too good for this planet

  • BIGHIT: BTS Festa is near any ideas?
  • RAPMON: Announce it by letting them make a purple puzzle. I like purple. And add in numbers. I love numbers.
  • TAEHYUNG: I like space too :)
  • RAPMON: Good idea, add in some planets
  • BIGHIT: So it will be in space?
  • RAPMON: No NO. It will be in mountains but the sky will be full of stars and planets. Gotta be EXTRA and feed the theories
  • BIGHIT: Cool! buuut it makes no sense for "FESTA" aka BTS anniverary
  • RAPMON: Easy, I got you. put in fireworks!
  • BIGHIT: G-genius
your fave is problematic: phillipa soo
  • cheekbones way too sharp
  • hair always extremely soft and nice looking
  • does tons of charity work ?? like ???
  • was the first to jump up and cheer for the person who won an award she was nominated for
  • portrays eliza schuyler hamilton who was a known to be progressive and generous
  • loves being called a cinnamon roll
  • is a cinnamon roll
  • rides her bike through new york ?? like that’s so dangerous and eco friendly ??
  • had a bowl-esque cut as a baby
  • gigGLEs
  • gardens (in new york ?? who does that ??)
  • likes peach tea ?? why peach ?????
  • has j groff officiating her wedding
  • tried to bleep out the word ‘fucker’ during a live performance
  • is extremely close with her female coworkers
  • impersonates emojis and occasionally warms up by beatboxing
  • went to julliard
  • sike ! she’s the cutest button on this planet, way too good for the world
  • do u think she would adopt me ???
The importance of tone in GOTG Vol. 2

Tone : the general character or attitude of a place, piece of writing, situation, etc.

We’ve all seen movies or read books that get their tone wrong.  They feel subtly off or wrong somehow.  Do it wrong, and every twist or revelation in your story feel wrong too, straining the audience’s disbelief.  Done correctly, manipulations of tone are barely perceptible but absolutely necessary to support dramatic character arcs.

One of my favorite parts of the movie was its subtle manipulation in tone, particularly in the second act.

Spoilerfic meta below

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If I had to make an anime guiness book of world records...
  • I’d put izuocha as the first canon ship in manga/anime no one cares about.
  • Kaneki as the anime/character who’s gone through the most changes in life.
  • Attack on Titan, or Fullmetal Alchemist would be the most unique plot.
  • Assassination Classroom would be the most unique shounen.
  • Fairytail would be the non-shoujo/romance/slice of life or whatever with the most chest/panty/booty flashes aka fanservice.
  • Subaru (re: zero) would be the most annoying anime main character.
  • Kabaneri of the Iron fortress would be the first ripoff anime to succeed. (don’t get me wrong, I love Kabaneri but it is way too similar with attack on titan)
  • Tokyo Ghoul/ Attack on Titan/ One Punch Man/s first opening as the most popular/ parodied.
  • Boku no pico as the anime with the most memes.
  • Boku no Hero as the fastest growing fanbase… I guess?
  • Izuku as the cutest shounen mc ever.
  • Bakugou Katsuki as the best character with a inferiority complex/overblown ego.
  • Kiznaiver as the most unique anime op
  • Yuri on Ice as the best/most popular anime representing LGBT ever.
  • Boku no Hero as the first fanbase with BL ships overlapping every other ship. (well at least that I’ve seen)
  • Big Order as the anime with the worst/most plot holes ever.
  • Dragonball Super’s Gohan as the character with the most wasted potential ever (although I think he’s training with piccolo currently…idk)
  • Beerus the destroyer/ Whis as the most loveable villains ever, I just love those guys damn…
  • Naruto Shippuden with the most fillers.
  • Naruto Shippuden as the worst handler of romance…does that make sense? (I know it’s a shounen anime, but they could have at least put more detail in the wedding DX!)
  • Tanya Degurecheff as the best female child in anime.
  • Magical Girl Uprising Project as the most deceptive title in anime ever!!!!!! That anime is not what it seems or sounds like…at all, it’s really…dark.
  • Mob Psycho 100 as the anime with the most unique animation.
  • Shingeki no bahamut s2 as the anime with the best visuals.
  • Your lie in April/Erased anime op as the catchiest.
  • I can’t say best anime op because there are way too many good anime op’s out there.
  • Re: creators as the most creative storyline. 
  • Clockwork Planet as the anime that made me cringe so hard, so many times after only watching 3 episodes.
  • Daizai from bungou stray dogs as the most badass, non op character ever.


I’m gonna call my girl out here. She is too good to me. She is the kindest, sweetest, most wonderful person on the planet. She reminds me to sleep, to stay hydrated, and to look after myself everyday. She encourages and supports me in everything I do, and is one of the first people I turn to when I need advice. 

After I was feeling very low, she surprised me with this little gift and told me I was wonderful, and that she wanted me to have a good day and to feel like I’d done something awesome.

I HAVE NEVER MET A SWEETER ANGEL. I love you boo!! And I absolutely adore these pictures !!! You are an absolute treasure, I’m so blessed to be able to call you my friend!! 💕

I have a klance related username so I am legally obligated to post klance sorry I don’t make the rules.

Anyway I just want to see their relationship develop? Like we’ve already seen them at odds and hating each other, so now BRING ON THE TRUST. 

I want to see the trope where Keith is fighting off a bunch of bad guys and when he’s done he turns around to talk to Lance, only to see Lance aiming his gun at him. Before Keith can react, Lance fires- and a droid just about to strike Keith from behind falls. “Thanks,” Keith says a little breathlessly, and Lance gives him a cocky thumbs-up.

I want the team to be brainstorming up a plan right before a mission, when Lance offers his own suggestion. The others are hesitant. “Lance, no offense, but your plans can be pretty bad,” Pidge points out. Before Lance can respond, Keith steps up to his side and places a hand on his shoulder. “I trust Lance’s plan,” Keith tells the group, and that’s that.

I want to see these silly boys messing around with each other, starting prank wars that are lighthearted and so, so different from the tense arguments at the beginning. I want them to make an alliance just so they can successfully prank the others. I want them to run away from a furious Coran together, laughing and genuinely enjoying each other’s company.

I want to see Lance and Keith caught in an earthquake on some alien planet and separated by a widening gulch. The side of the gap Lance is on is unstable, and he’s struggling to keep his footing. From his side Keith leans out as far as he dares and stretches out a hand. 

“Jump!” Keith shouts over the sound of ground tearing apart. “I’ll catch you!” 

“And if you don’t?” Lance retorts out of habit, distracted by the ground falling around him.

“C’mon, don’t you trust me?” Keith asks, a mix of sarcasm and desperation, just as the ground underneath Lance gives out. For a single moment the other boy disappears from sight, and Keith’s heart stops. And then he’s nearly pulled off balance as Lance grabs his hand and dangles over a one hundred foot drop.

It’s close, but Keith manages to pull Lance up and they roll to more stable ground. For a moment neither speaks, both winded and surprised they managed to survive. Eventually Lance rolls onto his side to look at Keith and says, “Obviously.”

Keith frowns over at Lance, confused. “What?”

“Of course I trust you. What kind of question is that?”

Oh. Something warm nestles in Keith’s chest. He should probably have Allura check that.

“Obviously,” Keith echoes, and Lance slides a little closer before lying back down. For a moment, the two just bask in the sun on this alien planet light years away from Earth. Their hands find each other.

Life is good. They’re good.

Why So Fake ?

Some people have become emotionless. A little too inconsiderate. They lack genuine feelings of happiness, sadness or love.

They will show they are happy for someone else’s success, but on the inside they are jealous and they wish that they were in that place, in their shoes.

They will flirt and have deep, romantic conversations with a few people they have shown interest in, but once the other person expresses their feelings of love, they go into their own shell and will rarely have the guts to go ahead and commit to any genuine feelings.

They all will show that they are genuinely sad for some reason but that’s all fake.. coz they have done that only to get someone’s attention and consolation for the time being.

Why are all basic human emotions so fake today? Have the guts to be human just for once.

Buck up before we all get wiped off this planet for good. It still ain’t too late.