too good to be defamed

anonymous asked:

Fuck you! You are one piece of shit you are part of the problems that interviews are awkward and they can't hug or be fucking FRIeNDS! Without people being like oh shit look at that "larry moment" you should be ashamed of yourselves you are not fans of one direction if you cause them trouble and discomfort okay so if they are straight gay bi whatever I don't give a shit but they have said they are straight they have had girlfriends why the fuck would they hide being gay it's not a bad thing! 🔫

So let’s start saying that i know who you are but i’m too good to defame you so i’ll just play along with this embarassing vent of yours.

First of all… WHAT ARE YOU SAYING? Seriosuly it’s so difficult to understand what you’ve written.. You teacher didi not tell you do use punctuation marks?

Second, you’re probably a 7 years old who does not fancy the idea of them being genuinely gay. 

Sorry but i haven’t nothing more to tell you. I’ll leave you just a little reminder. Have a good day, hater