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for todays 1 day 1 shouritsu i tried animating for the first time!!

(ritsu voice) who the hell is thi– oh its suzuki!

its not done yet and theres quite a few parts i want to fix and i want to color it but im just really excited about making characters move ;__;


She said it’s not necessarily bad to get angry, but the truth is she never wants to. Perhaps Chitanda wanted Omichi to have his own reasons, and wanted to believe she got angry because of her own mistake. Maybe Chitanda Eru is that kind of person? No. What do I know about her? Even if I can predict her actions sometimes, I couldn’t hope to understand her heart. That’d be a deadly sin, just like she was saying. “Pride.” 

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red and apologises, explaining that they must be gassy from all the onions. A laughs it off, saying that they will put less in next time. B thanks A for letting them lay down and admits that they are feeling a lot better. A continues to rub B's stomach gently until B is asleep, then A rests their head on B's stomach, listening to the sounds of digestion until A too is fast asleep.

Hmm I think I’m missing a part because I only got this in my inbox


Hey there. Ready for a VERY long Friskriel one-shot? ‘Cause here’s one I’ve been working on for the last few months (Since March, actually. It’s sat in the “to be finished” archive since then).

AU is highschool based, Asriel is a freshman (with Asgore being the principal), and Frisk is a 2nd year.

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Grownup enjolras from the iliad au