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tbqh i agree with you, peyton is a pretty good actor and honestly people hate on him and lucas for the stupidest reasons. they're teenage boys? let the live and make mistakes.

thank you, thank you! like you can actually tell he tries in his acting. when peyton was doing the speech to rowan in ski lodge too you could feel the emotion and that’s amazing. i loved it. truly spectacular.

but besides that, neither lucas or peyton really do anything to get as much hate as they do???

okay so peyton

  • retweeted an alm tweet which he then deleted and apologized for after being called out
  • hasn’t posted anything about politics, blm, or any of the shootings or disasters happening in the world but he’s also hardly ever on social media
  • according to the fandom “doesn’t do anything” but is constantly doing premiere program, is going to things like “anti bully” campaigns and a bunch of other shit that other favs of the cast don’t do (never do actually, from what i know)
  • never speaks out about things really, but than again as soon as rumors about peyton hating his cast mates and being homophobic he straightened it out. bc he cares about his cast mates and he’s not a hateful person. (i mean, why do an anti bully campaign if you’re gonna bully someone who likes the same sex)

and lucas what? oh yeah! doesn’t get story lines. gets pushed back for a character who became a main half way through s1 (and even than was pushed aside), has only been used as a prop from romances, and when he does anything it’s taken way out of proportion but when other characters do worse it’s ignore. because why? because he’s a white male who “text book” definition of attractive.

what i’ve learned is that if you’re gonna engage in a romantic relationship during your young adult years, it damn well better be with someone who makes your insides explode with nothing but positive emotion. someone who takes the time to be kind, patient and understanding, more often than not, and who is as warm with their words as they are with their touch. life is too short to be focused on people who do not have your growth and best interest in mind. the right person will love you in a way that makes you feel completely free and accepted within your own skin. they won’t attempt to hinder your development out of fear or insecurity that your new experiences might lead you into the arms of someone else. good lovers will desire to see your personal success just as much as you do, and they will support and respect your decisions. stay away from people who make you feel guilty about desiring the best for yourself. they don’t love you for you, they love you for what you can provide for them. and that is not love.

How to make good eye effects:

One color. Simple and recognizable shape. Proportionally still the size and location of pupils compared to the rest of the eye. Enhances the emotions the face and body is expressing to make the emotional context more clear.

How not to make good eye effects:

Too many colors, or too many details. Improper size (too big) and location make the effect not look like pupils anymore. Doesn’t add anything to the emotion the body and face is making, and instead is used as a substitute for facial and body expression.

bad feelings of the moon signs
  • *use your Moon Sign (duh)
  • Aries: the feeling of having too much energy for your own good, needing to let it out somehow, feeling actual rage
  • Taurus: the feeling of wanting to let go but you just can't, when you want to be spontaneous without commitment but there's a big part of you that won't let that happen, feeling as if all the problems in the world are your fault
  • Gemini: the feeling of being okay with talking about emotions but struggling to actually feel them, the feeling of having literal chaos running through your head
  • Cancer: the feeling of needing people too much, trying to protect them too much, being too selfless for your own good
  • Leo: the negative feeling of self awareness, when something that's wrong with you literally becoming a nightmare
  • Virgo: feeling desperate because chaos is driving you insane, the anxiety of not knowing how to make peace last, feeling worthless
  • Libra: the feeling of loneliness, not being able to cope when you're alone, hating yourself for depending too much on people's opinions
  • Scorpio: the feeling of when emotions get out of control because of the smallest things, feeling as they take over, starting to cry because they're so overwhelming
  • Sagittarius: the constant need for freedom, the feeling of extreme fear of attachment, feeling caged
  • Capricorn: the terrifying feeling of not being in control of a situation, when things get out of hand and you can't seem to find a solution because you're human and you forget about that too often
  • Aquarius: not feeling emotions, being trapped by detachment, the feeling of not wanting to do something because it's trendy
  • Pisces: feeling as if the whole universe is inside of you, therefore it becomes too overwhelming on a daily basis, crying because you're confused, feeling your emotions smother you slowly

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Moon Sign Sentiment

Aries moon: emotions are explosive and overpowering. like a bomb, this moon persons feelings hit instantaneously and all at once, leaving those surrounded coated in ash and debris from the detonation. all is forgotten shorty after.

Gemini moon: emotions are spasmodic and confused, inconsistent like the speed of wind. this moon person acts erratically as if they are feeling for the first time, not understanding that feelings aren’t meant to make sense. 

Taurus Moon: emotions are deep but practical, this moon person dwelling neither too much nor too little, letting their feelings come and go as they please. they are wise regarding sentiment, knowing that no feeling, good or bad, is permanent. 

Cancer moon: emotions are intense and relentless, like they are drowning inside themselves, leaving this moon person overwhelmed, exhausted, and constantly feeling tormented, like they must fight to stay afloat.

Leo moon: emotions are all consuming, untamed and insist on being felt. this moon person lives on a constant emotional roller coaster, highs are above the clouds and lows result in break downs. they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Virgo moon: emotions are not dwelled upon but are instead suppressed, like boiling hot water increasingly sizzling under a closed lid. this continues until the event of an overflow, resulting in emotional collapse. 

Libra moon: emotions are vague and watered down by logic and reason, being acknowledged but never truly felt. this moon person feels with the brain, never fully being able to make sense of their feelings.

Scorpio moon: emotions are powerful but concealed. this moon person feels everything but says nothing. everything is channeled inward leaving this moon person at constant war with themselves.

Sagittarius moon: emotions run wild with no regards for anything or anyone. emotions here are impulsive but fleeting, leaving the moon person in speedy search of an outlet for expression.

Capricorn moon: emotions are selectively ignored and rarely acted upon. this moon person will do everything in their power to subdue, repress and even kill their emotions, to no avail. this leaves the moon person feeling disturbed and out of control, which continues until they learn that they can’t run from themselves.

Aquarius moon: this moon person lives inside their mind and way outside their heart, causing them to fabricate emotional responses as they see fit to compensate for their lack of feelings. this moon person is irrational when forced by life to inhabit their body. 

Pisces moon: emotions of this placement run at a high velocity, constantly flowing with no other purpose but to be felt. this moon person is unconscious of their own depth, sometimes riding the waves that is their feelings, other times being drowned by them. they go out with no kicking or screaming.  

The Signs as Colors and Why

Capricorn would be green because green represents growth, harmony, and stability. Capricorns are always seeking to grow in their lifetime. They are usually stable in stressful situations which makes them the harmony of a problem because they’ll always know the answer or at least try to help out. 

Aquarius would be yellow because yellow represents happiness, childishness, unstable, and can be disturbing if there’s too much of them. Aquarians always try to stay happy whether they need to or not. They’re also very childish with their friends and sometimes with strangers which makes them disturbing if they become too childish as they can become a little bit weird. Their emotions are also unstable and unpredictable.

Pisces would be white because white represents goodness, innocence, and purity. Pisces are always trying to go for the goodness in life and not the bad which can play in their innocence because sometimes, they ignore the world around them if it’s not their ideal image of happiness. They’re also pure as they are loyal and will never think of doing a fault.

Aries would be red because red represents emotions, visibility, quick decisions, passion, and energy. Aries can be very emotional but they usually try to hide it unless they’re angry, otherwise, they’ll give you all of their wrath seeing all of their passion with their anger. They always try to make themselves visible to others as they need to feel wanted all the time. They always find themselves in having to make quick decisions because most Aries are procrastinators or maybe they just always get in trouble. Some Aries may have lots of energy all the time; always ready to do something.

Taurus would be blue because blue represents trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, and faith. Taurus are very trustworthy people to have in your life which makes them also very loyal in a relationship. They are very wise as they use common sense in almost everything they do instead of just how they feel, etc. That is why they are so intelligent because they use brains instead of feelings. They are very confident and usually don’t care what others think of them or what they do which correlates to why their faith is so strong.

Gemini would be orange because orange represents happiness, creativity, determination, success, and encouragement. Gemini are always happy or try to be happy in every situation even if one side of them is telling them not the be. They are very creative which just comes naturally to them in everything from coloring to graphic design. Success is forever on their mind as they are determined to accomplish their dreams and life goals. They don’t just encourage themselves, they encourage others, too! They believe anyone can do anything they want to do in life, keeping that positive mindset.

Cancer would be white because white represents goodness, innocence, and safety. Cancers try to make everybody’s life good even if theirs is not which can be a good or bad thing because sometimes they are so focused on others lives that it seems they don’t care about their own. They can be very innocent to others feelings in situations that they’ve never been in or don’t understand very well. Cancers need to be explained why people feel the way they do in certain problems. They also like to keep loved ones or any for that matter safe. They’d risk their own lives just to save someone they love.

Leo would be red because red represents quick decisions, passion, and energy. Leos always feel the need to make quick decisions whether if it’s necessary or not. They usually don’t take time to think things through and just decide right away. Leos are also very passionate in the way they feel emotionally and about others. If they like someone, they’ll go all force to try to make them theirs. They spend a lot of the time being very active which means they have a lot of energy to spare throughout the whole day.

Virgo would be blue because blue represents trust, loyalty, intelligence, and faith. Virgos are very trustworthy. They keep secrets all the time that sometimes they can’t even keep track of them! They are also very loyal and would never spread rumors about a friend or cheat on a boy/girlfriend. They are very intelligent as they are always seeking for knowledge about anything and everything, even if it’s unnecessary for the outside world. Their faith is a big part of their lives as they rarely change their mind about what they believe in and never change it just to fit someone’s standard.

Libra would be purple because purple represents dignity, independence, creativity, mystery, and femininity. Libras have a dignity that they would like to keep their entire lives and they would never like to ruin it or they’d be devastated. They are also a very independent sign who doesn’t like taking help from others even if they really need it. They are very creative but where that creativity comes from is a mystery. It could be from a number of things: maybe they were born with it; maybe they had a life trama  experience; whatever the reason, they’re very creative. They are also very feminine even if they want to admit it or not.

Scorpio would be black because black represents power, evil, and mystery. Scorpians always search for power, minor or major, in any situation. Whether they’re the leader of a project or just the one to take a shower first, they are thirsty for power. Make a Scorpio mad/sad, they become evil. They’ll bring up all of your mistakes in the past or reasons why they don’t even like you in the first place. Even so, they are a work of mystery. You never know why they do the things they do or say the things they say. They might not even know the answers themselves.

Sagittarius would be yellow because yellow represents happiness, intellect, childish, and disturbing if too much of it. Sagittarius are very optimistic people that try to see the good in everyday situations. They are very intelligent but usually hide it so they don’t seem like a know-it-all or they just don’t need to blurt out the information at the moment. Sagittarius are very childish and sometimes don’t realize what they’re saying or doing is childish, just one way to have fun in the world. Although, if you hangout with them for too long, they may become disturbing. They can reveal information that was unnecessary to know or they tell you dark things.

I genuinely do not know how they continue to make Yuri!!! on Ice better with every single episode…

Like seriously, with most series, you get a good episode everyone so often or perhaps once or twice in the short series, but never every single episode.  

In my opinion, literally every single episode continues to outdo itself.  I legitimately see the fandom, every week, say “How can this get any better” and then it genuinely does so without doing it in a stupid way or being too unrealistic.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to relate so much to a character and I feel that with Yuri, right from the very beginning, I have been able to see myself in him, what with his weight gain, struggling to deal with pressure, anxiety issues, worrying about what other people think and generally not feeling good about himself.  To see him grow and develop and become a stronger person, yet still retaining his worries, however able to suppress them with the support and love of his friends… I genuinely find this motivational and something that could help so many people on a mental level.

I just wanna take a long moment to really appreciate all the people who have made this possible and all the hard work and effort that has gone into writing and drawing this story because it’s been a long time since I’ve watched something as realistic and good as this.  Nothing I ever say or do will convey how genuinely happy it has made me and so many other people around the world.  But yeah, thank you.

This show was truly born to make history.

Getting to physically hold my cosplay variant cover for the first time. I’m overwhelmed with emotions. To everyone who ever cheered me on, thank you. To everyone who ever felt discouraged by bullies, told that their features were ‘too Black’ to cosplay, don’t give up. Don’t you ever let them make you feel like you’re not good enough. You’re beautiful and you can do anything. We can be heroes too.

The signs as I personally know them-
  • Aries: Strong as hell, emotionally & physically. Will not hesitate to put you in your place. Is also very sensitive underneath their thick skin, but is embarrassed when people see that side of them.
  • Taurus: Will do anything to make someone laugh. Is extremely smart when they apply themselves, but is the best at procrastinating & being late. Loves their friends more than their family, and acts out when they don't feel loved enough. Extremely loyal, and very blunt.
  • Gemini: Very sweet at first. Funny & too smart for their own good. Tries to do everything to make other people happy, but often forgets about themselves. Hates straying from habits & likes to be kept in their comfort zone. Good actors... Oh! & lies out of their ass.
  • Cancer: Too emotional & moody. Is always heart broken in some way, and will do things for others to make themselves feel better. Making people happy is their one goal. Very creative & likes to take charge, but not take credit for doing so.
  • Leo: Complains about people complaining. Can be a huge piss baby when things don't go their way. Likes to pick fights only if they know they will win them. Very smart, but lazy. Is sweet to people close to them, but cold when they treat them badly. Blows things out of proportion.
  • Virgo: Very poetic. Great writers. Gets passionate about everything they do. Sarcasm is their second language. Complains a lot because they like it when people feel bad for them. They need a lil attention to feel better about themselves. Great speaking voices.
  • Libra: Craves attention & seeks it out in the wrong way. Will not stop until they get what they want; in a good & bad way. Loyal friends, always cute & funny. Very flirty & charismatic. Will always show you an adventure.
  • Scorpio: Comes off as ditzy, but is actually really smart under all those great looks. Puts their all into everything. Very emotional, but very bad at showing it. Their friends are their everything. When they love, they love hard. Cutest laugh & is surprisingly poetic.
  • Sagittarius: The most creative. Is never afraid to make fun of themselves. Procrastinates, but always ends up getting everything done superbly. Is nice to everyone they meet, even if they don't particularly like them too much. Is very good at easing a situation.
  • Capricorn: Very stubborn but so intelligent it'll knock your socks off. Funny in a sarcastic dick kinda way, but still charming. Very easy to talk to & has great music taste. Isn't good at showing feelings, mostly because they have none. But when they do, man do they.
  • Aquarius: The most beautiful, with the lowest self esteem. Tries so hard, but doesn't need to. Their cries for help are subtle, but when they get to a breaking point, they break hard & loud. Very mixed emotionally. Can be very funny when comfortable around people. Often gets mad when people don't know what they're thinking. Has no clue what they want to do in life, but are determined to do something.
  • Pisces: Great taste in everything. Quiet, but loud when they're around friends. Easy going and knows all the underground music & stores. Hip & will never admit it. Coming off as confident, they're mostly insecure. Will never do bad to a friend.
what annoys me about the moon signs

aries moon: chill the fuck out and stop being so aggressive (including myself)

taurus moon: HURRY UP. stop being so slow-moving and stubborn and warm-hearted pick up the pace

gemini moon: you talk so much and sometimes i can’t tell if you’re being judgey, manipulative, or trying to be nice. i don’t think any of u can tell either

cancer moon: you want to protect everyone but your emotions are everywhere it’s too much i gotta go cya

leo moon: put other people first sometimes!!! 

virgo moon: you heavily criticize people and you’re too structured i don’t wanna hear it

libra moon: MAKE UP YR MIND!

scorpio moon: i dnt trust any scorpio moons…….so shady….are you trying to mind-control me or are you just being yourself or ??

sagittarius moon: you’re not good at expressing affection stop being so flighty

capricorn moon: your sarcasm is so hurtful and sometimes you can be materialistic yikes 

aquarius moon: you’re RLLY not good at expressing affection

pisces moon: get ur head out of the clouds every now and then

Tips For Attracting Sagittarius

- Coming on too strong is not the way to go when dealing with a Sagittarius. it makes you look desperate and will have them looking elsewhere… quick. Be modest and give them a chance to know the real you.

- Show them you have a good sense of humor. The more you can make them laugh, the more they’ll see you’re somebody they can have fun with.

- Share yourself with them! They like knowing you have some kind of story, that you’ve overcome things or want to do certain things with your life. Doesn’t have to be an emotional display (in fact, the less emotion the better) but rather an opportunity for them to connect with you on some level.

Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die
  • This is Gospel: Don't look too much into the lyrics okay just don't do it
  • Miss Jackson: this song makes me wanna wear lacy black thigh-highs and red lipstick
  • Vegas Lights: "we're bored with looking good" that sounds fake but ok
  • Girl That You Love: No offence but this is easily the worst song in their entire discography
  • Nicotine: heartbreak disguised as a serious fuckin jam
  • Girls/Girls/Boys: it's still not as gay as pretty. odd.
  • Casual Affair: S I N
  • Far Too Young To Die: *Alex Gaskarth voice* Stop fucking around with my emotions
  • Collar Full: cutesy romantic jam stuck between two of the saddest songs I've ever heard
  • The End of All Things: brendon discovers autotune

The biggest test for if a man is the one for me is how he deals with my feelings Some men will dismiss the emotions you have and see them as a problem. They will dismiss how you feel or ignore you or try to placate you with gifts and sex to shut you up and circumvent the problems. The reason why that’s dangerous is because over time you begin to think that problems in the relationship are your fault. You’re too emotional. You’re too impatient. You’re a nag. You’re ungrateful. Slowly but surely you begin to shut up and when things don’t improve you continue to put all the weight on you and he gets to act like it’s all good. A man that’s truly after my heart cherishes me enough to take time to make me happy. I have had times when me and my guy aren’t on the same page and he will drive over to see me to have a face to face conversation because over the phone isn’t working. I have had times when I say “never mind” when I’m clearly upset and he’ll say “sweetheart speak your mind.” A man who loves you will not treat your feelings like a burden. And if there are things to fix in a relationship he will happily work with you through the frustration because he wants you both to be happy. Don’t allow yourself to become a mouse when it comes to how you feel just because a man doesn’t have the emotional capacity to have empathy or the communication skills to talk through things. The problem is him, not you. And you have to know you deserve better than that


For a good time, ingest several of Natasha’s tweets per day. Take each tweet with a grain of salt and wash down with a sense of humour.

WARNINGS: If you find yourself experiencing extreme feelings, please stop taking her tweets immediately. Tweets are not to be taken if you are overly sensitive, emotional, or take things too seriously. If you do not understand sarcasm this medication may not be for you. Unhealthy side effects may include: making assumptions, irrational hashtags, and exploding diarreah. If any of these symptoms occur, please lower your dose of tweets, or end your prescription. You may also want to talk to your doctor about alternative medications such as chill pills or Taylor Swift.

The Signs When Flirting


Super sweet and flirting lots of touching and hugging.


Taurus is a pretty good At flirting since they’re ruled by venus, they’re sweet and cute and they always make you feel wanted.


They flirt with their words.  enough said.


They are likely to toy with your emotions, and flirt with their emotions too.


Body language says it all.


With their innocence 


They alway are complimenting you it’s great.


It’s all in the eyes with them.


These guys are the sweetie pies of the century.


They are smart asses in a flirty way.


Can you say lip biter? These cuties though


Welcome to the sarcasm zone… cause thats what your in for. In a sweet way of course. 

some thoughts about breakups

I think we put too much emphasis on worth when it comes to breakups, like the only reason a relationship ever ends is because one person decided the other wasn’t good enough. It can obviously feel that way regardless of the actual reasons, but there are many reasons that can cause a relationship to just not work anymore.

Sometimes people’s priorities change, or it’s discovered that they never lined up very well in the first place.

Sometimes circumstances, like distance or time availability, make maintaining a relationship too difficult.

Sometimes people realise that they don’t have the emotional resources to handle both the relationship and what’s going on in their life right now (be that work, grief, healing from trauma, dealing with illness or disability, etc.).

Sometimes people’s relationship styles/emotional needs just don’t line up – one person needs a lot of alone time and the other needs a lot of time with a partner, for example.

Sometimes people try very hard to interact in a healthy way, but they trigger each other’s past traumas or have conflicting access needs and find themselves falling into dysfunctional patterns.

Sometimes love is not enough to make a healthy relationship possible. You can care deeply about each other and try to make things work, but discover that a relationship is still not possible. Ending a relationship with someone you love can be very difficult, but sometimes it’s necessary – it’s not healthy for anyone to ignore their own needs in order to maintain a relationship.

When a good relationship ends, that doesn’t mean it was a failure. It means that it’s over; it doesn’t erase the love that you shared. Whether or not you can transition to a different kind of relationship with them, the person you cared about will still be part of your universe, and the memories you share with them will still be part of who you are. The time that you had together can still be meaningful.

The fact that Lexa was the one fucking dying. She was the one that had just been shot, and she was bleeding out and dying on the bed, and she was the one to tell Clarke not to be afraid. You can tell by her voice that, despite what she has said in the past, she is terrified, and yet the first thing she says to Clarke is ‘Don’t be afraid’. The first thing she says to Titus is to make him promise not to try to harm Clarke again. She has just been shot by this useless motherfucker and she just wants to make sure that Clarke is safe because she knows she won’t be there to make sure. She was trying to comfort and protect Clarke literally with her last breath.

Lexa was too good for this entire fucking world I’m still emotional about it.