too early to hang out with friends

Growing up in the early 2000s as a loser with no friends (no one wanted to hang out with the short Jewish kid, lest you get bullied too) I spent the vast majority of my free time on forums (rpgcodex, newgrounds, various ~Chan boards)

And seeing some of the shit said on there, in the years before everyone became a “PC Cuck”, is almost unreal

Guilty - Part 1

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Table of Contents: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Alternate Ending I | Alternate Ending II | Alternate Ending III

Genre: Angst, smut

Word Count: 2,548 words

Pairing: Reader x Baekhyun / Reader x Kai

Summary: *REQUESTED* You find yourself getting more and more frustrated with Kai as he keeps hanging out with his ex-girlfriend, Krystal, against your wishes. Your solution? Hang out with Baekhyun instead.

You sat at the bar, twirling your straw around in your drink. Your friends would be meeting you soon but you’d arrived early. Perhaps, maybe, too early. You were already halfway through your second cocktail, drinking through your frustrations.

The bar was just starting to get more crowded since it was getting closer to the prime bar hours. You were sitting by yourself, the seats next to you currently unoccupied. Your phone suddenly vibrated, signaling that your friend Mina texted you back, We’re stuck in traffic. BUT we’re almost there!

You smiled. Of course everyone was late when you’d arrived early. You weren’t complaining though, as you were enjoying your cocktail. You took another sip as you stared into your phone. It was so frustrating.

“Why do you look so miserable?” called a familiar voice from behind you. It was Baekhyun. He was the first of your friends to arrive. He sat in the seat next to you, with a cocktail of his own.

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Pairing: Reader/Moonbin
Genre: Fluff

Request:  Can I request a moonbin fluff where he confesses to the reader? Where he has a reputation for being cold and stuff but he’s actually like such a fluff and volunteers at the reader’s little brother’s daycare?

Word Count:913

Head down, no eye contact.

That was Y/N’s motto when it came to seeing Moonbin at school. He never spoke a lot and many speculated he didn’t have many friends. It wasn’t a too far fetched statement, he didn’t hang out with anyone during school. He would always be found early in the classroom staring outside the window with his arms crossed or even sleeping. He was late sometimes but never enough to warrant attention for it.

He wasn’t a “bad boy”, he was more stoic and slightly intimidating. Legend in school rang about that Min-Seo, a girl in Y/N’s geography class saw him smile once, it wasn’t a big one, but it was more than anyone else had seen. She bragged about it for three months until people got tired of it and stopped paying attention.  

Y/N tried her best to go by her motto, from when they would pass each other in the hallway to when she was arrive to class before the bell and would see him sitting in his seat in the far back of the classroom. Her bus changed route so she had started coming in earlier more and more so it was a natural habit to enter the room, head down, no eye contact.

Sometimes she would forget and she lock eyes with Moonbin, but she would avert her eyes too fast to notice anything about the male before rushing to her desk, feeling as if she personally offended him just by looking at him.

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High Steaks

High Steaks

Sam Wilson x Reader

Summary – Sam has a special surprise for you for your birthday.

Warnings – Fluff

Word Count – 888

Notes – Today is @buckyywiththegoodhair ‘s birthday, so here’s a little Birthday Drabble to help her celebrate!!  Happy Birthday, my dear!!


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You loved your teammates, but sometimes they were just too much for you to handle.  That’s why you chose not to tell them that today was your birthday.  You had made plans to hang out with favorite group of girls.  They had planned a mega movie marathon because you had somehow missed out on the first six Star Wars movies.  You snuck out of the Tower pretty early, not even Steve had been up yet.  

The day had been great, Star Wars, pizza, popcorn, and every other kind of junk food imaginable.  Your friends were the best!  It was kind of nice to get away from the Avengers for a while and be “normal” for a day.  It had taken over twelve hours to watch them all, but your friends were determined to do it all in one day!  So, it was pretty late when you arrived back at the Tower.

The pizza had run out hours before, and your stomach was growling as you rode the elevator back up to the living quarters.  You decided to raid the fridge for something to eat before you headed to bed.  The Tower was pretty quiet as you walked to the kitchen.  Opening the fridge, you scrounged around for something that looked appetizing.  

“Where did you sneak off to today?” a voice asked from behind you.

You turned around to find Sam leaning on the counter behind you, a sneaky smile on his face.  “I had things to do today.”

“Are you sure you just didn’t want to spend your birthday with us?” he questioned.

“It’s not…I mean…I never said… how did you know?” you stammered.

“Really?” he replied, one eyebrow raising in disbelief.  “Tony takes pride in finding out everything about everyone.  He was really disappointed that you ran off this morning.”

You shot Sam a look letting him know that you were on to him.  “Tony was really disappointed?”

“Well, yeah,” he evaded. “I mean, we all were.  Sometimes it’s hard to find things to be happy about these days, so a birthday is a great excuse to have some fun.”

“I didn’t think about that,” you admitted.  “It’s just that this job can be so stressful.  I wanted to get away for a bit and remember what it felt like to be ‘normal.’”

“We all get that,” he conceded.  “I’ve got an idea.  You’re obviously hungry, and so am I.  I’ve got something special hidden in the fridge, if you don’t mind sharing.”

“What it is?” you asked, curious to see what Sam would hide from the rest of the team.

He bent down and pulled out the bottom drawer of the fridge.  Hidden in the space below was a package wrapped in brown paper, tied with a piece of twine.  Pulling the package from the hiding spot, he untied the string to reveal the thickest cut steak you had ever seen.

“I can see why you hid that from the team!” you observed.  “Aren’t you worried that I know your secret hiding spot?”

“I’m sharing my steak with you!” he exclaimed.  “You wouldn’t dare!”

“You’re right,” you assured him.  “Your secret is safe with me.”

You grabbed a loaf of French bread as you and Sam made your way to the elevators.  Sam had insisted on using the grill on the rooftop garden overlooking the city.  Something about a steak of that caliber deserving to be prepared the “right” way. It was a beautiful night, the sky was clear and you could make out a few stars even with the lights from the city.

Sam put the steak on the grill and turned toward his phone.  A haunting melody began playing as he walked toward you.  “A beautiful night for a beautiful woman.  Dance with me?”

You smiled as you placed your hand in his.  He quickly twirled you around, bringing you to a sudden stop and pulling you into his arms. The mood quickly turned serious as he gazed down at you, his dark eyes unreadable in the low light.

The two of you swayed to the music, unable to do anything other than stare into one another’s eyes. Sam softly began singing along with the music, but you weren’t paying attention to the words.  Sam was holding you so close to him, you couldn’t pay attention to anything other than the feeling of his chest vibrating against yours as he sang.

Sam’s hands began trailing up and down your back, sending shivers down your spine.  You had secretly been in love with him for months, but since he flirted with everyone, you had assumed that he wasn’t really interested in you.  The way he was holding you now gave you doubts about your original assumption.

The song was coming to an end, so you made up your mind.  Your hands were around his neck, so it took little effort to pull him toward you.  Sam quickly caught on to your train of thought and with a sly grin he wrapped his arms tightly around you as his lips gently brushed across yours.  

Sam pulled away suddenly causing you to think that you had misread the situation.  He ran toward the grill, turning toward you with a smirk.  “Sorry, (Y/N).  I’ve got to flip the steak.  Hold that thought!”


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I know it's hard to tell at this point, but do you think they'll have them "get back together"?

Too early to tell, but my guess is yes. But I also think it’ll have some built in plausible deniability, so that whatever we see can be retroactively made into a “friends hanging out” situation.

But time will tell. It may be entirely social media driven this time for all we know.

headcanons for dating ponyboy:
-he does his best to take you on fancy dates, even though he can’t afford it
-you telling pony you’d be just fine hanging out at his place, but he insists on going all out
-he tells you he loves you very early on in the relationship, but it being true and you feeling the same way
-sodapop adored you from the start, darry was a little tough at first, thinking you were both too young to be in love, but they both love you now and support you and pony
-johnny is one of your best friends now, and the only member of the gang pony really trusts you hanging out with
-two-bit always making sarcastic comments about you and pony. he also will never let either one of you live down the time he walked in on you two making out
-dallas and steve leave you and pony alone for the most part, frankly not caring enough about you to say anything, but that doesn’t bother you or pony, because he doesn’t trust either one of them anyway
-pony loves you with all his heart, you’re his first real love and vise versa
-you love movies and books just as much as pony, and that’s one of the first things you two bonded over
-so. much. hand. holding. and. cuddling.
-pony not wanting you to go to rumbles, but you do it anyways and kick ass, teaching him to never doubt you again
that’s all I have for now! but this is my first headcanon, and I’m not sure if you guys like how it turned out, but if you enjoyed let me know and I’ll do more!!!

this is a super open/vague request (i’m just super excited ok) for a group of about 4-5 urban explorers in their early-mid 20s. basically a bunch of way too inquisitive tight-knit friends who like to sneak into abandoned and/or creepy places to explore, hang out, and probably get way too invested in all kinds of weird subjects and stories. 

faces, genders, etc are totally open, feel free to shoot me a message if you want to talk ideas or have any questions!


Requested by anonymous

You sighed rolling over in bed hating the cold space you felt beside you.

It had been a week since Peter had broken up with you and slowly, but surely you were trying your best to shake off the sense of loss and sadness that lingered around you.

Your friends had taken you to the movies and on one ill-advised trip to a bar, but nothing but time would fix this.

Peter had broken up with you out of nowhere claiming that his lifestyle was too dangerous and he didn’t want to put you in harm’s way or leaving you hanging for weeks on end. You had gone on his ship to a few planets, but you had decided early on that it just wasn’t something you wanted to do on the regular especially of Peter kept nicking things from the places you went to.

That had never been a problem in your relationship. You gladly hung out with him and the gang on the ship, but if they had to go anywhere either you would get off or stay behind on the ship while they did something.

You thought that eventually that had gotten tiring to Peter. You couldn’t blame him because your world was so different from his even if you both were humans.

So here you were boyfriendless and depressed, but you had to keep going.

Peter meanwhile was ‘working’ nonstop. Not that anyone would call thievery and the odd good deed here and there work.

The team was worried about him and they kept trying to get him to take a break none of them voicing the thought that he should go back and try to mend things with you. You guys had made each other so happy and complete and Peter inability to handle meaningful romantic relationships had caught up with him.

“Peter you should go back to (Y/N),” Gamora said one evening.

Peter gave her a sharp look, but she held her ground.

“Peter you need to go back to (Y/N). They meant the world-the galaxy-to you and you need to realize that.”

“Gamora please stop. I can’t. Anything we had I ruined and besides it isn’t worth putting (Y/N) in danger.”

Gamora frowned looking ready to argue with him, but Rocket shook his head and dragged her away.

“(Y/N) you need to find a way to contact him,” your friend pleaded whilst tugging your covers.

You had been moping in bed all day and they had had enough of your pity party. Either you were going to your ass in gear or they would make you.

“Not right now (Y/F/N),” you moaned, rolling over the blankets so they stayed around you.

“(Y/N) you can’t keep up like this. You have bills to pay and things to do and if you keep this up you won’t have a job anymore. You either call Peter and talk to him or move on.”

They left your room leaving the lights on and your phone open to Peter’s contact information.

You stared at it for a moment, but shutting your phone and getting up.

Whatever you felt for Peter he didn’t feel the same and he never would. Going crying to him wouldn’t fix anything. So you faced the new day ready to forget all about Peter Quill.

currently at a point where i’m terrified to do things but also terrified to not keep moving forward. It’s strangely compelling and guilt inducing every step of the way. I’m doing a lot more, I’m seeing people more, but I bailed on an event that a friend was involved in tonight because I’m wrecked- but I could have gone.

And that doesn’t feel great. I’m still not very good at prioritising events. I went to the usual trivia tonight and left early anyways- frankly a lot of the time i’d rather hang out with the same people in a different setting.

i’m still feeling very in between everything, but also coming to terms with the fact that i do run in a lot of groups of friends, and that’s not a bad thing. last year i felt really bad that i would focus on specific groups at different times. I’ve often been like that, and friendships come and go, and some stick and some don’t. And that’s okay too. Only recently have I really evaluated my relationships and taken a moment to decide when I genuinely want to keep them.

I evade confrontation, and finally messaging a friend to let her know that I know I fucked up and I didn’t want to hurt her, but I know I did, was cathartic and important to me. Actively deciding that I wanted this relationship as opposed to waiting for her to drop me or to slowly let the friendship dissolve feels good. 

  • *Some random arcobaleno meeting*
  • Fon: So, Colonello, maybe a couple of years ago when we were first getting to know each other
  • Fon: It takes a little while before you know where someone's boundaries lie--
  • Colonello: *nervously* oh god.
  • Fon: -- In terms of like what you can say and what you can't say
  • Fon: We were talking about like, hanging out and I wanted to say "man I'm so fucking pumped up, I can't wait to see you"
  • Fon: But I was like, it's too early, I don't know if he'd be like OK or whatever
  • Fon: so I was just like "I'm so excited to see you man" and I Think you responded with like "Dude I cannot WAIT to get inside your asshole!"
  • Colonello: *extreme hysterical laughter*
  • Fon: and I was like well, we're friends now I guess it's official!
The Signs As People You'll Encounter In Life

Aries: the soccer mom who is somehow always talking to the manager

Taurus: the weird relative who always talks nonsense but is actually rlly smart if u take the time to listen

Gemini: that popular girl in your friend group who didn’t like u but she had to hang out with you

Cancer: that one teacher who always have their class extra recess time and let them out early

Leo: your crushes nice s/o who you want to hate but you really can’t

Virgo: the kid in your class who breaks the “ok no one do the homework tonight and maybe she won’t grade it” idea

Libra: your friend’s cool dad aka the only parent ever you’re not embarrassed to be seen with

Scorpio: the teacher who’s a little too pushy and wants you do do all this extra credit stuff and treats you like their best friend

Sagittarius: the kid in your high school who was held back a lot and can legally drink as like a sophomore

Capricorn: that one kid in school who beat you in every conceivable activity

Aquarius: the kid who always argued every in school debate for like 5 hours and wouldn’t shut up

Pisces: your aunt who you’ve seen like twice but strangely enough she still seems to know everything about you…


i had. SO much trouble as a freshman, but ive learned how i couldve survived a LOT better at least through the first semester until i could understand things better

  • when you get project/book that’s spread over time assigned to you, DO NOT PUT IT ASIDE FOR LATER. you’re not going to be used to the earlier due dates, and you’re likely going to accidentally put it off until it’s too late. i did this with literally every book we read my first semester. if do it at every moment you have. getting it done early is so much better than putting it off and forgetting to do it.
  • MAKE UPPERCLASSMEN FRIENDS. there is literally no possible way i can stress this enough. upperclassmen know EXACTLY what youre going through and they can help from you. hang out with them. ask them questions. learn from them. take notes. they want to help u, & they do not want u to go what they went through. i promise almost every upperclassman will be more than glad to help you.
  • dont worry about having a big social life. if youve ever heard people talking about balancing your social life and schoolwork, whether it be a friend, teacher, or relative, theyre wrong. its NOT super hard to keep a social life if you just barely reach out. literally you can just get a twitter or an instagram and follow people you know and youre already there. those “popular” people who always seem to be doing something with their friends in middle school/junior high and never seem to have time for their social life usually don’t care enough about school to do schoolwork. which brings me to my next point!
  • drama WILL happen, but DONT try to endorse it if you dont need to. drama is almost unavoidable if you’re going to be friends with more than 1 or 2 people all four years. although it might get intense  in the moment, its most likely NOT going to be as bad as it sounds. if someone is being a problem in your life to the point that its affecting you daily life &/or your school performance, then deal talk to them about it if youre sure you can resolve the conflict, or TALK TO THE COUNSELOR. this is literally why theyre here. which this ALSO brings me to my next point!!!
  • talk. to. your. counselor. they will literally help you with any problem you could have in school. their purpose is to help with any of your problems you have. that’s why they’re there. they can help a lot more than youd think.
  • dont worry about getting a partner. please, i spent nearly two years afraid id grow up & die alone. if youre romantic/sexual please dont worry about it because you won’t be able to predict if/when you go into a relationship. focus on your friends more than future partners. having good friends is so much better than dating a bunch of people youre probably not interested in.
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 It was near midnight but back home it should probably be an early afternoon. Steel was counting her days until Gyftmas break was over and she would have to return to a diurnal sleep schedule for her classes. And she made sure to make the best of them, visiting as many forests as she could possibly have access to.

 She’d never expected to end up at the foot of a Mountain all too familiar, however. She knew this was the timeline of her friend, Prince. They’d only met once and she’d walked him to school but he had truly seemed like a lovely Frisk. Someone she’d love to hang out with. He was nice, polite, opinionated, funny, cute. His nickname had probably been earned. However as she wondered around the mountain forest and the trees started getting scarce she couldn’t help but feel an odd nostalgia. Mixed feelings. And between them was a weird shiver down her spine, the hairs on the back of her head going up. She figured it was because of the familiarity of the place. Unlike her brother, she didn’t hate the Mountain’s sight. Didn’t love it either. She preferred to think of it as conditioning herself to the negative emotions it triggered. Learning to live with it.

 It was oddly interesting seeing how things were for this different timeline. She was so intrigued by the differences in the landscape that she barely even noticed the sound of footsteps. However her instinct kicked in and she soon realized she wasn’t alone.



Anon:  Can I get one of Joonie being supportive & understanding of your lack of want to be around people because of your social anxiety? Last week I went to hang out with friends one of them was my ride, so I felt bad asking to leave early. I ended up doing so and I almost cried and felt like crap and I really wish someone had been comforting to me. ((Hope that wasn’t too confusing or weird lol))

Hopefully you don’t feel alone on this anon, because there are many people who suffer the same as you, and even though I know social anxiety is just that - social anxiety, I want you to know that it’s okay to come to me to just chat to somebody if you need to or if you need help with anything 💜💜 - Admin J


Early, Pre-Vacation Sunday Progress Update:

I went and got my butt kicked tonight at the gym, and I’m feeling ready to enjoy the beach this weekend. I AM bringing my running shoes just in case the morning beach breeze makes temperatures bearable, though…or I may go to the hotel gym. It’s unlikely that I’ll reallllly be a sloth the whole time. But, I’m not going to hold any missing check marks against myself. So, early update. Not too shabby. 😊

I’m really going to miss the husband, but it’ll be a nice weekend with my family and Conner is dying to hang out on the beach. I hope he finds a friend to hang out with, though. He’s been really into talking about cars lately. 😩 Feigning interest in a subject I could not possibly care less about is very taxing after a while. Cross your fingers for me. 😉 I know, I know, he’s a teenager. I should be happy he wants to talk to me…but cars (his other top choices are motorcycles and reptiles…😳🔫)?!?!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

  • I was in Vegas all week for work (again).  
  • My work BFF became a mama this morning and I cannot wait to meet her daughter.  
  • A dear friend from from Los Angeles was admitted to the hospital this morning. She’s been battling cancer for many, many years.  Today she learned that it has spread (even more) but is not strong enough to endure the necessary and very aggressive chemotherapy (which I’ve been told is her only option). She’s in a lot of pain. Life is entirely too cruel and unfair sometimes.
  • I think I may sign off early and go get Patrick from daycare so we can hang out. I missed him so much while I was gone and I swear he’s grown and changed since Monday. He’s a good boy. I wish I could protect him forever from all the heartache that’s out there. 
  • Happy weekend, friends.   

I went on a wild goose chase tonight looking for a picture of an old friend from high school. Instead of finding it I drowned in the nostalgia of my senior year. Here’s an early flashback Friday for whoever is awake at this hour and wants to suffer the 90s with me. Top left: prom at the Plaza hotel (friends cropped out even though they are so cute), top right: in my bedroom with my Cure and Smiths posters on the door. (Can you say clutter?) There was a giant Depeche poster on the wall too, but it’s not visible. I’m wearing the dress I thought I’d wear to the prom until I realized it was the most boring unflattering dress imaginable. Middle: Hanging out near Stuy Town where my high school boyfriend lived with my friends and my cousin from Italy next to me. And bottom: with my high school beau aka first love aka first horrible heartbreak yada yada at a house party.

Good Things in 2015

I had easily the toughest year of my life in 2015, but as the new year begins, I want to acknowledge that many great things happened, too. Here goes.


  • Reached 140,000 YouTube subscribers on How to Adult
  • HtA was featured on Discovery Channel sites, Reddit front pages, and YouTube’s official Twitter
  • Had a super fun and successful meet-up at VidCon
  • Finished MR. FAHRENHEIT, which received a starred review from Booklist
  • Made many good new Hollywood connections, and got to hang out on the Disney lot (!!!)
  • Began very early work on a possible MR. FAHRENHEIT movie with a filmmaking team I adore
  • Got a new, steady creative job I enjoy
  • Sold several thousand “Hoverboard Champion” t-shirts with YouTube maestros Rhett & Link


  • Made amazing new friends in Indy, who helped me through the lowlands
  • Strengthened an already-way-strong marriage
  • Found a medication combo that is, at long last, supplying wonderful relief to lifelong depression
  • Learned a bunch of new magic tricks (yes, friends and neighbors, I am a nerd–don’t act so surprised)
  • Let go of a particular professional ambition. I’d given it my best effort, and it was time to move on. And in the process, I’ve discovered just how much happier I can be.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten quite a bit, but I think this will do just fine for our purposes. How about y’all? Anything you’d like to share?