too good for instagram

Show off
  • Yuri: I'm going to showcase our love in front of millions of people, in your own homeland, so they can all know you're mine
  • Victor: *shudders*Y-yuri!
  • Yurio: fucking showoffs
  • Yakov: if you think they're such 'show offs why're filming them on your phone?
  • Yurio: that's cause I need more Instagram followers, they're a fucking gold mine, that Thailand dude isn't going to be only one getting something out of these fucktards
  • Emil: man that's cold

O_M_G 🙈😂😂 Big Bang’s Secret Garden remake is one of the best things EVER!


emmaleebunton: A perfect duet! @teddysphotos off the cuff duet. #goodbye

A huge thank you goes out to Judd Sirott for asking the important questions.

He’s my sunshine♡ _(┐「ε:)_


So the school likes blocking things, right? The good stuff too. snapchat, Instagram, Twitter… even webkinz. It didn’t seem like a big deal until yesterday, as I was answering an ask, tumblr didn’t want to go through. I reloaded the page to see unfortunately, tumblr is now blocked. So if we don’t post as often this is why.