too freaking cool

I’ve been there, I remember when I worked at the local book fair a couple years back.

It was hell.


Yeah Steven next time I doubt a lifetime ban will be the worst this man can do.

“Hahahaha ahahahaha oh god this is more terrifying than Malachite.”

Okay that triple shot was pretty freaking cool.

Too bad it didn’t land anywhere.


The first headcanon to ever become canon!!!

  In the latest update Yandere-dev announced that the photography club would search out for the murderer prowling the school and use their cameras to have evidence to show to the police.

  It’s so cool to finally see the blog have an impact on the game!


So when I started driving home from work today, I was in such a sucky mood, and then I started listening to the most recent episode of Dear Hank and John and OMG HANK AND KATHERINE ARE HAVING A BABY AND YOU WON’T BELIEVE IT BUT I ACTUALLY HAD TO STOP MY CAR AND SCREAM WITH JOY!!!!

It seriously felt like my own brother was going to have a baby, and I’m so SO SO happy for them. You guys are going to be such wonderful goofy parents to little baby Green :)

P.S. The cutest thing in the podcast was John going “BABIES BABIES BABIIIEEES” and Hank nervously muttering under his breath, “Oh my god. oh my god. oh my god.”

So someone somewhere asked for a Time Stuck AU but with Dipper and Carla and BOY did my mind start working 

The setup behind the thing I drew here is the usual, Dipper accidentally goes back in time (about 35+ years here) and falls right into a gathering for a group of hippies in the late 60’s. At this point, Dipper is scared and confused of everything happening around him with no familiar faces whatsoever. Except for one. That is familiar and new at the same time. Carla is one of the nicer people there who isn’t very spooked by his sudden appearance. She’s kind to him, and the two quickly become friends. She also looks a lot (and acts a lot) like his sister, but he decides not to think about it too much. 

This all happens after Carla has left Stanley for Thistle (hence the hippies), but Dipper quickly realizes this is THE Carla that Stan had talked so much about. He puts the quzzlepieces together himself, and also remembers Stan’s words about Thistle’s suspicious ways of seducing women. Dipper decides it’s time he paid Stan back on helping him with the Wendy situation from from a while ago and sets it upon himself to uncover Thistle’s crude ways. 

 …and in the end inevitably make Stan and Carla reunite because I’m a sucker for Starla