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for todays 1 day 1 shouritsu i tried animating for the first time!!

(ritsu voice) who the hell is thi– oh its suzuki!

its not done yet and theres quite a few parts i want to fix and i want to color it but im just really excited about making characters move ;__;


She said it’s not necessarily bad to get angry, but the truth is she never wants to. Perhaps Chitanda wanted Omichi to have his own reasons, and wanted to believe she got angry because of her own mistake. Maybe Chitanda Eru is that kind of person? No. What do I know about her? Even if I can predict her actions sometimes, I couldn’t hope to understand her heart. That’d be a deadly sin, just like she was saying. “Pride.” 

Forbidden Basement.

When my new neighbor first invited me over his house for coffee, I was a little uncertain about going inside by myself. Not that I’m paranoid, there was just something weird about Chris. I got the feeling he was some sort of pervert, as I’d catch him staring at my breasts every time we talked on the lawn. Granted, they were probably the biggest ones in the neighborhood: I boasted a whopping 34E bra, which was tremendous for a woman with a 5'2" frame and a twenty four inch waist. Solely based upon the sheer enormity of my breasts, I couldn’t blame him for staring. Just about every guy who passed me stole a look, and I typically enjoyed the attention. The trouble with Chris was that he did it so blatantly. And, whenever I showed my annoyance at his rude behavior, he’d simply grin at me, not seeming to care at all! He really freaked me out. 

Aside from that, he was quiet and rather mysterious; kind of shy, it seemed, and a little nerdy. I hardly ever saw him leave his house, and he had few visitors. 

With that said, I’m not sure what prompted me to accept his invitation. I think I was just curious to see what he’d done to the Gilbert family home since he’d moved in…I’d heard a good deal of construction, and had assumed he’d remodeled the kitchen or something like that. 

Oddly enough, as I followed my mysterious neighbor through the foyer and into the kitchen, everything looked as I’d remembered it. 

“Nice to see you again, Nancy,” Chris greeted me as we walked through his house, “Please, have a seat,” he gestured and pulled out a chair. “I’ll be with you in just a moment." 

"Ok,” I said and promptly sat down. 

As Chris disappeared into another room, I began to examine his kitchen. Yes, everything looked as it had before the Gilbert’s had moved. The wallpaper, the tile, the countertops, and even the appliances were all the same. 

As I surveyed the room, I could hear Chris singing a tune to himself. I didn’t quite catch what the words were, but thought I overheard something about pinching a nipple. No, that can’t be right, I thought to myself. Whether I’d heard correctly or not, I was beginning to get the willies. Alright, I thought, growing a little nervous. I just want to get me coffee and get out of here. 

It was then that I noticed something peculiar…

Chris didn’t have a coffee pot. 

The next thing I knew, a rough hand forced a damp rag to my mouth and I lost consciousness.

When I came to, I felt an incredible, burning pain in my arms. It was then that I realized I was shackled to a beam in Chris’s basement. I was bent over a stool with my arms outstretched behind my back and my ass sticking up in the air. Fear gripped me. How long had I been here like this? What had Chris done to me while I’d been passed out? Where was he now? And how was I going to get out of here?

I struggled to try and free myself, but he’d left so little slack in the chain that I could barely move. 

“The more you writhe, the more it turns me on,” I heard Chris say from somewhere behind me. 

No, no, I thought, Chris is my neighbor…this isn’t right. He shouldn’t be viewing me in a sexual way. “Please let me go,” I begged, “I promise I won’t get you in trouble if you do. I’m sure we can come to some sort of agreement, just let me go, and I’ll be on my way. That’s not too much to ask, is it? I pleaded with him, hoping he’d listen to reason.

"I always thought you had a sultry voice, what with those nice, pouty lips of yours,” Chris commented. “And I find it even sexier hearing you beg like that." 

I screamed. 

"Go right ahead, make all the noise you want,” Chris laughed, “No one will hear you. I had the room sound-proofed." 

So, I realized, that’s what had caused the construction noises I’d heard. 

"What are you going to do to me?” I whimpered. 

“I’m going to use you for sexual pleasure,” Chris bluntly stated. “I’ve had my eye on that nice, curvy body of yours for some time…and especially those full breasts.”

“You’re a bastard!” I shrieked. 

“Perhaps,” he said in a manner that I found unnervingly calm. “But, nonetheless, I’ll do what I want to you. I’ve already spent far too many hours spying on you with my binoculars, watching you from my window and stroking myself." 

I cringed. He was even more of a pervert than I’d suspected.

"Let us begin, shall we?”

“Oh no, oh no please,” I begged. 

“Thank you for wearing that slutty, little, black skirt,” he said as I felt a hand run up my leg and around my ass, “It makes it much easier for me to access to your naughty parts." 

I was worried Chris would begin to violate me right there, but was relieved when his hand brushed against my pink thong and then stopped. 

"You can’t see this table behind you,” he informed me as I trembled, “But it’s covered with all sorts of fun tools. I’m going to use them on to make you cum in that hot thong of yours. Tell me, does your bra match? I’d be interested to see what you have on under that classy looking blouse.”

“Fuck you,” I said as tears began to roll down my cheeks. 

“No worries, dear. I’ll find out soon enough, and I’ll enjoy undoing every button as I expose you…and oh yes, I will be fucking you…with all sorts of things, including my throbbing cock. Then we shall see how classy you really are.”

At the mention of his cock, he pressed his loins against me and began to rub up against my ass. As he did, I felt him stiffen up.

Oh no, I thought, I’m about to get violated by my neighbor and there’s nothing I can do about it. 

A shallow moan escaped Chris’s lips, but he pulled away from me once more. 

“No fear, sweetie, I won’t fuck you with it until you’re begging me to,” he told me. 

You’ll never be fucking me then, I thought.

“Do you know what this is?” He asked as I felt something cool slide up my leg. I had a rough idea, but didn’t give him the satisfaction of an answer. 

“It’s a nice, thick dildo for your pussy,” he finally told me…I’d suspected as much. Then, pulling my thong to the side to expose my pussy lips, I felt him begin to slide the dildo in. Just as he’d said, it was rather thick. I yelled in pain as he forced it in too fast. 

“Hmm,” Chris said, “I do enjoy your voice, but I don’t want you yelling in my ear. I have a way to fix that." 

Taking the dildo out and moving back the table once more, Chris then came back with a ball-gag. I tried to fight him as he fastened it on, but he roughly grabbed my head and held me in place. In no time, my lips were wrapped around the gag. Satisfied with his work, Chris then went back to the table again.

This time, he produced a large, clear butt plug. I tried to say, "No, not my ass, please, I don’t even let my husband have it,” but it came out as a murmur. An instant later, he was forcing the butt plug into my tight ass, stretching me out and wracking me with pain. I screamed as he did, drooling all over the gag and down my chin. I continued to scream as I felt him play with the butt plug, pushing it in and out. Realizing that resistance would only injure my sensitive rectum, I finally began to cooperate with him. Gratefully, the pain lessened as I did. 

“Now, isn’t that nice?” Chris asked. I was so humiliated. I swore at him, but it came out as a muffled murmur. “What was that?” He mocked me. “You want both holes stuffed at once? So be it." 

He returned to the table and I murmured into the gag some more. In another second, I felt the same dildo he’d used early enter my pussy. I screamed again…the pressure was so intense, I felt I’d rip open and bleed to death. He then began to play with both the butt plug and the dildo, alternating them in and out of me. Hot tears streamed down my face. "What’s that?” He asked again. “Those aren’t big enough? Well, I can fix that." 

Again, Chris returned to the dreaded table. When he came back, he flashed the new dildo and butt plug in front of me. My eyes nearly bugged out of my head: they were so big that I knew they wouldn’t go in. I even suspected that someone who regularly played with things of that sort would think twice about using them. Chris, however, didn’t seem to care. 

I felt the old dildo come out of me, then the old butt plug and heard them both drop to the floor. "You may be a filthy slut,” Chris told me, “But at least you keep your little ass nice and clean.” I murmured again and prayed as I felt him begin to rub the tip of the new dildo against my pussy lips. 

An instant later I was screaming and thrashing as he forced it, inch by inch, into my ever-stretching cunt. When it was at last in, I was soaked in sweat and so sore that I didn’t know how I’d be able to walk out of here, even if I could. 

“Good girl,” Chris commented as I panted, my face streaked with tears, “You deserve a break. I’m going upstairs to get lemonade, and I’ll pour you one as well. Does that sound good?" 

I nodded, glad for any reprieve from this nightmare. 

A second later I heard Chris’s footsteps going up the stairs. He returned much too soon for my liking. True to his word, however, he took off the gag. At which point, I directed a string of curses at him, and he merely grabbed my chin and held my head up so he could pour the lemonade down my throat…it wasn’t exactly the beverage I would have picked given the sourness to it, but it was better than nothing. Oddly enough, as brutal as he’d been to me thus far, he was surprisingly gentle and careful with the lemonade, making sure not to choke me by pouring it into my mouth slowly. Even odder, I found myself thanking him for the gesture once the glass was empty. 

"You’re welcome, dear,” he said as he patted my hair like I was a dog. A second later, he slipped the ball gag back into my mouth. “Time for your new butt plug now.” He said, much too cheerfully for my liking.

For the second time in the last twenty minutes, I felt my ass stretching as an unwanted-apparatus force its way inside. The pressure that I’d felt earlier was nothing compared to the way I felt with this monstrous combination of sex toys in me. It hurt just to breathe. 

Once Chris had finished getting that in me, he then moved around to my side. I felt his hands begin to caress my body. They gradually worked their way up to my very large breasts, which dangled down like two massive teardrops. 

“Oh, fuck,” he said as he cupped them and pushed them up as much as my bra would allow, “Those are quite the heavy appendages.” A huge smile crossed his face. I wriggled and tried to free my breasts from his grasp, but he clutched them even tighter, causing me to wince in pain. He then proceeded to undo the buttons on my pink blouse, exposing my bra, which was also pink, though a lighter shade. A second later, and my bra was undone. My tits were swinging freely, and he began to slap them back and forth. After he’d played with them in that fashion for a while, he kneaded them vigorously and bent down to suck on my nipples, sucking a great deal of breast into his mouth as he did. 

“Where do you work?” He asked me. “Oh yes,” he answered himself, “You’re some sort of accountant, aren’t you?” I nodded. “You should work at Hooters…those are definitely more than a mouthful. Those areolas must be nearly three inches in diameter." 

I snorted at him, disgusted at the way he was demeaning me. 

He responded by procuring two clothes pins, which he held in front of my face. 

"Can you guess where there are going?” He asked. I knew very well what he had in mind. The next thing I knew, I felt his fingers probing my nipples and I felt the first pin clamp down tightly on my left one, causing searing pain to course through my breast. Once again, drool flowed freely over the gag as I writhed. By now, Chris had a noticeable boner…I was actually surprised by how large he was. But no, I told myself, I’m not going to start checking him out. He’s a horrible, disgusting person. 

The second clothespin clamped down on my right nipple. More pain came with it. After looking me in the eye, Chris then laughed and violently ripped both pins off, taking some skin with them. I screamed in agony. Rivulets of blood began to flow down my breasts. 

As I whimpered, Chris produced a sort of leather belt with two loops. I was helpless as he securely fastened the device around my breasts, tightening it until each breast bulged out, threatening to explode. 

It was then that Chris untied me from the stool and re-adjusted the shackles that held my wrists, allowing me to stand up straight for the fist time in what felt like hours. Even standing up was an effort, as the massive butt plug and dildo were still crammed inside me, securely held in place by the pressure they exerted. 

“There we go,” he said, “Now those great, big boobs are being pushed straight out at me. Doesn’t that look wonderful?” He asked as he removed my gag. 

Glancing down, I found that, indeed my boobs, although smeared with blood and sweat, looked incredible…even bigger than normal, as the flow of blood was cut off from them and the veins that ran through them looked even more visible as they seemed swelled up like two balloons. “Yes,” I found myself gasping, “They look so hot, they’re making me wet.” Indeed, as I stared at my wonderful, bound tits, I realized I could feel wetness around the huge dildo that had been forced in my pussy…I was beginning to enjoy this. 

“That’s a good girl,” Chris smiled. “Now, you see the tiny holes along each loop?" 

"Yes,” I said.

“I’m going to push little pins into those big, beauties. I’ll go slowly so you can get accustomed to the pain. In a little while, you’ll find you enjoy it.”

Remarkably, I found myself consenting. 

As he said, the first of the pins seemed to bite into my titanic breast flesh. “Owwww!” I screamed. 

“There you go, just adapt to the pain,” Chris told me. He began to insert another pin. I screamed again. As the process went on, I realized the pain was beginning to turn into incredible pleasure, just as he’d said! Soon, he was asking me, “You want another?” And I found myself begging, “Oh yes, turn those big, full boobs into pincushions!” The sight of a dozen, tiny needles sticking out from my sensitive breasts was making me wetter and wetter. Chris continued until all the holes in the leather loops were filled, and a ring of pins lined each breast. By then, I was a sweaty mess and breathing heavily. “Feel good?” he asked.

“Yes,” I answered. 

“Then I have something special for you, since you liked that so much,” he added. 


Returning to his table, he then picked up two fairly sizeable needles. Each one was about three inches long, and both hooked up to a pulley system. Grabbing one of my already-sore nipples in his hand, he then pulled on it, stretching my boob out and causing more pain/pleasure to shoot through it. “Ready?” He asked as he held up a needle. 

“Yes,” I whispered. He swiftly pushed the needle through my hardened nipple. I screamed, but once in was through, it wasn’t too terrible. He then did the same thing for the other nipple. With both needles in place, he adjusted the pulleys which slowly stretched my boobs out. 

When, at last, my massive breasts could stretch out no further, for fear of tearing my nipples off, Chris stopped and admired me. “Holy shit,” he smiled as his erection filled his right pant leg, “Those are some tortured titties." 

I moaned in delight. Every nerve in them seemed alive. I knew the slightest touch would make me cum. "Brush your hands lightly along the tops of those pins,” I begged Chris. He did as asked. I felt the dozens of little pins wriggle about into the tops of my tits like a bunch of tiny fingers, probing every nerve. Combined with the pressure on my nipples, and the massive toys in my ass and pussy, I began to cum uncontrollably. So hard, in fact, that the butt plug and dildo forced their way out of me, soaked with juice. 

“Ooohhhhhhh!!” I moaned. For what seemed like an hour after that, I could only quiver in pleasure while Chris continued to gently caress the pin-heads. At long last, when the orgasms had ended, I found myself passionately kissing Chris. “What now?” I asked, breathless. 

“Well, Nancy, how about I put this corset on you and fuck your brains out?”

One glance at the black, leather garment and I knew I wanted him to do it. I nodded. 

He skillfully untied my wrists, got me cleaned up, took the pins out of my boobs, took the needles out of my nipples, and then helped me put the corset on. 

“How big is your waist?” He asked as he began to tighten the strings in the back.

“Twenty four inches.”

“Very sexy,” he admired, “But I want to get it down to eighteen. Once I tighten this up you’ll see how truly shapely you are.”

“Ok,” I giggled. 

He pulled on the strings and I felt the garment begin to restrict my breathing. 

“Relax,” he told me. I did my best to take short, shallow breaths. The garment got tighter. It began to hurt. 

“Hold on,” I told him. 

“Very well, let’s give you a few minutes to get used to it before I go further. Mmm, you’re already looking like a naughty vixen." 

Looking myself over, I saw that my figure was shaped much more like an hourglass. I couldn’t help but smile. My hips looked wonderful, and my damaged breasts were pushed together, showing off my impressive cleavage. 

"Are you ready for your fucking now, Miss Vixen?” Chris asked as he took hold of my left wrist and guided my hand down to his crotch.

“Sure thing, Mr. Vixen,” I giggled whilst unzipping his pants. As I pulled his semi-hard cock out, I began to stroke it until he reached full-size. 

“Mmm,” I moaned while getting on my knees and licking him vigorously. Like I’d suspected, he was quite large and also reasonably thick, with a nice mushroom head. “What a nice dick you have.”

“Pretty good for a neighbor, huh?” He asked. 


Using my other handle, I reached into his fly and began to fondle his balls. Much to my delight, I discovered that he shaved them. "Mmm, those are nice, big cum-filled balls” I told him. 

“Ooooohhhh….” He groaned, and then dropped his drawers. 

I leaned forward and took one of his balls in my mouth causing him to groan louder. I then proceeded to suck his cock and balls for a quarter of an hour and he gradually tightened the corset as my skilled blowjob continued. It felt incredibly confining, but I was enjoying him so much that I barely noticed it. 

“I’d say you’re waist is down to about twenty inches now,” He speculated.

“Almost there,” I answered, finding it difficult to breathe. 

He nodded and began to remove my thong, “Do you know where this is going?” He asked as he held up the sopping garment. 


“In that hot mouth of yours. Now, open wide." 

"I’m not really sure I want to….”

“Who’s the captive here?” Chris cut me off.

“I am,” I said meekly, knowing he was about to shove my own underwear in my mouth. 

“Good,” he said with satisfaction as he filled my mouth with my juice-covered thong. 

“You’re such a hot, obedient slut, aren’t you?" 


“And those panties taste good, don’t they?” He asked, slapping my face.

“Mmmm, hmmm,” I answered. 

In truth, I didn’t know what to think of them. I was worried I’d start to choke. Yet Chris had already brought me to an incredible orgasm without even using his cock, so I didn’t want to ruin things now. I had a feeling the best was still to come. 

“Lie on your back and spread those legs for me,” he then ordered. 

I did as told. 

He knelt down between my legs and began to eat me out. 

“Mmm,” Chris mumbled after several minutes of lapping my pussy, “Those are some nice, large lips you have." 

I giggled and took the panties out of my mouth to answer, "They match my other lips.”

Surprisingly, Chris stopped what he was doing and slapped my face again. “I never told you to take those out of your slutty mouth." 


Hey there. Ready for a VERY long Friskriel one-shot? ‘Cause here’s one I’ve been working on for the last few months (Since March, actually. It’s sat in the “to be finished” archive since then).

AU is highschool based, Asriel is a freshman (with Asgore being the principal), and Frisk is a 2nd year.

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