too handsome ;~;

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Why is sandeul so cute and squishy. Also, which member(s) like to pinch them the most??

to top that, he’s handsome too. ^_^

Now I wonder who it is? hmmmmm….

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do u think jb confided in jinyoung (or anyone he trusts, really) about his feelings for jackson? and do u think jackson did the same? or did they both just keep everything to themselves :3

i don’t think jaebum shared with anyone, but that he didn’t need to either? i bet jinyoung just approached him “so jackson?” and he probably denied in the beginning, but jinyoung already knew anyway and jaebum said something that busted him too haha. As Jackson, he probably kept joking about Jaebum being chic and sexy and too handsome for his sake, until someday he probably let it out “he is making me crazy man” to jinyoung or even mark when they still shared a room, jinyoung’s reaction was like “i already know jackson” and mark just turned from his phone “hm… and?” and he went back to youtube. 


“When they see someone handsome, they will get attached”