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so i've been reading alot of esama (and your stuff- it's really good :D *thumbs up) lately and compared to you guys, all the other fanfics seem to be ten times more angsty. so i wanted to ask (cause you're the only tumblr person i ask stuff to) if you can rec some fics (i'm fine with any fandom). i'm not exactly looking for fluff or crack, just kind of a -i move at my own pace and i don't really care about what you think character. hope that wasn't too confusing and i really appreciate it!!! :D

Sorry this is a bit late, I’ve been really busy lately so I couldn’t get to this until now. The criteria you set is a little… hard to get a bead on but here’s some fics that (imo) aren’t overly angsty and has pretty independent/my-pace kind of characters, and of course they’re all really good. I tried to pick fics from a variety of fandoms so I hope you’ll enjoy them:

such selfish prayers by andromeda3116 (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Katara’s ambition, so long set aside for the good of others, breaks free and sets fire to her soul. Or, Katara has a vision of her canon future, casts it aside, and becomes a world-changing politician instead.

if you try to break me, you will bleed by Dialux (Game of Thrones)

It had been a slash across her chest from a White Walker’s sword that finally ended her life. Sansa’d landed in a puddle of her own blood, and she’d died quickly, quietly.

And then she’d awoken with a gasp, trembling, in a bed that had burned under Theon’s betrayal.

The life and times of Hatake Kakashi, the long-suffering jōnin-sensei by FeelingsDusk (Naruto)

Kakashi is being trolled. He doesn’t know how that can be, but he knows with utmost certainty that he’s being trolled somehow.


Kakashi gets saddled with the cheekiest little brats ever and wonders if it’s too late to become a missing nin.

The best helping hand is at the end of your own arm by FeelingsDusk (Teen Wolf)

Stiles draws the line at being kidnapped and tortured by a geriatric fascist and having to sacrifice his poor Roscoe to save people that didn’t appreciate it afterwards, thank you very much.

(Peter is smitten by his approach to self-sufficiency.)

Cirrus Cloud by silencia20 (HP x KHR)

In which you are Acacia Potter and drift around in the world. The war’s over and now most of what you do is out of boredom, until you meet a certain hitman.

grow up mean by pprfaith, reena_jenkins (BtVS x Fast & Furious)

Carter has always had an eye for deadly things and the blonde on his dancefloor fits the bill.

Adventures in Magick by PseudonymousEntity (Harry Potter)

“What Would A Hero Do?” Newly crowned wizard and avid reader of fantasy fiction, eleven-year-old Harry Potter makes friends with the goblin standing outside Gringotts with unforeseen consequences. Armed with an unlikely posse -his insatiable curiosity- and a pocket full of questions, Curious!Harry embarks on his first year at Hogwarts. Merlin help us.

Say Boys Don’t You See Them Bones by Adel Mortescryche (Mortescryche) (KHR)

In which Tsuna’s the Corpse Whisperer.

(Or: In the months he spends at the Varia Compound at Timoteo’s behest, Tsuna manages to stumble across enough forgotten dead bodies to fill entire cemeteries. And everyone is terribly amused. Except, y’know, for him.)

Influence of Souls by Nia_River (Harry Potter)

He stared at his journal, a creation into which he had poured his memories and dreams, his heart and … soul. Now, to send it to where it needed to be.

Young and Built to Fall by fingers-falling-upwards (One Piece)

Ace will save his nakama. He will save his father. And he will save his little brother and ensure Luffy’s happiness even if it kills him. Again. Thankfully, he won’t be doing it alone. Together, he and Luffy will change the world.

once a queen or king of narnia, always a king or queen by dirgewithoutmusic (Chronicles of Narnia)

A lion told her to walk away, and she did. He forbade her magic, he forbade her her own kingdom, so she made her own.

Susan Pevensie did not lose faith. She found it.

The Little Guy by TokiMirage (Final Fantasy VII)

The last thing Cloud wants, when given the chance, is to do it all over again. Instead, he chooses the normal life. After all, a Janitor could never save the world. But… well, it all starts with the General’s coffee machine.

The Sum of Their Parts by holdmybeer (Harry Potter)

For Teddy Lupin, Harry Potter would become a Dark Lord. For Teddy Lupin, Harry Potter would take down the Ministry or die trying. He should have known that Hermione and Ron wouldn’t let him do it alone.

An Invincible Summer by ShanaStoryteller (Naruto)

When Naruto is five, he’s gutted by a drunken civilian and presumed dead.

Six months later a girl with ash pale hair and dark blue eyes enters the Academy.

Again and Again by Athy (Harry Potter)

The Do-Over Fic - a chance to do things again, but this time-To Get it Right. But is it really such a blessing as it appears? A jaded, darker, bitter, and tired wizard who just wants to die; but can’t. A chance to learn how to live, from the most unexpected source.

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Can we maybe please get some fellcest with Red getting injured from defending himself and hiding it from Papyrus until it gets so bad he faints in front of him and Paps is worried yet furious and immediately after he healed Sans he demands a name to take revenge but Sans talks him down to cuddle instead and later Sans hears about the monster that attacked him got dusted in an 'accident' - I'm sorry this got away from me >. < you don't have to write it if you don't want to :)

(Do you know that I love you? XD 

Unless you’re a cowfish. Then, I’ll eat you. :9)

The short skeleton walked slow, nearing his house as hands stayed in his pockets with his jacket fully zipped. His soft pants were masked by the cold as mere puffs of white air and he sweated profusely. His vision swayed, images multiplying before him but he kept on walking as if nothing was happening.

He couldn’t quite risk teleporting, so being on foot was the only way to go.

Upon entering the house, he was thankfully ignored by his brother who was in the kitchen. His brother called out to him; however, and Sans merely responded back with a grunt of affirmation that he has indeed just got home.

The short skeleton’s breathing became laboured and Sans didn’t hear the next thing Papyrus said which prompt the latter to come out and check on him.

“Sans, were you even listening to what I’ve been saying?!”

Sans looked to his brother, seeing multiple Papyruses at once. “Yeah?”

The latter crossed their arms with impatience. “Then pray tell, what did I just say?”

“Oh … uh.” His vision was starting to fade, and it was evident from the eye lights dulling and flickering to keep on.


The short skeleton’s energy felt like it was being sapped away, and he was slowly losing consciousness.

“Sans? Are you okay? Sa—”

And eye lights faded as the skeleton dropped to floor with a loud thud.

Sans!” Papyrus rushed over to his brother, now noticing the heavy breathing, and he gently unzipped the jacket.

Eye sockets widened as red eye lights narrowed into pinpricks at what he was seeing.

There was a large gash on the sternum and the rib cage was drenched in blood. Quickly checking his brother’s status, he loudly swore at how much was left—0.3/1.0. There wasn’t a moment to lose, and Papyrus immediately got to healing the wound.

His body shook in absolute lividness that some monster dared to hurt Sans. When the latter wakes, he was going to get a name.

When Sans woke up, he sat upright almost immediately as hands clutched to his chest; both in panic and confusion.

He didn’t notice Papyrus who was lying beside him until his voice startled him from his thoughts. “I want a name, now.”

Sans looked to his brother, brows furrowed and a deadly aura surrounded his being. Most monsters would cower at the threatening atmosphere, but the short skeleton merely smiled. His little brother has always been the overprotective type. Though, he didn’t want to get Papyrus involved, and being the big brother that he was, the other’s safety came first. So Sans joked about it to change the subject.

“I thought you liked your name.”


“What about Bob then? The great and terrifying Bob!”


“You’re right. It doesn’t add to the dramatics of it.”

“I’m serious, Sans.”

And the moment those words left Papyrus’ mouth, he regretted it.

“Well, hey, Serious.”


“I'm Sans.”

Incoherent shrieking was heard and Sans laughed wholeheartedly.


“Yup, that’s me.”

“You’re being utterly insufferable.”

“But that’s what older brothers are born for. We thrive and live in the annoyance of our bros. Your cries of frustration are but ammo to us.”

Papyrus growled, but there was no fire to it as he grabbed at Sans to pull him down into a tight embrace.

The sudden shift of mood calmed the playful one into something more somber. Sans had to sigh. He allowed moments of quiet before starting, “I don’t want you to get involved.”

“You almost died, brother.”

The short skeleton could feel the tensing of shoulders and he did best in sending comfort and gratitude in his magic when he pressed a hand to the other’s chest. “Love you.”

Papyrus found himself succumbing to relax and grunted when he heard those words. “I know.”

Sans grinned widely at his brother, who huffed in exasperation.

“Go back to sleep. You still need your rest.

“Well, I’m not about to say no to more sleep.” The skeleton yawned, snuggling close as he closed his eyes.

“I don’t doubt that.” Papyrus said, but it went unheard as his brother was already fast asleep. And he too, after a huff, closed his own to get some rest as well. There was some unfinished business he needed to take care of.

Sans ported to town from his station as he agreed to meet with Papyrus and help with taking care some house necessities. They were to meet at the market area and go from there. He walked pass shops, keeping a cautious eye out. The skeleton wasn’t about to make the same mistake and worry his brother anymore.

But just as he was passing by the inn, he overheard gossip.

“Hey, did you hear what happened to Lenny and his group?”

“Oh! Yeah, I heard they committed suicide.”

“You think so? Weren’t they just messing around in their stupid ‘secret’ cave?”

“Ahahaha! That’s right. The cave collapsed on them.”

“Whatever they were doing, that’s karma right there.”

“Talk about bad luck, to think they would be dusted from an accident. Hah! Good riddance.”  

Sans picked up the pace as he buried his face into the collar of his jacket, hoping to hide the colour of his cheek bones that were no doubt a faint red.

He couldn’t stop a smile that made its way to his face even as he swore to stop it. “Accident, my ass.”

He was sure to give Papyrus a lecture on butting in when he told him not to. Stars, Papyrus can be so overprotective.

Hope this was satisfactory :D 

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Uuuuuuhm. Tsukkiyama for X. XOXO - drunk messages! I actually don't like alcohol consume in real life and don't want to support it, but for fiction it's another thing :D

Thank you very much for the ask!! This was fun to write and turned out a bit longer than expected. I agree, I am also not one for alcohol haha
Enjoy! c:

“Kei! That’s enough for tonight!” Akiteru sighed while he took the canned beer away from his little brother. It was new year’s eve and his parents decided it was okay for the fifteen year old Kei to drink his first beer if he wanted to. Also he was under his parents’ care so if anything happened they watched.

“BUD AKIDERUUUU-,” Kei whined trying to grab his can.

“No, Kei.”

“Aki-niiii-chan, pleaseeee,” even the way Kei used to address his brother when he was younger didn’t let Akiteru give in.

“A no is a no, Kei.” Akiteru left the room again.

The Tsukishima household gathered this evening again like every year at this time to celebrate the year’s end and the new year incoming. They booked a private room at a dim sum restaurant this time.

It was very lonely for Kei when his parents were busy chatting their siblings up or colleagues what they did all year long and his brother had his girlfriend with him, so he was also occupied leaving Kei at his own with no one his age to talk to. It was boring sitting in between the adults not being able to really participate in any of their conversations. Even when a relative asked him how school went and his grades were. These were rather fast ending chatter.

So he ended up taking out his cell phone typing a message to Tadashi.

To: Tadashi🌟, 10.47pm
yAmAGUCHI, whERe are youuu

To: Tadashi🌟, 10.47pm
i’m BORedd

To: Tadashi🌟, 10.48pm
please rePLy soon

Tadashi was this year with his mom at his grandparents’ place. His grandparents are some very kind folks and he appreciates it ver much being once a year at this area. Also there is a shrine near-by they can walk to on foot within twenty minutes, so it’s very comfortable to stay.

“Tadashi-kun, what’s going on now a days? Is it fun in school?” His grandfather asked while hid grandmother put on some new tea.

“Everything’s fine! Same as usual. Everyday volleyball practice, hanging out with Tsukki. Nothing new there!” Tadashi sounded cheerful. But actually there were things that bothered him, but he decided it was better not to bother his grandparents when seeing them only once or twice a year.

“Oh, we’re glad to hear, son. Do you spend much time with your friend? How was his name again… Tsukishima-kun, I guess?” His grandmother added and joined them at the kotatsu.

“Yes! Tsukki and I often spend time at his or our place,” the dark haired boy responded.

“What about a girlfriend? You’re such a lovely young man, surely you batted an eye at-”

Vrrrrrr vrrrrrr.

His phone was vibrating.


He looked at his display to see three messages by Kei.

“It’s getting a bit hot here. Do you mind if I go for a walk?” Tadashi tried apologetic.

“Not at all.” His granny smiled, but his mom insisted. “Tadashi, you know if it’s Kei you see him all year long!”

“Sorry, mom! I’ll be right back!” With these words the freckled boy grabbed his jacket and left into a cold winter’s night.

He looked at his lock-screen before he unlocked the phone and read what was up with his best friend.

From: Tsukki🌙, 10.39pm
yAmAGUCHI, whERe are youuu
i’m BORedd
please rePLy soon

His eyes widened for a moment before he couldn’t help but start to giggle. The cold air drew out his warm breath coming up in white clouds. But the longer he walked his body warmed up quite fast.

Was Kei drunk? He stopped when he at a high spot in town watching the lights in the distance. The first fireworks lit up in the distance blooming colorful above the sky as the ocean of darkness took them away again.

To: Tsukki🌙, 11.02pm
i’m at my grandparents’, tsukki!! you’re with your family at that dim sum restaurant you needed to book so early on, right? :^))

They planned to visit the shrine tomorrow at the break of dawn and Tadashi shouldn’t be too long out there. He wondered what the scenery with all the adults and Aki-nii was like. His reply came pretty fast.

From: Tsukki🌙, 11.04pm
i’m AT the restaran,yeAh

From: Tsukki🌙, 11.04pm
come sabve meeee

From: Tsukki🌙, 11.04pm
i miSs yoU

From: Tsukki🌙, 11.04pm
i wanT tO tel ya somthinf

Again something unexpected. Kei always typed correctly with right punctuation. Not did he only have lots of typos in his texts, he actually missed him. The brown-haired boy wondered if anything was up today. He typed a message and decided to go back after that.

To: Tsukki🌙, 11.05pm
gotta leave soon, mom and granny are waiting for me to come back!

To: Tsukki🌙, 11.06pm
i miss you too, tsukki

“Nod my phoooone,” at this point Kei was really desperate. He clung onto his brother trying to grab the phone. Akiteru knew he wasn’t much taller than his brothe anymore so he gave it to his girlfriend.

“Is it your lil’ bro’s girlfriend?” She chuckled.

“Not really, it’s his best friend. Go ahead, we’ll follw you in a minute!” He explained before turning back to his brother. Another sigh.

Kei pouted. Silence between the siblings. If he knew that it’d turn out like this he would’ve prevented this. After all Kei never had a big appetite and with drinking this amount the first time it was clear he would’nt stay sober for long. But there they were. Kei was a clingy, teary mess right now looking like a pup whose toy you took away.

“You will thank me later for this. I tell you from experience, drunk confession are the worst to deal with. Let’s sober you up with a walk outside!”

The next morning with a big headache he groaned audibly into his pillow after looking at his phone. He now exactly understood why his brother was right.

Catch and Return (sickfic, cold)

Notes: I have no idea what I’m doing, but here’s the first of my OC sickfic/snzfic anthology featuring GingerSnap (Liam and Elliott)! I don’t really know how to introduce them because I’ve had so much info about them for so long that I don’t know where to start with giving background. So I’m basically going to post a bunch of drabbles from scattered points in their relationship (it goes on and off, but…more details as the need arises). If you’re interested in knowing more about them, there are brief bios here.

Elliott is asleep when Liam finally gets in. He’s only barely made it through his shift, and now he’s just as sniffly and sneezy as Elliott was this morning. It was the very reason he’d told Elliott to stay home and rest for the day, and left him curled up with a blanket on the couch.

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Scenario that takes place after Sebastian took Ciel's soul some time ago and he doesn't know what to do. (if it's too boring you don't have to do it) and also how is the mun doing?


Title: Epitaph

Series: Kuroshitsuji

Characters: Sebastian Michaelis

Pairing: None

Words: 1 307

Author’s note: You’re asking me to write something about Sebastian and tell me it can be too boring?! If I ever consider something like this as boring then it’ll mean that I’m probably sick or something :D It was such a great idea that I made it into an one-shot. Also I’m doing fine, thank you for asking, whenever my clippling depression is striking again I just don’t go on this blog so I wouldn’t do or say anything stupid, that’s why when I’m online here it means I’m okay.

I’m not crying, you’re crying.

Black car glided smoothly on the dark asphalt to the quiet rhythm of its engine working. Although the whole sky was covered in gloomy clouds, there was still no signs of the rain, not even the tiniest droplets hitting the surface of the front glass. The air was heavy making it hard to breathe, foreshadowing the incoming storm on the horizon, tensed aura filling the cabin and materialized in the driver’s gloved hands, now tightly squeezing the steering wheel. Orange coloured light of the buttons on the cockpit reflected in his eyes bored on the street in front of him but never seeing it, driving more of an instinct than actual focus, drowning too deep in his own thoughts to pay attention to such trivial things.

He sped up and mechanically changed the gear to the top, peeking at the speedometer to make sure that he wasn’t driving too fast to cause himself any further problems. Humans and their technologies, it all began to affect his life more that he would want to admit, forcing him to not only hide his true identity but also to change the way of acting so he could fit into society without attracting unnecessary attention of those who could actually try to hunt him. That was why he was there, resting on the leather seat of the car he has just bought from the car showroom, listening to the sound of the machine working when driving on the new street running through the forest, dressed in a black suit which didn’t differ from his previous outfit that much.

Enough to remind him where was he going.

Sebastian combed through his short, messy hair with the fingers, strands as black as his clothes and eyes, now purposely changed from the dark crimson to the colour which made him look as humanly as possible. Dark, cold gaze was still directed to the landscape passed by, the endless abyss of the irises perfectly reflecting the void inside his body and heart. One could believe that this man, the wolf in sheep’s clothing was capable of consuming lifes and souls just by the single stare of his mesmerizing eyes.

Not that he was wrong.

Driving out of the forest, the meadows appeared on the both sides of the road, fenced with short, bricked walls, completely abandoned. The storm hanged in the sky, waiting for the right moment to finally blow, meanwhile letting only few droplets to fall and smash on the ground. Sebastian noticed the bricked walls and collapsed roof looming on the horizon before any human could see the building so far away. The main street turned left, leading to the nearby town raised over the hill but the demon only slowed down to not destroy the chassis on the old, stoned road he chosed to drive by. High, neglected grasses stroked the sides of the car when he was approaching the long forgotten, victorian mansion, now almost completely eaten by the time, standing alone in the middle of nothing.

He didn’t get out of the car even when the engine stopped working, the front lights got turned off and the keys left the ignition, resting in his hand way too heavy than they truly were. Right now, he could hear the utter silence filling the air and the growing amount of doplets hitting the windows in a silent melody. He was string at the building, contemplating the sight in front of him and trying to recall how did it look the last time he was there. It had to be clean and neat, walls not scrapped away from the paint, wild ivy not covering almost the whole right side of the mansion, windows not broken and dark inside, rust not dripping from under them in a grotesque caricature of the dried tears, the dust and countless spiderwebs not present. And yet, it was all there, lost, abandoned, destroyed.

Sebastian knew that somewhere where he was now, once were beautiful gardens, precisely cut bushes, colourful flower beds, narrow, mysterious pathes and the marble fountain, however, he couldn’t see even the traces of what was there in the past. Only endless fields of weeds.

What was the name of the gardener? At first, Sebastian thought that if the blonde boy was present, this place wouldn’t look like that but then remembered how many times he had almost killed all the plants when trying to take care of them, so probably this place wasn’t in that bad condition. The tiny smile shadowed on his lips but disappeared just as fast when the reality hit him.

Finnian died long ago, as well as Mey-Rin, Baldroy, Snake and Tanaka. As well as friendly prince of Bengal and his loyal butler, weird Chinese nobleman who was visiting this place quite often, eccentric viscount way too fond of wine and human bodies, and the Midfords. As well as his master.

Long eyelashes threw shade on his pale skin when the first lightning cut the sky and the light reached his features, reflecting in his eyes and causing the pupils to narrow for a single moment. The demon didn’t even blink.

Suddenly, as if pushed by an invisible force, he get out of the car and came closer to the main entrance of the mansion, not bothering to close the vehicle. He could feel the rain on his cheeks and neck, some of them falling under the collar of his dress shirt but didn’t react until reaching the stairs overgrown with a moss. Elegant, polished leather boots were tapping on the ground when he went upstairs, not trying to cover himself more with the jacket when the wild wind started to blow from the west, cold rain landing on his perfectly ironed outfit, slowly drenching it. Sebastian didn’t feel the cold air on his wettened skin or simply didn’t care about it when his hand rested on the rusty door knob, twisting it carefully, not wanting to accidentally pull it out.

The door withdrew with a loud creak which soon echoed in an empty hall. The main room was drowning in darkness, the chessboard-like floor covered in dust and ashes, wind whistling between an empty corridors bringing the smell of mustiness and oblivion. Sebastian inhaled the scent and realized that he could no longer feel any of the smells he remembered; no fresh washed tableclothes, no wooden furnitures, no melting wax, no flowers in the vases, no cooked food, no brewed tea, just the rotten walls, mold and dirt.

With a sad smile playing on his lips, the demon thought that now, finally, after all those years, there was peace and silence in the mansion, the same he was longing for everyday while working as a butler. Nobody was screaming and shouting, destroying priceless service, breaking porcelain and burning the kitchen, there was no wild snakes hidding in the closets and no orders to fulfill. He was free, able to do anything, whenever he wanted, he could go and say as he pleased, and nobody could stop him. Unfortunately, with an unknown cramp in a stomach, this realization didn’t please him as much as he thought while planning this little journey.

Leaving the door open, he came back to the car in now pouring rain. He wiped off the droplets from the forehead and started the engine, gentle blow of warm air immediately caressing his paler than usually face. Later, he couldn’t recall what exactly was he thinking about for the whole way back to the center of London, so bright, loud and alive, unlike the place he was now leaving forever to rot.

However, the demon thought and smiled slightly to himself, there were still some positive sides, like fluffy, white Persian cat patiently waiting for him in the apartment on the 56th floor of The Shard. And that was alright.

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Do you know any other popular artists (like John Lennon) that are racist, homophobic, sexist etc?


According to yourfaveisproblematic

Racialized misogyny:





Fetishization of Bisexual women:




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Is it possible for more Red Hood Dick? I don't know. I think it would interesting to see Damian, Tim, and Stephanie actually surprised that Dick is all caring. I don't know, just a thought. Actually where's Cassandra and Barbara now that I'm thinking about it? Who knows.

Cass and Babs were unfortunately left to deal with Bruce’s extra-moodiness with Alfred, and are trying to stop him from doing stupid manpain-induced things.

Stories previous 

Title: Gotcha
Characters: Dick Grayson, Damian Wayne, Tim Drake
A/N: At some point, Dick let the older birds go back to their own apartments and get whatever necessities they wanted or needed (including staying there for a day or two). At some point he snuck back into the manor and stole some of Damian’s stuff, including his sketchbook, for him.


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A Marriage Pact

It had only been a joke.  

They were fourteen years old, hormones revving up underneath pimpling skin, and they were too oblivious to notice any of the girls staring at them and wetting their already-lip-glossed mouths.  It was them against the world - or in this case, them against junior high - but that didn’t stop the worry that they both felt as everyone around them started dating.  

“Hey, Jared?” he remembers Jensen saying, summer-lightened hair flat on his head from the pool water.  He had swam up to where Jared was sitting on the edge, long and gangly legs kicking in the cool water, stone tiles hot and damp against his own floral blue swim trunks.  Freckled forearms had rested on the same edge and Jensen had looked up at Jared with a serious gleam in his eyes.

“Yeah?” he remembers asking.  His own hair had been falling in his face, awkwardly parted in the middle thanks to his mother’s brilliant suggestion to the barber.

“If we’re not married by thirty, I’m marrying you, okay?”  It had been in the form of a question, but there was no question in the tone; Jared knew the voice Jensen used when he had a serious idea.  He had heard it when Jensen suggested they sneak out for the first time or when Jensen thought it’d be a great idea to ride the Top O’ Texas Tower seven times in a row at the state fair.  This had been Jensen’s serious tone and Jared remembers doing the only thing he could deem logical at the time: laughing.  


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