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I think Hillary's laugh is so attractive. Just saying. 😜

omg yes it totally is I was watching a video the other day where she was chuckling in response to some questions and her laugh sounded so sweet and breathy she really does have the most beautiful laugh

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I love the new album so MUCH! I like all the songs except maybe like 3-4 songs. Don't like the one with Sean Lennon. I like Summer Bummer more then I thought I would. All and all this album is so much better then Honeymoon. I hope you like it too.

TNC is so gorgeous, but I understand if it’s not your taste! ❤ it’s so good to hear you like it; I’m sure Lana is beyond happy too. So many fans have had positive responses to it
And I like it a lot. I’m listening to GBA right now 😊


long-haired boys (*´♡`*)

IG: @justjmesss😍😍😍


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