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[TRANS] non-no Magazine 2017 Aug Issue - BTS Jin


Q1: What’s your hobby or something you’re into recently, how do you spend your holiday?

A1: Jungkook decided to learn drums in his free time during the world tour so I started learning guitar too. But he couldn’t bring the drum set along so eventually only I brought the guitar and continued to practice. (laughs) I’m playing our songs like ‘Butterfly’ and ‘Spring Day’. I want to show it on the stage one day.

Q2: Tell us your fashion style or preference!

A2: I like neat and simple fashion. When I go to places where I’ll be seen by many people, I wear clothes I got as gifts from others as much as I can. Because if I were them, I would be happy seeing people I cherish wearing clothes I gave them too.

Q3: Favorite perfume?

A3: I’m using a perfume with soft sweet smell. It feels like the soft texture of cotton candy. It doesn’t mean the smell of cotton candy. (laughs)

Q4: Favorite work among Japanese movies, dramas, mangas?

A4: I like Japanese animes so I used to watch ‘One Piece’ and ‘Bleach’ every week when I was a trainee. Recently I’m into a high school volleyball manga called ‘Haikyuu!!’ so I often read it.


[Shining face]
[“Let’s live freely and happily”]

If I were to describe myself with one word, it would be “bright”. I feel happy from small things like when I make someone laugh with my words, or when someone makes me laugh. My charming point is my “shining handsome face”! (laughs) It feels embarrassing saying from my own mouth but I think it’s quite symmetrical. (laughs) And “Let’s live freely and happily” is my motto. It’s something I always engrave in my heart and tell myself whenever something’s not going well and I get anxious.



“The members’ hyung who went to a cafe together with me before debut, talked with me for a long time and gave me advice. He keeps fooling around with dad jokes recently, but Jin-hyung’s really cool when he’s serious! (laughs)

from JIMIN

“We spend a lot of time together playing games. I still remember we bought each other’s game console about 1 hour before we headed to Japan and played in our free time even after arriving. His skill is… one level above me? (laughs)

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  • *angelica: makes speech as the maid of honour*
  • Peggy: was I even considered for this role??
  • *angelica: i love my sister more than anything in this life,*
  • Peggy: don't you mean sisterS????
  • *eliza: invites angelica over for the summer*
  • Peggy: um I'm free too???
  • *angelica: eliza, is the BEST thing in our lives,*
  • peggy: HELLO???


Soul-crushing X Files season 11 concept: Scully sacrifices her immortality to save Mulder’s life

Raison d’Être (YOI Political AU)

Part 1 of Political AU (11,966 words)

Relationships: Katsuki Yuuri/Victor Nikiforov

Tags: Alternative Universe, Political AU, President Nikiforov, Prime Minister Katsuki, Mutual Pining, Dirty Talk, Praise Kink, Fluff and Angst, Porn with Feelings, Porn With Plot, Shameless Smut, Smitten Victor Nikiforov, Sassy Katsuki Yuuri

Rated: Explicit

1. reason or justification for existence; the thing that is most important to someone or something; the sole or ultimate purpose of someone.

President Nikiforov of Russia has a few weaknesses: premium rye vodka, an attention span of 30 minutes, and a torrid love affair with the Japanese Prime Minister.

Anonymity was a blessing, Victor thought, watching a crowd of nameless people passing by him on the streets, completely oblivious to his presence. The chance of casually walking everywhere, of doing your own thing and being just one more face in the crowd, nameless, unimportant, was something so trivial yet so underrated Victor only felt envy for it. Some people dedicated their lives to being someone – someone significant, someone renowned, someone who stood out like he did, and while he recognized that having a public image indeed had its bright sides, in moments like these he wished to be just one more face in the crowd, nameless and irrelevant to the world.

The freedom of walking down the street holding hands with his loved one was a distant dream, for he too suffered the same bane. They would never be trivial people, free to live how they wanted, and that was a blessing as much as a curse.

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someone asked me to post my version of a twenty one pilots x steven universe AU that i created this past summer, so i figured i should!! i still want to (and will) flesh this out more, but if you want you can check out these posts here for more details

He Should Be Here

Characters: Y/N, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Sammy Winchester (no I am not stuttering!), Lisa Braeden (mentioned), Ben Braeden (mentioned), Chuck (mentioned) Lucifer (mentioned), Michael (mentioned)    

Pairing: Sam x Reader, Dean x Lisa

Warnings: Character death (only as in canon), nothing much else I think.     

Word Count: 1600ish

A/N: Hey guys welcome to SPN Angst Appreciation Day 2017 - I hope y’all are ready to cry. As one of your hosts I thought it was my duty to do my best to make sure you go to bed with puffy eyes tonight so I am posting 3 brand new one shots in honor of this day. This is number 1

I have been wanting to write this fic for the longest of times - I hope you guys will enjoy it. It is heavily inspired by You Should Be Here by Cole Swindell

Thanks to @blacktithe7 for being a sweetie and betaing this for me

It was Tuesday, and just like any other Tuesday, you had gone to the park. You sat on the bench watching the kids play as you gently rocked the stroller with your sleeping baby boy inside it.

You didn’t come here for your son though. You came for you. You had been ever since the moment you had found out you were pregnant. It had been a Tuesday too, and a beautiful day just like today. You had called the only person you could think to call, even if you had vowed to each other only 3 weeks ago to go your separate ways and start over. Given your condition, that promise hadn’t lasted long, and this park had not only become your place to dream, it had become your meeting ground. It had become your only connection to the father of your child.

“Hey, how’s little Sammy doing?” his voice sounded behind you, and you looked up to see the tall, broad ex-hunter standing above your stroller, smiling softly at your sleeping son .

“Growing like weed,” you answered, making Dean chuckle as you raised from your seat to let him hug you.

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From too much love of living,
  From hope and fear set free,
We thank with brief thanksgiving
  Whatever gods may be
That no life lives for ever;
That dead men rise up never;
That even the weariest river
  Winds somewhere safe to sea.
Then star nor sun shall waken,
  Nor any change of light:
Nor sound of water shaken,
  Nor any sound or sight:
Nor wintry leaves nor vernal,
Nor days nor things diurnal;
Only the sleep eternal
  In an eternal night.
—  Algernon Charles Swinburne, The Garden of Proserpine

Based loosely on this older post of mine.

When the charm shop went in next door, Jack was wary. But plenty of his tomes still had the residue of charms and spells lingering in the dust between their pages, seeped into their cracked spines, and Jack managed well enough. Still, an entire store devoted to mood charms and luck potions – the idea of it alone made his skin itch.

When a sign went up above the cheerful, red awning declaring the shop “Peachy Keen,” Jack was skeptical. The name indicated to Jack that it was probably some gimmicky chain store, pretending to be quaint and local while really forcing out actual local businesses. But the sign itself looked genuinely hand-painted – it was either a very clever marketing tactic, or Jack was wrong in his assumptions.

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hey anyone out there like lovelive?????? i dont care about moe or idol stuff usually, in fact i usually hate it, but in light of the bullshit going on with the @LLupdates twitter (if you dont know, one of the mods is black and an avid racist and mysoginist who calls himself “blackphobic” was harassing her) i was thinking of drawing some of the charas with darker skin for that mod… any of yall got headcanons for that shit?

Pretty exciting and scary changes are coming for me! In august I will move to Wageningen to study Animal Sciences at the University there. Afra is also moving with me, I found a field for her to be out 24/7 in a herd with some Icelandic horses, a Camarague and a Konik. The field is next to national park the Veluwe so I’ll get to go on endless trailrides! I’m a bit anxious about how it will all turn out and if Afra will like the new place, but also really looking forward to it :)

But first holidays: one week in the Ardennes in Belgium and three weeks at the west coast in the US! Expect a lot of picture spam soon enough…