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OK IM 3 DAYS LATE TO THIS BUT im bad at tumblr. ur art trademark is every time flo sees even one line u drew she has to stop and cry for half an hour at least

transpb said:ur art trademark is a warmth and authenticity that you display in conversation but expressed through lines, colours, and shades

transpb said:ur art trademark is an optimistic and soft re-imagining of subject material resulting in pieces that prompt incredible emotional responses in me

transpb said:ur art trademark is making me cry but also making me feel safe in the same piece!

agjksdkfghskdlfg im at a loss for words flo i would die for you i love you sm thank u !!! ;o;;!

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I am a woman on a mission and I will not stop until I have read every one of your fics (except that one that's on hiatus). They are making me very happy. 💙❤ Also, sorry for not leaving all the comments you deserve, I just really can't come up with anything rational by the end (I am leaving kudos at everything though). So you get these squealing asks here instead. Thanks again for the wonderful fics!!! ❤💙

EEEEP OH GOD THE ONE ON HIATUS,,,,, i feel so bad, i uploaded the first chapter in december and haven’t worked on it ever since :’D

i’m glad my fics are making you happy though 💙💙 don’t worry about leaving comments or not, i’m already happy that you read them :D and the squealing asks are just as good, believe me ❤❤

I LOVE THE PIZZA ONE TOO!! :D probably because it’s the first one i’ve written, i have an emotional connection to it. it’s also the only one where i’ve really written them flirting and oblivious keith was extremely fun to write :P 

!!!! have fun with that, i hope you’ll like it!!^^ ❤💙 you don’t have to thank me for writing stuff, i’m more than happy to do that. it’s fun and everyone is always so super nice to me… 

:DD i love you too! and thank you for reading all my stuff!! you are definitely not annoying, i consider us friends now :P



what i’ve learned is that if you’re gonna engage in a romantic relationship during your young adult years, it damn well better be with someone who makes your insides explode with nothing but positive emotion. someone who takes the time to be kind, patient and understanding, more often than not, and who is as warm with their words as they are with their touch. life is too short to be focused on people who do not have your growth and best interest in mind. the right person will love you in a way that makes you feel completely free and accepted within your own skin. they won’t attempt to hinder your development out of fear or insecurity that your new experiences might lead you into the arms of someone else. good lovers will desire to see your personal success just as much as you do, and they will support and respect your decisions. stay away from people who make you feel guilty about desiring the best for yourself. they don’t love you for you, they love you for what you can provide for them. and that is not love.

Sanvers 2x19 spoilers

Several alleged spoilers related to Sanvers’ story line throughout episode 219 were posted on twitter. While we want to make them available in one place for everyone to read, we don’t know the validity of these statements, and therefore we can’t vouche for the source.

Spoilers up to episode 2x19 behind the cut.

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“There’s always a little truth behind every “just kidding”
A little knowledge behind every “I don’t know”
A little emotion behind every “I don’t care”
And a little pain behind every “It’s okay”“

Note: Shiro’s was going to be in his paladin color like every one else but it didn’t look as good so I just decided to make it in the other paladins colors since it looks better and he’s their leader and all. Also there wasn’t a part of the quote for Hunk so sadly he is left out :( but I hope you like this anyway.

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everyone says that lance needs to be more appreciated. but you know who really needs it? coran

you’re right!!! coran has virtually no content?? like there was some art and a few gifs when s2 came out but other than that…. seriously he’s so good im so obsessed with him.

reasons why coran needs to be appreciated more

- has literally lost all his people, probably his family, but still stays strong while allura mourns?? like, he must’ve lost everything too, but he still let her cry on his shoulder he’s too pure

- appreciates lance?? makes sure that this weird emotional human kid is alright, not just because he’s a paladin but because coran senses that something isn’t right, and he really cares

- is a horrible cook but enthusiastic about it anyways.. like how adorable

- is willing to go to any lengths to keep allura and his paladins safe? like, goes to the ends of the universe, does all this bullshit, just so he can help!!!!!! he’s so Fucking amazing i can’t deal!!!!

- coran coran the gorgeous man

to summarize,,, i would die for coran…. please make more coran content

living with an abuser is so ridiculous, no matter how many good points you make or how eloquent you are or how calm or how quiet you keep your voice you cant /win/ because the abuser always has the upper hand and when you rise to their level or shout back or defend yourself youre “just as bad as them” or “youre their abuser too!!” you just.. can never win.

Reasons I love Phillipa Soo

- her voice can move me to tears
- her heart is so big you can fit like 103847291927 of my crusty loveless ones inside of it
- the roles she’s had are so diverse but they all work for her
- she is so damned talented it is unfair
- you can see her personality in every picture there is of her.
- like literally every picture
- you see this happy girl that is too pure for this world and all she wants to do is spread joy and she’s pretty good at it
- two words: vocal range.
- her smile makes me feel like I’m all light and airy and I could fly
- “and your childlike eyes and your distant smile” is just,,, she sings it like she’s talking to you and at the same time she sings it to where it makes you think of that one person you’ve had a crush on for like five years and it just, sodhsldksn
- the EMOTION that she puts into her voice
- I got the opportunity to see her preform live once and I’m not even kidding when you hear her you feel like you’re being transported into another world
- words cannot describe how proud I am of her
- I just
- love
- pippa
- fucking
- soo
- this will be constantly updated because I find another reason to love her like every ten minutes

Drunk Zodiac Signs

Capricorn- Great drinking buddies. All about having a good time.

Aquarius- Aquarians are already f*cking weird when sober, so seriously weird sh*t goes down when an aquarius is drunk. 

Pisces- Overly emotional. Like, get your shit together, Pisces. 

Aries- Too sociable

Taurus- Make out with random people

Gemini- Disappear and you never hear from them again. Or you discover them in some random place the next day.

Cancer- Text their ex and cry

Leo- Become even more confident than they already are and flirt with people.

Virgo- They’re usually quiet, but when they’re drunk they lose it. They’ll judge you, offend you and curse at you. 

Libra- Try to stop fights, end up being part of the fight.

Scorpio- If you see a drunk scorpio, run for your life.

Sagittarius- Strong flirting game. Also terribly honest and straightforward.

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RFA reacts to MC planning a surprise picnic for Valentine's day with food she made

Thank you for your request and i hope you like it!


  • It’s Valentine’s Day and you said you had a surprise for him in the park…
  • He’s already excited!
  • It’s his first Valentine’s Day with someone…He is nervous, but he also has sure that this will be awesome!
  • When you reveal to him what is the surprise, his jaw dropped!
  • You made that??! WOW!
  • Looks so good!
  • He’ll eat this food so quickly because for him this is too delicious!
  • But he’ll feel bad that he ate too fast so this date will have to end sooner 
  • But when you reassure him that this is ok, he smiles, so relieved…
  • Your attitude in doing all these things…This beautiful picnic makes him be so emotional…
  • He’ll not sleep this night because he’ll keep playing the memories of this date in his head!
  • He’ll definitely some good breakfast for you tomorrow, with a lot of love!


  • Really MC?
  • A surprise picnic? Romantic.
  • Did you make the food? Romantic!
  • Wow, this is so perfect, why he didn’t have this idea!
  • Well, he actually knows how to cook, but your food tastes delightful!
  • And he’ll try to feed you, every time…this is getting annoying, but you know, romance!
  • He just finds this like a fairy tale, you and him, in nature, eating a good meal, with the wind blowing in your hair!
  • We need to take a selfie!
  • He takes so many selfies that the food is already cold when he’s going to eat it.
  • -_-
  • After all, he loved this surprise, it was what he wanted, a romantic Valentine’s Day.
  • Well, now is your turn to see what he has prepared for you!


  • When she saw what you planned, she gives you a genuine smile.
  • This is such a good idea MC!
  • And she really keeps complimenting your food with so many cute compliments, you just can’t stop smiling!
  • That was so simple, but it was so good.
  • You two spend the evening just eating some casual food, looking around and talking.
  • Looks boring, but it was pretty good.
  • You never saw Jaehee smiling and laughing that much, this really made you feel so happy about all that.
  • She knows this was a surprise for Valentine’s Day and everything…But she really wants to do this again, you know?
  • You make something, she makes something…Everything will be perfect!
  • It will be a pleasant time, like always.


  • He didn’t want to come here, but is Valentine’s Day and you said you had a surprise for him
  • What is surprising? He doesn’t know, but he sure want to
  • When you said it was a picnic, he thought this was too simple for this date
  • But before he could even say something you said that you prepared that food, he made sure to shut the hell up about it
  • When he starts to eat it…He almost doesn’t believe that you prepared that, something !it was too good!
  • When he asked what was your secret you just replied with “love”
  • That made him think…And then he realizes he has been a jerk all this time.
  • It doesn’t matter if is big or small, simple or not, the feelings…The meaning matters.
  • And you made this with so much love that not even the best chefs could so something so delightful 
  • He smiles so much that evening, he didn’t even look like that important and serious man called Jumin Han.
  • He sure wants to do this again, he can even something!
  • Oh, and can Elizabeth come or this is a bad idea?


  • You finally manage to make him leave that bunker for this one fucking day.
  • He’s just a dork running through the park, you would be embarrassed if you weren’t already familiar with his way.
  • When you reveal to him the surprise, he just gave you a big smile!
  • He already knew it, he watched over you, but he’ll lie and make sure you think he’s really surprised!
  • But happy? Happy he definitely is!
  • “Woow, you made real food for me? That was a miss steak”
  • Yes, he keeps making you laugh only when you have your mouth full of food.
  • After that, he’ll talk to you, finally being romantic, talking about the sky, until he gets even close to you, putting one hand on your cheek
  • “You know MC…” He got even closer, looking deep into your eyes, “I think we make a nice pear…”
  • You get out a little mad and he is just laughing his ass off
  • “IT’S NACHO YOUR PROBLEM” You yelled while walking
  • He just opens his mouth “…I love this woman…WAIT FOR ME!”

12 days of stydia
    ⤷  day two:
favorite episode (3x11)

Help me

Fighting myself out of an art block by trying different colouring steps and sketching Credence Barebone wayyy too much. I am drowning in emotions. :(
Art blog: questionartbox

Anti is radio static and distortion. He’s crazy and likes to drive you crazy by making you look for him. He wants attention and keeps it with anticipation.

Dark is glitches and intimidation. His glitches cause him to appear bigger and more threatening. His voice echos around you and makes you feel small. He wants attention too, but he only wants a little. He’s not as eager as Anti, but it’s been so long that his emotions are leaking through. He needs it now

Noragami  {Sentence Starters} 

  • “You really have pretty eyes.”
  • “If people want to die, let them die.”
  • “There’s no such thing as a free wish.”
  • “You should treat me with awe and wonder!”
  • “You shouldn’t judge people by how they look.”
  • “I’m a coward. But I wanted to stay by your side.”
  • “What sins have you committed? Confess them all!”
  • “The truth is, I was so happy to hear that you needed me.”
  • “For better or worse, people’s emotions are always fickle.”
  • “Be careful. The darkness is always right there next to you.”
  • “I won’t stand for anything that makes people do terrible things!”
  • “Anyone who chooses death doesn’t deserve to talk about love!”
  • “You are human, are you not? You are allowed to make mistakes.”
  • “People don’t always wish for good things. There are evil wishes, too.”
  • “Man, even a god thinks I’m a lost cause. I should’ve stayed dead after all.”
  • “If you’re in a position to save people, you should never even joke like that.”
  • “You won’t even object to crossing boundaries that should never be crossed.”
  • “You asked me if I was ready to carry on. In all honesty, I am not sure of myself.”
  • “Even if things are painful and tough, people should appreciate what it means to be alive. “
  • “Man, kids these days. They think it’s a competition to have the most friends. One is enough. Find someone completely unique.”

You know, this episode highlighted once more and in many big and small ways why I love Dean as a character so much. Not that I needed any kind of new reminder for why that is but “Regarding Dean” spelled all the reasons out so boldly and beautifully that it just makes me all kinds of emotional.

Because the key aspect about this episode wasn’t that Dean would be happier without some of the memories and the baggage of what he and his family has been through. Sure, their life would have been much easier and much less grim without some of the tragedies they have experienced, but it’s those experiences - good and bad - that made them who they are and that made Dean who he is. Yes, he may have coping mechanisms that’s aren’t all too healthy and he has suffered tremendously and dislikes what he sees when he looks in the mirror at times - but one could argue he prefers that to looking in the mirror and not knowing who is looking back at him at all.

The important thing is that he is still standing and that he knows that all those things that he did and that happened to him should not be erased, because they shaped him, made him who he is. And yes, I’d say made him stronger. Made him a survivor.

And Dean may not have verbalized it that often, but if there was one thing I took away from this episode in neon bright letters it’s that Dean knows that he needs all of his memories - good and bad - to be himself (and yes, even if that sounds contradictory) and to be happy. Because while Dean sure hasn’t had it easy for large stretches of his life, there is one thing that he has always managed to preserve, to save and keep alive: his inner child.

This episode showed that wonderfully and made a huge point about innocence. He may have been forced to grow up way too fast, but he was able to hold on to some of his childlike glee like a safety blanket. Whether it’s him getting excited about a giant slinky, a farting pillow or boldly admitting to loving watching “Finding Nemo” or “Finding Dory” and not feeling self conscious about that (cause there’s nothing to be ashamed of or self conscious about). It’s these small things that speak volumes.

And even though the ending montage was bitter sweet and sad due to how it spelled out the innocence of a lost childhood, Dean’s lost childhood, there is one thing to remember: That childhood, that kid is still well and alive inside of Dean - inside his heart - and sometimes it may need 4 shots of tequila to dare to come out and run free, but ultimately Dean wasn’t hexed when he decided to try and ride a mechanical bull. That was all Dean. No spell. Just a guy having fun and being happy. And so with all of the baggage he has. And frankly, I love Dean exactly for that, for who he is. With all of his flaws, his bad decisions, his darkness but also his vulnerability, his ability to love and his childlike glee.