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I love 3 rounds and a sound for taakitz because of a lot of things but especially all the allusions to death and the part “I was swimming My eyes were dark 'til you woke me And told me that opening is just the start It was Now I see you 'til kingdom come you're the one I want To see me for all the stupid shit I've done” One red thread is good for most pairings too

kicks down the door did someone say musical imagery

every single reference to “our song” in taakitz-related anything makes me so emotional. i headcanon bard kravitz, like, very hard, so the concept of him creating a song for just him and taako is…so good. i’m gonna ramble about this, yeah? yeah.

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basics and preferences for delos please angel!!


name: delos graham st claire

age: eighteen

zodiac sign: he and delphi are both pisceans :-)

one good trait: he’s really good at reading people & their emotions. if only he was just as good at recognizing his own :-//

one bad trait: he has a tendency to get “lost” in his own head, preferring it to reality most of the time. this can make him pessimistic and “doom and gloom” (as mateo would say)

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Extroverted and introverted versions of the signs
  • EXTROVERTED ARIES: Talks to everybody, even the people that they don't like. Smiles a lot, loves shopping and travelling, loves partying, can't keep them at one place when they're out at night. They have to visit all the nightclubs and bars. Loves shopping and dresses colourfully most of the time, but can be really competitive at times which makes them even mean. A big foodie and can't get enough of anything they do
  • INTROVERTED ARIES: Speaks only to their mom, wishes everyone else could just die because they hate everybody, but is actually very VERY nice to people. Loves cats and inspiring quotes but can be a real backstabbing bitch. Even though they're introverted, they still love being the most popular one
  • EXTROVERTED TAURUS: Talks to everyone about everything, can sit with a serial killer and have a normal conversation. Spends millions of dollars on food and coffee, hugs every animal they see on the street, has LOTS of friends, but tends to forget some of their friends because they constantly make new friends and don't have the ability to keep control over the communication with all of their friends
  • INTROVERTED TAURUS: Very passive, VERY LAZY, doesn't want to get out of bed, loves watching films and TV series, loves listening to music alone or with their partner, very caring and kind, loves animals and they think that they have the hidden magical ability to communicate with animals while it seems like they're just being foolish talking to every pet of their friends
  • EXTROVERTED GEMINI: Very communicative, a literal drama queen, has tons of acquaintances but hates almost everybody and almost everybody hates them. Has like only 3 real friends who do not use the Gemini because this Gemini simply doesn't know when to shut up. Talks to everyone and can be really bitchy at times. Doesn't know how to keep secrets and spreads gossip and rumors like 104% of the time. Loves shopping and art, but also loves hoeing around to death. Also, loves champagne - be it cheap or expensive, it just needs to be champagne (preferably pink).
  • INTROVERTED GEMINI: Loves staying in bed all day, twittering, sitting on tumblr and instagram and basically every single social media. Really talented but for like very strange things. Doesn't like eggs. Gets bored of people very often and can't stand staying with another person in the same room for more than 20 minutes. Constantly wants to go home but when they go home they don't know why the hell they went home - they realized that they liked staying outside better. Has a very interesting blog, tries to stay healthy and always tries to start their life anew, but they just can't give up on their vices, especially smoking. Loves comfort and velvet clothing. Likes reading magazines and loves the fashion world but they have no clue how to dress because they're too anxious about their choices. Their mind is so fast and they learn quickly
  • EXTROVERTED CANCER: Literally a SPAMMER. Spams everybody in real life too, not only on social media. Obsessed with anime and japanese things. Likes k-pop. Thinks they're the master but can be really boring sometimes because they just can't stop talking about topics that nobody is interested in. But very pure and good. Gets kinda hellish when they're angry, they can't control their temper even 1%. Really strong physically and doesn't get sick very often. Loves their friends and their family and always gives GREAT advice. Obsessed with cats and dogs and animals in global
  • INTROVERTED CANCER: Always draws some cute anime things on their notebooks, really intelligent but just can't study because they can't stay focused because they overthink everything. Really intense emotions but seems unemotional because they don't even show 20% of their emotions. Has like only 1 or 2 friends, 3 tops. Loves their mom and is really connected with her. Has some hidden talents that nobody knows about, like, making pancakes or some weird shit that you could have never thought of. A really good cook
  • EXTROVERTED LEO: Gets on the verge of a nervous breakdown if they're not the center of attention. REALLY intelligent and learns really fast but there are things that they just can't learn, like, maths or some specific subject that makes them seem stupid. But they're not stupid, they're just over-enthusiastic about everything. Rolls their eyes very often and acts really bossy all the time. Loves people and loves visiting their friends and relatives. Doesn't like to get abused and manipulated while they use and manipulate people on a daily basis, just for fun. But can be easily manipulated into something, even if they're aware of that, because their pride doesn't let them "lose". Likes reading books and doesn't understand paintings. Thinks they're a good leader while they might lead people to hell .... just for fun.
  • INTROVERTED LEO: A cinnamon roll too pure for this world, learns things really quickly and loves helping people. They're a really good supporter. Totally connected to their cat and thinks their cat is secretly a human being or a miracle. Idolizes things and people. Quite afraid of things most of the time and really, really socially anxious but doesn't show it because their pride doesn't let them. But it can be obvious sometimes, believe me. Likes having long conversations with their friends, but has only one or two friends so they literally can't stop talking or typing when they're alone with their friend. Doesn't let their parents find out anything about themselves and makes everybody watch their favourite tv show
  • EXTROVERTED VIRGO: Really communicative and organized, a great leader, full of knowledge, doesn't really show their emotions by keeping a poker face most of the time. A really good supporter and knows how to lead people on the right way. A very good teacher in life. You can learn a lot from them. Their capabilities know no boundaries. Very, very intelligent and ambitious but not power-hungry... well, ok, sometimes. Really enthusiastic about the topic they're talking about but doesn't want anyone to find out that they're obsessed with that particular thing. Loves coffee and loves food. Always achieves their goals and it's mostly done the hard way
  • INTROVERTED VIRGO: Their mind is chaos, just unbearable. Certainly NOT organized, doesn't even know where they're going when they get out of their house. Hates most people and thinks that most people hate them, but really chill when they're outside with their friends. Just doesn't know how to communicate with people properly and they're really, really obsessed with themselves. They have a higher opinion on themselves (read egotistic). Intelligent but doesn't know how to use their intelligence and they always refuse advice
  • EXTROVERTED LIBRA: Communicative af, even when they don't know what they're talking about. Has knowledge in all spheres of life and is a really sweet cinnamon roll too pure for this world. Tons of emotions and needs constant reminders to stay organized like sticky notes and stuff. Has interesting style and has the best eyebrows. Really appealing and beautiful, both physically and mentally. Likes seeming normal just because they're keeping their kinky self for their partner. Really good in bed and really intelligent. Very, VERY committed once they find the true love of their life but can be a fuckboy/fuckgirl when they haven't found their true love because they love experimenting with people and is aware that they can get the most beautiful boyfriends and girlfriends
  • INTROVERTED LIBRA: Loves books and shopping and is really organized. Likes pastel colours and loves cats. Behaves like royalty and wants to be admired. REally feminine. A dreamy girl/boy who wants to find their soulmate. Enjoys coffee, tea, long walks and deep conversations. Likes staring through their window and is often absent-minded, daydreams a lot. Really good, genuine and kind. Cries after somebody hurts them but always forgives people and is really not combative. Likes poetry and loves speaking in public, although they're an introvert
  • EXTROVERTED SCORPIO: Loves meeting new people and can really be successful but often wastes that potential on getting drunk, partying, love and sex. But still, dazzles with their appearance and is really hot. Hides their low self-confidence by manipulating people and hurting others just to feel good and in control. Really loyal to the people who are their TRUE friends but often tends to skip going out with their friends because there's some diCc/puSsi on the plate. But still, loyal to death and never hesitates to reach their hand and help a friend in need of help. Can be really problematic and chaotic because they're unorganized but they live in their own world and know that everything is going to be okay
  • INTROVERTED SCORPIO: Way too socially anxious and doesn't care about anyone hurting their emotions. Really depressed most of the time but forgets about their depression when they're with their friends. They don't have too many friends because they're introverted af and they don't know how to communicate with people in public. Can be quite inappropriate but always knows how to make others laugh. Will act as a clown if it helps a friend to stop being sad. Really intelligent and rarely uses their intelligence and potential because they're busy eating tasty food while playing video games or watching movies. They're even socially awkward with animals - that's how far it goes with introverted people with this sign. But not to be mistaken, they're really good and emotional but they don't like showing their emotions in front of people, they think it makes them weak SADasd
  • EXTROVERTED SAGITTARIUS: Emotional as fuck. They're emotions are chaos and they're so fucking introverted that everybody can see what's going on in their life. In fact, they LOVE exposing themselves. Really physically beautiful, popular and active on social media. Has great aesthetics and is obsessed with shopping. Acts like royalty and loves commanding people. A little bit self-centered and egotistic and think that they're always right, so when somebody doesn't accept their opinion they instantly start raging about it
  • INTROVERTED SAGITTARIUS: Loves bossing people around, even though they're an introvert. Hates showing their emotions and can be a really big manipulator at times. However, very emotional and one of the biggest fighters there are. Really, REALLY intense. You don't want to see them getting mad. They can easily hurt you but you can easily hurt them too because they're fragile as fuck on the inside, but they will never admit that you've hurt them in any way because they're proud as fuck so nobody is messing with the queen
  • EXTROVERTED CAPRICORN: Really funny and interesting, talks to everybody about everything. Always says what's on their mind and loves buying unique things. Doesn't have good grades but that doesn't mean that they're unintelligent or stupid. On the contrary. Very intelligent and daydreams a lot, loves telling jokes and has a fucked up sense of humor. So unique. Loves money but doesn't like to admit it lmao. Very artistic and loves philosophy, animals, nature, music and languages. A fair player most of the time and knows how to support their friends. Selfless on the outside, selfish on the inside. Also, loves cooking some strange things which usually taste very weird but in a good way
  • INTROVERTED CAPRICORN: Doesn't speak at all and just sits there waiting for the world to end. You really just can't make them say a word because they're a little bit self-centered and they think that they don't have to waste their time talking to unimportant people about unimportant things. However, they can get really silly sometimes and burst off, even though they're an introvert. Can't stop talking about things they love, it's really strange how such a person who doesn't talk at all - turns into a youtuber the moment they find out that somebody likes the same things that they do. Money kinda rule their world and they really want to earn money with everything they do, but having no money doesn't stop them from achieving the things they want in life
  • EXTROVERTED AQUARIUS: You just can't see them sober. Parties, drugs, journeys, walks in nature and such things move their world. Just can't stop partying all the time. Has lots of friends and is really popular, probably is a DJ or a famous singer. Really seductive and beautiful physically. Simply everybody is their friend (except for the people they hate lmao) and they can always find someone to hang out with, because everybody wants to hang out with them. Really intense and quite bitchy most of the time, which makes them seem really arrogant but that's just how it is and they are fully aware of this
  • INTROVERTED AQUARIUS: You can't see emotions on their face. It's impossible. They might even question themselves if they're human beings because they aren't really aware of their emotions most of the time. Loves plants and things like aliens, unicorns, etc. Lives in a fantasy world and hates the real world. So impatient about everything and has nervous breakdowns when somebody complains about something they do. Really nice to people, even though they hate like 99% of them. Has probably a tumblr blog and rages on it about everything. Roasts famous people on twitter and doesn't even care about it
  • EXTROVERTED PISCES: Goal-oriented as fuck. Doesn't stop until they get what they want. REALLY emotional, maybe the sign with the most intense emotions out there. Is a really good friend with everybody but can be a little bit bitchy and arrogant at times, especially when things are not going their way. Actually, when it's hard for them to get or achieve something, they use manipulation to get what they want. As I said, their emotions are very intense so literally everything hurts them because they're sensitive as fuck. Eccentric af. When somebody hurts them in any way, they always find a way to hurt that person's back and nobody can even see that they're behind everything that's happening to that person. Sly. But very loyal to their real friends and will never let them down. When they love - they love with every piece of their soul and would put their heart into a person they love's hands, if it needs be. Because of their intense temper, sometimes they might seem like a fiery sign because they explode and hurt people really quickly
  • INTROVERTED PISCES: So fucking sensitive and their mind is chaos. Doesn't know what they're doing most of the time but in the end they always succeed in everything they do. People see them as fragile but that's just how they seem. They are actually really strong because they've been through a lot. Born with tremendous artistic tendencies and art is literally their life. They are very talented. Loves animals, shopping, nature, taking long walks, deep conversations and stargazing. Loves books and learning new weird languages and has tons of inside jokes with their 2 friends. They open up really hardly and they just don't let everybody in their life - they are really picky when it comes to people that they let in their life. Socially anxious as fuck and will look like a fool if they try to talk in public, so they avoid such situations

me: i’m a good writer. i know my worth and i’m confident in my skill set and i know i can do this. 

me, five minutes later: what if i’m terrible? what if everyone who has ever read my work and thought it was good was lying? too afraid to tell me the truth? blackmailed by aliens? what if everything i write is terrible and too scattered/forced/hollow what if i don’t know how to make a sentence. where do verbs go. how do u emotion

because someone already did the war of hearts version - here is everyone’s new favourite malec scene with “storm” by ruelle


Cosmic Tonics

  • Aries: Drink lots of water and move your neck often to make sure it doesn’t become stiff, you probably know the outcome of this and it’s likely a headache. Fast acting relief will only work for so long. You need head massages and wear your glasses like you are supposed to, don’t use your wounds and injuries as another form of exploration. An ice or cool press when feeling unwell, stressed, panicked, or have trouble sleeping can help. When everyone is agitating you, it’s time to stop, breathe, rest, and take some time to yourself
  • Taurus: Rest your voice, and feel the soothing sense of whipped cream running down your throat. Warm honey in the morning and evening may stop the sore, dry throat you can wake up with. When you don’t have plans tune your daily routine into the sun and moon, sleep when you are tired, eat when you are hungry, and don’t think about time. Affection and neck massages, cooking and enjoying substantial, nourishing, wholesome food is good for your health, but look for the pleasure of satisfaction in moderation, and not excessive and mindless satiation. 
  • Gemini: You breathe quickly or skip a breath without noticing, so whenever you can remember to take some deep and mindful breaths and just focus on counting them. You need clear lungs so you can keep talking, it’s where your spiritual energy is most abundant, but that fear of boredom, nerves, and urge to do something with your hands can be the reason for smoking and contaminating this sacred place, when you breathe in toxicity there is a moment of relief but a more wrenching tension to follow. You will have better focus and mental productivity with a mindful routine of eating substantial and nourishing food instead of hastily preparing or forgetting, and attending to earthly duties, it helps to reground and rebalance you. Arm, head, and hand massages are good for you 
  • Cancer: Blocked emotion can upset the inner balance and cause a high rush of sugar cravings or unsatisfying hunger. Hunger pains are not good for you, it means you are not thinking or feeling clearly. Try not to turn on your phone, social media, or news right after you wake up, your emotions are sensitive and easily provoked during this time so it can make you too overwhelmed and exhausted before you even begin the day. Getting as much sunlight and warmth in the morning as possible redirects your compass and spins your diurnal body clock. Taking care of people is also letting them take care of you 
  • Leo: If you start to feel the blood rush into your face and your cheeks burn it’s time to stop, take deep breaths, slow down your heart, and re-orient yourself. You can’t control time or outside forces, and nobody expects you to either. You will help people more by taking care of yourself when you need it, and not burning yourself out in self-sacrifice. Affection is good for you, so are dogs and babies and old people. Surround yourself with loving people because heartbreak is a physical, emotional, and spiritual breakdown. Lower back massages are good for you, and so is Sun Salutation, solar naps, falling asleep listening to a heartbeat, the press of somebody’s body against your heart 
  • Virgo: A panadol to relieve a headache won’t poison you, but a ritual of 2 a day probably will. You attach to whatever works with ease and efficiency, so you can adopt quick fixes and band aid habits that become automatic or relied upon as routine. Too little of something can be just as damaging as too much. You push the limits of how far you can go in terms of perfecting and stabilising your work, physical appearance and health, responsibilities, and skills that your inner needs, conditions, and psychological pleasure and balance are pushed aside and begin to decontaminate. While you are chasing that perfect self-image, don’t forget to take care of the one you have now, the one that is real and important. Head, neck, and hand massages are good for you. Dogs and pets are good for your health   
  • Libra: You need to stay as well hydrated as possible as Libra rules the kidneys and acidic balance, so the strain of collective contaminants can cause low back pain, keeping this area well cleansed and flushed can relieve the pressure. Back massages are good for you and so is the moderation of sugar intake, because you intellectualise as a reflex to emotion, a desire for sweets or insatiable hunger can be a symptom of frustration, a recent conflict, unstable mood or emotional discomfort. You may feel better if you take the help that people offer you   
  • Scorpio: Try to express, demonstrate, and release your emotions because keeping it inside can be very destructive. If it eventually sinks into the unconscious, you may be up for a trialing and enduring battle trying to find and validate it again. Your past always has a way of coming back to you, regardless of the lengths you take to run from it. Extremist behaviour is part of your nature, your diets can become famines and your exercise schedule can become militant regimes so moderation is important, establish a threshold that is challenging but not lethal
  • Sagittarius: Restless legs can be a symptom of emotional or psychological tension, lack of substantial movement and motion or too much of it. Your eyes are bigger than your stomach, and your desire is greater than your physical limits it will probably feel better to satisfy yourself until you are full rather than you are sick, not everything has to be a competition with yourself. Thigh and hip massages are good, and so is frequently stretching and keeping these areas flexible. Dogs and pets are good for your health  
  • Capricorn: A routine of deep stretching or yoga can be very beneficial because there can be a tendency to become extremely stiff, tense, and suffer repetitive stress injuries, it can also relieve the pressure in your back and shoulders. Good, therapeutic conversation where you share and release your worries can stop them building into contamination and straining your skin, causing irritants and reactions, fresh, country or salt water air is also cleansing for your skin
  • Aquarius: It’s always going to be difficult for you to reach a meditation of ‘thoughtlessness’ because your mind is so active, so establishing a method where you can engage in a sublime, non intrusive rhythm of thought and self reflection can be a meditative state, and because your spiritual energy is contained in the calves, it may be something like taking a long nature walk or swimming. The meditative experience may come easier through group meditation and dogs and pets are good for your health  
  • Pisces: Anything that massages, soothes, flexes, and restores the feet is good and nourishing for your inner balance. You can be restored by walking with bare feet along the shoreline or the sand, and it’s important that you have the right supportive shoes for your total equilibrium, when your shoes don’t fit in the right way you can become intensely irritable and be unsure of why. The water is good for your spirit, its like a baptism and revival, swim or listen to the ocean sounds whenever you can, sleep when you can, sleep when you are tired or you begin to lose a sense of what is real emotionally


If you’re on the verge of adulthood and you feel like you have no idea what ‘adulting’ is, you might want to check out some of these books. Here’s a list of some daunting “grown up” books that range from self help to finance:

  1. Rich dad poor dad- I had to start with a personal finance book because lets face it, us millennials have no idea where to start with personal finances. This book was written quiet a while ago but its still relevant and  easy to read. I read this book when I was 15 and I still re-read it every year to freshen up. It does a great job of introducing you to the relationship you’ll want to have with your money
  2. The life changing magic of tidying up- One of my all time favorites! (it pleases my inner Monica Geller) if you want to go into adulthood having a healthy relationship with the objects you buy, this is the one for you. Marie Kondo has a wealth of knowledge on efficient cleaning/ tidying methods that actually make a huge difference in helping you maintain a clear mind and a happy living space. 
  3. The 48 laws of power- ‘nuff said. Learning how powerful people work doesn’t necessarily mean you have to employ these tactics, but it’s important to recognize them when they’re being used on you.
  4. Girl Boss- This one is popular for a reason; if you wanna know to grow a business with little capital on the internet, this is your go to. A great read, regardless if you wanna go into business or not.
  5. 5 Love languages- Another popular one. This book will help you understand communication in relationships (not just romantic ones). You can never go wrong with learning how to effectively communicate your love to the people most important to you.
  6. Come as You Are: The Surprising New Science that Will Transform Your Sex Life- A book about female sexuality; A super insightful read regardless if you’re sexually active or not.
  7. Freakonomics- Literally one of the most interesting books ever created. If you’re an econ geek like me or just wanna know the hidden economics of how the world works, this will be a good read for you. This is one of those books that you can never unread.
  8. How to win friends and influence people- Similar to the 48 laws of power but with its own twist. This teaches you how to navigate the tricky world of making fiends or networking.
  9. The Telomere Effect: A Revolutionary Approach to Living Younger, Healthier, Longer- A sciency approach to health and wellness. A perfect read to get informed about your health.
  10. Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ- Emotional health is just as important physical health. You’re never too young to tend to your emotional well being and this book is just the place to start.

Ok, so that’s my round up of ‘grown up’ books. I hope you enjoyed and that this helped you to realize that books about life and self improvement are not just for adults. You can prepare for the life you want, you don’t have to wait for it.

One of the really, really frustrating things about being autistic is that you feel like you spend your life trying to reach some sort of unattainable middle-ground:

- We’re criticised for not making enough conversation, but when we do actually really get in to a conversation we are told we’re ‘too intense’.

- We’re often trained to maintain unbroken eye-contact during conversations, yet in reality too much eye-contact is called ‘staring’ and makes people very, very uncomfortable. 

- We’re encouraged to ‘express’ ourselves more, yet our actual, genuine emotional reactions are usually deemed ‘innapropiate’ or ‘unnescessary’. 

- We’re told to be friendly and confident when approaching new people, but are then warned that we ‘come off too strong’.

- We are told to try and make interesting conversation, but are also taught that speaking about our interests will only ever annoy other people. 

- We’re asked to explain our difficulties and anxieties, only to be told that these explanations ‘make no sense’ or that our worries are unrealistic and invalid. 

- We’re expected to force ourselves in to social situations that feel overwhelming and draining yet still somehow remain friendly, good-tempered and pleasantly sociable. 

- We are encouraged to develop good self-esteem, while at the exact same time being taught that everything about us is wrong.

I don’t hate having autism - I’ve never hated having autism. But I do hate living with the never-ending pressure to attain this mythical ‘perfect’ level of social interaction that simply doesn’t exist in my case.  

stress? don’t let it bog you down!! people have different levels of stress and work differently under stress, but don’t let it rule your life. to minimize the stress in your life, try to follow these little tips:

1. sleep to your comfort. i’m not going to tell you to sleep a certain amount, everyone’s different. i personally function better on a lesser amount of sleep. that being said, sleep is important to your mental function (your entire body’s functions, really), so you need to get some sleep. but find the hours of sleep you prefer. pick a select amount of hours and try to stick with it. having 5 hours one night and then sleeping for 13 hours is extremely inefficient and will negatively affect your body’s functions. if you’re catching up on sleep, that’s fine and important, but try to stick to some relatively regular schedule.

2. breathe. I know this is kind of weird to say, but take the time to consciously breathe. the best tip is to inhale “x” seconds and let it out in a slow “2x”. do the math, take slow, regulated breathes, and let it out two times slower. this sends a great amount of oxygen to your brain, and you will let the muscles in your face relax! avoid scrunching your eyebrows up or together to minimize headaches too.

3. eat healthily. if you eat healthily, your body will feel great. you will also appreciate the person in the mirror, which always boosts your esteem. eating healthily will keep your mind clear and your body natural. pimples, which are due to stress, unhealthy eating, genetics, environment, etc. can be helped with food, sleep, and tons of water. so eat healthily, and your body will relax a bit. this does not mean avoid your tasty, favourite snacks. eat what you want in with your health in mind.

4. listen to music/don’t listen to anything at all. if you live for music, listen to music! this will really calm your mind. you don’t want to be swimming in worldly thoughts all the time. take some time to let go of the world, the friends, school, homework, worries, etc. and think about yourself. listen to your favourite music and just chill. analyze the music, the words, and enjoy the tune. smile a little.  

having nothing but silence is JUST as good. if you have nothing to listen to, your mind may run. but take away all of the thoughts in your head and introspect. dig into the little space between your ribs and take to every blood cell floating around in your body. thank the organs that are pumping you up. worry about the little splinter in your hand. but do not remember anything pertaining to “problems” or others, at least for 15 minutes. give your body some time to forget the bad stuff, it’s just as good as a little nap.

5. do something you love. this will just unwind all the tention in your mind. speak to your hobby. if you’re angry and play an instrument, express your feelings through the song and tire yourself until the emotions are gone. if you like to write, express the emotion and just get it out of your system. by doing something you love, you’re instantly filling up yourself with good vibes and replacing the bad with happy. do not keep negative emotions festering inside of you for too long.

6. do yoga and meditation. 15 minutes suffices. make some time as you get more free-timed, but just spend some time stretching out your body and focusing on your breathing. stretching your body relaxes the tension your physical body may have. focusing on your breathing will let you clear your mind and relax. meditation is just awesome. sit somewhere quietly and try to remove everything from your mind, and focus on the silence. instant relief!

7. drt or qrt. drt is deep relaxation technique, and qrt is quick relaxation technique. these are really helpful after doing yoga and meditation. lie down and try to focus on your body. depending on how much time you have, you can get really relaxed while focusing on your breathes. try going to a yoga studio for more information! i’m a yoga freak so ask if you have questions!

8. talk less. you want less ideas, thoughts, worries, troubles banging around in your head. listen and forget, but if you talk, it’s going to build up a pressure in your mind to add more, add more. this won’t help you relax! try to stay away from too much social media. studyblrs are great in that you are contributing your studies, and that’s pretty much it!

9. take care of your work as quickly as you can. getting rid of your work will reduce the stress you may feel later. study well every day and finish little pieces of your work daily so you don’t have a huge, piled load sitting last minute. plan everything you do, and try to stay on task. don’t divert from your work every 10 minutes. rather, try to take a break every 30 minutes to maintain your grasp on the subject.

10. try to be less sensitive. don’t let everything people say get to you. let go of small insults or jeers. try to understand that the entire world isn’t going to like you, and not everyone is nice. but there are lots of nice people too, so try to find them and only associate with them. if at all any of your friends are being to toxic, drop them. however, you need to build resistance against people’s comments to feel happy all the time! if somethings make you sad, address them. you must keep yourself happy as the first priority.

11. be thankful. thanking someone will always make you feel good! be gratuitous, and someone’s going to repay you one day!

12. be at peace with your decisions. don’t let others dictate or ruin your choices. be who you are and grow.

i hope these help you guys become a little stress-free and find some relaxation in your life. good luck!

What I hate about the signs

*based on people I’ve met*

Aries: they’re friendly at first but get bored of you easily if you can’t keep up with their active life and leave you questioning wtf you did wrong, flirts with you, gets your hopes up and then disappears into the void

Taurus: bossy, never admits they’re wrong, thinks their judgement is the best but is actually very flawed, eats your food and doesn’t share theirs, is able to spend all their money in a single day, buys useless shit even if that means they’re left with no money for toilet paper, blames others for their mistakes

Gemini: fake and flighty, gossipy, too lost in their thoughts and ideas, can’t keep up with reality, wants to seem innocent but is actually a bitch in disguise, backstabbers, gives you the wrong advice to watch you fail, salty af

Cancer: crybaby, hides their negative opinions about you, bottles feelings up until they explode, sometimes too clingy, sometimes too cold, misunderstands people’s intentions and fights them over what turns out to be just their imagination

Leo: they struggle too much to seem cool and superior, too agressive when arguing, dramatic, they chase emotionally unavailable people only to feel sorry for themselves afterwards, hides their weaknesses and their emotional side

Virgo: too critical, refuses to see their flaws, obsessed with being perfect, thinks they know it all, they try too much to impress the people they like, think they should be the leaders, though they refuse the responsability that comes with leadership, refuses to get help even when they need it, has childish reactions when getting mad at you

Libra: too indecisive, emotionally unstable, wants to be loved but refuse the love they recieve, never seems serious, takes serious matters lightly, overreacting, they look insane when they’re angry

Scorpio: sometimes too emotional, wants to know everyone’s secrets but no one should know theirs, secretly very judgemental, thinks they’re too good for this cruel world, makes way too many sexual innuendos

Sagittarius: wants to come off as friendly, but probably hates you, wants to seem mature but is actually very childish, doesn’t want to work too hard and gets mad when the results are bad, has unrealistically high expectations of their partener, too spontaneous to keep up with, freaky, frequently changes their mood from depressive to highly enthusiastic

Capricorn: too ambitious, doesn’t give you their notes if they think you’re going to take a higher grade, sometimes they are way too energetic and annoying, too selective with the people they choose to be friends with, thinks they can do a better job than you even when they don’t demonstrate that, aloof, party poopers

Aquarius: thinks they’re superior even though they can’t prove it, tries too hard to be edgy and unique, displays addictive behaviours, finds it hard to let go of the things they like, sometimes they get silent for too long, thinks the whole world is against them, acts like an angsty teenager

Pisces: they’re too dreamy, thinks they’re more artistic and talented than they actually are, hates people who are greater or cooler than them, obsessive about their crushes, too fragile, wants people to take pity on them, can get creepy and stalker-ish when they have a crush on you

*Please don’t take this too personally, they’re just my observations and that doesn’t mean they apply to you, thank you*

I REALLY recommend Tsuritama.

It’s honestly one of my absolutely favourite shows and it’s all-around a wonderful story about finding passion, overcoming boundaries and building strong and meaningful friendships, also it has aliens so it’s pretty much perfect.

The main character, Yuki, is a character I hold very dear to my heart.
He’s a kid who deals with anxiety which this anime depicts FANTASTICALLY.
Everything Yuki feels and does, his drowning feeling, the inner monologue, the way his flashbacks at the end of the day are depicted, is on point with how anxiety feels to me. Being someone who dealt with and occasionally still deals with crippling social anxiety, this anime spoke to me on a very personal level and I absolutely adore the growth Yuki goes through in the short 12 episodes. 

Not only is anxiety depicted very well, but the interpersonal relationships between the four main characters develop EXTREMELY beautifully and naturally. Their friendships and how they behave within them makes a lot of sense with their different personalities. They are extroverts and introverts, they come from different backgrounds and with different motives and manage to create very genuine bonds with each other. I keep noticing new aspects of their relationships every time I re-watch this show.

I don’t want to say too much about the plot because I don’t want to spoil things, but it’s unusual, full of surprises, full of emotions, full of excellent character development, and it combines science fiction with fishing, of all things.


The colours in this show are some of the most comforting and pleasant palettes I’ve ever seen in an anime! It’s very bright and colourful and perfectly saturated to retain a general feel-good touch throughout the entire run.


“That summer I changed.
I finally found something I was really interested in.
I always had friends by my side.
And I even surprised myself
by how loudly
I learned to laugh.“

The Damerey subtext of Last Jedi

(because who doesn’t love subtext?)

1. When Finn hands off the tracker to Poe when he heads off on his mission with Rose, Finn is trusting Poe with the fate of his best friend’s life. In the story, this serves the purpose of Rey being able to come back safely to the Resistance. However, under the surface that tracker symbolizes Rey’s life. Finn puts Rey’s life- perhaps we could say her heart-  in Poe’s hands. 

2. Another key scene is when Rey screams in pain when Snoke is torturing her, Poe jolts awake in shock and perhaps pain. This parallel makes a good scene transition, but we also see something deeper here. Rey is a powerful Force user and was certainly projecting her emotions through the Force. Poe sensed her suffering as if they were linked in some way. It is not too much of a stretch imagining a Force bond in a film where Force bonds are an established thing. The fact that Rey and Poe don’t, or barely, (from whichever way you want to interpret their ending interaction) know each other suggests some kind of fated connection. They are being drawn to each other through the Force. Kylo and Rey also did not know each other well, and had a Force connection in Last Jedi. How can we say that could not also be the case between Rey and Poe? Would it be fair to write it off that easily? At the very least, it would be less fun. 

3. Finally, Rey and Poe meet on the Falcon, after Poe had earlier looked at Rey in amazement as she used the Force to move rocks. What I find particularly interesting about this meeting is that it took the TFA novelization meeting (see this post) and gave us the inverse with the same feelings and tone. In the TFA  novel, Rey admired Poe and knew who he was. In The Last Jedi, it is Poe admiring Rey saying he already knows her name. 

“I’m Rey.”

“I know.”

There is mutual admiration here. Combine that with the possible Force bond, or at very least a destined lovers trope, and you have the recipe for some romance here! 

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Not to forget that “I know.”  was Han’s famous line to Leia in ESB. in Star Wars speak “I know.” could easily be shorthand for a handsome, hot-headed hero expressing his love for a beautiful force sensitive brunette … now wait a minute … ;)

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Verdict: Damerey was very much there in the Last Jedi if you looked carefully enough! 

How I’ve experienced the Romantic~ side of the intuitive MBTI types

(By an ENFJ)


-hey cutie lets talk government conspiracy

-smooth and hilarious pickuplines


-wait do I really like my significant other tho?

-won’t take ur shit


-will always beat u at board games

-wants u to join them when they rule the world


-decides to stay single

-probably does if they don’t find someone they have fun with and can help them grow



-struggles w too many and too few emotions at the same time


-will say the most adorable things

-smol beans of love

-will give u their love in some form of art


-will ask u a million questions

-won’t date u if yall don’t have a future together

-wants to help u w urself


-«what can i do to make u happy!!1??»

-needs to think about themselves first!! Too selfless for their own good

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For the "I wish you would write a fic where..." thing: Derek is smugly singing "Scotty doesn't know" while Scott is around or he plays it while they're in the car with a smirk on his face. And obviously Derek and Stiles are together, but Stiles isn't ready to tell Scott, I don't know, something like that, pleaaaase :)))

There were a lot of misunderstandings in the pack, which was understandable; misunderstandings happened in any group of people, small and large, especially when most of them were too emotionally stunted to have a conversation that wasn’t 85% sarcasm. Which the Hale pack was. Because that’s what happens when an emotionally stunted twenty-two year old finds like-minded people to join his angst club.

So there were misunderstandings. Assumptions. Misconceptions.

Misconceptions like Stiles could do card tricks now because he was an emissary, or that Erica’s lewd sense of humor meant she was kinky in bed (she wasn’t, she’d drunkenly confessed as much after chugging a fifth of 151). The absolute lie that Isaac became cultured since he lived in France for a year, or the assumption that Jackson was anything spectacular in bed (he wasn’t, Lydia had drunkenly confessed as much after one shot of 151).

But by far, the most heinous misconception was that Derek was a no fun stick in the mud; a true Adult who went to bed early, only drank decaf coffee, and dusted regularly, or sat in silence reading every day.

The reality was that Derek played douchey music too loud, drove with a lead foot, and spent way too long getting his hair just right in the morning. That effortless stubble? Carefully maintained. He had a brush for his eyebrows.

If he had no plans, he laid in bed until well after noon, scrolling through articles on his phone so he could huff indignantly at them and roll his eyes.

He had a secret cookie stash behind his bran cereal, a weird fascination with deep frying food that he never indulged in beyond buying interest magazines about it, and for some god awful reason, he knew all of the names of the people from Jersey Shore.

He snored and drooled, didn’t always clean up the hair after he trimmed his beard, and occasionally had days where he watched hours of cooking shows and only got off the couch to pee or brush chip crumbs off himself.

Stiles knew all of this to be true because he had personally witnessed all of it, and had found stubble sprinkled across the sink on more than one occasion. He’d woken up to nudging and a phone in his face and Derek’s exasperated, “Read this, can you believe these idiots?” He knew way too much about how to deep fry everything from ice cream to entire pigs, because sometimes he forgot his phone and that was the only type of reading Derek left in the good bathroom. He’d watched three two hour specials on making soufflé in one sitting, a dish that neither he nor Derek had any intention of ever attempting.

Stiles knew all of this to be true because despite the rampant emotional stuntedness all around, he was dating Derek—fairly successfully, he might add. Maybe a high B+ with the points deducted for the time he tried deepthroating and burped on Derek’s dick.

That aside, they were doing great, Stiles was happy, loved, terrified of screwing it up, he’d kill a man with his bare hands before doing anything to risk it—standard butterfly kind of flutters.

So when it came time to tell the pack about them…he flaked. Like a dry scalp in winter.

(Which, coincidentally, Derek also had.)

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Girrrl break down mars in aspect for US 🤗🤗🤗


Mars - Ascendant 
Positive: These aspects between Mars and the ascendant can make for someone who is assertive, but not aggressive. Even if in just the most subtle ways, like not being afraid to mention when something goes wrong with their Starbucks order in order to fix it. They may also have at least the appearance of having a good deal of energy, which can make them uplifting to be around. Mars-Asc people may also like to dress more revealing or appear to be more sexual. Appears like a top but they’re actually a bottom.

Negative: These aspects between Mars and the ascendant can cause one to appear overly aggressive. They may seem like they’re always on edge. They may initially react to things too impulsively. They may been seen as a sex symbol in a way that they are judged for it. They may take on more of a dark or aggressive look rather than a sexual look. They seem like a top and they’re probably a top.

Mars - Midheaven
Positive: These people may be seen as very confident and self assured, regardless of if they actually are or not. They may be great at pioneering in situations and having others follow them. Trend setters. They always appear to be doing something, people at least think they’re incredibly productive. May be considered by the general public as very fuckable. Probably a top, and seems like a top.

Negative: These people may be seen by the general public as being kind of intimidating, they have this aggressive intensity to them. They often care about  their public image a lot and work hard for it. These people could be seen as overly sexual, or vulgar. They look like a top but they’re actually a bottom, surprise!

Mars - Sun
Positive: These people are confident in themselves and their sexuality. They aren’t afraid to show themselves off in a sexual light. They are very self-assured. They know who to put all their energy into, themselves! They may have a really high libido. They probably would be the kind to want to show off in bed. Definitely a top.

Negative: These people can be overly aggressive at times, especially when they feel offended in some way. They may have issues containing their aggression or sexuality. They probably are very sexual, and have a lot of need for physical contact. Although they may be very sexual, they may not be comfortable with their sexuality. Definitely a top though. 

Mars - Moon
Positive: They’re able to get out any emotional frustration through physical activity. This could include sex, it could be very emotionally relieving for them. They put a lot of emotional and passion into things. They need physical contact to really feel loved, even if it’s just a hug or something. They’re very vocal about how they’re feeling, so there isn’t any sort of confusion. Probably a bottom.

Negative: These people may have overly intense emotions, which may cause them to lash out. They can use aggression as a defense mechanism. They may have had an abusive mother, or a mother who would get angry at them all the time. These people are probably a bit hesitant when it comes to the idea of sex, probably a bottom.

Mars - Mercury 
Positive: These people are very vocal about their ideas, they are confident in them and aren’t afraid to show off their “superior” mind. These people can easily find where other’s are weak, and help them with that. They have a quick mind and are eager to learn. They may be the kind of person to make a lot of sexual jokes. Can be either a top or bottom.

Negative: These people may communicate overly aggressively and may be the kind of person to interrupt people while speaking. May be too impatient when it comes to studying certain topics. They probably are very vulgar in what they say. They probably text or talk too much during sex. Lazy bottom.

Mars - Venus
Positive: Very passionate about most things, but especially the arts. They’re very physical in love, in a very sensual way. These people are very charming, and they attract many people into their lives. They may be the more assertive one in a relationship. Actual love is an important part of sex to them, they wouldn’t want to fuck just anyone. Probably a bottom.

Negative: May need to have the “power” in their relationships which can lead to them being manipulative or controlling. There may be issues displaying love properly, and can confuse lust for love. May mix up feelings of love and hate and could end up in a very love-hate and troublesome relationship. Could push sex onto their partner. Definitely a top.

Mars - Jupiter
Positive: They have a very high libido, they are very giving of passionate love, but they also want to receiving plenty back. They are very receptive of physical love. They love grand gestures of attraction. They’re very optimistic and energetic when it comes to their passions. They’re usually a bottom.

Negative: These people may find that instead of Jupiter making them very energetic, it makes them apathetic. They don’t have all that much energy, unless they are emotional or angered in which case they are very vocal about it. They also still keep a high sex drive, but they like to be more receiving of such physical love than giving. Most definitely a bottom.

Mars - Saturn
Positive: These people have good control over their anger, and outbursts aren’t common for them. They may not be all that sexual, but when they are it is with undeniably intense sensuality. They may not be too showing of their sexuality, but they are very comfortable with it. Probably secretly a top.

Negative: These people may have a really low libido, or a libido they aren’t comfortable with. They may hold back their anger until they eventually explode. They really don’t have enough energy the majority of the time, and they could often be labeled as a prude. Although they may use sex as some sort of stress relief, when they actually seem able to get sex that is because there always seems to be their barrier stopping them. Probably a top. 

Mars - Uranus
Positive: These people have their own unique quirks, like not often becoming angry but the second you say something that they feel goes against their values for society they’ll be pissed af. These people may have some weird kinks, but they’re totally comfortable with that. They may also be very experimental in sex. Probably a top.

Negative: May have some simply fucked up kinks, or they may be prone to having this “better-than-thou” attitude. When angered they become pretentious. They may detach a lot from their passion, and find it hard to find anything they are actually passionate about. Emotions aren’t necessary for sexual relations for these people. Probably a top. 

Mars - Neptune
Positive: These people hardly are ever angered, they live by the saying “kill them with kindness.” These people are pretty sweet and easy going. They look for sexual partner who are also potential love interests, or more commonly someone who already loves them and who they love back. Definitely a bottom.

Negative: Can be easily offended and take lighthearted things too seriously. Plays the victim when hurt or in an argument. Sex may be of a lot of importance to them in love. But more so they like other forms of physical contract from their partner, such as cuddling or hugging. Definitely a bottom.

Mars - Pluto
Positive: These people have a high libido, but they know how to control it. They make good strong leaders.  They know how to channel their anger into something transformative and productive. They probably like sex, a lot, but they also would like to actually feel intimate with someone on an emotional level. Probably a top but they could also be a bottom. 

Negative: These people can get very, very angry. Once they are angered it is intense and scary. When angered they may do things they regret later (such as throwing their phone at a wall, or yelling “I hate you” to someone they actually love, etc). They also are very sexual, and provocative. They find their sexuality to be a sense of power and control for them, although they can also be very manipulative/otherwise controlling in order to feel a sense of power. Could be either a top or a bottom. 

Hope this was helpful x