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The party yesterday was lovely! I was the right amount of drunk methinks …. and I may or may not have found a girl that was just the SWEETEST thing with freckles and red hair, who claimed that I was the most beautiful creature she had ever seen and oh god….!!!

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Is house of west ridiculously sexy or what? Shit.

He certainly is an attractive guy. His gf is gorgeous too and I hope they’re happy :D

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I love jealous lance so much, I would love them all in a group chat and showing off his jealousy in front of his friends and pidge is all like chill dude, we aren't all dating Keith. And coran chimes in and says we aren't? Because he's confused at the whole dating thing since on altea it's something different then what it stands for on earth.

coran is confused, lance is a human disaster, and keith is weak

EDIT: here’s the cookie recipe if you’re interested :)


long-haired boys (*´♡`*)