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Don’t mind me I’m just happy most of my theories were correct lmao

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Am I the only one who didn't buy Victor's seemingly insta-love for Yuri? I was really struggling with that aspect at first; until we get some background in episode 10. I mean, Victor already seemed to be in LOVE with Yuri when he came to Japan and I always found it too far fetched that simply seeing the viral video would have brought that about. But with episode 10 and the video it finally started to make sense to me. Just wondering what others thought about this part of the story.

Personally, I think Victor fell in love mid-season 1. Not immediately after the banquet scene from the GPF. There was romantic interest - most likely a crush - but not actual love. That came later. (And how.)

My in-depth Victor meta covers what I believe he was thinking about while he was watching Yuuri’s viral video, but I’ll recap parts of it here.

To me, Victor looks kinda ticked off in this screencap. He doesn’t look like he’s having romantic thoughts.

My interpretation of this look is: “Why wasn’t Yuuri at the World Championship? He’s talented. He can skate. He’s skating my gold medal routine, and he should have been on that podium with me. So what’s the problem here? Does he have a bad coach? Does he not have enough support at competitions? He wouldn’t have asked me to coach him if he was getting what he needed. I hate this. I want to fix it. Fine, I’ll do it.”

When Victor arrives in Hasetsu, he is extremely flirtatious with Yuuri. And rightly so because at the GPF banquet, Yuuri was extremely flirtatious first. He likely thinks Yuuri will not only be okay with his forwardness but that he’ll reciprocate.

This is not full-blown love. This is Victor saying, “Hey, I’m into you, and I think you’re into me. Tell me more about yourself. That will also help me better understand how to help you as a coach.”

When Yuuri rejects him more than once, Victor gets confused with the mixed signals, and he ultimately backs off.

This moment at the beach was a major turning point for both of them. It marked the start of something that wasn’t a romantic relationship but a willingness to open up on a deeper level.

If you want to read more about why I think Victor fell in love with Yuuri in the first place, you’ll find that in my in-depth character analysis. It has a lot to do with what Yuuri says in that screencap above.

When Victor poses the question to Yuuri - What do you want me to be to you? A father figure, brother, friend, boyfriend? - understand that he doesn’t know his full place in Yuuri’s life. Victor is told to just be himself - and for someone who has constantly reinvented himself for other people and burned himself out in the process, that has to be wonderful to hear. 

The ending credit pictures show us the deepening of Victor and Yuuri’s relationship off the ice. We see them laughing and having fun together during the summer.

Some of the falling-in-love likely happened here.

But this is the moment. Right here.

This was when I first sat up straight in my chair and thought, Oh, shit. Victor is in love.”

Victor takes far more joy in seeing Yuuri succeed than he does in his own success. Let’s compare the smile above to the smile of the Five-Time World Championship Gold Medalist.

Look how miserable he is and how FAKE that smile looks. Now scroll back up and compare Victor’s joy over his own success to his joy over Yuuri’s.

YEAH. Victor is in love in Episode 6. Sure enough, he kisses Yuuri in the next episode, which takes place the following night.

So to answer your question, I think Victor fell in love with Yuuri somewhere in between Episodes 4 - 5.

By Episode 6, the boy is head over heels.

Otabek’s monolgue

I just got the feeling that while Otabek was skating and having his internal monolgue, it wasn’t just about himself.

This may just be my shipper’s side taking over, but somehow it almost felt like he was skating with Yuri on his mind. The whole animation sequence of the scenes gave me the feeling that it was like Otabek was preparing the stage for Yuri’s performance.

We all know how Otabek had admired Yuri even years back, when he thought Yuri had a soldier’s eyes, and wanted to be the Russian’s friend. So I don’t think it would be too far-fetched of me to believe that while Otabek did skate for his own sake, it might have been also for Yuri, his new friend soon to be boyfriend.


His expression after Yuri’s performance. He just seemed so happy for his bestfriendboyfriend.

Henrik probably has a tumblr account with some silly name like ‘blondelvisissquad’ or 'skamistheshit’. He also probably send anons to people, asking what they thought about some scenes or just simply saying 'halla’. And he probably watches us freak out about everything, laughing so much that his stomach hurts. And then he shows every meme he comes across to the rest of the cast.

So I would like too make a point too one of my teachers so reblog or like this if a teacher has ever..

-Told you couldn’t do anything because you’re to quite 

- Told you too think of a more realistic career ( Because the one you chose was too far-fetched) 

- Ever made you feel like you were dumb

- Told you too get over your stage fright. 

-Made it seem as though having C’s were bad.

- Make you feel worthless than the teacher

-Teachers don’t give any students respect but expect us too give them respect.

-Make it seem like the education they teach us is the only important one.

So as I was listening to “My Lady” the other day, I noticed how ksoo sings this particular line with so much strength and passion:

“친구가 아냐
이미 처음 널
본 그 순간부터”
chinguga anya
imi cheoum neol
bon geu sunganbuteo

It translates to:

“I’m not a friend
Already from the moment
I first saw you”

The next verses translate as:

“I’m not just saying this
Lady, it’s only you”

The “from the moment I first saw you” line makes me think about how he said his first impression of JI was that he was handsom (he emphasized this numerous times) and how he couldn’t look at him. Sounds so much like a crush…I wonder if he was thinking about that when he sang that verse so strongly lol

Ignoring the pronouns, its also interesting how he pointed to JI while singing the “She’s my baby” line…maybe this song represents the beginning of their relationship💖

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I like to think that 1-A likes to taste Izuku with "All Might is your Dad", we know toshi doesn't live with them in the dorm so when he come to visit someone shouts "Midoriya, your family has come to visit!" and deku would be WTF? and then blushes madly after he sees toshinori and the girls an some boy calls Aizawa-sensei "Dadzawa"

I actually think that the kids would lovingly tease Izuku once the thought that Toshinori could very well be his dad comes up.

I mean, Shouto already uttered that thought to Izuku himself. It wouldn’t be too far-fetched to believe that at some point, the others from Class 1-A would think about it, too.

Perhaps they notice the similar personality of Izuku and Toshinori.

Perhaps they notice that the two of them spend a lot of time together.

Perhaps they catch up on the fact that Izuku is not as surprised as the others about Toshinori’s true appearance.

Anyway, the idea that Toshinori could be Izuku’s dad comes up.

The more forward people like Kirishima and Mina can’t hold back and just go and ask Izuku directly.

The poor boy blushes red like a tomato and stutters around that it’s “Of course it’s not like that!” and that he already told that to Shouto. (Though, looking over to Shouto for help doesn’t really do something, because while Shouto does believe his friend, he still likes the theory somehow.)

While Izuku’s stuttering and honesty convince his classmates, they still won’t let go of their theory.

First of all – it’s super cute how All Might-sensei and Izuku interact like father and son without even noticing it.

And second – Izuku’s blushing is cute, too.

All the reasons they need, really.

So, like you said, star – one day, Toshinori comes into the dorms and Kirishima just hollers back into the living room, “Midoriya, your dad is here!”

And Izuku almost falls from his chair in surprise because – first things he think is that Hisashi came back, and he can’t even really stomach that thought. But then, Toshinori walks in.

Somehow, Izuku is not so sure if that is now better or worse than his first thought. It takes him a second to understand what Kirishima had said and that it had been meant for Toshinori. And also why his classmates are grinning at him like that.

When he does, though, poor Izuku splutters and flails and doesn’t get one comprehensible word out while his friends just laugh and pat his back.

Toshinori literally has a question mark above his head, looking from one to the other but not getting an explanation.

Perhaps they will fill him in later. For now, they children are too occupied with thinking about nicknames for the newly declared “Dad”.

It’s Kirishima who blurts out “Dad Might” and gets a storm of applause for it, but it’s Mina who thinks it only fair that Aizawa gets a nickname, too.

So suddenly, Toshinori and Aizawa see themselves greeted with a bunch of very cheery children who greet them with “Dad Might” or “Dadzawa”.

Toshinori could cry with happiness, and Aizawa sighs (no, he’s not blushing under his scarfs, thank you) and reminds the children not to use those names in public.

He doesn’t really protest otherwise, though.

Analyzing the Panic! symbol

Yeah I couldn’t help myself so I ended up doing a little research and came up with my own theories..

Eye: An eye on top of a pyramid is supposed to signify an all seeing entity, like God. But here, I think Brendon, as an atheist, would rather place Sarah as his top priority instead of a deity. Also, Sarah has a three eye tattoo, which she’s said has some personal significance. Brendon recently got her eye tattooed on his arm. So I think it’s safe to say Sarah being represented by an eye wouldn’t be too far fetched.

Sun: The sun is a symbol of positivity, brightness, steadfastness.. qualities that Brendon possesses. As the frontman, lead singer and sole remaining member of Panic, he’s definitely the star of the band. 

Moon: The moon depicts shyness, mystery and represents the darker, poetic side of life. Ryan Ross is the moon, fight me!

There is plenty of sun & moon ryden lore so I won’t get into it but lyrically, we’ve got When the Day Met  the Night, Stall me, Where I Belong, Lonely Moonlight, Golden Days etc etc

Exclamation mark: The exclamation mark is one of Panic’s unique selling points. The central position implies that Brendon’s life revolves around the band.

Triangle + Circle: The triangle depicts a trinity, which could refer to religion, or simply the relation Brendon has with two people who played and play an important part in his life. Panic was Ryan’s baby and his songwriting skills + Brendon’s singing brought the band where it is today. After Ryan left, Brendon was pretty much a mess, but Sarah loved and supported him and continues to do so. The circle represents wholeness. It encompasses his life.

I Want To Build A Life

I want to build a life
with you
one with

a house of our own
and a child with your ears
and my

and if a boy, our hirsute heritage
but I hope––of course––for a girl with her mother’s endurance

a life with madness
and a life with
and some friends, and some unorthodox

a museum of a house in which
the things accumulated are curated by us

am I guilty of wanting too much?
is it far-fetched?
or will I resign to nomadism

like my Moses or my Bedouin––

out in tents,
with the stars on their backsides?

I care not for a tenuous apparatus

I am building a life here––
when I tell you you are home
it may be four walls we sleep within but the dimensions are infinite

If your Warden is a dwarf, a mage, a elf, or a woman, I think a common problem they would face is Alistair and Nathaniel constantly being mistaken for them. 

King: It is such an honor to meet the hero of Ferelden 

Alistair: I know it was such an honor meeting her too. 

King: What-

Warden: Hero of Ferelden at your service.


Orlesian: You know, Warden Commander, you should really think about your policy of accepting anyone into your ranks. Having elves and dwarves in your company may be useful but it must damage your reputation-

Nathaniel: Hm. I’ll bring it up with the actual Warden Commander then. Warden Commander?

Warden Commander (who is an elf or dwarf): I’ll make a note to let Ferelden crumble next time, since Maker/Stone forbid we damage our reputation. 

In short, just a lot of getting wrecked for assumptions all around. Because let’s be real, when stories travel, they change. And it’s not too far fetched to think that the stories of the hero would morph them into a strong, male, noble warrior over time in certain circles. 


Pairing: Reader/Moonbin
Genre: Fluff

Request:  Can I request a moonbin fluff where he confesses to the reader? Where he has a reputation for being cold and stuff but he’s actually like such a fluff and volunteers at the reader’s little brother’s daycare?

Word Count:913

Head down, no eye contact.

That was Y/N’s motto when it came to seeing Moonbin at school. He never spoke a lot and many speculated he didn’t have many friends. It wasn’t a too far fetched statement, he didn’t hang out with anyone during school. He would always be found early in the classroom staring outside the window with his arms crossed or even sleeping. He was late sometimes but never enough to warrant attention for it.

He wasn’t a “bad boy”, he was more stoic and slightly intimidating. Legend in school rang about that Min-Seo, a girl in Y/N’s geography class saw him smile once, it wasn’t a big one, but it was more than anyone else had seen. She bragged about it for three months until people got tired of it and stopped paying attention.  

Y/N tried her best to go by her motto, from when they would pass each other in the hallway to when she was arrive to class before the bell and would see him sitting in his seat in the far back of the classroom. Her bus changed route so she had started coming in earlier more and more so it was a natural habit to enter the room, head down, no eye contact.

Sometimes she would forget and she lock eyes with Moonbin, but she would avert her eyes too fast to notice anything about the male before rushing to her desk, feeling as if she personally offended him just by looking at him.

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I cannot understand what has happened to Otabek. Are you telling me even in his top form he can’t catch up to J.J., who messed up both his programs and is clearly capable of WAY better as we’ve already seen? Are you telling me after everything Otabek has put through, he is only worth this? This is too far fetched to even be realistic. I absolutely acknowledge JJ’s talent, but at this point he is being presented like some kind of god even in his low moments. As if he literally can’t fail no matter what. I am really, really upset for Otabek right now. If he messed his program then I would get it, but he was phenomenal. Losing to JJ in the state JJ was in is a literal slap to the face. 

Sometimes I wonder if Ishida uses his Tumblr to silently stalk the fandom and search for theories.

Because that would explain part of how he’s been able to prove all of us wrong in almost every Tokyo Ghoul theory, no matter how much sense they make.

For all we know, he could be looking at our posts right now and is going all: “Hmm… It seems my subjects are catching up to my plans. No matter. Unfortunately for them… I have a Plan B.” *cackles evilly while clicking pen*

What Kind of Punk are You?
  • Stonepunk: The use of time period-accurate materials to make contemporary contraptions ("Stonepunk doesn't exist" you might be saying "It's too far fetched!" Well, go to your dance search engine and look for "The Flintstones")
  • Sandlepunk: Old Greek/Roman style and ingenuity combined with post-modernism
  • Clockpunk: (Can be its own Punk) Renascence era, or 'The Age of Enlightenment' aesthetic with modern contraptions (I like to think of Ella Enchanted with the crank escalator and such)
  • Edopunk: Post-modernism combined with the Japanese Edo period. It could also be called that if something like steampunk were combined with traditional Japanese aesthetic
  • Steampunk: A healthy combination of Victorian ingenuity and aesthetic combined with some contemporary/futurism technology and concepts
  • Dieselpunk: (It can also be its own Punk) A combination of the oil age and contemporary/futurism
  • DecoPunk: (Can be a subset of Diesel) Focuses on the 20's-50's Art Deco design (I know one person who would love this)
  • Atompunk: 1940s-60s modernism, which includes the Atomic age and the Space Age (could also be considered Raygun Gothic)
  • Nowpunk: Contemporary Punkness... Not really too much to explain.
  • Cyberpunk: Extreme futurism normally associated with dystopia (The Matrix is a great example of Cyberpunk)
  • Biopunk: Focuses on the underground bio-technical revolution. This is different from Cyperpunk because it focuses on biology, not technology
  • Mythpunk: A combination of post-modernism and mythology and folklore.
  • Dreampunk: The use of any of the above Punk styles and combine it with Fairytales and storybooks (I have this kid an idea to write a story about a time-traveling Red Riding Hood and it was ecstatic about it)

so the other day I came across an old poem I wrote about depression…these lines in particular brought back a lot of memories that i’m glad remain part of the past and don’t trap me like they once did.

and then idk I started thinking about hurt!Spock and how there just aren’t enough fics out there about everything he goes through,  being considered an outsider among humans and Vulcans, losing his mom, losing his planet, briefly losing Jim…I don’t think it’s too far-fetched to think that he would suffer depression after everything, but not say anything and just keep pretending that he’s ok, even when he’s not, so this edit happened.