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headcanon idea asks: Mike Wheeler and Cotton Candy (gosh idk why that came to mind...) Love ya, Val! <3

Mike Wheeler hasn’t eaten cotton candy for a long time; not since he was nine years old and ate far too much before Nancy had mercilessly dragged him onto the GutBuster at the Hawkins Fair. Needless to say it had been messy.

In the spring of ‘85, he and El go to the fair and spend the morning playing games along the midway. Mike learns that El is particularly apt at ring toss and feels a surge of pride every time she makes a shot, his face lighting up when she smiles happily in his direction. 

After lunch—corndogs and slushies—they head over to the rides and El grows uncomfortable with the bodies milling about and the loud noises, especially the screaming that comes from every direction. Clasping her hand, Mike pulls her aside and they find a quiet spot on a secluded patch of grass. Just across the way, Mike spots a candy vendor. 

He knows El will love the bright colours and the way it disappears in your mouth with a small crackle. Once El’s shoulders relax and her face calms, Mike buys a bag of blue and purple cotton candy for El and, for the first time in several years, steels himself to eat it again. Things are different than they used to be and he’s glad for the way El makes him look at everything in a brand new way, even something as simple as candy. 

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