forgive me if you don’t believe in the zodiac and therefore is a very jealous being. Although he might not show it directly at first, he would definitely give you to cold shoulder for a while before you finally asked him what was wrong, where he would, with absolutely no hesitation, proceed to tell you about what you did wrong.

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Hoshi is not the type to show that he is jealous, even if it really bothers him. Instead, he would hide it with a smile and insist on working harder. Even if you were to notice that something was wrong with him, it would definitely take a while for him to admit what was bothering him to you. However, he wouldn’t explode, but would rather sit you down with a sigh and go lightly into the conversation.

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Wonwoo is definitely the jealous type, and you will certainly know about it. With those he loves and cares for, he is very open, happy, and light-hearted. However, when he is hurt, he tends to shut himself out from the world and becomes the quiet Wonwoo that is shown to the public a lot. The moment he shut himself off, you would know about it. However, rather than talking about it, he would remain silent and expect you to figure out what you did wrong on your own. If you failed to realize it after a while, he would definitely talk to you about it.

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Like JeongHan, out JiHoon is very insecure about both himself and his abilities. If you were to fangirl over any members other than him, he would take it personally, even if he didn’t mean to. Rather than getting upset with you, he might blame himself for “not being good enough”. He would definitely immerse himself in his work and might even overexert himself. He definitely wouldn’t ever tell you about what was bothering him, however.

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DoKyum wouldn’t put too much thought into it. Like SeungCheol, he understands that the other members have great qualities to them. If he were to get jealous, he definitely wouldn’t show it. If he trusts you, he wouldn’t mention anything to you.

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Mingyu’s the type to get excited about his partner meeting his family, which would include his band members. “Oh! He’s so good!” He would then turn to you. “Right???” He would reply, getting more excited than you would. However, if you continued to fangirl throughout the relationship, he would undoubtedly begin to get jealous, and you would definitely hear about it.

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“Oh, he’s so cute!” These words would definitely leave an impact on MingHao, even though he would never tell you about it. He’s not the type to create conflict, so unless the two of you were already on the topic, he wouldn’t bring it up.

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SeungKwan is another member that we know, even though he’s confident on the outside, is very insecure about himself on the inside. The moment you let out even a small amount of praise towards another member, he wouldn’t be able to help but take it a personally. He might hold it to himself for a little while, but the subject will undoubtedly come up again, and it would be up to you that you reassure him that he’s the one you love.

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The first time you did it, Hansol might be a little awkward about it. It would take him a back, and he might just laugh it off. After a while, however, I don’t think he would mind too much. He would let it go most of the time, unless it became a regular thing. Only then would he have issues with it.

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Dino would do his best to hide the fact that it bothered him, buthis worries would eventually come out. “Am I not good enough for you…?” He would ask, catching you off guard. You would have to remind him that he, over everyone else, is the one you are with, and that there is a reason behind that. You would definitely have to back off on the fangirlling a little bit.

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Top 5 Ships

I was tagged by @aph-ladonya!! Nice and easy. List five ships. This shouldn’t be hard.

1. DenNor
2. SuFin
3. SpaMano
4. GerIta
5. PruAus

!!!!….shoot! FrUk too! And and NORMANO *lists all the ships* Oi.

I TAG!! @yeoldehetalian @heta-stars @inverted-typo @theexfrenchie @alittlebirdhouseinyoursoul @aph-stroopwafel @aph-bluemage @punk-rock-fairy-princess @scarletflamesofwrath

okay, so i’m actually doing this after weeks of putting it off because i was too scared of it wrecking my bias list. (it did)

I was tagged by the wonderful @jiminsfuckboy (thanks for tagging me ><) and from what i saw on her tag, this is going to mess up my feels like 500%

rules: write down your top 10 biases and answer the questions

1. yoongi

2. chanyeol (damn it this is already hard)

3. sunggyu

4. jimin

5. jongin (him and his dancing and his glasses fuck off)

6. taehyung

7. hoseok

8. jungkook (his voice in his covers i cry)

9. key

10. woozi

tbh if i had to do this a few months ago it would’ve been much easier. from third place on they’re basically all the same level, i just placed them the way i felt rn

1. Between 1 & 4: Who would you rather kiss? 

first question and i already can’t choose. 

i’m pretty sure if i say jimin i’m giving into his influences and i don’t want him wrecking my perfectly pleasing bias list (who am i kidding it’s a mess) but jimin has these really soft, full lips and they look so good and i bet it would be so nice to kiss them.

but then there’s yoongi. yoongi whom i adore and respect to hell and back and whom i want to kiss silly either way and i just wouldn’t want to miss out on kissing him ever.

so in the end it’s yoongi.

2.  Between 2 & 7: Who would be your best friend?

i’m pretty sure neither lmao. they’re both really positive and smiley and playful and i just don’t usually hang out with people like that. i mean, i love expressive and extroverted people and it’s always fun to be around people like them it’s just that i can’t take more than a few hours of interaction it wears me out so much.

but if i have to choose it’d be hoseok 

because gods know i’d break my neck having to look up at chanyeol all the time ;;

3. Between 5 & 10: Who has the better voice?

ah. this one didn’t seem all that hard actually until i remembered the way jongin sings in playboy and i realized i’m fucked.

i mean, woozi is vocal line and all. but jongin’s voice. fuck.

(it’s jongin)

4. Between 1 & 8: Who is the funniest?

jungkook is a living meme and while i do appreciate yoongi’s humor i’m going with jungkook for this one.

5. Between 6 & 9: Who would you date?

well first of all, i’m way too young to actually date either of them. like way too young. not to mention they’re out of my league by miles.

but tbh i’d pick tae anyday because i like the way he cuddles. that’s all we’d actually ever do. cuddle.

6. Between 9 & 10: Who would you do a collaboration with?

well since woozi produces songs and all, i think it’d be really fun to do a collab with him!! (sorry key ;A;)

7. Between 4 & 8: Who is the best dancer?

omfg did i screw myself up for this one it’s impossible to choose

jungkook is so good at dancing i want to cry, but then so is jimin and they’re both so expressive and fluent and fuck this is killing me.

since i cried during one of his solos though (who cries at someone dancing i’m so weak) i’ll go with jimin.

8. Between 3 & 5: Who would you most likely marry?

honestly? i can’t picture myself marrying anyone really, not ever, especially not idols who are way out of my league (and again, i’m also too young ;A;), but i gotta do this so. 

i’m gonna go straight for it and say t’d probably be sunggyu. he’s way older, but i feel like he’s someone i’d get along with well? like i’d rather be friends with him than marry him so let’s take this marrying thing as a friends-married and not romance-married.

honestly, for jongin, i don’t think we’d get along at all. maybe mutual understanding of one another but that’s it. (also i’m not a dog person)

9. Between 1 & 7: Who would you nurse when they are sick?

i love hoseok, i really do and seeing him sick would make me really upset, but between him and yoongi, yoongi wins this one no question.

10. Between 2 & 3: Who has a better smile?

ugh I’m not even going to think about this. 

it’s chanyeol. one of the things that kept chanyeol at the top of my ultimate bias list for months before yoongi showed up was his smile.

11. Between 6 & 8: Who would you vacation with?


like i’m pretty sure vacations with either of those two would be wild and too exhausting for me to cope with so either way i’d be dead. so i’m going all out.

i tag (lmao most of my friends are in other fandoms, i have almost no one to tag ;A;) : @rainismiling @violetsirblou @erenarivaille 

only do this if you want to !!

10 Favorite Characters
 ☆ 1 Per series/franchise ☆ Tag 10 People

tagged by @yuuichrou ty so much <33 (ur blog title is too real omfg)

  1. Sakata Gintoki - Gintama 
  2. Oikawa Tooru - Haikyuu!! 
  3. Kaneki Ken - Tokyo Ghoul
  4. Yato - Noragami
  5. Nezumi - No.6 
  6. Baz Pitch - Carry On (by Rainbow Rowell) 
  7. Aomine Daiki - Kuroko no Basket
  8. Kaworu Nagisa - Neon Genesis Evangelion
  9. Hisoka - Hunter x Hunter
  10. Roy Mustang - Full Metal Alchemist

this list could literally go on forever tbh haha gunna tag @acciogryffindordudes , @kuroosthigh , @arminthelittledork , @saeko, @hiraqi , @generalshinya ofc as usual you don’t have to if you dont want to ^^ 


Rules: tag 20 people you want to know more about

tagged by the amazing @wicked-inspiration

name: My birth name’s Eva but I go by as Andy

nicknames: lovely trash

gender: mostly a male

height: too smol…like about 5′1???

Favourite colour: black, i think

time right now: 12.22pm

avaraged hours of sleep: 5-6 on a good day

lucky number: i dont have one tbh

last thing i googled: “GOT7 profile” (dont judge)

Number of blankets: 2 during winter months and 1 during summer months

favourite fictional character: ok this is a hard one. I like a lot of characters but my ultimate two baes are Nico Di Angelo (cause he’s my smol son) and Elia from the web comic ‘les normaux’ (go check it out)

what l’m wearing: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) you perv! well baggy jeans and a baggy sweater

Fav books: hold up, you cant just ask me that! uuuugh….ok ok lm gonna say the maze runner cause lm reading it atm (or tmi for the same reason)

Fav musicians: My muisic taste is as fluid as the occean. idk, l like all music, lm music trash…well l dont like country, thats for sure. Atm lm listening mainly to kpop so something like that

Number of followers: so far 179 and l honestly dont know why since i only post trash

When did you creat your blog: I created this blog 3-4 years ago when i was going through my one direction phase but i only started using it like 1-2 years ago

What do you post about: Trash, all sorts of trash

who is your most active follower: ( @khaleesi-in-enockian wow -_- l dont think this counts cause she’s my best friend so…) @offlinewolf , thank you

Have you got any other blogs: no i post all my trash here. Sorry to everyone who has to put up with that

Why did you choose your url: It took me a while to choose my url but l finally chose this, there isnt any big heart-moving story behind it. i just…idk it felt right at that moment, ok?

l tag

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happy tag!
i was tagged by actual fairy angel @scomixhe​ ty love <3
rules: post 15 things that make you happy and tag 15 people!

1. mitch
2. troye
3. dogs (animals in general tbh)
4. people who have infectious good energy! like it radiates off them onto you and puts you in a good mood
5. seeing people who really deserve something achieve it
6. laughing so hard you cry and your tummy and face hurts but its the best ommgg
7. when people come talk to me about their day or just how they’re doing, my heart goes !!! (hi feel free to do that anytime ty ^-^)
8. art
10. genuine people
11. reminiscing on funny memories w/ my friends
12. having time to myself to just destress
13. the internet lol
14. lil cute things like mini ornaments and jewellery and tiny sparkly things n’ nice stationary (???)
15. music

tag! you’re it! @draghuhsis @mitchgrss @penatonix @tronlerish @mitchtrashi @too-fcute @mirstie and literally anyone who wants to do this!
Pretty Please - discoanddragons - The 100 (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The 100 (TV)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Clarke Griffin & Lexa
Characters: Clarke Griffin, Lexa (The 100)
Additional Tags: idek

Clarke and Lexa get into an argument that results in Clarke not coming in over a week.

layer/about me tag

About Me:

Time/date: 11:58pm/feb. 5th, 2016

Average hours of sleep: 5-7 lol

Last thing I googled: yaoi hands i can explain

Gender: female

Sexual orientation: ;)

Favorite color: pastel anything 

One place that makes me happy: my room

What I’m wearing: pj shorts + t-shirt 

Most used phrases: oh my god

What I last said to a family member: i love you. 

Favorite beverage: coffee 

Favorite food: anything w/ noodles tbh

Last movie I watched: i don’t remember ha

Dream wedding: idk lmao

Layer Tag:

Layer 1: The Outside
Name: nikki
Eye Colour: black 
Hair Colour: black w/ brown highlights
Height: 4′11″
Clothing Style: tries too hard to be cool
Layer 2: The Inside
Your Fears: loneliness, ghosts, sirens
Your Guilty Pleasure: hard question
Ambitions For The Future: to be happy tbh 
Layer 3: Thoughts
Your First Thoughts Waking Up: ew
What You Think About Before Bed: oh

Layer 4: What’s Better?
Single Or Group Dates: single
Beauty Or Brains: brains
Dogs Or Cats: dogs
Layer 5: Do You?
Lie: if i have to
Believe In Yourself: i try
Believe In Love: sure 
Want Someone: yeah
Later 6: Have You Ever…
Been On Stage: yES
Done Drugs: no thnx
Changed Who You Were To Fit In: no
Layer 7: Favs
Favourite Colours: anything pastel tbh
Favourite Animals: koalas, puppies
Favourite Movie: idk
Favourite Game: neko atsume lol bye
Layer 8: Age

im 14

if anyone wants to do this gO FOR IT ;)

oh look another tag thing lol

Tagged by this wiener @mantouchii

1) How tall are you?
158cm. I’m short af.

2) Which colour and style is your hair?
My hair be black/brownish and is fairly straight atm and goes just past my shoulders.

3) What colour are your eyes?
the deepest brown of time

4) Do you wear glasses/contacts?

5) Do you wear braces?
I wore them for five years yo. Never again.

6) What is your fashion style?
I have a fashion side-blog @quirkmystyle which generally encompasses what my style is but it can be too hard to pin down tbh xD

7)  What is your full name?
Nivetha (yall aint gettin my middle and last name lol)

8) When were you born?
December 29th!

9) How old are you?
18 a.k.a aussie legal age yo

10) Where are you from/live now?
Born and raised down under - straya

11) Do you have siblings, and what are their names?
does my dog count

12) What school or college did you go to?
PLC - a fancy private school, and I will be going to AFTRS, the national film school of Australia! :D

13) What kind of student are you?
procrastinating perfectionist. the worst combo on earth (aliens might have it worse ya never know)

14) Do you even like school?
I like seeing my mateys and making new friends but I have a lot of issues with the schooling system

15) What are your favourite school subjects?
I liked art (even tho I dropped it xD) and drama and english (sometimes)

16) What are your favourite shows?

17) What are your favourite movies?

18) What are your favourite books?
My favourite author is the amazing @patricknessbooks so anything by him, and also the poetry anthologies by @nayyirahwaheed. There are a million more but these jump out at me atm

19) What is your favourite pastime?
Sleeping, eating, scrolling through tumblr, playing Kingdom Hearts on various consoles, watching youtube vids, watching kpop vids, watching movies, seeing friends etc.

20) Do you have any regrets?
Who doesn’t?

21) What is your dream job?
World famous/critically acclaimed writer and director who gets to travel a lot xD

22) Would you like to get married someday, and where?
These days not so much tbh. I’m still very young so I might change my mind, but my career is my main focus and if I was married there’d be too much strain on the relationship with what I wanna do in life? If that makes sense?

23) Are you a girly girl, a regular girl, or more of a tomboy?
I am woman.

24)  Do you like shopping?
yeahhhhhh if things are on sale xD also depends what I’m shopping for (games n food is yassss, clothes is aight)

25) What countries have you visited so far?
A LOT. India (my fam is from there), China, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, USA, Canada, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia… that’s all I can remember off the top of my head - my family loves to travel :) I’ve never been to Europe though!

26) What is the scariest nightmare you ever had?
I honestly don’t remember tbh.

27) Do you have any enemies?
Lol no one is worth it imo

28) Who are your best friends?
I haz a fair few tbh but on tumblr we have my bby @peachyccat <3

29) Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend/date mate?
Lol no

I’mma tag @shoegah @chinadollbambiluhan @3-point-3 @wooyefan and @tinyexoticpixie!!! do it if ya like loves <3

Whatching the 100 3x01 wanheda!!!! I missed liveblogging the 100 yes!!

• im ashamed to say i find hobo!murphy very hot dishonor on my family
• “too many people?” Help
• “jaha if youre seeing this that means tgat youre not dead so SCREW U” me too murphy me too
• but tbh was the evil AI plot point really necessary?
• jaha is a piece of shit as per usual
• but i feel like the100 is trying to hard of being some asshat show like the walking dead…now mind you i never watched twd but i get asshat vibes from it what can i do
• dude sarcastic bellamy is the shit
• domestic abby x kane ive shipped this ever since s1 yas
• kane is personal favourite (he was the only one who suggested bone marrow donation) “try not to screw that up” lmao try not to start a war bellamy
• she wants to meet? Who wants to meet? Clarke? Lexa? Who is it im hyperventilating kane you better not be fucking shady this time i stg
• leader bellamy is the shit
• “mayas death broke him” and bellamy looks at monty and is so concerned about HIM like - my smallest son youre always quiet i worry about you ///and here you are just caring about/after your friends what a beautiful cinnamon roll my child/// (actual words in the look plastered across bellamy blakes face)
• am i watching fanfiction bellamy has a girlfriend and she just gave him a present and it was an iliad book like??? Omg!!
• an iliad book
• ive said it before but holy shit this part looks like theyre just leaving for a road trip au this is amazing i love this so much
• perlustrative party!!! hell yea here we go
• Lmao jasper what a little fuckwad
• oh no raven :( “shes too good for you” - “shut up” thats it im watching fanfiction this show is being too good to me today
• octavia on a horse!!!!!!!my little trikru rebel
• miller and monty /and bellamy just smiling what the hell is happening what the hell did i do to deserve this
• and it was just….thrown in in conversation can i just say i LOVE how this show does representation like yes lots of our characters are queer and it doesnt define em it doesnt need to be specified or made into something more than it is
• as we have a girl casually kissing bellamy we have bell mentioning “nathans boyfriend” and its like whatever both textually and metatextually
• no focus on that whatsoever
• and that is what i love most about this the normalising of all kinds of love and sexuality i hope to see more of this in media
• nooooooooo they cut murphys hair
• he just whistles at jaha why do i love this shithead so much
•also jaha stop pretending youre mistycal i want to punch you in the goddamn nose

okay now what the fuck is underswap??? the undertale fandom is going too fast for me tbh. every time i go online, theres another au that EVERYONE IS DRAWING FROM and i can NEVER find any explanations unless i REALLY DIG. the fuck is that one tall sans???? biker sans? gaster sans??? is it the scientist one everyone talks about? then wtf? did he fall into the core instead? is he a ghost? who knows???and then we have under?fell? sans whose au im STILL confused about honestly theyre so fucking hard to follow. and now the one cycling is underswap? which after browsing the tag for a while, am guessing its some sort of personality swap-ish combo sort of thing? and then theres error sans from… i dontknowwhatthefucktale and i literally have no idea what is going on with him. like what kind of au creates someone into a computer error? are they files? is it literally “a game??" moving on to undernovela which. what the hell is it. i looked it up and some shit about a spanish au came up and it didnt look real so????? im just gonna leave that be. and  undertail, which is i suppose  is pretty much porn undertale i guess but where did the "tail” come from? like because of a “tailbone?” idgi, is the fandom into ass stuff or is it just a weird pun?? (that i honestly think is kinda weak) this makes little to no sense and theres more i constantly see scattered around. i can handle the rick and morty universe so much easier even with literal unlimited and technically canonical dimensions constantly being created bc you can usually tell whats up with the au on first glance. miami rick? no prob. vampire rick? gotcha. and dont get me wrong, undertale is literally the best but the fandom reminds me so much of homestuck honestly an d just why im so lost  right now 

anonymous asked:

lol at that last anon, is it that hard to keep your kinks in your own fucking tag. some people don't wanna see that shit tbh, especially in the alpacasso tag? lol

The topic is literally so tired and worn out at this point that I went back to sleep after responding. For real.

Well it was 5am too but still.

ramfeezled asked:

*shoots a paper airplane through ur window with my url*

  • Do I Follow Them?: Absolutely~
  • Why Did I Follow Them?: I saw a promo in the RWBY rp tag a little back ago~
  • Do We Role Play?: :c Sadly not yet? Yet!
  • Do I Want To Role Play With Them?: Of course!
  • An AU Idea For Our Muses: AU’s are hard but I’m sure I could think of something after I get a feel for our muses interaction c<
  • A Song For Our Muses: DOn’T WORRY I AM TERRIBLE WITH THESE TOO… Just look for the most random && ridiculous song tbh LOL
  • Do I Ship Our Muses?: THEY HAVEN’T EVEN MET YET AHAHA, Only time will tell (probably)
  • What I Think About The Mun?: Red seems super cool even tho me passing my URL under the table is SO NOT SHADY… C’mon now, that airplane can poke eyes! But seriously, super coolio, seems easy to get along with && just aaaa!
  • Overall Opinion: A++ Pro+++ Mun, Blogo, && OC. Would 10000% recommend to follow ANY DAY O THE WEEK. Would also follow / unfollow spam just so I could follow a billion times. 
  • Blog Rate: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

Rules: Repost this and tag 10 people you want to know better

Tagged by @optimus-even (really nice to meet you thanks for the tag!)

Favorite anime: Damn this is hard.. I have two that I really love but the only one that’s coming to mind right now is one of them. Soul Eater.

Favorite manga: Don’t have one tbh don’t read any. Prefer comics. (just started reading comics again.)

Video games: omg I haven’t played video games in forever. I was playing Assassin’s Creed finally (I love it). I don’t remember the other ones.. (too lazy to look through my game rack. my system sucks so I doubt I’ll find any good ones. I gave up a while ago. sorry.)

Last song I listened to: House Of Memories - Panic! At The Disco

First language: Don’t know, I spoke a weird Spanish-English mix. I think it was Spanish actually before I had to get used to using English. schools here and stuff. it’s all a blur for me idk no one remembers, one of those for sure.

imma tag @concerned-jpg (ayyy nerd love ya), @kirschtrash (ayy bruh hope you’re doing alright), @theuniversity-ofgnarly (love you too amiga) and anyone else who wants to do this. 

the homie @dancingundercover​ tagged me to do my favorite 5 movies which is hard because I like a shitload, but I’ll list some that always make me happy when I put them on!

1. Purple Rain 

The soundtrack forms an INCREDIBLE quadfecta with Apollonia 6, Ice Cream Castles, and the Glamourous Life. I can talk about that Prince era for days tbh

2. Wayne’s World

I, like many others I’m sure, wish Crucial Taunt’s version of “Touch Me” was on the soundtrack

3. Clueless

Too bad Stacey Dash is an uncle tom/new black now; she was sooo cute in this movie!

4. Heathers

One of my favorite screenplays/scripts, up there with the original Purple Rain script with Vanity

5. American Psycho

Also a great book! Bret Easton Ellis, Tama Janowitz and Jay McInerney are probably my favorite trio of 80s writers.

Honorable Mention:


***EDIT: I tag @shoutwiththedevil @cheaptricked @canks @jessicashires @sodascherry tag ya girl!!!